Bright Planet Solar review

A company that specializes in operations is called Bright Planet Solar. While other businesses with a sales-focused strategy falter, we excel in providing speed and efficiency of operations.

Bright Planet Solar overview

A company that specializes in operations is called Bright Planet Solar. While other businesses with a sales-focused strategy falter, we excel in providing speed and efficiency of operations.

What Bright Planet Solar has to say about itself

In 2014, Mikey Heinz, a veteran of the solar sector with a background in Auburn, Massachusetts, launched Bright Planet Solar, Inc. (commonly known as BPS). One of the few solar installers that also serves Puerto Rico is the firm, which soon grew to service eight states. The company's objective is to make solar energy accessible to all clients, which it does by keeping the cost of solar equipment low.

Bright Planet Solar Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasCA, CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsBBB, SunPower

Bright Planet Solar website review is a discreet website that contains organic information about the technical characteristics of solar systems, which would be useful for customers who need additional information about different types of solar solutions, their distinctive features and benefits. There is no information about the cost of installations and their guarantees. However, the information that part of Bright Planet Solar's income is donated to local educational and environmental programs is attractive.

Bright Planet Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash payments
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

Bright Planet Solar online reputation

Bright Planet Solar, however, has a bad reputation for extremely subpar customer service, protracted installation times, and dishonest business techniques that make their systems appear better than they truly are.The bulk of Bright Planet Solar reviews are unfavorable, with consumers lamenting installation delays and, occasionally, what they perceive to be fraud. Overall, installing solar panels is not a smart idea with Bright Planet Solar.
"Do not cooperate with Bright Solar in any way. I cannot emphasize this more. My home had solar panels placed on it back in September, yet we are still without power. There has been a series of errors. Never again would I collaborate with them! They informed me through email that my inspection was scheduled for today. Once I relocated everything, they didn't show up and didn't call, not even to see whether things went well for me. No one was available when I phoned to talk to a supervisor. a terrible company to work for." - Amanda
"Solar was installed, and they charged us the whole cost. Unfortunately, they have absolutely no credibility on the inspection: They planned the first inspection then unexpectedly postponed it. They also scheduled a second inspection without warning. When he got home (and I wasn't there), the inspection person contacted me. The inspection was delayed a third time, and this time the business neglected to print the plate, thus it failed the inspection this time (describing connection details). Hence, the inspection was postponed. I have been paying the bills and the solar cost for this entire period." - Kushal Juneja
"Our roof has a completely different panel configuration that is far less effective. The installed panels and inverter did not match those listed on the install agreement. A $7 monthly utility bill and a $163.80 monthly solar loan payment were the promises made to us. Electricity costs are far more than $7. Throughout the winter, we pay our power bill, which may reach $250, as well as the solar loan, which will shortly increase to $223 per month (for 25 years)." - Jon S.
"In Puerto Rico in October 2021, I signed a deal. The week following Thanksgiving is when we agreed to install the panels and equipment. The contract was then terminated without explanation (good or bad). Be cautious while doing business with this organization and Sun Run, Boricuas" - Jose Gilberto rivera
"Our agreement was ratified on April 16, 2021. Now, it is September 6. They say they can't do anything for 2-4 weeks every time we contact for a status update. We have paid the first two installments for these unconnected solar panels in addition to the last two months' worth of utility (SDG&E) bills. It comes to $1200 in total. I thought going solar was supposed to cost less and save me money." - Celerino
"On the phone, they can speak to real people! They promptly addressed any worries I had and promptly responded to all of my queries!" - Juan M
"Salesman had a wealth of information. Our installation went well, and the worker was courteous. We would advocate for this business to everyone." - Jessie G
"This firm has now installed two separate systems for me, and both times they've done a fantastic job for me. I highly recommend them. They are quick, they keep things clean, and they do an excellent job of explaining everything and everything. This firm will continue to receive recommendations from my circle of friends and family." - Drew G
"I really appreciated how quick everything was, as well as how well we were kept informed. After doing a ton of research, I found that this was the most effective overall!" - Josh G.
"The salesman who handled my recent installation thoroughly described the procedure. excellent customer service. They were competent and participated in inspections and permissions. I was notified of the following steps by someone. Those are people I would suggest or employ once more in the future." - Rlahue

Bright Planet Solar Social media account not registered
The Bright Planet Solar LinkedIn page is well thought out overall. The page has a professional profile picture and a compelling description of the company. The page also has over 1,400 followers, providing social proof and credibility. They have an impressive number of posts with informative content that engages users and promotes their services. The page has a wealth of posts ranging from solar installation stories, product promotions, and related industry news. In addition, the page contains a large number of reviews and recommendations, which once again increases the credibility of the company. Finally, their Products and Services page details their offerings and includes some images to make it easier for customers to understand what they are up to. Overall, Bright Planet Solar's LinkedIn page provides a comprehensive overview of the company and is a great way to generate leads.
YouTube channel not registered

Bright Planet Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews443.9


Bright Planet Solar Pros & Cons

  • Competitive pricing
  • Expansive service area
  • Innovative
  • Some reported communication issues
  • Limited brands of solar equipment available
  • Low BBB rating

Bright Planet Solar Final Conclusions

As you have undoubtedly already noticed, Bright Planet's customer service offerings are woefully inadequate. Due to account management's lack of contact, abandoned installation agreements, unfinished installations, and ignored customer phone calls and emails, a sizable majority of Bright Planet Solar evaluations are unfavorable. It doesn't seem like the customer support phone line is frequently manned. Overall, Bright Planet's customer service is much below average and falls short of what we have come to expect from major companies in the market.

Bright Planet Solar locations

Main Address103A Millbury St. Auburn, MA 01501
Phone Number(888) 997- 4469

3 local offices

Massachusetts – Auburn 5 A Street, Auburn MA, 01501
– Yauco , Yauco Yauco, 00698
– Carolina , Carolina Carolina, 00983

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