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Best Solar Companies in Arizona

Viability of Solar Panels in Arizona

The solar panel home installation may run anywhere from $10,370 to $14,030 on average in the state of Arizona. The installation of solar panels in Georgia, for example, might cost anywhere from $2.07 to $2.81 per watt, considering the cost of electricity generated by the panels. Check out how the price of Arizona solar panels is stacked against the national average.

The average cost of a solar panel in the state of Arizona was $2.44/W as of January 2023. An average solar installation in Arizona may cost anywhere from $10,370 to $14,030, assuming the size of the solar panel system to be 5 kilowatts (kW). However, the average gross price for solar in Arizona is $12,200.

One other consideration that prospective purchasers of solar panels need to think about is the solar payback time when you opt for one of the solar companies in Arizona. This phrase informs us how long it will take for you to recoup the original investment made in your solar energy system by the money you save on your power bill. The average payback time for solar energy systems from solar companies in Arizona is 7.57 years.

Aside from the numbers, the fact that Arizona has more than 200 sunny days each year makes it one of the ideal locations in the United States for installing solar panels. With many solar companies in Arizona, finding the best one that suits your needs and budget may seem daunting. Hence, we made a short list of the top solar panel companies in Arizona for you.


Palmetto Solar

Best Warranty Coverage Palmetto Solar

The company with the best warranty and lowest cost is Palmetto Solar. They are capable of providing excellent customer service with a variety of available methods. They also offer up-front pricing, which is something you can’t find in many other solar companies

Palmetto, contrary to most solar companies in Arizona, has a detailed installation process focusing on finding the best solar solution for each customer. From the initial consultation to the completed installation, the company keeps you informed. Your new solar system can include monocrystalline batteries and an inverter.

The optional Palmetto Protect plan offers customers and non-customers additional monitoring and service options on a tiered scale. The tiers run from $8 to $49 per month, with options for yearly subscriptions for extra savings. Your Premier plan includes 24/7 system monitoring, free annual solar panels and system cleaning or service visits, and exclusive deals for local solar panel companies.

Payment options: There are four payment options for Palmetto. If you’re looking for full ownership, then you can pay in full or pay monthly with a solar loan, and once the latter has been paid off, you’ll be the official owner of your Palmetto Solar system. 

You can buy panels outright or lease them. Palmetto will remain the system owner and do the maintenance and upkeep. There are no upfront costs, and your monthly payments are fixed, compared to other offers from Arizona solar companies.

The 4th payment option, Palmetto’s power purchase agreement (PPA), allows you to only pay for the solar energy you use each month. Your monthly fee is based on the energy you use and can vary. After the agreement ends, you can purchase the system from Palmetto or have the company remove it. Both of these options exclude you from solar incentives and tax breaks

  • Additional system monitoring and service discounts available via the Palmetto Protect plan
  • Online tools to help you estimate your potential solar savings
  • Protection plan coverage available for non-Palmetto Solar customers
  • Limited options for free system monitoring
  • No information about financing options online

Sunny Energy LLC

Outstanding Local Installer Sunny Energy

When a homeowner purchases or leases a solar system from Sunny Energy, they have the option of generating their own renewable and cost-effective energy on their property. It is highly popular in Phoenix and across the rest of Arizona since it is one of the best solar contractors in the United States, as well as being accredited by the Better Business Bureau and given an A+ rating. You may employ their skilled team to design and install your ideal solar system if you join the list of delighted clients they have already established.

The founders of Sunny Energy each have 12 years of expertise in the photovoltaic (PV) solar industry and have built hundreds of solar electric systems with solar panels, assisting owners in regaining control of their own energy sources. Sunny Energy is committed to assisting households in lowering their monthly power costs and saving money overall. Their mission statement and core philosophy is to provide exceptional performance by using the most effective design, installation, and equipment, as well as financing choices.

  • Detailed pricing information online
  • Innovative solar technology, including solar panels and solar shingles
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Tesla Powerwall cannot be purchased separately
  • Third-party installation


Outstanding Regional Installer Sunrun

Sunrun provides its customers with an online application that simplifies the process of personalizing their solar panels and systems. Simply clicking a button will get you a free estimate, and you can learn more about the discounts that may be available. Each home solar panels and systems are created with the goal of satisfying the requirements of the buyer while also searching for methods to save expenses. For instance, incentives provided by your state as well as net metering might be of tremendous assistance.

You will have the opportunity to choose any peripherals that you would want to add during the preparation process. One of these devices is the Brightbox Home battery system, which will either use the Tesla PowerWall or the LG ChemSystem as its energy storage device. In addition to this, the corporation provides electric car drivers with the Ford Connected Charge Station (EVs).

Company provides their clients our clients with a ten-year, all-inclusive coverage that covers all system repairs, free equipment replacement, free parts and labor for the solar panels, and a guarantee that roof penetrations will not let in water.

You have alternatives when it comes to making payments for solar panels, including buying your Sunrun solar system outright or financing it on a monthly basis.

