Distributive Solar review

Distributive Solar is a solar energy solutions company that facilitates the adoption of renewable energy among commercial and non-profit entities. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems, energy storage, and management solutions are some of the company's specialties.

Distributive Solar overview

Distributive Solar is a solar energy solutions company that facilitates the adoption of renewable energy among commercial and non-profit entities. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems, energy storage, and management solutions are some of the company's specialties.

What Distributive Solar has to say about itself

Distributive Solar is the industry standard for cutting-edge solar power systems for homes, businesses, and factories. Our mission is to assist our clients to maximize the value of their solar systems by providing them with superior goods, services, and knowledge. Our goal is to deliver solar energy solutions that are affordable, dependable, and long-term so that individuals may save money and the planet at the same time. We promise to always go above and above for our consumers, both in terms of service and product quality.

Distributive Solar Review

Year Started2013
Company Websitedistributivesolar.com
Service AreasTN
Service TypesInstallation, design, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency upgrades, and financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, Lead-acid, and Flow Battery systems.

Distributive Solar website review

The official Distributive Solar website, distributivesolar.com, presents as polished, expert, and reliable. Information regarding the company's solar projects and the many products it offers are among the many topics covered in depth. The website also offers a plethora of information for anyone interested in learning more about solar energy, such as the many kinds of solar power, how much it costs, and the many advantages it offers. In addition, there is a blog on the site that reports on recent activities in the solar business. Overall, the content on distributivesolar.com concerning solar power seems credible and trustworthy.

Distributive Solar price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package - Starting from $3,500, Commercial Solar Package - Starting from $18,500, Solar Battery Package - Starting from $4,500, Off-Grid Solar Package - Starting from $15,500, Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance Package - Starting from $250, Solar Financing Package - Starting from $0, Solar Panel Installation Package - Starting from $1,500
Payment optionsCash, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and financing options
Payment discounts10% discount for bulk orders, 10% discount for referrals, 5% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for repeat customers, and 5% discount for seniors (65+)

