Canopy Energy review

For both residential and business clients, Canopy Energy creates, erects, and maintains solar energy systems. They provide services including financing, maintenance, monitoring, and installation of solar panels.

Canopy Energy overview

For both residential and business clients, Canopy Energy creates, erects, and maintains solar energy systems. They provide services including financing, maintenance, monitoring, and installation of solar panels.

What Canopy Energy has to say about itself

Canopy Energy is a cutting-edge energy firm that is altering how people see energy. We are committed to offering consumers the greatest energy solutions by using cutting-edge technologies and renewable energy sources. We want to have a good influence on the environment since we are passionate about sustainability and renewable energy. We think that green, clean, and reasonably priced energy should be the norm in the future.

Canopy Energy Solar Review

Year Started1990
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign and installation, financing, maintenance and repair, and home energy audits.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Canopy Energy website review

Canopy Energy's main website,, is a trustworthy and dependable source of information about the business. The website offers comprehensive details about the business, its goods, and services, as well as client endorsements and contact information. Additionally, the website has a blog where the business frequently posts updates about its efforts and the sector as a whole. Additionally, SSL encryption is used to secure the website, ensuring the security of all information exchanged with visitors. Overall, is a trustworthy and dependable source of information on the business, its offerings, and its services.

Canopy Energy price policy

PackagesStandard Solar Package - Starting at $19,995, Deluxe Solar Package - Starting at $25,995, Premium Solar Package - Starting at $32,995, Elite Solar Package - Starting at $37,995, Platinum Solar Package - Starting at $44,995, Custom Solar Package - Price Varies
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), checks, and cash
Payment discounts10% discount for veterans, 10% discount for seniors, 10% discount for active duty military, 5% discount for those who finance their solar projects, 5% discount for those who purchase a solar panel system in cash, 2% discount for those who refer a friend or family member, 0.5% discount for those who sign up for their monthly payment plan

