Atlantic Key Energy review

We are aware that generating your own electricity via the use of solar power is the simplest method to cut down on your monthly power bill, boost the value of your property, and help protect the environment.
Atlantic Key Energy review

Atlantic Key Energy overview

We are aware that generating your own electricity via the use of solar power is the simplest method to cut down on your monthly power bill, boost the value of your property, and help protect the environment.

What Atlantic Key Energy has to say about itself

Solar energy provider Atlantic Key Energy offers both residential and business customers cutting-edge and sustainable energy solutions. The business provides a wide range of services, such as the installation of battery storage systems, solar panel installation, and energy efficiency advice. With a staff of qualified experts and a dedication to client pleasure, Atlantic Key Energy is a pioneer in the field of clean and dependable energy.

Atlantic Key Energy Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasFL, AR
Service TypesInstallation of battery storage systems, installation of solar panels, energy efficiency consulting
Types Panelspolycrystalline panels, monocrystalline panels, thin-film photovoltaic panels, concentrated photovoltaic panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries

Atlantic Key Energy website review is a site that attracts attention among the rest, colorful and informative. It goes without saying that Atlantic Key Energy's main goal is to help households use solar energy to provide a cleaner and more cost-effective energy option for their home and environment. The site contains photos of already completed projects in residential buildings of clients and their positive feedback. However, there are no company certificates, and possible loyalty programs, which raises questions.

Atlantic Key Energy price policy

Packages$15,000 to $35,000 before benefits and $9,000 to $22,000 after federal and state tax credits.
Payment options-
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

