Direct Energy of Florida review

Direct Energy of Florida is a major player in the Florida energy market. Florida residents and businesses may get electricity and natural gas from Direct Energy of Florida. In addition to its green energy initiatives and energy efficiency tools, the firm also offers plumbing, appliance repair, and HVAC services to its customers.

Direct Energy of Florida overview

Direct Energy of Florida is a major player in the Florida energy market. Florida residents and businesses may get electricity and natural gas from Direct Energy of Florida. In addition to its green energy initiatives and energy efficiency tools, the firm also offers plumbing, appliance repair, and HVAC services to its customers.

What Direct Energy of Florida has to say about itself

Direct Energy of Florida is pleased to provide Floridians with inexpensive, dependable power. We are committed to providing you with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions possible because we appreciate your reliance on consistent and reasonably priced power. Because of our expert's familiarity with the regional energy industry, we can customize our services to match your specific requirements.

Direct Energy of Florida Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, design, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency upgrades, and financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, Lead-acid, and Flow Battery systems.

Direct Energy of Florida website review

Visit, Direct Energy of Florida's official website, to find out more about the company's services and energy plans. Information on the company's energy programs, billing procedures, and customer support, as well as any other online resources, may be found on the website. If you're looking for specifics on solar systems, you may want to go elsewhere; the site doesn't offer nearly as much data as you'd want.

Direct Energy of Florida price policy

PackagesBasic Solar System Package: $6,499, Standard Solar System Package: $11,995, Premiere Solar System Package: $19,999, SunPower Complete System Package: $24,999, Solar Batteries Package: $5,999, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Package: $99, UV Resistant Solar Panel Covers: $279, Solar Panel Roof Rack Package: $349, Solar Panel Leasing Package: Starting at $99/Month
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and ACH bank transfers.
Payment discountsAutopay Discounts: Up to 5%, Referral Bonus: $500 for each friend you refer, Multi-Product Discounts: Up to 10%, Online & Billing Discounts: Up to 4%, Military Discount: 5%, Loyalty Discount: Up to 5%, Senior Discount: Up to 5%

Direct Energy of Florida online reputation

It is evident from feedback from clients that Direct Energy of Florida has serviced that many have had a favorable experience. Customers like reasonable prices, good customer service, and convenient tools for tracking their energy consumption. Some people have, however, voiced irritation about unforeseen costs and challenging-to-fix invoicing mistakes. Customers seem to be generally satisfied with the services offered by Direct Energy of Florida.
Take caution. The scheduler first misled me by saying the visit would be brief (30 minutes), non-sales, and informational only. Permitted the energy auditor to come out, haha. He tried to sell us the idea of installing solar fans and a radiant barrier. Then, he acted condescendingly when we requested documents for further discussion and indicated he would not leave them. The pressure seemed like a do it today deal- or no deal" situation." - Daniel O.
Had the personnel informed me that everything was done? I took cover in the attic since those jerks never go beyond the carport. They never installed the correct barrier; the owner responded to a complaint call and showed up shortly afterward. During his time off, he was supposed to work on the projected timeline, but instead, he just took photographs and came back two weeks later. Nothing has been done to address the issue. Then they double the square root of my bill. Give me free stuff, but include it in the bill's total so I end up paying for it. - Noah R.
Our Florida solar panel installation by Direct Energy comes with a money-back guarantee. After setup, the system wasn't sending data to the app, thus we couldn't monitor output and consumption. Finally reaching a human at Direct Energy of Florida, I was informed the issue lay in the fact that a required component was missing, rendering the page invisible. I phoned the panel maker after continuing to pay the entire power bill and the financing fees for two months. My system wasn't reporting properly, and they stated, therefore I should get in touch with the installer. When none of my calls, messages, or emails were returned, I had little choice but to contact a different certified business for assistance. They exited and found that the wiring was inverted. After that, for a little over a month, the system functioned as intended. Eight of the original microinverters have stopped communicating. Before going to the manufacturer once again, I decided to give Direct Energy one more chance to repair their system properly. Since I have been unable to leave a voicemail or send an email, I figured I would write this review to let you know how helpful the staff has been. - Anthony M.
We were offered a free energy assessment over the phone and gladly accepted it. Discussed governmental assistance and tax incentives. A salesman named Christopher appeared. Tried to convince us that our 8-seer air conditioner was inefficient. There was no energy audit, just a shady salesman who didn't know much. After the appointment, the husband checked up on the information he was given and found that it was all false. We were told we required a new air conditioner and offered one at twice the normal price. Our air conditioner is a Seer 13. This salesperson reeked of dishonesty and naiveté. Our investigation proved his claims to be false. My spouse made a chart comparing his claims to reality. Then, Christopher sent an email with a price list. Nope. Run! - Kate L.
My whole life's worst shopping experience. In May 2021, Direct Energy initiated a warranty case to replace certain panels. According to the monthly invoices, the system generated zero kilowatt hours of power throughout that period. They offered us credit and replaced the meter, but our system is still broken and we are being charged $224.99 a month to keep their unsightly, ineffective panels on our roof. We're just waiting for a service specialist to contact us so we can have this fixed. - Ryan A.
The energy technician that came to my home was quite honest, which I much appreciate. They told it like it was when it came to my requirements. No unnecessary products or services were pushed on me. I value your help. It seemed like they were making an effort to cater to our household requirements. - Ethan K.
Congratulations, Direct Energy, on your fantastic staff. The whole group arrived promptly and got right to work. David and Andrew were the nicest people I've ever met, and they just completed insulating my attic. The solar installation crew of Glen and Timmy was also great to work with. The Enphase app's Brenda, the loan officer at Service Financial, the first two installers of my hybrid HWH and VHP, and I were all very kind. The major reason I chose to go through with the solar was because of your salesperson, who was not only pleasant but also incredibly knowledgeable about all of the items. Two additional organizations I asked to undertake assessments both politely rejected due to a lack of expertise. The Rheem water heater, Pentair pool pump, Q-cell panels, and Enphase power control system are all top-notch, and I was similarly delighted by their quality when they came. I wanted to let you know that everyone who came to conduct the job at my house was kind and professional. Superb group! - Joseph T.
Very well done! They were thorough, careful, and kind; they cleaned up after themselves and took the time to answer my inquiries. They took great delight in their job, as they bent and coiled every pipe and placed every wire with the knowledge that this air conditioner would be in my home for many years to come. I give this firm an excellent rating. - Logan S.
This business performed an excellent job addressing my water heater issue. They arrived, evaluated the damage, and returned with a new part less than 48 hours later. The water heater installation crew was quick and courteous. This is a business that I will not hesitate to refer to my closest friends and family. - Matthew G.
I would like to thank everyone who installed the solar panels; they worked non-stop from 8 am to 12 am; the electricians had a hard time getting access to the attic but got the job done in the end; the people who installed the solar fan in the attic and the pool pump did a great job; the pool has been clean for a day and a half. - James W.

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Direct Energy of Florida Pros & Cons

  • Reliable Supply
  • Affordable Rates
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Limited Service Areas
  • Limited Financial Resources
  • Limited Contract Duration

Direct Energy of Florida Final Conclusions

Direct Energy of Florida serves commercial and residential consumers in need of energy solutions. Their clientele loves them because of the services they provide, the low prices they charge, and the many ways they may pay. Reviews consistently praise this firm, praising the ease of their services and the professionalism of their support staff.

Direct Energy of Florida locations

Main Address255 Primera Blvd #160, Lake Mary, FL 32746
Phone Number8886118568

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