Arcadia Solar review

Putting up solar panels is only one of several services we provide. Far more is available. We give you faith in your potential to produce clean, smart, and reasonably priced electricity on your own terms for your house.

Arcadia Solar overview

Putting up solar panels is only one of several services we provide. Far more is available. We give you faith in your potential to produce clean, smart, and reasonably priced electricity on your own terms for your house.

What Arcadia Solar has to say about itself

Clean, affordable electricity that you can count on year after year is now available to your house thanks to an Arcadia Solar energy system, which has been precisely designed to provide just that. Top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology are used in the construction of our systems, which provide a constant supply of electricity to your house while reducing your energy cost and protecting you from utility rate spikes. Even after the installation is complete, you can count on us to be present to answer questions and address concerns. We have aesthetically pleasing systems as well. Their modern facade will be the envy of the block.

Arcadia Solar Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, NM, TX
Service TypesSolar panel installation, system design and engineering, energy storage solutions, financing options and ongoing maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLG Chem, Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen

Arcadia Solar website review

The website features a straightforward, tidy layout with a unified color palette and easily readable typography. To guarantee simple reading, the layout is well-structured and makes effective use of white space. The website offers details about Arcadia Solar, a provider of solar energy, including their purpose, services, and staff. The information is accurate and well-written, but additional visual components, such pictures and videos, might have been included to more effectively highlight the company's work. The website loads quickly and is responsive and mobile-friendly. The contact form is straightforward and readily available, and the navigation menu is simple to utilize. Although there is potential for development in terms of adding additional visual components to better highlight the company's work and services, the website looks to be well built and useful overall.

Arcadia Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3-$7 per watt
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts can include up to $1,000 in rebates and up to 50% of the total project cost.

Arcadia Solar online reputation

Customers' opinions of Arcadia Solar are conflicting. Some consumers have complained about having negative interactions with the business, including not receiving what they anticipated and paying more than necessary. One client stated that his solar system had ceased producing electricity, and the firm missed the scheduled appointment to fix the problem. Customers also expressed displeasure with the company's sales techniques, saying that the salesmen made them uncomfortable and irritable. A customer who installed the panels also brought up security concerns. On the other side, a few clients have reported having excellent interactions with the business and being pleased with both the installation procedure and the outcome. They commended the expertise and clientele of the business. The business received acclaim for managing HOAs, obtaining permissions, and informing clients. Therefore, prospective clients may wish to do research and consider both favorable and unfavorable experiences before selecting Arcadia Solar.
"Up until I learned I didn't receive what I had expected, I was eager to buy solar panels! One of the company representatives said that this would save me money, but in actuality, it has actually increased my expenses. I was informed that after paying for the panels, all I would have to do is reimburse SRP for using their box outdoors. I eventually phoned Arcadia about my solar panels since my power bill had been rising for months, and I discovered that I only had enough solar panels to offset 50%, not 100%. I never would have accepted them if I had realized my home wasn't a suitable match for them. Not to add that I wasn't informed by the loan via Goodleap that the tax refund I needed to submit to them to keep my bill low didn't arrive all at once. I must thus come up with $7500 to keep my payment from increasing. I'm so annoyed by everything that I no longer desire these panels! I completely fucked up, and it cost me money I didn't have!" - goetzman
"My solar system stopped generating on September 13, and I have an appointment to get it fixed on October 9. After not having produced anything for more than three weeks, Arcadia did not show up to the appointment that they had scheduled. I do not suggest." - LM
"Don't put your faith in this outfit. Yes, I did, and it was all a fabrication by Jason Taylor. He stated I was transferring utilities, but it turns out I have a $35,000 debt, despite my repeated requests that he not give me a loan. Massive lining!!! Please don't trust what they're saying!!" - Hayley
"It was a frustrating experience dealing with this company today. I had many posters up saying not to beg, yet they still rang my doorbell. I had to interrupt my work in order to get up and answer the door. The broker inquired as to whether or if the no soliciting was my or the previous owners'. I informed him it was already mine, and he stated he wasn't there to solicit, but he went ahead and started his sales speech anyway. It's annoying to be constantly hassled by salesmen while trying to purchase a house. I think he was the tenth solar salesperson to come by, and when I told him that, he remarked, "They send all the ugly ones first." Definitely not funny. I could go on and on about how he misunderstood me and treated me with contempt, but that would be pointless. (And it was all on video). I simply want these solar businesses to leave people's homes alone who don't want them there." - Caudle
"They may have some familiarity with solar panels, but based on what I saw while they were being installed, safety was not a top concern. They all start blasting music far too loud around 8 in the morning, and not a single one of them has a safety line tied to his harness. My wife is a teacher and I work graveyard, so we have little regard for the privacy of neighboring households. When I asked them to turn off the music, they gave me attitude. My wife and I have already decided that we would not be hiring a certain business to put in our solar panels." - Adrian
"We chose Arcadia Solar after hearing multiple sales presentations for solar panels from other firms. Teresa Koon was very competent, trustworthy, and capable of clearly outlining the complete procedure. Her diligent follow-up with us to make sure everything was proceeding as planned and to respond to any inquiries has been outstanding." - Jarrett
"My home, my mother's home, and a number of neighbors and acquaintances have all been affected by Arcadia. Excellent experience; they handled the HOA, the permits, and kept me updated. My system was quickly installed and operational. My expectations were fulfilled, and I now feel secure knowing that my system is operating as intended and that, should any problems arise, I have a dependable contractor with excellent warranties on all the equipment. Don't look any further; Arcadia is the best option!" - Joel
"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that installing solar panels on our roof would be so simple. Sonya is incredible, and the process went extremely quickly and easily for us. They took care of everything when we questioned or voiced concerns to our homeowners association. Even though we've only had a few months, it's fantastic to know that we're building up our energy reserves and significantly reducing our expenses." - Spencer
"We had a lot of questions, and every one of them was addressed in a very knowledgeable and professional manner. We end up saving a TON of money. Everything they claimed, from the very beginning to the very end, was absolutely true. We now rent out our property, and the income collected goes toward paying the mortgage. They are over the moon delighted at how low it is, and we agree that it was one of the finest moves we could have made in this situation. They are definitely worthy of recommendation. Thank you Arcadia." - Kelly
"Before settling on Arcadia Energy, my wife and I began this process by completing our research and checking out a number of solar installation providers. Lee and Misty distinguished out among the other solar firms when they visited our house and had a straightforward, no-pressure chat about solar energy. They were honest, understanding, and straightforward in explaining the procedure, the timetable, and the following stages in light of our objectives and expectations. It was easy to get clearance, and Misty helped with any questions that came up. We were able to construct a system with Lee and Misty's assistance that met the energy needs of our household. Along with Lee and Misty's excellent customer service, the installation team's skill level and status as genuine artisans really pleased us. We are thrilled with our choice to go solar and have faith in the provider we went with. Arcadia Energy should be at the top of your short list if you want to go solar right now." - Aisha

