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The leading solar panel manufacturer for both residential and commercial applications is Ameco Solar. By providing our clients with skilled roofing and solar services, we have been able to provide them with options for energy sources that are environmentally friendly for the last 40 years. Frustrated with blackouts and sudden jumps in the cost of energy? You can count on us to help you go solar.

AMECO Solar & Roofing overview

The leading solar panel manufacturer for both residential and commercial applications is Ameco Solar. By providing our clients with skilled roofing and solar services, we have been able to provide them with options for energy sources that are environmentally friendly for the last 40 years. Frustrated with blackouts and sudden jumps in the cost of energy? You can count on us to help you go solar.

What AMECO Solar & Roofing has to say about itself

AMECO Solar & Roofing has been an industry leader in the area of renewable energy solutions for over half a century since the company's founding in 1974. We are the most knowledgeable solar panel business in California because to our years of experience.We are devoted to providing our clients with the most advanced solar technology, products and services of high quality, efficiency that is unmatched in the industry, and total satisfaction in all aspects of our business. We are the most qualified company in California to install solar panels due to our many years of industry expertise and the fact that we have the finest safety record in the business. When you go with AMECO Solar, you are making an investment in a sustainable, risk-free, and clean future.

AMECO Solar & Roofing Solar Review

Year Started1974
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, The American Solar Energy Society, Tesla Powerwall Certified

AMECO Solar & Roofing website review

AMECO Solar & Roofing, an organization that installs solar panels and is situated in Southern California, is the owner of the website With a clear and contemporary style, the website is well-made and simple to use. Visitors may learn more about the company's roofing, energy storage, and solar installation services by visiting the website. The website furthermore gives details on the advantages of solar energy, the company's installation procedure, and financing choices. The "Solar Calculator," which is one of the website's standout features, is a helpful tool for those who are curious in solar energy but are unclear of its possible financial advantages. The AMECO Solar & Roofing website is, in general, a helpful and educational tool.

AMECO Solar & Roofing price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsRoof installation, repair and maintenance, 0% Financing,Tax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

AMECO Solar & Roofing online reputation

The firm offers high-quality solar installation services with friendly customer service, according on our analysis of AMECO Solar & Roofing's client feedback. Customers give the business high marks for its informed and competent personnel, quick installation, and reasonable costs. Customers like the company's dedication to eco-friendly business operations and its openness to inform them of the advantages of solar energy. But regrettably, several consumers complained that the system's lengthy installation and lengthy repayment periods were inconvenient.
"6/22/22 contract signed. inspection wasn't completed until 10/13/22. made four journeys to the installation location, but each time the team arrived without the required components, so they had to return. ruined the concrete roof tiles on my house. Actually, the installers were subcontractors licensed to do electrical work but not roofing. Ameco failed to disclose that they would be using a subcontractor. I was left with an inoperable system after the inspection and final PMT on 10/13/22 because Ameco was unable to get the permission to operate certificate from PGE. Ameco also misconfigured the Enphase app, preventing me from checking to verify whether my system is operating as intended. As of 10/31/22, Ameco also had not repaired the window that had been shattered during installation. I have come to the conclusion that Ameco is unprofessional, unqualified, and unreliable." - JH
"Awful, a nightmare. Started this July 2021; violated promises; reluctance to honor warranty; unprofessional; promised but unfulfilled energy output. I was told that installing panels will fully satisfy my annual power needs. only 1/2 to 2/3 of the area. Suddenly, 50% less energy is produced. Call Ameco; received rationalizations, pointless information; repeatedly refuses to dispatch a technician to investigate; resolve. We can sell you additional panels, but we were told no. Feel absolutely duped and left in the cold. Installed toward the end of December after starting in July. Since their principal technician does not speak a word of English, he was unaware of what was going on. The "project manager" didn't even visit my home once. They forced me, a crippled man using a cane and having no prior knowledge of this, to go outside and press buttons, levers, etc., and of course, it didn't operate correctly when it was eventually placed and prepared to be activated. What a complete amateur. After 15 years of making monthly payments on a debt for $29,000, I'm in trouble now. Heartless. Cruel." - Ameco Terrible
"I have dealings with Ameco twice, in 2007 and 2022. I would have given the business a four- or five-star rating if this review had simply been based on my 2007 experience, but now, I believe that what matters most is how the business is doing right now. I had an Ameco PV system installed on my home in 2007 and it was a great experience. I needed to extend my system in 2022, so I phoned Ameco first for an estimate. I completely anticipated that I would choose them after receiving at least one other bid for comparison. I spoke with one of them on two zoom conversations, and everything seemed to be great. They verbally gave me a pricing estimate, shown a schematic of the expansion, and promised to send me a proposal before the weekend. Two weeks later, they had completely abandoned me. Quite strange. Why they would go to such lengths to close a deal just to disappear entirely is beyond me. no email response. Before they ghosted me, we were emailing back and forth, so I don't believe it was a simple technical issue." - B Crowell
"The pipes to the pump needed 3" flashing, but the contractor did not have any or have it installed. The lines are thus not near to the home and are quite apparent as a consequence." - Anonymous
"I chose this business since their sales agent is attentive and they have a few positive ratings on Yelp. After then, the experience becomes worse every several weeks. On July Fourth, the contract was signed, and I promptly made my payment. After then, the procedure slowed down to an extremely sluggish pace. The week of September 1st marked their official submission of the permission to Irvine. Since then, 10 weeks have passed with little to no development. I repeatedly checked with them, and each time the City said it was "a minor change," meaning clearance would come the next week. The worst part is that you have to reply to your email. Since they didn't include any attachments with the email, I honestly don't know whether they really sent in the paperwork. I believe that both the client and the seller should have confidence in one another. But right now, I have very little faith in this business." - Litain Y.
"I looked up information on AMECO online. I chose to follow them. Everyone I dealt with was as meticulous and informed as they come. I had two installation teams. A part of my current roof was reroofed by the initial team. I started getting regular updates from the project manager. After the team had departed for the day, he would phone to inform me of the status. Even though I am quite informed about house building, after they were done installing I would have never even noticed that they had been there. I am pleased with the job they performed and they were extremely tidy. My solar panel installation team was likewise extremely competent. They patiently responded to all of my inquiries and took the time to fully explain how everything operated. I firmly advise AMECO." - Shana Gorski
"Through Electrum, a SoCal Edison Marketplace partner, I was able to contact AMECO. Angie, the project manager, provided me with frequent updates from beginning to end. I'm really delighted with the results and would suggest the installation to anybody thinking about getting solar panels installed since they did an excellent job and addressed all my concerns about it. They also did a nice job cleaning up afterward, which was greatly appreciated." - Roy
"After speaking with six solar firms, we decided to buy (not lease) our system from Ameco. Everything went extremely well, from our first sales conversation with Thomas to the timely and courteous follow-up emails with answers to our numerous concerns, through the installation, and finally to the last emails, instructions, and calls with Angie. Ameco worked as swiftly as they could to take care of everything while matching the pricing of a rival we were evaluating. Although the process might seem drawn out as you wait for permits, checks, and Edison to turn the system on, our system was finished ahead of schedule. Only a few of weeks have passed since we first linked to Edison, but things are looking up! For solar, I would suggest this business." - K. Walsh
"Schedule and installation of the solar panel are relatively straightforward. I paid a fair price for a beautiful solar panel. The installation procedure went well and quickly. The personnel provided excellent service. They carefully explained the cost to me." - Theresa Nguyen
"The staff provided excellent service and was extremely helpful. I never had to wait for an answer to a query since I got them extremely quickly. I would strongly suggest solar and roofing to anybody!" - Nicole

