American Sentry Solar review

American Sentry Solar has its roots in Maryland, but it serves customers all throughout the middle of the country. American Sentry Solar is a certified installation of their products. Solar panel systems, batteries, inverters, and more are just some of the solar items that may be purchased with the company's flexible financing plans.
American Sentry Solar review

American Sentry Solar overview

American Sentry Solar has its roots in Maryland, but it serves customers all throughout the middle of the country. American Sentry Solar is a certified installation of their products. Solar panel systems, batteries, inverters, and more are just some of the solar items that may be purchased with the company's flexible financing plans.

What American Sentry Solar has to say about itself

Thousands of houses in Maryland, Delaware, and Texas now have solar energy panels thanks to American Sentry Solar. To ensure that the solar solutions we provide to clients are of the greatest possible quality, our team of solar professionals teamed up with the best roofing specialists in the industry. As a result, homeowners may save a lot of money on their power bills and qualify for tax credits.

American Sentry Solar Review

Year Started1993
Service AreasDE, MD, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

American Sentry Solar website review

American Sentry Solar's official website,, is an authoritative and educational resource. You may find the company's contact details and product/service descriptions there. Additional elements of the website include consumer feedback, frequently asked questions, and a blog. In general, it seems like a trustworthy and dependable website. It gives trustworthy information about the organization and its offerings, and the feedback from satisfied customers further strengthens that trust. The website also has a secure SSL connection and is updated often. Therefore, it is a credible resource for learning more about American Sentry Solar.

American Sentry Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Starter Kit: $2,499, Standard Solar Kit: $4,999, Premium Solar Kit: $7,999, Solar Plus Battery Kit: $9,999, Solar and Smart Home Automation Kit: $11,999, Solar Design and Installation Services: Starting at $499, Solar System Monitoring Services: Starting at $99/month, Battery Monitoring Services: Starting at $99/month, Solar System Maintenance Services: Starting at $99/month, Solar System Upgrade Services: Starting at $499
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and check.
Payment discountsMilitary and Veteran Discount: 10%, Senior Citizen Discount: 10%, Referral Program Discount: 10%, Solarize Program Discount: 10%, Federal Tax Credit: 30%, State and Local Rebates: Varies depending on location

