Altair Solar review

Orange County, California's Altair Solar offers comprehensive solar panel installation services. Our first concern is providing you with thorough explanations of all aspects of the process so that you may make educated decisions about your energy use and optimize your savings. Altair Solar is an industry leader in solar panel installations for homes. Our solar installation services are available to residents and businesses across Southern California. As your solar energy provider, our service is entirely on meeting your requirements.
Altair Solar review

Altair Solar overview

Orange County, California's Altair Solar offers comprehensive solar panel installation services. Our first concern is providing you with thorough explanations of all aspects of the process so that you may make educated decisions about your energy use and optimize your savings. Altair Solar is an industry leader in solar panel installations for homes. Our solar installation services are available to residents and businesses across Southern California. As your solar energy provider, our service is entirely on meeting your requirements.

What Altair Solar has to say about itself

Only trusted and proven goods from industry leaders are used in our facilities. The durability and efficacy of the items we use are of the utmost importance to us. Our goal is to make solar energy installations on every home in the United States a financially and ecologically viable option. For the sake of the future, green is the way we think. Together, the expertise and credentials of the engineers, project managers, and installers on our staff total well over 50 years.

Altair Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries made by LG Chem and Sonnen
CertificationsCSI, SRCC, NABCEP

Altair Solar website review

The website seems to have been well thought out and designed. The homepage provides visitors with a clear and succinct message about the business's services and value proposition, which is crucial for them to comprehend what the firm has to offer right away. The website also has a simple navigation menu that visitors may utilize to reach other pages like About Us, Services, and the Blog with ease. The website is also responsively designed, which means that it is suitable for different gadgets like tablets and smartphones. Regarding content, the website offers helpful details on the firm's services, solar technology, and the advantages of solar energy. Additionally, there is a blog component that offers readers interested in solar energy information and advice. The firm is actively involved in giving valuable information to its clients and future consumers, as seen by the website's frequent updates.

Altair Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $2,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit/debit cards
Payment discounts10% discount when paying by cash or check, 5% discount when paying by credit/debit card and 0% financing option

Altair Solar online reputation

Altair Solar got a variety of feedback from customers. While some clients are really pleased with the services provided by the business, some have unfavorable opinions. Poor customer service, sluggish response times, and installation problems that resulted in leaks and mildew were all mentioned in the negative evaluations. However, favorable reviews lauded Khaled, the business's owner, for his professionalism, expertise, and superb communication abilities. Many clients were pleased with the solar panels' performance and installation, as well as the business's capacity to complete the required documentation and inspections. In general, prospective buyers are advised to do extensive research on Altair Solar and take into account both good and negative reviews before making a choice.
"Buyer Watch out for ZERO STARS! After our system was built in 2016, our roof began to leak after just two years. Every year, they would send someone out and tell us they couldn't find anything, but every time it rained, the leak continued. We just ripped into our ceiling and discovered black mold in addition to signs of an ongoing leak. We tried again, but received no answer." - Thull
"This is based entirely on my own experience. Please let me know if your experience is different after signing with them. I would advise caution if you are considering joining with them. I joined with them some months ago, and I still haven't begun the installation process. Don't trust them when they say the cities are to fault for the holdup. They're sluggish, and in my opinion, they're also inept. After a month and a half, they finally sent someone to my residence to do an evaluation. There are many glowing evaluations of them, and the only explanations for this are (a) they are indeed excellent but have just been overbooked, or (b) they are phony. Which one the reader thinks it is, I'll leave up to them. Oh, I should probably let the reader know that I haven't finished installing yet. It is, in reality, far from done. Avoid the hassle and wasted time by looking elsewhere." - AntiAltair
"The autumn of 2022 marked the beginning of our first complaint. Recently (spring of 2023), we had our roof fixed and our solar panels re-installed using the appropriate sealant. They made it through the most recent round of storms unscathed. Finally, the wood beams within the house have been refinished and painted. The problems we reported to Altair were really fixed." - Lina B.
"This review incorporates my changes from the prior two. Back when Charlie was an employee, he received 5 stars from me for his excellent communication and generous first panel discounts. There were no hiccups during installation either. After that, I went to obtain our second-year underproduction reimbursement before I remembered that Charlie was no longer there. It took me months to find assistance. Now that Christian has gotten us some assistance, I'm going to combine the previous two ratings. The precipitous drop in viewership after 2020 saddens me, but I have a suggestion: EMPLOY MORE PEOPLE!! There has to be more people working on customer service if it's taking months to get back to previous clients. Maintaining satisfied, returning customers is equally as important as attracting new ones (and making more money). After-sale support is crucial, as I've already emphasized. New customers won't buy from you if you can't keep your current ones satisfied. Savvy consumers check out reviews before making a purchase of this magnitude." - Lori G.
"This rating is for our conversation on Yelp solely, not for any services rendered.Yelp was and is used only for making contact. try talking to them about it. You should probably revise the data they have on you on their website. It's possible you're passing up opportunities. One cannot say for sure." - Don M.
"For us, Altair installed equipment in two residences. The first (10.8 kW) and the second (8.6 kW) have both been operational for more than a year. Both have lived up to expectations, completely meeting the dwellings' power needs. Altair pursued a complex intermittent electrical cable issue in one of the houses until they identified and fixed it. The second house needed some re-roofing and a doubling of the electrical panel size, both of which Altair performed as part of the total contract. Both residences made use of Enphase micro inverters and LG solar panels. We are very grateful for the Enphase Enlighten system's monitoring features. The initiatives were professionally managed by Khaled Elsheref, the proprietor of Altair, who remained directly engaged throughout. Without a doubt, I would suggest them." - Bill
"When I was looking for a solar installation, I worked with Altair Solar, one of the most competent and highly educated businesses. Nader and Khaled both played significant roles in the process. They assisted me in understanding the values and technologies (which are significant to me) and worked with me on all the specifics. All of the HOA laws and regulations were clarified for me by Nader and his crew. We filled out the documents, and they helped us along the route. Nader and Crew kept everything organized during the installation. The installation took place on schedule and on time. They were exceedingly kind, thorough, and careful. Almost all of my needs and requests have been honored. Solar installation may be challenging, but with the help of Altair Solar and Nader's team, everything went well. I appreciate it. Definitely advise." - Bill Osman
"We have installed solar energy twice now. Both times, we are delighted that we went with a neighborhood business that supports tenacious small companies and is engaged in the neighborhood. Khaled, the proprietor, is an electrical engineering nerd—exactly the kind of person you want installing your solar system. He is incredibly skilled, experienced, and a pleasure to deal with. He has excellent communication skills, is adaptable, and is generally a very kind man. Altair Solar is a choice that can't really go wrong. He offers outstanding pricing in addition to a fantastic product. His crew handled every everything, including the inspections and paperwork. We received four offers, and after evaluating his ratings and charisma, we decided to go with Khaled and Altair. Altair Solar comes highly recommended!" - Happy Professor
"Good time! I've never had a simpler home repair job. Khaled with his team. Altair was maybe my eighth solar installation quotation. They were much cheaper than the other quotations. Khaled didn't employ the used car salesman strategy like other solar providers. He knows his items well and is eager to answer inquiries. We financed solar. Altair's finance partner offers good rates and easy approval. Online, email, and docusign. Very simple! Khaled streamlines permits and applications. Altair installers are courteous. System was operational in a week. Good work!" - Fireken70
"We had a wonderful experience working with Altair Solar. On schedule, the installation team arrived. They completed the task swiftly. I didn't want to spend money on solar at first, but my husband persuaded me that if we put in the system, when it pays for itself, I can take a free trip every year. I'll persuade him to get me a Tesla in the meanwhile." - TeslaGirl83

