AC/DC Solar LLC review

We want to assist you in making better decisions so that you can improve your house. We are Florida's go-to authority on saving energy. We will put you in touch with one of our expert Solar Consultants who can help you make your home more comfortable and valuable without taking any unnecessary risks.

AC/DC Solar LLC overview

We want to assist you in making better decisions so that you can improve your house. We are Florida's go-to authority on saving energy. We will put you in touch with one of our expert Solar Consultants who can help you make your home more comfortable and valuable without taking any unnecessary risks.

What AC/DC Solar LLC has to say about itself

There are a number of factors contributing to the high cost of your electricity. Some of the cost is unavoidable, but energy loss from poorly insulated windows and doors adds up quickly. Once implemented, your electricity account will no longer be a mystery, and your new, more efficient system will pay for itself and produce a profit in due time. Solar energy's meteoric rise across the United States can be attributed to a number of factors, including people's desire to take action toward a more sustainable future, escape from utility companies' deceptive monopoly control and rising energy costs, and build equity through investment in their own energy production.

AC/DC Solar LLC Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, General Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLead acid, AGM or lithium ion batteries
CertificationsSRCC, BBB, NABCEP

AC/DC Solar LLC website review

If you want to learn everything there is to know about solar energy, then go on over to The website's interface is sleek and contemporary, making it easy on the eyes. The site's well-organized navigational bar at the top makes it simple to get to any desired subsection. You may quickly get to the pages you need with the help of the menu, which features links like "Home," "About Us," "Services," "Products," "Frequently Asked Questions," "Blog," and "Contact Us." Questions and concerns about solar energy are addressed in the corresponding FAQ section. Visitors can gain insight into a variety of important issues, including system performance, maintenance, funding alternatives, and environmental impact. The Blog part of AC/DC SOLAR LLC is where you can read the company's useful blog posts. Many helpful information, guidelines, and the latest industry news on solar power may be found here. The blog's readers may expect regular updates to keep them informed.

AC/DC Solar LLC price policy

PackagesFor about $5,000, while larger commercial scale projects can cost $15,000 to $500,000 or more
Payment optionsCheck, credit card, and financing
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay for their solar installations in cash or by check