AMECO Solar & Roofing Social media
A solar energy business situated in San Diego, California is called Ameco Solar & Roofing. They provide a vast array of services like the installation of solar panels, roof repairs, maintenance, and more. The business' Facebook page is jam-packed with intriguing information that not only tells clients about their services but also offers helpful advice for individuals who are interested in solar technology. They provide thorough product reviews and information on solar technology in their blogs so that readers may choose solar-related products with knowledge. Additionally, they include pertinent client testimonials, which promotes social proof and enables customers to share their experiences in a more encouraging and upbeat manner. Additionally, Ameco Solar & Roofing provides customers with worthwhile specials and discounts on goods and services. All of these things indicate that Ameco Solar & Roofing provides exceptional customer service.
The LinkedIn profile for Ameco Solar & Roofing offers information on the business. Given the abundance of posts about their services, employment opportunities, and client endorsements on their website, it is clear that they are deeply dedicated to excellence and customer happiness. The abundance of customer reviews on their page is also quite beneficial. One efficient technique to demonstrate their effectiveness in the solar sector is to see directly how others have profited from their services. A useful list of their professional personnel and representatives is also provided on their LinkedIn page so that potential clients may get in touch with them directly. The fact that Ameco Solar & Roofing is enthusiastic about educating the public about the advantages of solar technology is clear from the page's addition of industry news, seminars, and certifications. For anyone interested in finding out more about the business and its services, their page is a fantastic resource because of all of these factors.
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AMECO Solar & Roofing average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews634.4


AMECO Solar & Roofing Pros & Cons

  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Complete solutions for home energy supply
  • Limited service area
  • Long wait for installation

AMECO Solar & Roofing Final Conclusions

Solar energy is supplied by AMECO Solar & Roofing. A roof and solar installation firm in Southern California serves both residential and commercial clients. High-quality and effective solar energy solutions are offered by AMECO Solar & Roofing to clients to help them save money and lessen their environmental impact. The company provides a range of solar panel options, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film panels, to suit clients' choices and needs. A skilled team at AMECO Solar & Roofing works closely with clients to design and install a solar panel system that meets both their energy demands and their financial constraints. Generally speaking, AMECO Solar & Roofing is a reputable company.

AMECO Solar & Roofing locations

Main Address4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 205, Valley Village, CA 91607, United States
Phone Number(888) 695-1205

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