American Sentry Solar online reputation

American Sentry Solar has generally received excellent feedback from its consumers. The organization has received several compliments from satisfied clients who have raved about the quality of the items and the responsiveness of the staff throughout the installation process. An excellent client experience is guaranteed thanks to the company's established credibility. On the other hand, some clients have complained about the high prices.
"Pressure selling and exorbitant charges are what keep this business afloat. Their plan is to trap you at home and get you to sign up for their service by portraying it as deeply discounted (from $40k to $30k) with sales incentives available for an immediate commitment. After signing the contract, I shopped about and found a rival company that could do the same KwH installation for my home with better panels for $24,500. A.S.S. also failed to answer my inquiries concerning the price and became radio silent when I exercised my right to terminate the contract within the allotted time. This is not a business I would suggest to anybody. Before going ahead with a solar installation, it is highly recommended that you do thorough research and get several quotations." - Derek P.
"I was offered a solar panel installation for my home at a price that was overpriced by $5,000, and the salesperson put a lot of pressure on me to sign the contract immediately. I did, and thankfully there is a grace period for cancellation.After doing some investigating, I found that not only did ASS/ADB fail to provide satisfactory answers to my inquiries, but two other local businesses quoted me a price of $20,000 for a system of the same size, albeit one with higher quality panels and longer manufacturer warranties. This is not a business I would ever suggest." - Erick K.
"Poor first impression indeed. A person from the company reached out to me after I submitted the form for a consultation, and we attempted to set up an appointment. However, when I called to organize the on-site analysis, the representative demanded that my spouse attend the presentation, despite my repeated assurances that I am capable of making the choice alone because of my wife's busy work schedule. It's not surprising that sales pitches often include requests for both spouses to attend in order to avoid wasting a trip. However, the initial, adamant push already reveals the depths to which companies will go in order to secure a signature. They would prefer not make the journey to offer the information to prospective clients and risk losing a solar order." - Peter V.
"Keep an eye out for potential new clients, I feel compelled to sound the alarm about this firm, which may be engaging in some unethical business practices. My bank has opened a dispute about the company's use of the deposit I made. The firm refused to return my $3300.00 deposit when I asked for it. He insisted on a down payment, else we'd miss out on the deal at the anticipated cost. My three-day cancellation window was never mentioned. He wouldn't let me even read the document before signing it. Sign at the bottom of the contracts, he said, and he'd send you a copy. I compared the bids I received from a few different firms and went with the most advantageous one. I tried canceling on the third day but got through to voicemail each time I phoned. On day four, I decided to discontinue the assignment and informed the firm through email. Then they told me they wouldn't be able to refund my money since they couldn't get out of the contract. My money is being threatened with loss since I sent my desire to cancel after the three-day deadline had passed." - Rylan O.
"Be wary of the cost! When we began researching solar panel installation companies, American Sentry was among the first we contacted. I had said that we are interested in data rather than a sales presentation. The salesman who approached us seemed almost irritated when we refused to make a decision right then. Their costs are twice as high as the market norm, according to my investigation. While the organization itself may be excellent, their sales practices are deplorable, and their pricing are outrageous. Please check into this more and provide other quotations before committing to them." - Mario B.
"It's a breeze to do business with this firm. The salesman, was very well-informed and helpful in answering my many concerns. Every single phone conversation I've ever had was pleasant. Since I had the panels put on the roof of my detached garage, they went out of their way to make sure the subpanel there would work. Only a few weeks after the contract was signed was the installation completed, and it was completed in record time. I can't wait to start saving money on my electricity bill after BGE has finished inspecting the home and switched the meter." - Jacob E.
"Ethan and his crew did a great job getting my solar panels up on the roof, and I appreciate all the help gave me with my inquiries. Before a representative from American Sentry came to my house and went through the benefits, price, and installation of solar panels, I was on the fence about making the switch. They were really professional during the installation process, taking care to be polite and transparent with me at all times. They showed up to my house on schedule, and I couldn't believe how quickly the job was completed. Once again, I appreciate Ethan and his crews' efforts." - William G.
"Meeting with the representative in the comfort of our own home made the procedure easy. He explained everything to us in detail. He explained everything we wanted to know about the solar panels they installed. We opted for a conventional ground-mounted installation. The system met all of our expectations and more. In my experience, American Sentry Solar has the most qualified staff. I look forward to many more years of working together." - Joshua T.
"We choose American Sentry Solar after comparing prices. Totally the right pick! Everything about the service was excellent. Our questions were answered and we were given options for financing without feeling rushed to make a decision. We really appreciated being given some breathing room to go through the data. After'sleeping on it', the decision to sign was made the following day. Absolutely no regrets. Everything went well, and the whole staff was top-notch. There was not a single unanswered question. Our relatives and friends will be given the name American Sentry Solar if they ever contemplate installing solar panels." - Daniel C.
"After researching a dozen various companies, I settled on American Sentry Solar to install my solar panels. They got back to me quickly, have a wonderful work ethic, and the installation turned out well. They went above and above by clearing up the old electrical wires that the previous contractor had left behind (wires that were no longer connected or in use). They were optimistic and mostly silent. While they were installing the solar panels, I was able to continue working from home without interruption. So far, the panels have worked well, and I've seen a big drop in my energy costs. We are in fact exporting energy, and the app shows us the precise metrics in real time." - Noah O.

American Sentry Solar Social media
The Facebook page for American Sentry Solar presents as credible and professional. Their emblem, a sunflower in the colors of the American flag, serves as their profile image, conveying a simple yet effective message: "We provide the best solar energy services." Visually, the website is rather appealing, with all the pictures, videos, and connections to the goods and services that it has. With over a thousand likes, it seems that the business is also fairly well-liked. Customer service is also top-notch, as every feedback was responded to swiftly. They provide insightful responses, and the response time is good. The American Sentry Solar Facebook page may be trusted as a reliable source of information.
A solar energy business in the US is called American Sentry Solar. As a clean energy supplier, they work to provide environmentally friendly renewable energy options that may lower power prices. They provide a wide range of solar goods and solutions for their consumers, according to their LinkedIn profile. They also disseminate materials on the many technologies available in the field as well as balanced news and information about the solar energy business. The business primarily serves residential and commercial clients, offering them specialized solutions that are adapted to their unique demands and specifications. American Sentry Solar aims to increase its visibility and connect with new client demographics despite having a very small subscription base and a very sparse amount of content on the website. Customers may utilize the company's website as a platform to investigate various options that they could find valuable in achieving their solar energy objectives.
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American Sentry Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2324.6


American Sentry Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Limited Geographic Availability
  • High Initial Cost
  • Limited Product Range

American Sentry Solar Final Conclusions

Photovoltaic installation is American Sentry Solar's area of expertise, and the firm is headquartered in Maryland. They provide a wide range of solutions, including solar panel installation for homes and businesses, energy storage, and EV charging stations. Most reviews are complimentary, complementing the company's quality of service and final products.

American Sentry Solar locations

Main Address221 Gateway Dr. Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone Number4105570555

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