Altair Solar Social media
Altair Solar's Facebook page is a business-related page for the organization. The website offers a wealth of helpful and educational details on Altair Solar's goods and services, as well as some special offers and breaking news. The page also draws a sizable readership, proving that the business is effective in drawing in new customers. The messages on the website, which include links to product details, industry news, and business updates, are mostly about Altair Solar. Additionally, the website includes images of Altair Solar goods, videos, client endorsements, and other information that helps consumers and prospective clients learn more about the company's services. A link to the company's website is also included on the page, aiding in visitor generation. Additionally, Altair Solar makes it simple for clients to get in touch with them via multiple platforms including their website and Facebook page. In general, Altair Solar's Facebook page is a wonderful method for the business to interact with its clients, provide them with information, and support word-of-mouth advertising for their goods and services.
An summary of the business and its products may be found on the Altair Solar Inc. profile on LinkedIn, which is well-organized. More than 85 people follow it, and the page is often updated with news, announcements, and job openings. The business also uses the website to display customer reviews, product images, and press releases. A contact form and a link to their website are also provided on the page so that clients may get in touch with them. In addition to listing current and former workers on the website, Altair Solar Inc. also advertises available positions. In general, the LinkedIn profile for Altair Solar Inc. is a successful approach to advertise the business, make contacts, and interact with clients.
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Altair Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews344


Altair Solar Pros & Cons

  • Competitive prices
  • Funding options
  • Discounts for cash and check payments
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Limited selection of panels
  • Not suitable for all types of roofs

Altair Solar Final Conclusions

With clients all over the globe, Altair Solar is a market leader in the solar energy sector, providing top-notch solar goods and services. By pushing sustainable energy as a substitute for fossil fuels, the corporation has throughout the years shown a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Success at Altair Solar may be due to their cutting-edge technology, effective management, and hardworking staff of experts. They are renowned for the dependability and toughness of their solar panels and power solutions, which give the highest power production even in difficult circumstances. Overall, Altair Solar has made a big difference in the solar energy industry, and their work will continue to be essential for the shift to a more ecologically friendly and sustainable future.

Altair Solar locations

Main Address12 Mauchly Ste B, Irvine, CA 92618
Phone Number949-502-8565

2 local offices

California – Irvine 15375 Barranca Parkway I-104, Irvine CA, 92618
California – Irvine 12 Mauchly, Irvine CA, 92618

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