AstraWatt Solar review

AstraWatt Solar specializes in the supply of solar energy solutions. They offer complete solar solutions, including the installation of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other components. In addition to improving the efficiency of solar energy systems, their solutions assist consumers in saving money on energy bills.

AstraWatt Solar overview

AstraWatt Solar specializes in the supply of solar energy solutions. They offer complete solar solutions, including the installation of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other components. In addition to improving the efficiency of solar energy systems, their solutions assist consumers in saving money on energy bills.

What AstraWatt Solar has to say about itself

Our objective is to create superior solar experiences, and we begin by making solar installation simple. We equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed choice.

Astrawatt Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasKS, MO, OK, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryDeep-cycle lead acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, AGM

AstraWatt Solar website review

The goal of Astrawatt Solar is to make renewable energy broadly accessible. They provide cutting-edge, dependable solar solutions that are effective and affordable. They sell solar panels, inverters, racking solutions, and batteries, among other things. The mission of Astrawatt Solar is to make renewable energy affordable for everyone by offering high-quality products. Regardless of income level or financial limitations, they provide various financing solutions so that everyone may take use of their services. In order to consistently give their clients with a good installation experience, they also offer continuous support and customer care. Astrawatt Solar makes becoming green simple and affordable by leveraging the most recent technology currently on the market. They work to advance the sector and increase everyone's access to renewable energy. Anybody may enjoy the advantages of renewable energy with Astrawatt Solar without compromising on quality or convenience. Anybody wishing to go solar should choose them because of their dedication to provide dependable solutions and excellent customer care.

AstraWatt Solar price policy

Packages1. Solstice Solar System: Starting at $8,950 2. Solstice Plus Solar System: Starting at $10,950 3. Solstice Max Solar System: Starting at $11,950 4. Solstice Plus+ Solar System: Starting at $13,950 5. Solstice Ultimate Solar System: Starting at $15,950 6. Solar Panel Installation: Starting at $1,995 7. Solar Inverter Installation: Starting at $2,995 8. Solar Battery Installation: Starting at $3,995 9. Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance: Starting at $495 10. Solar Monitoring System: Starting at $195
Payment optionsCredit/debit card, PayPal, check, and cash.
Payment discountsEarly payment discounts, volume discounts, loyalty discounts, referral discounts, and multi-year discounts.