Canopy Energy online reputation

Customers have generally been pleased with Canopy Energy. Many people have praised their quick and effective solar panel installation as well as their professional and efficient customer service. On the other side, some people have complained that it is difficult to use their website and comprehend some of the technical details of solar power. Customers have, nevertheless, generally been satisfied with their solar installation and the functioning of their solar panels.
"They were my only option, so I went with them. Solar panels by Canopy were put on my tile roof, with a 4-inch gap between them. I inquired of the supervisor of the installation crew about the likelihood of pigeons occupying the crawlspace. He assured me that if anything like that happened, I could just give them a call and they'd handle it. After following instructions and calling Canopy about the pigeons nesting on my roof, I was informed that the issue was not their responsibility. Subpar customer service; they made many promises they couldn't keep. Canopy refused to reimburse me for the money I spent fixing the pigeon issue. Avoid doing business with this firm." - Mohit V.
"BEWARE! This firm made a sale to us, and we regret buying from them. We were promised a much larger and more powerful system, but instead, we have one that can only provide roughly 70% of our energy demands at home. When we protested that we had been deceived, the firm did nothing to assist. Don't have anything to do with this firm." - Hector N.
"Be careful I contracted with them to have solar panels installed on the top of my house. It took them 10 months to finish the job. We tried calling them every day for a week, but they never answered. Five of the houses in our neighborhood are all above 1500 square feet. I only get 10 panels put up on my roof. In comparison, another firm installed 32 panels on the roof of my neighbor with the same square footage. One of the workers responded positively when I asked whether 8 panels would be sufficient. My power bill has been the same, and they've even started charging me a few thousand dollars more than my neighbors. This firm is very careless; after telling its customers that they didn't need any more than eight panels, they promptly disappeared without a trace. Avoid them at all costs; you never know when they could rebrand." - Gary T.
"Keep your distance and don't go near them. They lie about the money you'll save and the rebates you'll get, and when you have questions, they disappear. Multiple emails and phone calls to the service line have gone unanswered. Canopy is not the place to secure PACE or Hero financing for your solar panel installation. If you don't pay off your PACE loan in full, the debt will remain a lien on your property, making it harder to sell or refinance." - Ross T.
"You will be sorry if you use this firm. For seven months, they have made no progress whatsoever. There was a flurry of activity during setup and the first payment, and then things quickly degenerated. They failed to get the necessary permissions, failed to show up for inspections, and have recently claimed (incorrectly) that the permitting facility is closed due to COVID. Since the beginning of the year, our solar panel system and backup battery have been useless. What a complete and utter waste of money and frustration!!!! We called every day, begged, and pleaded, but to no avail. Now we need to find out where they left off so we can bring in a new team member to finish the job. Arghhhhhh... The city inspectors are familiar with them and have shown a lot of compassion for our predicament." - Carlos S.
"After much searching, I found that Canopy is the best solution for solar panels. This company is simply outstanding in every way. It was a smooth and successful 7-week procedure that we highly recommend. Our sales representative and the inspector who did the final inspection (sorry, I forget their name) were helpful and informed. They made appointments on time, gave detailed explanations of the work being done, and overall made the process one you want to write home about." - Keven M.
"Although my friend had solar panels installed two years ago, I still wasn't convinced. My regular monthly power cost is about $410, but after installing solar panels and seeing a lot of overcast days, it dropped to only $18. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Canopy Energy, you are much appreciated. You guys did a fantastic job wiring my home for solar panels. The staff was kind and informative, and they took the time to explain the system to me. Our rating: five stars!" - Joe W.
"My grandpa always told me I was too poor to purchase anything on sale. Canopies aren't inexpensive, and I could have done it myself for far less money. But after reading these reviews, I knew I had to share my own negative opinion of Canopy. I knew the salesperson was trustworthy the instant he walked through the door, and after talking to him for three hours, I really warmed up to him. and thus made a decision to cooperate with them. It was the smartest thing I've ever done financially, and I think every homeowner should go solar. I was treated like a millionaire from day one, which is what you want from a bank. Everything I wanted was provided for, and the new person, even called to see if there was anything extra I needed. Thank you very much, Canopy; I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with your firm." - Christian D.
"Canopy Energy's whole team impressed me with their friendliness, professionalism, and expertise about their product. When a misunderstanding arose, they were open to my inquiries, provided me with detailed guidance, and ultimately helped me settle the issue to my satisfaction. In sum, I think this is a great business. They didn't leave anything in disarray after their shift was over. I've finally figured out how to generate power from the sun!!" - Rodney F.
"We purchased a brand-new house that had already been pre-covid with solar panels installed by the builder. After purchasing a Tesla, we learned that our pool, electric vehicle and other lifestyle needs would need a far larger number of panels than we now had. Canopy guided us through the steps necessary to increase the number of panels and maximize the credits we could claim. Canopy's approach is the smoothest and easiest we've ever experienced among the construction businesses we've dealt with. All of the personnel were very cautious and attentive to limit their exposure to us and our kids. Certainly suggest" - Bruce P.

Canopy Energy Social media
A reliable resource for information on the solar energy sector is the Facebook page of Canopy Energy. The website has a polished appearance with clear images and videos showcasing the work and projects of the organization. With over 1,700 followers and counting, the page is well-liked. Recent project updates, corporate announcements, and publications about their work are all included on the website. Links on the page take users to the corporate website, a list of goods and services, and contact information for salespeople. The blogs provide both informative updates and fascinating insights into the business. The Canopy Energy Facebook page is the best place to find out everything about solar energy.
A market leader in solar energy, Canopy Energy offers a wide range of residential and business solar energy solutions. Their LinkedIn profile provides prospective clients with information about the business and its staff, high-quality installations, current industry expertise, and the most affordable solar solutions. A professional-looking page from Canopy Energy has a plethora of details about their solar projects, their services, and other business-related news. It is filled with reviews and likes from experts in the solar sector and happy consumers. The website is regularly updated with pertinent news and business data, making it an excellent resource for anybody looking into solar energy. Overall, the LinkedIn page for Canopy Energy is dependable, trustworthy, and often updated. For people who are interested in solar energy, it is a fantastic resource for trustworthy information.
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Canopy Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews973.8


Canopy Energy Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Cost
  • Limited Service Areas
  • Lack of customization

Canopy Energy Final Conclusions

Providing services for energy efficiency, solar installation, and energy storage, Canopy Energy is a provider of renewable energy. Customers have given them great marks for their dedication to sustainability, high-quality goods, and customer service. They provide an economical and dependable option to convert to renewable energy with their no-money-down programs.

Canopy Energy locations

Main Address6842 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys CA, 91405
Phone Number4243390005

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