Cross Atlantic Solar review

Our staff has over 30 years of expertise in renewable energy and is dedicated to ensuring 100% client satisfaction via the use of cutting-edge solar power equipment and accommodating payment plans.

Cross Atlantic Solar overview

Our staff has over 30 years of expertise in renewable energy and is dedicated to ensuring 100% client satisfaction via the use of cutting-edge solar power equipment and accommodating payment plans.

What Cross Atlantic Solar has to say about itself

We're a family-run business here in Arizona, and we're dedicated to providing you with the best solar solutions and service possible. The foundation of our success is our dedication to providing you, the client, with prompt and dependable service using state-of-the-art technology. We have the credentials and experience to manage every aspect of even the most complex solar system, from design to installation. We are one of the few local businesses that provide complete Workers' Compensation Insurance, which is in line with our stellar safety record.

Cross Atlantic Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasFL
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar panel maintenance and repair, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency audits, energy management systems and solar financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium ion batteries

Cross Atlantic Solar website review

The website's design is sleek and professional, and its layout is straightforward. The homepage gives just the barest of details about the company's offerings and pedigree. There is also a blog area where readers may learn more about solar power and associated issues. The website might be better if it included more information about the company's goods and services. Customers may not be well-informed about the company's offerings despite the existence of some data. In addition, there is no area on the website where visitors may read case studies or testimonials from satisfied clients, both of which can go a long way toward earning the confidence and business of new visitors. The website has a simple layout and is easy to use, but it lacks information on the company's goods and services and could use more material geared toward customers.

Cross Atlantic Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $40,000
Payment optionsCredit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Checks, Financing
Payment discountsDiscounts for early payment, bulk orders and long-term contracts, discounts for the military and veterans, as well as discounts for referrals and regular customers

Cross Atlantic Solar online reputation

Customer feedback suggests that Cross Atlantic Solar has an average overall rating. Numerous clients have given the business unfavorable feedback due to bad customer service, lack of professionalism, poor communication, and subpar job quality. Customers who purchased solar systems have complained that salespeople deceived them and that they did not see the anticipated energy savings. The business has furthermore come under fire for hiring unreliable subcontractors, which delayed installation and repairs. However, a number of clients have praised the business for its dependable services and excellent post-sale assistance. In general, it could be a good idea to use care when contacting Cross Atlantic Solar based on consumer reviews.
"My new home already had solar panels (HAD panels), but I wanted to remove them so that I could replace the roof. Since the Cross Atlantic Company was in charge of my system, I gave them a call, described the situation, asked for an estimate, and ultimately chose to go through with the removal. The first half of the agreed-upon payment was made and the panels have been removed, so things are looking fine. However, issues emerge during the job's second phase, the reinstallation. A corporate person called to tell me they couldn't schedule an appointment with me for at least two weeks. I felt sorry, but it wasn't a huge problem. If you're a person who has a knack for seeing a good deal of irony in otherwise mundane situations, you may want to consider rereading this article. I was overjoyed, so I promptly paid the bill, and now, after waiting for just over 2.5 months, I am still waiting. Surprisingly, I've been told that they just lack the necessary supplies to replace my panels. I was duped by this firm into paying for a service they couldn't provide. Poor customer service skills and a lack of professionalism." - Jhonne
"2019 Cross Atlantic Solar installed my solar panel. The salesman showed me a bogus Florida Power and Electric refund cheque for a "client" whose house generated more power than he needed. FPL does not do that. Next, I realized that this $48,000.00 solar system was saving me just $180 of my $300 monthly power cost. I would never have purchased the system had I known this. Again, the salesman lied about it. Sold me on PACE because it was free. A joke! My monthly mortgage climbed by $1800! The genuine head-kick? When I asked them about this, they told my roof didn't have enough room for their system to produce enough power for my house. They installed roughly a third of my roof. Upstairs is spacious. This gorgeous $48K solar system isn't producing 300watts as promised. 36 watts. Calling Cross Atlantic Power. The scammers "sold" the firm to a new owner who said they were a new company using the same name. WTF For $200+, they will come out and diagnose my system. Thursday's appointment. Thursday's event? NOTHING! Nobody arrived. No call. Nothing. An answering machine answered my workplace call. This firm enrages me. Be wary." - Julie
"Let me begin with I'm simple; all you have to do is call. This business is a farce. Inspection failure caused the installation to be delayed. rubbish and tools left about the home and on the roof. NO COMMUNICATION, when I say no, there was ZEROONE notifying us when they were coming, ZEROONE knows what's going on, ZEROONE calls you back, and ZEROONE could be located the site manager. Don't even bother asking for the manager or the general manager; they are illiterate and will try to avoid you. You have to pursue them continually. The encounter was appalling and very unprofessional. I NEEDED TO TURN ON MY OWN SYSTEM! Now, I'm unsure whether the equipment I purchased is sufficient to generate any electricity. Find another installer—I wish I had one!" - Nicolois
"THE TRASH GUYS!! I just spent $48,000 on paper weights for use in my lawsuit against this firm. A lawsuit is forthcoming, and a website detailing my experience is being made so that others may learn from my mistakes and avoid the same pitfalls I had after the first installation in March. They use incompetent subcontractors to conduct the real job, and then when problems arise, the original contractors are always held responsible for the incorrect installation, even if the issues are never resolved. I have kept meticulous records of my interactions with this firm from the time before my purchase to the present day, and I intend to use these to expose them." - Deric
"Since the day my solar panels were placed, I haven't heard from anybody or had any emails returned. We have had the panels for almost three weeks with no energy production; FPL has not contacted us about changing our meter; and we have had no responses to our text messages. We're wasting time since we haven't heard back from you yet about finishing our services." - Rafael
"Years ago, when we were first considering solar heating for our pool, we phoned Mark with several inquiries. We hit it off with him right away, so we hired him and got the job completed. Problems with the apparatus were few and were resolved promptly if they did arise. That kind of after-the-fact support is invaluable. Since then, Cross Atlantic has put in a solar water heater, and we have recently finished wiring our whole home for solar power. My qualifications as stated in my title: Expert, Informed, and Dependable." - Kim
"My morning call was to postpone this afternoon's appointment. After doing so, I was sent an email confirming my new appointment time and date as Thursday (today is Tuesday). The SMS message from Atlantic Solar arrived about 1:00 pm. Since I am about 40 minutes north of Deerfield, I felt compelled to give you a ring. The last thing I wanted was for someone to waste his time. I explained, and they said everything was taken care of. Just 30 minutes ago, one of your men arrived. He had no concept of canceling. I don't need the appointment on Thursday anymore; he was excellent. I'm glad I was here. Maybe there's room for improvement at the front desk." - Gigi
"They’ve established a high standard, these people. My panels were placed, and then the business who did it disappeared without a word. My roof was leaking, the panels weren't the right size, and the system wasn't functioning properly. A friend of the family recommended Cross Atlantic Solar, and from away I felt at ease working with them. After leaving a message requesting an estimate for repairs, I got a call from the company's owner, Mark, the next day. Mark promised that I would be contacted the same day to schedule an appointment. Two hours later, a technician phoned to set it up. They showed there on a Saturday of the same week, looked everything over thoroughly, and had an estimate in my inbox by Wednesday. They determined that the components were warrantied, so I just had to pay for the work. The replacement component was in stock within a month, I was able to schedule an appointment within a week, and the repairs were completed on a Saturday morning. Wesley, the technician who helped me, was punctual, polite, and thorough. Just because someone says something is true doesn't mean you have to believe it." - Rene
"Sean's presentation on solar and his business was quite well-done, and it left a positive impression on me. He was also a Home Depot service provider, which reassured me that everyone who worked on my house was covered by insurance, and that his firm did not use subcontractors. I took him up on his challenge to locate another solar firm that could back up his claims, and I was unable to do so. I chose to contact Sean and go with CAS after talking to another company that didn't even have the plumbing certificate to install my pool solar and gave a poor presentation. I'm looking forward to getting my setup done before the year is through. They're doing all they can to get me the tax credit before the end of the year. I can't wait for the final product to be installed." - Mike
"This company was the most informative, so we hired them to install solar panels to heat our pool. The installation was completed in a clean, orderly manner, and no debris was left lying about. The whole crew that worked on the installation was excellent, taking the time to address our every worry and query. After the installation was finished, the foreman, whose name I don't recall, came back to our house to make sure everything was working well and that we understood how to use the new system. " - BF

