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Photovoltaics, or solar electric energy systems, are designed and installed by Alternative Energy Southeast, Inc. (PV). Our highly qualified staff offers consumers in Georgia and neighboring states great customer service and workmanship for solar systems. Additionally, we are motivated by a genuine desire to improve the world.

Fast Facts
Year Started 2007
Service Areas GA, SC
Types Panels
Certifications Georgia Power Certified Installer Top 500 Solar Contractor NCSU Renewable Energy Diploma IBEW Certified Journey Wireman State Licensed Master Electriction Multiple Certification from Solar Energy International and Solairgen
Warranty Options 5 Years standard extendable to 20 years Parts, Labor
Payment_Options Cash purchases, solar financing
Content Phone 770-490-6178
Main Office Address 160 Collins Industrial Blvd, Athens GA, 30601


Energy Alternatives Southeast is dedicated to assisting communities in escaping the archaic energy supply system. The national power system can be greatly enhanced by decentralizing the grid or producing and/or storing electricity at or close to the sites where this electricity is to be consumed. The grid becomes more robust thanks to distributed generation ("DG"), which also offers power at a cheaper cost and with fewer carbon emissions. DG lessens the end user's reliance on far-off, massive power facilities.

We not only assist clients in regaining control from energy corporations that frequently prioritize profits over the welfare of their customers, but we also help lessen reliance on dangerous energy sources. The Sun, the cleanest and most dependable energy source we use to generate power, is also the most plentiful energy source in the universe.

Hudson Greenaway
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