AC/DC Solar LLC online reputation

Customers have provided AC/DC SOLAR LLC with both positive and negative feedback. Some customers have had bad experiences, and they have complained about things like dishonest salespeople, poor communication, unprofessional conduct, and broken promises. Delays in the installation process, unsolved payment issues, damaged roofs, and communication issues with the business were all complaints. These unfavorable reviews bring up issues with honesty, morality, and customer service. On the other hand, a few customers acknowledged their happiness with AC/DC SOLAR LLC's services. They praised the crew members' professionalism and helpfulness, as well as their speedy installation and attentiveness to requests and worries. The caliber of the solar panels and their installation, as well as the general favorable opinion of the business, are highlighted by these positive reviews. Even if some consumers have given AC/DC SOLAR LLC unfavorable ratings, it is crucial to remember that everyone's experiences are unique, and these evaluations represent a variety of unique experiences. Before making a choice, prospective clients are urged to conduct thorough study and weigh all available options. Assessing a company's fitness for specific needs can be aided by doing thorough research, asking extensive questions, and requesting references or further perspectives.
"It was a good first step, but I soon learned that the representative who had been explaining everything was lying about several details, including the specifications of the equipment included in the contract and the company's absence from the Better Business Bureau's online database. Together we cancelled it. Inquire more if something is unclear in the answers you received. When they did get back to me, it was merely to correct one fact and leave out others. I can no longer contact them via email because their service has been discontinued. I had a horrible time with this. Avoid using" - Brian
"About a year ago, I invested in this setup. Recently, I learned that having backup batteries is essential in the event that FPL is interrupted. The panels would be of no service in that case. They have added another loan for $30k to cover the cost of batteries and accessories. They even suggested I exaggerate my deductions to boost my tax return. Neither professional nor ethical." - Scott
"My ex-boyfriend worked for AC/DC, and he was able to clinch two contracts for solar energy installations. Six months after the contracts were signed in November 2022, the first system was installed. He was promised payment upon completion of the system's installation. These crooks still have not paid him, and they are giving us the runaround regarding his salary to the point that we are losing money because he is not being compensated. In addition to being highly unprofessional, this is also having a significant detrimental impact on our daily lives. I am making this information public in the hopes that it will dissuade others from applying for jobs at the company where I worked. - Chasity
"On October 5th, I placed my order for solar panels. In 7 weeks, they were expected to arrive. The panels have been installed as of 6/6/22, but no wiring has been done. I have been unable to find any information about whether or not they will ever be linked. Look elsewhere for an employer. You can not seem to find any information online. The current situation is completely mysterious. They will say they will find out and then take forever to get back to you. Not a peep has reached my ears. Please have them taken away, and please be a respectable business to work with. The date is July 12, 2022. When I contacted, I was assured that an inspector will contact me shortly. Someone simply randomly picked up my building permit in front of my house today. He assured me that the inspector would never contact me and that he had only heard negative things about my employer. It is starting to look unlikely that I will get my solar panels installed. I really regret not purchasing a Genrac generator earlier." - Lola
"Damaged the roof, which had not existed before the installation, and then denied responsibility, despite the fact that the roof had functioned well through six months of rain before the installation. Prior to closing, we had two comprehensive roof inspections performed. There was no preexisting sheet rock damage due to water. The roof began leaking extensively after only one rainstorm a week after it was installed. To this day, the roofing firm who installed it 11 years ago is still being held responsible. THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY TO WORK WITH. If you care about your house and your money, do not go with that guy." - Cas
"This company has provided me with an awful experience. I call. They remain silent. They ask me why I am producing more than a thousand kilowatt hours each month, and I tell them that FPl requires them to submit another application at the meeting's departure. And the application fees for that will set you back around a thousand dollars. I refuse to contribute to that." - Edilia
"Mor Eden paid us a visit, and she was so kind and pleasant! He gave a lot of detail and was quite helpful in explaining everything. Everything went quickly and easily. The solar panels and installation were both excellent. I appreciate it very much! Definitely suggest!" - Izzy
"They were very responsive to our inquiries and kept us informed about permitting and schedule. The installation was completed promptly and expertly. Superb team members. I am pleased with my solar panels and would suggest them to anyone considering going solar." - Matteo
"Excellent service from the first phone conversation to the final installation. In the most recent incident, which involved minor damage from Hurricane Ian, we submitted images and they promptly arrived to address the problem. If you need solar panels installed or serviced, this is the firm to go with." - Jerry
"Making the switch to solar energy might be difficult. There are numerous factors to think about. Ac/Dc solar was the most reputable and professional business I met with, and they won my business. David was my "go to" guy; he was really helpful and answered all of my questions. Having the ability to generate my own electricity has given me a great sense of pride. Solar power that can switch between AC and DC is awesome." - Isla

AC/DC Solar LLC Social media
The AC/DC SOLAR LLC Facebook page details the business and its offerings in great detail. Information on the available solar panel types, battery systems, and certifications is provided for users. Prices, accepted forms of payment, and details on current promotions and discounts are all listed. There are pictures, critiques, and client testimonials of previous installations on the page as well. Over 8,000 people are following and liking the page. Last but not least, the page provides connections to the company's website and other relevant resources, making it simple for clients to learn more about solar energy solutions. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

AC/DC Solar LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1034.2


AC/DC Solar LLC Pros & Cons

  • Variety of panel types
  • Certified NABCEP Installers
  • Affordable prices
  • Limited geographic coverage
  • Long installation and waiting times
  • High initial costs for large projects

AC/DC Solar LLC Final Conclusions

According to the existing customer testimonials, there are differing perspectives concerning the performance and reputation of AC/DC SOLAR LLC. While some consumers praised the organization for its service, prompt installation, and responsiveness to their questions, others raised severe concerns. Inaccurate information from representatives, a lack of contact, broken promises, damaged roofs, and trouble settling payment disputes were some of the problems mentioned in the negative evaluations. These critiques highlight a lack of openness, inappropriate conduct, and poor customer service. Contrarily, positive evaluations highlighted the superiority of the solar panels and installations as well as the expertise of each team member. Customers were really pleased with how quickly the business responded to their inquiries and issues. It is crucial to remember that these reviews speak to the experiences of certain customers, and that the final judgment may be subjective. Potential customers are urged to carefully consider their demands, make specific inquiries, and perform extensive research before selecting AC/DC SOLAR LLC.

AC/DC Solar LLC locations

Main Address9942 Currie Davis Dr #B, Tampa, FL 33619, United States
Phone Number8555777999

4 local offices

Florida – Lakeland 5001 S. Florida Avenue, Lakeland FL, 33813
Florida – Hallandale Beach 1250 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard Suite 1003, Hallandale Beach FL, 33009
Florida – Tampa 9942 Currie Davis Dr, Tampa FL, 33619
– Gainesville 4460 SW 35th Terrace, Gainesville Florida, 32608

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