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One of the top third-party O&M suppliers in the US, Borrego has the technological solar & storage know-how to address all of your plant maintenance and operation service needs. through increase system uptime and performance, our team works together from our NERC-compliant operations center through our technical field employees, customer-facing Regional Managers, and problem-solving Regional Managers. We handle your large-scale commercial and utility solar assets as if they were our own.
Borrego review

Borrego overview

One of the top third-party O&M suppliers in the US, Borrego has the technological solar & storage know-how to address all of your plant maintenance and operation service needs. through increase system uptime and performance, our team works together from our NERC-compliant operations center through our technical field employees, customer-facing Regional Managers, and problem-solving Regional Managers. We handle your large-scale commercial and utility solar assets as if they were our own.

What Borrego has to say about itself

Borrego O&M is proud to play a role in improving global energy security by optimizing the output and availability of a rapidly expanding portfolio for business and utility-scale solar assets. Our staff offers countrywide management in addition to a broad range of technical services for O&M, including repowering, performance analysis, and monitoring. We are one of the most seasoned third-party O&M service providers in the business, and we've earned this reputation through the quality of our customer relationships, the honesty and openness with which we conduct ourselves in all of our dealings, and the technical know-how we bring to every aspect of our work, from the highly trained monitoring agents in our NERC-compliant businesses center who are able to quickly and accurately identify and respond to any and all anomalies, to the highly trained field personnel and Account Managers who personally oversee each

Borrego Solar Review

Year Started1980
Service AreasCA, DC, MA, TX
Service TypesEngineering and design, financing, construction, operations, and maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Borrego website review

The website is well-designed and has a polished appearance. The website is mobile and desktop device optimized, and the layout is simple to use. The website's articles go into great depth regarding the services, endeavors, and collaborations of Borrego Energy. The company's history, goal, and ideals are explained on the About Us page, and some of its most significant installations are shown on the Projects page. A blog on the website also posts news and data regarding the renewable energy sector. The website is well-designed and simple to utilize from a practical standpoint. Navigating across the pages is simple and fast. Users may easily discover the data they need using the site's search tool, which is also available. Overall, it seems like the company's internet presence is well-designed and helpful thanks to the Borrego Energy website.

Borrego price policy

PackagesFrom $8,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, financing, and lease options
Payment discountsA federal investment tax credit (ITC) that can provide up to 30% of the total cost of the system, as well as various state and local incentives

