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Our role is that of advisors, not salespeople. To us, every consumer is like one of our own. We're here to help you every step of the way, and we'll never try to force anything on you.

Doing Solar Right overview

Our role is that of advisors, not salespeople. To us, every consumer is like one of our own. We're here to help you every step of the way, and we'll never try to force anything on you.

What Doing Solar Right has to say about itself

We are not salespeople; we are consultants. We think of our clients as extended family. We never pressure you and always explain everything as we go along. You pay nothing for our services! All costs will be covered by our contractors. Every contractor in our network has a particular area of expertise. We are delighted to provide references to show that we only deal with the finest. Over the past five years, we have provided consultation on countless projects, resulting in home solar systems worth over $8,000,000 for the contractors we deal with. On demand referrals are accessible.

Doing Solar Right Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasCA
Service TypesFree solar consulting, system design and installation, solar financing, solar energy maintenance and repair services, solar energy monitoring and solar education services
Types PanelsLG, SunPower, Panasonic and Sharp
Backup BatteryTesla, LG Chem and Sonnen, PylonTech and BYD

Doing Solar Right website review

The website is clean and contemporary, with a distinct emphasis on solar energy and sustainability. A straightforward navigation at the top of the page leads users to the site's many parts, making it simple for them to explore the website. Potential clients may be trusted more easily by reading the About page, which contains details about the company's history, core principles, and team members. On the Services page, you can see a list of the many solar products that the business provides along with a clear price breakdown. The company's expertise in the industry is shown through the articles on the Blog page that cover a range of solar energy and sustainability-related issues. It is ideal for viewing on mobile devices since the website is mobile friendly. In general, the website conveys the company's information and services to prospective clients in an effective and attractive manner.

Doing Solar Right price policy

PackagesFrom $2,000 to $15,000
Payment optionsCredit cards and PayPal
Payment discountsSolar energy tax credits and local utility rebates

Doing Solar Right online reputation

Based on customer reviews, Doing Solar Right seems to be an outstanding company that provides excellent service to its customers. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the level of customer service provided by the company. They appreciated the time and effort the team put into explaining the procedure, funding options, and answering all of their questions without any compulsion to buy. Clients also appreciated the thoroughness of the home energy assessment conducted by the team before starting the procedure. They were pleased with the numerous options presented to them without any pressure to choose a particular one. The team took care of obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses for the project. The company appears to have a high level of solar expertise and provides customers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Clients also appreciated the affordable cost of their services. Overall, based on these customer reviews, Doing Solar Right seems like a reliable and trustworthy company that delivers on what it promises.
"Jack and David provided the finest explanation of the procedure while I was obtaining my solar price estimates. I was able to get the finance I needed at a fantastic price and a system that would meet my demands with monitoring. They didn't have a lot of buzz, and I thought they were the most trustworthy and honest. This firm has made me extremely pleased, and they are easy to reach if I have problems. In terms of my house, this is the finest investment I've ever made that was done properly." - Carol
"I had considered buying solar a few times, but I was unsure of which firms to rely on due to the overwhelming number of offerings. When I first met Jack Sommerville, he was kind and patient, taking his time to go through each step in detail. He offered reasonable prices, knew the best financing alternatives depending on my objectives, and was very informed. Doing Solar Right means looking out for your best interests and the finest business to help with this crucial choice." - T Lynne
"When Jack and David performed a thorough home energy evaluation for me before beginning their procedure, I was quite satisfied. I discovered a lot of inefficiencies, some of which were extremely simple to fix. They presented us with a number of choices without ever pressuring us. Jack was a huge help in securing the best finance for us. The outcomes excite us much!" - Kevin and Bethany
"From the beginning, Jack was great! I initially spoke to him after our meeting with another business when I phoned him. The next day, Jack arrived just on schedule and at a time that worked for me. In response to all my inquiries, he discussed the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. He helped me find the best financing to stay inside my budget and save money both now and in the future. He was by my side throughout the whole process. Choosing the best contractors for my project. The proper system and layout for my home have been planned and designed. For my home's size, he understood just how many panels I required. He requested my agreement by emailing me an aerial photo of the solar panels on my home. Nothing was carried out without my approval, he made sure of it. He made certain that all the necessary licenses were obtained, and he was there on the day the panales were erected. Additionally, he brought me a Starbucks! LOL I still have the knowledge that I can contact him at any time and ask him any questions." - Kerry
"They stood out so much from the others. Never felt pressured or like a sales pitch. Just a sincere desire to support us in doing the task correctly. We are really pleased with the outcomes and the very affordable cost! I heartily recommend this business to anybody considering solar power." - Spencer

Doing Solar Right Social media
A Facebook group called Doing Solar Right exists to spread awareness of solar energy's advantages and to encourage others to utilize it. The page has over 90 likes and is often updated with solar energy news, suggestions, and guidance. The website also contains connections to articles and films that discuss the benefits of solar technology as well as links to further sites that deal with the subject. The portal also has a discussion board where visitors may post queries and tales of their solar technology adventures. Doing Solar Right is an excellent site for learning about solar energy and is generally a useful, educational, and dynamic page. There seems to be a vibrant community of people interested in solar energy who post their expertise and experiences on the website. With the intention of offering helpful information regarding solar energy, the page seems to be targeted at people who are interested in learning more for either personal or professional purposes. It seems to be the perfect medium for informing followers about the newest solar energy news, trends, and goods. account not registered
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Doing Solar Right average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews74.4


Doing Solar Right Pros & Cons

  • High quality, high efficiency solar panels
  • Free consultations and quotes
  • Flexible payment options, as well as various discounts and incentives
  • Limited availability in some areas
  • Potentially high upfront costs
  • Limited service area

Doing Solar Right Final Conclusions

Positive testimonials from satisfied clients indicate that Doing Solar Right is a reliable and trustworthy business. The team's experience and knowledge in the solar sector, as well as their great customer service, were praised by the company's clientele. There is no sales pressure, as the crew is happy to spend their time answering any and all questions and outlining the process. A comprehensive home energy evaluation is performed before any work is begun, and clients are given a number of choices from which to choose. The reasonable pricing of their services was also highly regarded by their clientele. Customers have faith in promoting Doing Solar Right because they believe it is a trustworthy and competent business that delivers on its promises.

Doing Solar Right locations

Main Address8839 N Cedar Ave Suite 357, Fresno CA, 93720
Phone Number(559) 793-5752

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