Atlantic Key Energy online reputation

Customers like how helpful the staff and managers are when they meet with homeowners in person. However, if there are problems with solar panels, customers are in no hurry to go to solve the problem. Prices for services do not correspond to those declared.
"In the middle of 2020, AKE Energy brought a salesperson to my house to try to sell me a solar system. I agreed and purchased the service through them after meeting with the agent. They afterwards sold the service to a third party that provided it. My system is broken, and that firm has subsequently GONE OUT OF BUSINESS. AKE rejects taking accountability and making things right. They said that because they outsourced my system, the 25-year guarantee does not apply via them and that I must locate another company to handle my problems. I feel tricked, misled, and used, and I'm enraged. I want the system to be deleted and the existing debt to be cancelled (they once again signed me up through their lender). It's important to hold this firm responsible for their behavior." - Joseph
"In the informational meeting, it was said that I would: 1) be eligible for tax credits, 2) be approved for financing, and 3) have considerably cheaper power bills, which would essentially make up for the cost of the solar panels. In addition, I was informed that the cost of panel removal and reinstallation should I require any roofing maintenance would be $150 per panel. My electricity expenses have not decreased as promised after 10 months. Although I haven't yet been able to pay taxes, I have very little hope for this based on other evaluations I've read. The "financing" was seen as a new mortgage, thus it is now reflected as such on my credit record. Several of my roof's shingles were blown off by Hurricane Ian. Only 3 panels need to be taken down and put back up so the roofers can access the roofs. Based on 3 panels at the pricing per panel I was first told, it ought to have cost roughly $450. The contact this firm has put me up with is saying $2200 minimum. I'm enraged. Everything was a deception, and I'll be paying for this enormous financial mistake until the day I pass away." - AngryJennifer
"Alfie Carey, the sales representative, visited and called our home daily before to the installation in an effort to persuade us to purchase solar panels. The issues didn't even start to appear till two months, when we had a particularly strong downpour and we started to have a roof leak in one of the rooms where the panels were put. We spoke with Alfie about the problem back in June, but as of today, nothing has been resolved. We attempted to reach Michael, the regional manager, but to no avail. We contacted customer care directly today and spoke with Sara, the supervisor, who informed us that the problem had just been brought up with the business yesterday. Really? approximately 4 months passed before they finally addressed the issue with the company? Simply said, how long will it take them to fix it?" - Jean
"Use this company not. The installers that we hired to install the panels performed a fantastic job, which is the lone star. After more than three weeks, they still don't have a permit, haven't had an inspection, and can't even turn the system on to check whether it works since they never applied for or posted a building permit. Even without the worthless solar panels, my roof was already gathering too much dust." - Upset homeowner
"Terrible situation we have not gone solar despite having a contract that began 8 months ago; we are still paying a loan for solar panels and I still have to pay my monthly power bill. We were without electricity for over two days throughout the transition. Food spoiling in the refrigerator, and melting ice covering the flooring. While dealing with this business, have your wallets ready." - Esperanza Neat
"Everything solar-related is extremely new to me. I was quite hesitant to finish them. Colby patiently sat with me as long as I need, walking me through the entire procedure. We discussed my power account, and he made sure I understood every detail and asked any concerns I had. He took time out of his busy day to explain things to me, and I appreciate that. He gave me complete assurances. Once my husband arrived home, he went over everything again. He was a kind, understanding, and patient man. Everyone considering solar panels should consider them, in my opinion. Colby checked in with me later to make sure I could reach him if I had any questions. He made me feel comfortable. He did a great job representing Atlantic Key Energy. Anybody interested in solar power should take AKE into account when planning." - Katie Mafale
"My system is now operating and I adore it after having my installation completed the first week of January. I can observe the manufacturing of the panels, and it's exciting to realize that I'm now producing my own electricity." - David
"Extremely content. The entire procedure took shockingly little time from beginning to end. The technician did a great job and addressed all of my questions. Our method appears to be more neater and more polished than my neighbor's. AKE has been prompt in meeting our demands. " - Stephen Bower
"My interactions with Jeffrey at Atlantic Key Energy have been wonderful. In advance of my meetings with three different solar businesses, I had already done a significant deal of study. I ultimately decided to go with Ake because Jeffrey was able to answer all of my questions, and the ones he couldn't, he called the appropriate person and obtained answers right away. My system was installed by an excellent staff as well. After six months of operation, my system is still performing well. Here are some things to think about if you're thinking about adopting solar: energy prices are growing internationally and will only continue to climb. Being able to fix your energy costs today is similar to fixing the price of your car's petrol when it cost only a few bucks per gallon. Due to chip shortages, challenges with the supply chain, and escalating product prices Getting solar as soon as possible would be ideal. If you anticipate purchasing an electric car, working from home, or just consuming more power for gadgets in the future, you might want to consider purchasing a larger system than you now require. Moreover, conduct a fast search and choose one of the top panel brands; they have the greatest manufacturer warranties and the longest life spans." - Ian W.

Atlantic Key Energy Social media
Atlantic Key Energy's social media presence is well-kept and consistently updated. Among the many topics covered on the page are updates on the company's services and renewable energy initiatives, as well as comments from satisfied customers, advice on how to save money on utility bills, and news from the energy sector. Subscribers also engage in conversation and provide feedback in the form of comments and conversations. There is a simple contact form and links to the company's website for customers to use on this page. In sum, Atlantic Key Energy's homepage does a fine job of introducing the business and giving visitors a solid foundation upon which to study further.-
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Atlantic Key Energy average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews7354.2


Atlantic Key Energy Pros & Cons

  • General level of dissatisfaction
  • Payment Structure
  • Non-compliance with the contract
  • Attentive managers
  • -
  • -

Atlantic Key Energy Final Conclusions

Customer complaints indicate that Atlantic Key Energy might require improvement in a number of areas. Concerns regarding the system's operation have been raised by a number of customers, including occasions in which panels failed to produce the predicted amount of power or unexpectedly shut down. Also, a number of clients have brought up problems with billing or contract termination. Although many customers praise Atlantic Key Energy's customer service, other customers have expressed frustration that they have difficulties getting their issues resolved swiftly.

Atlantic Key Energy locations

Main Address7006 Stapoint Ct, Suite B, Winter Park, Florida 32792
Phone Number(407) 988 0273

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