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For homes, businesses, and factories alike, Earthlight Solar & Energy Solutions has the perfect solar power system. The firm installs solar panels and offers services for managing and monitoring energy usage. Energy audits, system design, financing choices, and project management are just some of the additional services they provide.

Earthlight Technologies overview

Earthlight Solar & Energy Solutions designs and installs the ideal solar power system for residences, companies, and manufacturing facilities. Along with regulating and monitoring energy use, the company installs solar panels. Apart from project management, they also provide energy assessments, system design, and finance options.

What Earthlight Technologies has to say about itself

Specializing in home and commercial solar energy systems as well as business energy efficiency, Earthlight Technologies is a corporation. In-house custom design, engineering, construction, financing, system monitoring, operations, and maintenance are all provided. They place a lot of emphasis on optimizing processes. Affordable and adaptable solutions are hallmarks of Earthlight Technologies' offerings. High-quality goods, reliable performance, and outstanding value are the company's priorities. An important element in their success is their culture, which reflects their dedication to this objective.

Earthlight Technologies Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCT, ME, MA, NH, NY, OR, RI, VT
Service TypesFinancing, Energy Auditing, Construction, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow battery options.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, Green Point Rated, CEC, BPI

Earthlight Technologies website review is the company's main website; it's user-friendly and offers comprehensive details on every product. Their merchandise, customer evaluations and contact details are included. The website provides how-to guides, blog entries, and customer support. New content is added to the website on a regular basis. The website encrypts customer data and is reliable. It has links to their verifiable social media pages as well. The openness of their terms and conditions and privacy policy gives clients peace of mind. You can trust It makes shopping fun while safeguarding consumer data.

Earthlight Technologies price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation Package - Starting from $3,000, Solar Panel Maintenance Package - Starting from $1,000, Battery Storage Package - Starting from $2,500, Solar Inverter Installation Package - Starting from $500, Solar Lighting Package - Starting from $500, Solar Pool Heating Package - Starting from $2,000, Solar Water Pump Package - Starting from $1,500, Grid-tied Solar System Package - Starting from $2,500
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and financing options
Payment discounts10% discount for payment in full at the time of signing, 5% Early Payment Discount for payments made within 10 days of an invoice, 5% Senior Discount for customers age 65 and over, 5% Military Discount for active duty or retired military personnel, 5% Referral Discount for customers who refer a new customer