Borrego online reputation

According to consumer comments, Borrego Solar's interactions with its clients have been inconsistent. Positive customer experiences included skilled and courteous personnel as well as a firm that was patient and professional. Customers complimented the company's efforts to advance solar energy and contribute to a better society. It is challenging for homeowners to keep and repair their systems, however, since other consumers have had poor experiences, including the firm ceasing its residential operations. Many customers felt ignored or neglected when they asked for assistance, which led to complaints about poor customer service.
"Borrego Solar has divested themselves of their residential operations. The buyers who bought it from them have gone out of business. There has been no response to any of my questions about the servicing warranty on the system. It would seem that we are in the middle of a $35000.00 stream without a paddle." - alsandiego
"In the beginning of 2004, Borrego Solar Systems installed solar panels on my Ramona home. They were the company I chose since the neighbor across the street had used them and they provided customer care like monitoring Wattage output. After some time, Borrego Solar shifted its attention from installing solar panels for homes to solar panels for businesses. I was disappointed to hear that they would no longer be checking my wattage generation. I want to replace my home's roof after 12 years. I phoned Borrego to ask about taking down the panels once the roof was done. I was unwelcome. Another business was given to me, they assured me. I called a lot, but I was still in a bind. Borrego said they'd give me a call back, but they didn't. I spoke with other solar companies. They took my panels but wouldn't put them back. They just wanted to sell me a new system. They said they did not want to be held responsible for a system they did not create. After I spent a lot of money on their products, I'm disappointed that Borrego Solar didn't take care of me. I was let go and my money stolen. I and any other home customers should have been grandfathered in if they only went to commercial solar, and the services they initially agreed to give for us should have maintained." - Darrell
"It was a nightmare installing in 2004. Their electrician overlooked the fact that my home's meter was only a 60 service and could not accommodate a solar system. It was installed anyhow and failed inspection. They've done this previously, according to the inspector. Before passing inspection and receiving their final payment, they had to pay to upgrade my system. Avoid paying in advance. The system would pass inspection, they promised before I paid. The start-up process took six months. Now they just work on business systems. If I owned a firm, I wouldn't work with them. They have good subcontractors and talk a good game, but be wary of middlemen and salesmen. They have gained knowledge in 14 years. even with the few reviews. My system survived the guarantee because I purchased the greatest inverter available and since the panels have no moving components. Before putting up this system, I rebuilt the roof, so I'm hoping the panels will survive longer. I detest using a different company to repair or upgrade my equipment after Borrego Solar." - Mary
"Our ambition to make the world a better place for future generations acted as a driving force behind our decisions." - Anonymous
"The performance of the system has been satisfactory. Our choice to put up a photovoltaic system was precipitated almost immediately by Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth." - An
"This firm is far and away the greatest one that we have ever hired to perform work for us. Every single individual we interacted with was remarkable, kind, and helpful, and the construction team was tidy, respectful, and conscientious. During the holiday break, we experienced a fuse that blew. When we were unable to locate a replacement at any of the neighborhood stores, Tom Phipps make a special journey to our home to get us a new one and installed it for us. I would have no hesitation in doing business with them, and I have already recommended that many other people get in touch about them when they are eager to have solar panels placed on their homes." - San
"Installation staff was knowledgeable, courteous, and eager, and they clarified all processes until I understood them. Company was professional and patient; there were no surprises or high-pressure tactics. They are one of the only contractors I have never had any issues with. Anyone looking for solar panels, I highly recommend them." - TY
"Borrego Solar struck me as a youthful, vibrant firm that is really excited about Solar PV technology. It seems that their installers had a higher level of technical expertise than the average contractor. Visited the Contra Costa Home & Garden Show in Concord, Northern California, in 2005 and had the opportunity to chat with a number of Solar Contractors. The majority were solely thinking about making a sale. The representative from Sharp seemed to be the most helpful, knowledgeable, and had the finest panels available. To Borrego Solar, he said. After reading up about Borrego, I decided I was a fan of their mission." - California

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A renewable energy firm offering a wide range of solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency solutions is called Borrego. Since its founding in 1980, Borrego has built more than 4.5 gigawatts of distributed renewable energy systems worldwide, constantly placing among the top businesses in the U.S. and the globe for the purchase of distributed energy. The information on Borrego's LinkedIn profile is quite helpful. The company's goal of offering accessible, reasonable, and sustainable renewable energy solutions is highlighted on the website. It offers thorough summaries of the company's major services, such as project design, development, procurement, and financing. Additionally, it gives a general picture of the organization's leadership and subject-matter knowledge in fields including energy storage, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The website also includes the most recent Borrego announcements, including information about new endeavors, alliances, and products. In general, anybody interested in knowing more about Borrego, including business professionals and prospective clients, can visit the company's LinkedIn profile. It gives a thorough rundown of the products, development, and successes of Borrego. Users may also get in touch with Borrego's leadership and renewable energy specialists through the website.
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Borrego Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive financing options and reduced prices
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Various promotions and discounts
  • Installation services only in certain states
  • Prices may be higher than some other companies
  • Not all roofs are suitable for installation

Borrego Final Conclusions

According to consumer feedback, Borrego Solar Systems has had a variety of interactions with its clients. While some customers have had positive experiences with the installation and customer service procedures, others, particularly with residential solar systems, have had serious performance and communication issues with the company. Some of Borrego's customers feel neglected as a result of the company's apparent shift in focus away from residential solar systems and toward commercial projects. Despite this, the company's customers highly value its dedication to sustainability and renewable energy and their mission and knowledge in this field. Despite the fact that opinions about Borrego Solar have been divided overall, it's crucial to remember that the evaluations date from 2004 to more recent years. It's possible that the business changed and improved in response to client feedback. It is advised to do extensive due diligence before choosing to collaborate with any organization, as with any other.

Borrego locations

Main Address55 Technology Dr. Suite 101 Lowell, MA 01851
Phone Number888-898-6273

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