Cross Atlantic Solar Social media
With more than 160 followers, Bright Eye Solar maintains an active presence on LinkedIn. Their company page is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their offerings in terms of goods, services, and job openings. It gives an overview of the business, its development, and available employment prospects.Visitors can get a detailed understanding of the business from the page, which features expert images and graphics from their most recent projects along with client endorsements. Additionally, the profile offers a link to their website and a simple way for fans to get in touch with them.Overall, Bright Eye Solar did a fantastic job building a useful and engaging LinkedIn presence that aids in drawing in and keeping potential clients. They are able to advertise their business and establish enduring relationships with their audience by remaining active on the platform.
Over 320 followers provide Cross Atlantic Solar a significant presence on LinkedIn. The page is utilized by the business to advertise its services and goods as well as to maintain contact with its current and potential clients. The articles, which include blog posts, client testimonials, and news updates, are mostly educational. They frequently publish job openings and forthcoming events as well. Users may easily find out more about Cross Atlantic Solar by visiting their website, which clearly displays their contact details. Overall, Cross Atlantic Solar is efficiently using the platform to promote their brand and maintain contact with their clients.
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Cross Atlantic Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews614


Cross Atlantic Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reliable and efficient equipment
  • Knowledgeable and experienced technicians
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment options
  • Possible installation delays due to weather or other factors
  • The need for regular maintenance and monitoring of the system
  • Limited service area

Cross Atlantic Solar Final Conclusions

According to the customer reviews, Cross Atlantic Solar's performance is inconsistent and even subpar. While some customers have enjoyed working with the business, others have complained about bad customer service, poor communication, and problematic installations. These evaluations emphasize the need of thoroughly investigating solar panel installation businesses and carefully weighing all the services they provide before making a choice. Everyone must ultimately decide whether Cross Atlantic Solar is the best option for their solar panel requirements.

Cross Atlantic Solar locations

Main Address3708 SW 30th Avenue, Davie, FL 33312
Phone Number9548691999

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