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Our California-based solar firm is growing and is recognized as the most reliable supplier in solar energy because to our team's combined 30 years of expertise and devotion and SunPower's stellar reputation. Our expert team at Better Solar Solution is committed to providing you with the highest quality technology, design, and construction possible. For both commercial and residential clients, we provide full solar energy system consultancy, design, engineering, and installation services.

Better Solar Solution overview

Our California-based solar firm is growing and is recognized as the most reliable supplier in solar energy because to our team's combined 30 years of expertise and devotion and SunPower's stellar reputation. Our expert team at Better Solar Solution is committed to providing you with the highest quality technology, design, and construction possible. For both commercial and residential clients, we provide full solar energy system consultancy, design, engineering, and installation services.

What Better Solar Solution has to say about itself

Improved Solar Energy System offers our consumers the BEST solar system available, not just an improved one. When it comes to solar panels, nobody does it better than SunPower. We are committed to being a reliable partner to our customers, therefore we provide the most energy-efficient panels on the market, as well as the best guarantee in the business (25 years on all parts, manufacturing, and installation). We provide solar systems and installation services straight from the manufacturer. Working with us cuts out the middlemen, so you benefit from both a local business and the warranty protection of a major corporation. We have the experience and knowledge to help you save money right now and invest in your future, sometimes requiring no down payment.

Better Solar Solution Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel selection and design, installation, maintenance and repair, system monitoring and warranty service, financing options and energy audits
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryTesla, LG, and Sonnen
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, BBB

Better Solar Solution website review

The website is straightforward to navigate, with a clean, contemporary design. For those who are interested in installing solar panels, the website has a wealth of knowledge on doing so and how they operate. A blog area of the company's website has various articles on solar energy and related subjects, demonstrating the company's expertise in the sector. The company's history, background, or team members are not disclosed on the website, which might be helpful to prospective clients who wish to learn more about the business. For those interested in installing solar panels, the website provides a free consultation, which is an effective approach to attract new clients. People who wish to obtain an idea of how much a solar panel installation would cost are not able to find price information or a cost calculator on the website. The website seems to be well-designed and educational overall, with an emphasis on marketing solar systems and associated services. However, some prospective customers could have an issue with the lack of information about the business and its staff.

Better Solar Solution price policy

PackagesFrom $15,000 - $30,000+
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay in full at the time of installation, a 10-year warranty on all products and services, and a 5-year warranty on installation work

Better Solar Solution online reputation

Judging from customer reviews, Better Solar Solution is a reputable and trustworthy solar panel installation company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Here are some key takeaways from the reviews: Better Solar Solution has knowledge and experience in the solar panel industry, with a focus on SunPower products. The company's project manager, David, is described as outstanding and attentive to customer needs throughout the installation process. Company President Bob Ellerbee is praised for his thoroughness, patience and honesty in answering customer questions and providing information about solar panel options. Better Solar Solution is price competitive with other solar panel installation companies. Customers are impressed by the company's guarantees, which cover both materials and installation. Overall, customer reviews indicate that Better Solar Solution is a reliable and customer-focused company dedicated to providing quality solar panel installations and services.
"Better Solar Solution was the only Sun Power supplier that met all of our criteria. I have no doubt that we would not have discovered a finer partner to help us with the transition to solar electricity for our house. David was outstanding in every way." - Brian
"David was an outstanding project manager who was there for us throughout the whole process. He provided us with a timetable for the project that was based on reality and kept us informed about its development. We felt completely at ease and confident in our choice the whole time we worked with Better Solar Solution." - Anonymous
"It seems weird, yet here I am, writing a testimonial for a business I didn't even get to choose. After I asked about SunPower, I heard from Bob Ellerby, president of Better Solar Solution. He impressed me considerably by setting up a thorough and informative Zoom appointment with me. Because of my inexperience in the subject, I still had a lot of questions, and he answered each one patiently and sympathetically. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide me with a battery for the very effective device we had designed. So, in order to get batteries installed, he suggested I contact a rival firm. My misunderstanding led me to believe that firm would handle the whole installation. The quality of their client service was outstanding. Like I stated, my first assumption was that it was one of Bob's subcontractors rather than a rival business. When I told Bob how much I appreciated the firm, he corrected me and said it wasn't one of his subcontractors. He assured me that he would stand aside if I chose them, and he urged me to join the organization that made me the happiest. What a model of moral rectitude! There isn't anybody better to work with at SunPower than you. He's a wonderful human being. I could have waited for SunPower to start manufacturing their own battery, but frankly, I didn't want to." - Juli
"After I expressed interest in switching to solar energy, many businesses got in touch with me. Not only did Better Solar Solution provide me with an excellent bargain in terms of pricing, but they also provided me with an outstanding guarantee that covers not only the material but also the installation and the manufacture of the product. Dealing with them was a wonderful experience all around." - LZ
"I was looking at solar energy options and decided to get price estimates from four different businesses. The last business I consulted with was Better Solar Solution. Until I spoke with Bob Ellerby, President of Better Solar Solution, I was set on working with a different firm. He knew his stuff and was more helpful in answering my questions than anybody else, and the pricing was the best I could find. If you're in the market for solar panels, go no further than Better Solar Solution and SunPower." - Barry

Better Solar Solution Social media
The Better Solar Solution appears to be a supplier of solar energy based on their Facebook page. Their goal is to educate people about the value of renewable energy sources while offering clients dependable, cost-effective solar energy solutions. The page frequently publishes articles on the advantages of solar energy, business and industry news, and advice on how to use solar energy as effectively as possible in your house or place of business. Additionally, they provide updates on their goods and services, corporate activities, and client success stories. Overall, the Facebook page for Better Solar Solution appears to be well edited and well-managed. They frequently upload and use a range of material, including images, videos, and infographics, to spread their message. They also respond to customer concerns and criticism.
According to the LinkedIn profile for Innovative Better Solar Solutions, they are a provider of solar energy solutions who is committed to offering customers dependable, cost-effective, and cutting-edge solar solutions. Additionally, one of their goals is to inform clients and the general public about the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy. The page is quite active and frequently posts updates about their goods and services, client testimonials, business-related news, and strategies for utilizing solar energy. Additionally, they have connections to numerous business titans and are incredibly receptive to inquiries and criticism. In order to add fresh talent to the team, they also routinely advertise job positions. Overall, the LinkedIn page for Innovative Better Solar Solutions effectively conveys their goals and services, offers regular updates, and encourages interaction with contacts in the business and potential clients.
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Better Solar Solution average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews54.6


Better Solar Solution Pros & Cons

  • High efficiency solar panels
  • Wide range of mounting solutions
  • 10 year product warranty and 5 year labor warranty
  • Limited service area
  • Installation can be costly for some customers

Better Solar Solution Final Conclusions

Based on the information available, Better Solar Solution is a reputable and knowledgeable solar panel installation company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Clients praised the company's project manager for his thoughtfulness and the company's president for his thoroughness and honesty. The company offers competitive prices and reliable warranties for its products and installations. In addition, Better Solar Solution is willing to refer customers to other companies if they cannot provide a particular product or service, demonstrating a commitment to putting customer needs first. All in all, Better Solar Solution is a reliable and customer oriented company dedicated to providing high quality solar panel installations and services.

Better Solar Solution locations

Main Address3220 W Monte Vista Ave #273 Turlock, CA 95380
Phone Number2095070427

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