AstraWatt Solar online reputation

Online reviews are relatively positive for Astrawatt Solar. Consumers claim that the business provides trustworthy items and excellent customer service. Several consumers have said that Astrawatt Solar's solar panels are dependable and simple to install in their reviews on numerous websites including Amazon, Yelp, and Trustpilot.
"From the moment I contacted them, they were incredibly fast to respond. Their management team was extremely organized and efficient in getting quotes, contracts, and other paperwork processed quickly. On top of that, they provided excellent customer service. They answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly so that I felt confident making decisions about my solar energy system." - Pam B.
"I recently decided to switch to renewable energy, and Astrawatt Solar provided me with an excellent customized energy solution. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish - they offered multiple options based on my individual needs so that I could find the best fit for my home. The installation process was hassle-free, with minimal disruption to my day-to-day life. Furthermore, their flexible financing allowed me to get the system I wanted without having to worry about any upfront costs. After nearly two months of use, I am very pleased with the results: My bills have gone down dramatically, and I'm now doing my part for the environment!" - Emily R.
"I am delighted with the outcomes because of how open their approach was. They provided me with all the information I required to decide on my energy needs, from start to finish.  The staff was extremely honest about the prices for their services as well as any other forms of payment that would be required. They even offered information on other financing choices so I could pick the one that suited me the most. This openness made it possible for me to pick a plan that was within my means while also giving me piece of mind about any potential unforeseen expenses.  The personnel did a wonderful job of explaining what they were doing and why during the installation procedure, which was comprehensive but quick. They also provided me with all the information I needed and ensured that the procedure went well.  Not just because of the quality of their work, but also because I always felt in charge throughout the entire process, I am really impressed with Astrawatt Solar's services. Their openness about expenses and expectations provided me faith that I had chosen wisely for my energy requirements." - Jim H.
"Astrawatt Solar did an energy audit on my home and I was extremely pleased with their services. The team arrived on time, were exceptionally organized and professional, and worked diligently throughout the process. They used a variety of testing tools to identify areas in which I could make improvements to reduce my energy consumption. Throughout the entire process they communicated clearly and frequently so that I understood exactly what they were doing every step of the way. The end result was a comprehensive report detailing all areas where I could maximize efficiency along with several cost-saving strategies. Not only was it easy to understand but they also included helpful visuals and charts to explain things further." - Blake S.
"All of the forms and paperwork that needed to be completed were explained in detail so that I knew exactly what I was signing up for. Even when faced with any complications, their customer service team provided me with quick and helpful solutions that allowed me to complete my tasks without hassle. The end result is a solar energy system that works flawlessly and saves me money every month on my electricity bills. Astrawatt Solar has made this entire process as easy as possible, from helping me choose the right system for my home and budget, to setting up the installation, and then walking me through the paperwork." - Michael S.
"The salesperson was not trained to answer any questions in detail about the system, and my installation appointment was twice rescheduled due to lack of staff availability. The installers arrived late on the final appointment and were completely unfamiliar with how to properly install the system. They didn't seem to understand that they needed to attach anything other than the main modules! After multiple attempts, they finally got it working but it has been unreliable since then as if not installed correctly. To top it off, when I called customer service for assistance, they also had no idea what I was talking about. This company clearly does not have trained personnel nor the ability to provide quality customer service. I am very disappointed with my experience and would not recommend anyone purchase a system from Astrawatt Solar. All in all, this was an extremely frustrating and wasteful experience that could have been avoided had they hired trained personnel." - Morgan F.
"Although they seemed like a reliable company at first, my experience quickly devolved into an ordeal. For starters, their estimator was incredibly unpunctual. Despite promising to arrive within an hour of our scheduled time, he showed up 45 minutes late – no apology or explanation offered. He also didn’t seem to have a grasp of the project we wanted done, and I have serious doubts that he will deliver satisfactory results on our project. Furthermore, his attitude during his visit was completely unprofessional; he appeared distracted and disinterested in what we were discussing. To top it all off, when the estimators left there were still unanswered questions and no clear timeline for the project. I was appalled at the lack of respect Astrawatt Solar showed to their customers. It’s safe to say that I will never use them again and would strongly suggest that others avoid doing business with them as well. If you value your time and money, steer clear of this company – they are completely unreliable." - Sven L.
"The salesperson who sold me the system assured me that I'd be getting experienced professionals to complete the installation - but this couldn't have been further from the truth. When the “installers” showed up, they had very little experience and didn't know what they were doing. They didn't even use safety equipment or follow any of the standard installation protocols! Furthermore, they damaged several tiles when removing them from my roof and while trying to install new ones - I had to pay extra for the repairs! To top it all off, they left behind a huge mess when they finished - I spent hours cleaning up after them. I am extremely disappointed with the level of service I received from Astrawatt Solar and would not recommend them to anyone. It's clear that they need to invest in experienced installers who can properly handle the job. Any company claiming to be a professional solar installation company should back up their claims, or else risk ruining the customer experience like Astrawatt did for me." - Chris K.
"I can tell you that despite this company's claims to be one of the top suppliers of solar energy equipment, the customer service is everything from exceptional. I paid for my item, had it delivered, and then got my power bill, which had an additional $200 on it. When I contacted the business to express my displeasure about this extra fee, they responded that there was nothing they could do since "technical issues" were to blame. When I questioned why they hadn't let me know about this problem prior to receiving my money, they just dismissed my worries and said that it wasn't their fault. This lack of accountability and openness says a lot about Astrawatt Solar's business practices. They have made the decision to steal money from their clients despite the fact that their billing system plainly has problems. This is intolerable, and I strongly advise staying away from Astrawatt Solar at all costs. They don't deliver the kind of support that one would anticipate from a top supplier of solar energy gear." - Mary Ann H.
"I wanted the flexibility of choosing my own photovoltaic cells and battery, but was told that their systems only come in pre-packaged bundles. Not only did this limit my ability to customize the system to my specific needs, it meant paying for parts I didn't need just to get those that I did. When I asked why they don't offer more choices, the customer service representative simply shrugged and said "That's how we do things here." I am extremely dissatisfied with what Astrawatt Solar has to offer. Their lack of customization and rigid bundles make it difficult for customers to find something that fits their needs. Considering the increasing demand for renewable energy and the convenience of solar power, I expected more from a company as large as Astrawatt Solar. It's shocking that they don't offer more choice and it makes me wonder if they really care about providing good customer service at all." - Luiz F.

AstraWatt Solar Social media
The Facebook page of the Astrawatt Solar firm seems to be a reliable resource for information about solar energy. The portal is loaded with entries about their services, information pertinent to the solar energy sector, advertisements, and client testimonials. Also included are images, videos, and website connections for Astrawatt Solar. The page has a polished appearance and a solid balance of posts and information; the overall content quality is excellent. Over 4,500 people have liked the page, which suggests that it is well-loved. A section of picture albums containing displays of a few of Astrawatt's solar panel installations is also included. Additionally, there are videos of clients expressing their satisfaction with the business. The Facebook page of the business is a trustworthy source of information about their services thanks to all these qualities.
The LinkedIn page of Astrawatt Solar comprehensively covers anything and everything we would need to know about the solar energy company. Right away, the page's professionalism and industry-leading credentials make it easy to trust. The page offers a good look at the company's mission and company values, whilst also displaying their portfolio and technical expertise. The page is well designed too, with operations summarized within simple graphics and breaking news shared regularly. The page offers a helpful path to find out more about their services and solutions, as well as engaging pages for customers and media alike. It looks active and busy, and it has well over 400 followers, suggesting that it is a popular page. Overall, Astrawatt Solar's LinkedIn page looks well put together and can be trusted for reliable information.
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AstraWatt Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1415


Astrawatt Pros & Cons

  • Professional energy auditing
  • Comprehensive energy management solutions
  • Customized energy solutions
  • Lack of transparency
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited product offerings

AstraWatt Solar Final Conclusions

Astrawatt s upplies solar power systems that are efficient and cost-effective for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. Moreover, Astrawatt offers creative bespoke designs and installations for projects of any scale.  Overall, Astrawatt has gained a good reputation as one of the industry's leading solar enterprises. The organization is devoted to offering high-quality solutions and superior customer service to its clientele. Its items are made with superior technology and stringent quality control requirements. In addition, Astrawatt offers an extensive selection of solar panels, mounting methods, and other components.  Astrawatt features affordable pricing options and gives financial incentives to consumers who invest in their solar solutions. In addition, the organization offers financing alternatives, which make it easier for customers to pay for their investments.

AstraWatt Solar locations

Main Address3525 Roanoke Rd, Suite 110, Kansas CIty, MO 64111
Phone Number8779374786

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