Distributive Solar online reputation

There have been both happy and unhappy consumers among Distributive Solar's clientele. Customers who have dealt with them in the past have lauded their responsiveness, fair prices, and sound technical assistance. However, some clients have complained about how delayed the installation is and how opaque the billing is. But most comments agree that Distributive Solar can be trusted to provide excellent service.
"If you had asked me how I felt about my Solar Panel system four years ago, I would have given you five stars. The installation was carried out expertly and in record time. This year, however, we had a pigeon infestation, and I attempted to get in touch with Distributive Solar about putting up pigeon proofing. Then I found out that their phone lines were either disconnected or no longer in service, making it difficult to get a price from them online. I had begun to fear that they had folded, but then I came across some very recent evaluations of their installation services. The reason for the one star rating is because despite being assured of a twenty year guarantee on the panels, the customer has been unable to get in touch with the firm to have any of their concerns addressed. Take note, if you're planning to set up solar panels. Doing bird proofing at the time of installation will prevent problems down the road." - Simon K.
"Never Gets Back to Me. Up 2020, Distributive Solar put up a system. We have a problem with one of our panels. I've been trying every number I can locate for Distributive, but I can't seem to get through to a real person. No one has gotten back to me despite my many attempts to discuss this panel through voicemail. What you're doing is completely wrong as a business practice. I receive a busy signal whenever I dial the local number. A business is only as good as the services it provides for its customers. You'd think they'd give you a call after spending $40K on a system." - Axel M.
"World's Worst Company!!!!! My system was upgraded in January 2020. In July 2020, it stopped working, leaving me without electricity. It's been three years since I bought it and the solar system still doesn't work. Two of their numbers no longer work and one of them never answers when I call. After many attempts, I was able to get through to someone who promised to contact me within 48 hours. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!" - Luca D.
"Don't let them in your house. Frank came to our house and offered a price for the installation. Other than the standard sales offer, he had no informational depth. The price was $28,500, but Frank wouldn't even consider the possibility that we would want at least three offers. We were offered to sign the contract, but we turned it down after three days. Distributive Solar sent some really qualified technicians to investigate our idea further. After careful consideration, they increased their offer to $35,000. They clearly didn't want to do the job themselves. Don't even think about working with Distributive Solar on any projects." - Dillon N.
"I called and set up a time to install new solar panels in my condo. As my condo association was exploring possible ways to get a permit, I informed them that this was a great chance for them to install solar panels in all the apartments in the two buildings. They canceled my appointment with an abrupt phone call hours before they were supposed to arrive, making it clear that they didn't want to even consider or try to find a solution. Good thing I took the day off today. Very unprofessional; stay away from them." - Taylor F.
"It's been a little over a year since I started working directly with the Distributive Solar crew. You can rely on their expert solar consulting services to get the best deal possible on a high-quality solar energy system for your company. Strongly recommended." - Skyler O.
"These guys were top-notch. They first reached out to me when switching to solar power would have been inconvenient, and they have been in regular communication without being pushy. When Allen arrived at our scheduled visit, she quickly took care of our needs and proved to be both helpful and pleasant to deal with. I probably wouldn't have gone the first time around, but after talking to Allen, both my wife and I realized it was a good idea. We signed, and from there on out, everything went well." - Raul E.
"It was great working with this firm. There were a few misunderstandings, but in the end everything was resolved. The installers are consummate professionals. They worked efficiently, thoroughly and left no mess behind. Our first electric bill was $16.83, which was shocking. Distributive Solar's standard rates were the only extra charge. The use of electricity was completely free. The great thing is that our system is functioning as promised. Also of note is the high quality of the components of the system. While I was dealing with the problem, even the telemarketer who contacted me the first time stopped calling. I highly recommend this company." - Jakob B.
"Our Distributive Solar salesman was a pleasure to work with as he was kind, knowledgeable and not intrusive. Darius applied to the HOA himself and got us all the necessary permits. They all took the time to answer our questions and make sure we understood the next steps. Ultimately, we decided to work with Distributive because of their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and the high quality of their construction materials and methods. This is a first class facility." - Phillip O.
"Over the last two years, I have been a satisfied client of Distributive Solar. I've told at least six of my friends and a member of my family about them. In the end, they all made the same decision I did and went with Distributive. Our system stopped working when we switched residential internet providers. Keeping tabs on output, etc., was impossible. When I tried to reach Distributive, I was put through to Scott. He was kind and approachable in addition to being really knowledgeable and helpful. He was patient and knowledgable in equal measure. Everything is OK now that I'm back online. Meanwhile, we've heard complaints from a lot of our neighbors about their high electricity bills due to the summer's heat and increased A/C usage. Not us; Scott has helped us save a ton and provided excellent service after the transaction. They have my highest recommendation." - Brayan E.

Distributive Solar Social media

Distributed Solar's official Facebook page comes out as authoritative and well-informed. A picture of a neatly arranged array of solar panels serves as the book's cover. Over 300 people have liked the page's articles and images. There's a lot of useful information here, from articles on the solar business to movies on various solar installation projects. You may get a free quotation or get in touch with the firm directly using the links provided. The website itself demonstrates that Distributed Solar is an expert in the field, committed to educating the public, and a reputable provider of solar energy services. The company's dedication to audience participation is further indicator of the page's credibility.
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Distributive Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews55


Distributive Solar Pros & Cons

  • Cost-Effective
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • High Initial Costs
  • Limited Availability
  • Maintenance Issues

Distributive Solar Final Conclusions

Distributive Solar is a solar energy provider that serves both business and residential clients. Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar panels are just some of the many services they provide. Reviews of the firm are usually favorable, with customers praising the organization's professionalism and the dedication of its employees.

Distributive Solar locations

Main Address810 Dominican Dr. Suite 3000 Nashville, TN 37228
Phone Number6152072547

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