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Over the past 148 years, ADT has kept over 6 million customers' homes safe. Now you can go solar with the same peace of mind, knowing that we've got you covered. Protect your home, put money away for the future, and keep your life running.

ADT Solar Main Facts

Year Started 2008
Service Areas  AR, FL, GA, IL, LA, MO, NM, SC, TX
Service Types  Installation,Financing,Energy,Auditing,Roofing,Electrical,Contracting
Types Panels  lithium-ion and lead-acid
Backup Battery lithium-ion and lead-acid
Certifications  NABCEP, SEIA, ASES

ADT Solar website review seems to be a very reliable site. The website is professional and well-made, with information about the company and its products that is easy to understand. They give detailed product descriptions and specs, as well as links to customer reviews and certifications from third parties. The site also has a phone number and address for customer service, which adds to its credibility. also has safe ways to pay and a money-back guarantee, which make it even more likely that you can trust it. Overall, looks like a website that a reviewer of solar panels can trust a lot.

ADT Solar price policy

Payment options Cash, Check, Money order, Credit card, PayPal, Financing.
Payment discounts multiple-system purchases, referral discounts, military discounts, and cash discounts.

ADT Solar online reputation

Most of what people say about ADT Solar online is good. Customers have said positive things about the company's quick service, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices. Some people have said that the installation process is slow or hard to use, but most reviews have been positive.
"I had panels in August 2022, and they didn't care until they were done. The panels are not operating properly, and contacting customer care is a pain; they never respond, and when you complain about the manufacturing of the solar panels, they refuse to FILE A TICKET to assist you and hang up the phone; TERRIBLE BUSINESS, CHOOSE ANOTHER ONE." - Mary F.
"In 2017, I paid $26,000 for the installation of solar panels. It did not give all that was promised, but I accepted that. It has now been having major problems for over 5 months, and I am unable to get ADT Solar to respect my 25-year guarantee. After 3 months of complaints, they eventually sent out an unskilled individual who simply shouted swear words at the top of his lungs while scraping off several years of protective layer off my shingles, and he couldn't cure anything after several hours." Tonny M. C.
"I began the process of obtaining solar panels at the beginning of the year. From the beginning, I had delays and complications. I was ecstatic when they finally put the panels on the roof, only to be let down again. They drilled enormous holes in my walls near the breaker boxes, which are near a light switch that my blind husband uses. The solar panels are still unconnected. I constantly getting annoying SMS informing me that they are attempting to set up an inspection appointment. When I try to react to the SMS, no one responds. I tried phoning several times. I've already made two payments toward the solar panel, but I'm still not connected. Moreover, I was promised money for taking down my one tree, but this has yet to occur." - Anthony M. J.
"We had the worst experience with ADT Solar! Customer service, communication, management, and quality are all atrocious. These are not something I would suggest to my worst enemy! It took almost 7 months to get the system up and running! They have disconnected my electricity, cable, and irrigation! They even urinated in broad daylight on my property! I have at least 50 separate problems with this firm. They were a major source of stress for me." - Mike J.
"They assure you there would be no more power bills, yet you will receive one. The cost for the solar panels, according to the salsman, will replace our energy bill. There will be no more AEP bills. What they don't tell you is that the time of year has a significant impact on your capacity to generate power. My installation was in the fall, and not enough credit was charged. So I'm paying an energy bill as well as solar. So much for my substantial savings. A tiny white lie they don't tell you about. It was all about the sell." Victor V. T.
"ADT Solar array was recently energized for me. What a fantastic job ADT performed in terms of coordination and installation. They provided at least a weekly report, so I was constantly informed of where the project was. The majority of the 7 months were spent waiting for approvals (engineering, design, electrical, local utilities, local municipality, and so on), and they were with me the entire time. She was ADT's face and voice for me, and she handled all of my inquiries. That's one down! After three weeks, I'm still gathering sunshine in Texas, even on overcast days!" Victoria R.
" The information is really clear and transparent. We had been considering solar for a few years and ultimately decided to go through after meeting with ADT, a large business with strong warranties, products, and people." - Jack I.
"This is a fantastic firm with a promising future.They've just recently arrived in California, but things are looking up for them.The atmosphere is upbeat, and everyone follows the CEO's example in providing excellent service and products. Managers and sales representatives take ownership and offer 100% every day.I definitely suggest them not just for their solar but also for a career. Excellent training and a great group of individuals to be among. I had a great time and learned a lot from everyone." - Tim T.
"They walked me through the entire process, making it quite simple. I didn't have to do anything since they took care of everything. The price was affordable, and I have not yet surpassed the monthly energy limits, therefore I have a very tiny power bill." - Lilly B.
"On my roof, I've got a 15kw system. Everyone was really professional and performed exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it. I'm currently generating more power than I'm using. It's fascinating to use the smartphone app to check how much power is produced and how much is sold back to the grid. I interviewed four firms before deciding on ADT Solar. They get 5 stars from me." - Madelin W.

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ADT Solar average reviews

Source Votes Avg. Score 108 4 651  3.2 - -
AVG   3.58


ADT Solar Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation
  • Cost savings
  • Low maintenance


  • Available in only 23 states
  • Limited Product Selection
  • Limited Customer Service

ADT Solar Final Conclusions

Customers have regularly given ADT Solar services high marks. The Better Business Bureau has given the organization an A+ rating, and many consumers have expressed their delight with their experience. Customer service reviews are also quite positive, with consumers stating that they are nice and helpful.

ADT Solar locations

Main address  128 Northpark Blvd, Covington, LA 70433

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