Arcadia Solar Social media
Information about the products, initiatives, and activities of Arcadia Solar is often posted on its Facebook page. The articles often include photographs and videos to assist highlight the company's efforts. There are sometimes comments and replies to the postings, and the page has a respectable readership of over 400 likes and follows. Though some postings have relatively low interaction rates, followers could be more engaged. Overall, it seems like Arcadia Solar's Facebook page is a good place to post updates and details about the business's activities and services. To increase subscriber engagement, there may be opportunity for improvement, for instance by enticing more comments and post interactions.
The Arcadia Solar LinkedIn profile is updated often with articles describing services, projects, and business news. Additionally, the articles include pictures and videos that serve as examples of the company's work. The website also includes details about the staff at the business and any open positions. There are over 1,000 followers on the page, and sometimes more likes, comments, and postings are added to the posts. Though some postings have relatively low interaction rates, followers could be more engaged. Overall, it seems like Arcadia Solar's LinkedIn profile is a helpful resource for sharing updates and details about the business's work and services, as well as promoting the team and open positions. To increase subscriber engagement, there may be opportunity for improvement, for instance by enticing more comments and post interactions.
YouTube Channel
3 Subscribers

Arcadia Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1634.6


Arcadia Solar Pros & Cons

  • Easy installation process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Available financing options
  • Limited availability in some states
  • Limited selection of products
  • Limited Product Warranty

Arcadia Solar Final Conclusions

Customer feedback about Arcadia Solar is conflicting. While some consumers have had pleasant interactions with the business and have found it to be professional and reliable, others have had problems with communication, unrealized expectations, and poor customer service. During the installation procedure, there were some issues with professionalism and safety as well. In overall, it is evident that Arcadia Solar has both happy and unhappy clients. Potential customers should do due diligence, ask questions, and carefully weigh their alternatives before choosing a firm, as with any other. To guarantee customer happiness and a good reputation, it is also critical for businesses to pay attention to consumer input and resolve any problems.

Arcadia Solar locations

Main Address4050 E Cotton Center Blvd, Building 3, Suite 30, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone Number6023681202

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