California Solar Panel Law 2023: Essentials

California will require solar panel installation in most new three-story and higher buildings from 2023.

California solar panel law has made one of the most extensive revisions to sustainability standards that a government body has ever made to building rules, and it might set a precedent for other states to pass the same laws. California solar panel law 2023 reduces the dependence of the real estate industry on fossil fuels.

How Expensive is It to Mount Solar Panels in California?

The average price for a California solar panel is $2.85 per watt. For a 5-kilowatt solar panel system, the average cost of a solar installation in California is $12,112. The average gross cost of rooftop solar in California is $14,250.

The price estimate of California solar is dependent on many factors. Several factors of a solar roof in California shape the price of solar power.


Dimensions of the System

The cost of installing California solar panels will increase as the size of your system increases. It’s vital to remember that the per-unit cost of California solar power decreases as system size increases.

Manufacturer and Standard of The Panels

Like any other product or equipment, solar in California comes in a wide variety of qualities. The essential aspect you must notice in California solar panels is their brand.

California solar panels are typically monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film, with each type having a different quality of operation.

#1 Consider the Roof of the House You Live in

Putting in residential solar panels in California is costly, but that’s due to more than just the panels themselves. If your roof has unusual angles, your solar panel installation in California may cost you more to compensate for the added complexity.

#2 Consider the Contractors Who Specialize in Setting up Solar Panels

California solar installation is not paid at a uniform rate across all companies, nor the price tag is the same across different contractors, leaving you room for research.  It might be worth spending some extra time on research, as there’s a good chance to find a decent solar installer among dozens, if not hundreds, of options.

What is the Typical Cost Estimate for Setting up Solar Panels?

The scale of the installation is a major element in the final price of residential solar panel installation in California. If you install large solar panels, you will typically have to pay a low cost per watt. The smaller panels may cost higher, however, due to the larger number of items required to generate the same amount of energy.

What are California Subsidies and Rebates for Solar Panels?

Across much of California, homeowners have access to several rebates with California solar program. Customers who use solar power and take advantage of these rebates might receive $300 in compensation or as much as $0.95 per watt of installed capacity.

Low-income households that meet the criteria of California solar rebates 2023 can receive a one-time, capacity-based incentive of $3,000 to stimulate the installation of solar energy systems in their houses. Homes serviced by PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E are eligible for the SASH program, providing that the homeowner and applicant live in the home.

What Are the Incentives for Setting up Solar Panels in California?

In California, homeowners and business owners who generate their own electricity through solar or wind power can deduct the value of their renewable energy system from their property taxes. Simply put, the added value of the California residential solar panels will not be subject to state taxation by California’s new home solar law. Before 2025, homeowners that install solar California law California solar mandate law or other solar-powered equipment would not have to fork over extra cash for solar tax in California to cover the rise in value caused by the new system.

In addition to potentially increasing your home’s value, if we put solar panels in California, it can also shield us from paying any additional solar panel tax California on that increase. When it comes to offsetting one’s electricity consumption, these California solar incentives 2023 benefit those who need a more robust system.

Solar Panel Makers in Sunny California


When it comes to residential solar power, SunPower was an early adopter. Founded in San Jose in 1985, the company boasts more years of experience than any of the other service providers we consider.

For the production of solar panels, SunPower collaborates with Maxeon Solar Technologies. SunPower will ensure the smooth operation of your California solar panel requirement by coordinating its components from the time of manufacture through installation and monitoring.

If we put solar panels in California, SunPower’s Design Studio allows for various modifications. You can observe SunPower’s process of tailoring your system to your home with this program. Finally, SunPower offers a comprehensive warranty that protects both the solar panel system and the installation.


When it comes to solar requirements in California, Sunrun has got you covered. This policy was developed to guarantee that Sunrun follows all rules and laws in the jurisdictions where the company operates. Further, it works with the roofers and double-checks everything properly before letting you turn on the system.


The company’s services are only available to customers in California and Texas. SunLux’s mobile app, active monitoring, and comprehensive warranties of California solar energy are more commonly associated with larger companies, but its customer care team is more personable and accessible. The company also uses California home solar panels from manufacturers with a solid track record.

SunLux has in-depth familiarity with the physical and regulatory necessities for solar installations in California, so there would be no problem. SunLux is a system that has been optimized for California’s climate, and if you’re interested in learning how to participate in the state’s solar incentive programs, we recommend giving them a look for California rooftop solar.

Critical Issues to Consider During Solar Panel Setup

Here we mention some essential considerations regarding setting up the California solar power panel.

Check The house’s placement in relation to the roof’s pitch

Wonder whether solar panels are worth it in California? For maximum efficiency, solar panels must be placed in an area where they will receive enough sunlight.

If you live in an area where the sun shines practically nonstop, you’ll have a much easier time reaping the benefits of solar power. If you install efficient and effective solar technology, you can cut ties with the central grid and become more self-sufficient. Before installing solar panels, one must determine if there is enough sunshine to do so, and if not, one must install systems that are either more powerful or additional to make up for the inefficiencies of solar radiation.

Bring to attention how much power the solar panel provides

A person can meet all of their home’s energy needs by solar in California in 2023, eliminating the need for any connection to the power grid. Installation of sufficient and properly adjusted solar systems makes this possible. A homeowner or property owner might choose to use solar power in addition to electricity from the main power grid.

Choose only the best company to award the contract to

Numerous advantages can be gained by going with a certified solar company. You should choose companies with high-quality equipment that provide a guarantee for their service of panel installation in California.

It is essential to research which companies are most suited to be awarded the contract. Sometimes it’s best to take the advice of a satisfied previous client.

How does net metering work in California?

The fact that the net metering in California does not function on a month-to-month basis is one of the most significant advantages offered by the system.

This indicates that you can use credits from your solar panel’s overproduction during the summer to assist in paying for the expense of powering your home during the winter. In fact, you can choose to pay off your debt on a monthly or yearly basis with California net metering changes.

It is not difficult at all for the vast majority of homeowners to meet the requirements for California net metering. You merely need to possess a residential solar panel system that satisfies the requirements and is hooked into the grid of an electric provider. It is crucial to be aware that the law in the state of California specifies that for a system to qualify for the net metering California 2023 program, it must be designed to provide less electricity than a single household may use in a single year.

Frequently asked questions

Is solar energy environmentally friendly?

Power plants and other solar energy infrastructure don’t contribute to climate change by producing harmful emissions. Likewise, solar energy positively impacts the environment by replacing fossil fuels and harmful technologies alike.

Are solar panels for homes required in California?

According to the California Solar Mandate Law, all newly built homes in California must have California solar systems. However, heavily shaded houses and houses with small roofs are excused from the requirement.

In California, where can I find a solar installer?

There are plenty of businesses in California that offer solar panel installation. Just search online for the best local installer. For example, SunPower, Sunrun, and SunLux are good options for installing solar power in California.

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