In addition, the business offers two different leasing choices: monthly or full, both of which include Protection Plus service coverage. The service provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring for the length of the agreement you have with the company.

By choosing one of their monthly contracts, residents in Arizona may avoid having to make any kind of down payment. Those who choose with the complete lease option will be responsible for making a one-time payment to cover the service cost associated with their solar leasing. They will not be responsible for any maintenance costs and will be covered by insurance.

  • 2 battery storage options
  • 25 years of protection for customers who choose a lease
  • Online selection tool to customize your future system
  • Advanced protection options require additional costs for non-leasing customers
  • No pricing information online

Vivint Solar

Best National Provider Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar offers more flexibility than other providers. Our solar system designs accommodate your home’s unique needs and come with a transferable solar panels agreement so you can move without worry.

Vivint follows a simple five-step process: first, an expert will come to your home and conduct a free energy audit. They’ll walk you through what types of solar panels/systems are right for you, as well as other budget-saving options for your household. During a second visit, our representative will do an assessment of your home to see if it’s suitable for solar. We’ll send all the data they collect to the design team who will generate a custom-made solar system for you.

Along with black-on-black, monocrystalline LG solar panels, Vivint Solar also has the BrightBox Home battery system – with the Tesla Powerwall or LG ChemSystem for solar storage. You can also add a ChargePoint home solar panel installers EV charging system.

Vivint solar panels are backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty. If installation goes poorly, we can cover the damages. In the 25 years that our panels have been used, they’ve only had to be replaced once. This ensures they’ll keep performing optimally for at least a decade and a half according to our warranty’s terms. 10 years of this is covered by the federal government’s warranty on the battery and accompanying app as declared on their website:

  • 4 payment options
  • Flexible design and agreement options for each customer
  • Solar battery and EV charger add-ons available
  • Basic coverage for customers that purchase or use a loan for their system
  • Limited solar panel brand selection

ADT Solar

Best Warranty Coverage ADT Solar

ADT Solar provides a wealth of information and instructional content that may assist you in developing a deeper understanding of solar power. In addition to that, they provide dependable solar installation services. Please visit our website if you are interested in learning more about the installation of solar panels. You may also request a free quote.

A variety of solar panels and batteries, including those manufactured by Panasonic and LG, are available for purchase at ADT Solar. They also offer two brands of solar storage products, including the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the Enphase Encharge. Through the MyEnlighten app, users can now monitor how much solar energy they are consuming. Because monitoring takes place around the clock, they won’t miss a thing.

ADT Solar stands behind the quality of its products, with a 25-year warranty on all of its products. In the event that one of our products develops a flaw or ceases functioning properly, we will promptly address the issue.

The only drawback of the company is that options for payments are limited since ADT Solar only accepts complete system payments.

  • 25-year warranties on the panel, inverter, labor and output
  • Enphase microinverters
  • Lifetime 24/7 monitoring for all customers
  • No leasing or PPA payment options
  • No pricing information on the website

How To Choose the Best Solar Company

When looking for the best solar companies in Arizona, consider these factors:


Homeowners should make sure the appropriate solar firm offers their area. Solar providers often advertise their availability in a state but have limited service for particular ZIP codes. For example, a company promoting its coverage in Arizona may only work in certain cities and not others like Flagstaff.


We recommend looking for solar companies which offer long warranties. The standard warranty is 10-12 years and 25 years for performance in the industry. Some solar companies go even further to offer warranties. Extra benefits of insuring your products, such as extended warranties or coverage for problems caused by the installation of solar panels.

Panel and Add-on Selection

The availability of name-brand solar panels, inverters, and other system add-ons depends heavily on the company you choose among solar companies in Arizona. If a specific panel is a deciding factor when choosing a solar provider, find one that supports your desired brand.

Quite a few solar companies in Arizona choose to manufacture their products in-house, and this does have its advantages. For example, the individuality of each of their products has increased. This means that each component of the solar panels in the system can be better customized. One area where AI is helping is that it has streamlined our processes, making them run more smoothly.

It’s important to realize that more efficient solar panels will come with a higher initial cost. High-quality, high-efficiency solar panels offered by select solar companies in Arizona will be worth it in the long run as they’ll save you money and hassle over time.

Company History and Brand Reputation

There are many reasons why solar companies might choose to change their direction and go into clean energy. Most companies in this business have been around for a long time. Still, some are newer and becoming involved in solar because of market trends or talented new employees who really want to do something good for the environment. Established companies have a distinct advantage over newly established ones. As the adoption of solar increases, new suppliers will be popping up left and right but they won’t give you the same benefits of those with more experience.

The Bottom Line: Which Arizona Solar Company Is Best for You?

Homeowners in Arizona should seriously consider Palmetto Solar, our top-rated solar company. If you’d prefer a more flexible option that also allows for the service to be transferred to the new homeowner among other solar companies in Arizona, Vivint Solar might fit your needs.

The best way to find the right solar installer is simple- look for reviews, learn about their products & services and get quotes from multiple companies.

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