Earthlight Technologies online reputation

Earthlight Technologies serves consumers with many solar and energy solutions. They offer residential, commercial, and energy-efficiency projects. Consumers praise their knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and quality items. They praise the customer service team's response and the overall procedure. Earthlight Technologies customers experience significant energy bill savings. The organization is recommended for solar and energy solutions.
"Leonard promised to check the roof's dimensions and look for signs of shade obstruction. He showed up on the date he promised, but he never contacted me again. I didn't have his direct email to ask what happened, so after a week of silence I sent the default "welcome to earthlight" message. He called me, said that it wouldn't be possible because of my kw usage, and suggested I undergo an energy audit because it looked like I was using more power than usual. When I challenged him on this, he said in a roundabout way that he hadn't gotten back to me since I wasn't a potential customer to them. In response to the "welcome to earthlight" message, I wrote to say how unhappy I was with Leonard and that I planned to write a negative review. Leonard recently emailed me to embellish his narrative. Well, that just won't work. Earthlight is unprofessional and should be avoided." - Tony L.
"Panel quality seems to be inconsistent (installed in 2014-2015). It took us 2 years to finally get new panels. It shouldn't have taken 2 years to acquire new panels, but I can't say for sure if the delay was the fault of our solar service provider, or Earthlight Solar." - Wade A.
"It's incredible how often these panels have failed. My solar panels were installed in 2015. Since then, nothing but trouble and zero help from customer service has been forthcoming. I lost the best part of three months of summer and was punished with astronomical power costs. I would have forked over the cash up front if I'd realized the warranty wasn't going to be honored. Instead of giving me the runaround over the phone, I'd rather have someone come to address the problem in person." - Trevor W.
"First round: At around 6:45 a.m., they began repeatedly ringing my doorbell. I didn't see the charger wasn't placed until after they departed my property. When I was installing the inverter, I saw a mess on the floor of my garage. Garbage, tools, and gear littered the ground as I strolled around my house to inspect the solar panels. When I checked my pool, I discovered discarded items and broken tools at the bottom. I noticed that the panels on my roof weren't installed in the right pattern. They come back a second time to remedy the problems they caused, less the time and effort my wife and I put into cleaning up after them. They restored the inverter but didn't clean up the drywall dust they made, they rearranged the solar panels but still unlawfully positioned some of them too close to the roof's edge, and they still used the same tools to do the job. This is attempt number three and the conduit still hasn't been painted. The damaged roof tiles are still not repaired. There is still some deviation from the intended design in the layout. In the fourth and last round, they dispatched a roofer to my property who did absolutely nothing. I still have every shattered tile I have owned. And we haven't seen or heard from the roofer since they left. The fifth time I contacted Earthlight Solar, they still hadn't fixed the roof. The roofers came, patched the tiles that were broken, and then went. Once I returned home, I investigated the roof and found more broken tiles and parts of the broken tiles. Sixth round: the roofers were late twice. The roofer finally turned up on the seventh try, but he couldn't fix anything because the broken tiles were concealed by the roof's panels. The roofer I spoke with said this is a common problem on many of the homes they've worked on. At this, the eighth attempt, part of the tiles underneath the panels were fixed by the roofer and the installers today. When I went to charge my car after receiving approval from the power company to switch on the solar panels, I discovered that the screws holding the charger bracket weren't even screwed in all the way, and the ones that are screwed in aren't actually secured in the drywall. On the ninth iteration, the manager did whatever was necessary to grant me access to the inverter app so that I could use my charger. He also came to my house and swapped out the inverter's transmitter for a new type. Tenth go-around: On a Monday, I got a call from the guy who was supposed to paint my conduit so that it blended in with the side of my house. Within 72 hours, he promised to begin working on the project and complete it. That did not take place. The next Monday, I was informed of the same thing. Eleventh iteration: roofer and installers checked all panels by lifting them to look for missing or damaged tiles. And to fix the tile layout they botched the first two times by using the original plan. Dozens of tiles were removed and replaced. The solar panels were properly repositioned. After three more iterations, I'm still not satisfied." - Victor K.
"The solar inverter broke (while still under warranty). Scheduled a service call, which was scheduled for a week later than desired but looked reasonable given the current weather conditions. They recently relocated it, which means there will be no solar power for another month or so (if the technician doesn't need to buy replacement parts, which may extend the process by several more weeks). Meanwhile, I make monthly payments on their loan. It's an automated attendant from hell if you try to phone them. Only one method of communication is completely pointless. Great solar panel equipment, absolutely atrocious customer service." - Marty S.
"I think Earthlight was great. Although we have a very large installation (68 SunPower panels), it only took them 3 days to finish the job, and it was done right, to code. The electrician, who is not a solar specialist I invited, was so pleased that he plans to call Solar to schedule his own installation. Earthlight made us feel like an important project during the installation. They brought in as many as ten people for the two-day installation. Everyone was courteous and competent. They went above and beyond expectations when they helped us deal with the tiny mice problem by sealing several cracks in the siding near the roof. I can't speak highly enough of them for anyone considering solar panel installation! They are the best installers, and they use the best panels and equipment (SunPower). Unlike systems that piece together components from different manufacturers, the SunPower Equinox offering is a one-stop shop. Earthlight's dedication to its customers is unprecedented. On their last visit, they even brought a token of appreciation on behalf of the company. If you need quality solar panel installation, choose Earthlight. If only there was more room on my roof for solar panels!" - Jake N.
"The people I worked with were fantastic. Set up exactly as promised. You only need to be patient while they handle everything for you. But they make a clean entry and exit every time. It's been great having solar power for the past eight months since they placed the panels at our house. Amazingly, the panels continued to function even in the depths of Winter. The people who work here are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and pleasant to collaborate with." - Colin F.
"Even though the tree in question is no longer on the property, others still refused to come out after viewing Google satellite images of the area. Some others stated that in order for solar energy to operate, we'd have to cut down our favorite tree. Earthlight provides SunPower panels, which perform better in shady environments. You can't beat them. The installation was completed in a single day, and it worked just as advertised. The final "turn-on" appointment was punctually attended, and we were even gifted a wonderful apple pie as a token of appreciation. In addition to being able to generate 90% of our pir electricity from solar, our monthly power expenditures have dropped to a mere $30. Yay! Both the Earthlight and the SunPower systems are fantastic, and we adore them." - Aaron T.
"During the solarize campaign in our city, we chose to make the investment in solar panels. Being a member of the committee that made Earthlight the go-to installer for our building, I can attest to the committee's good taste in selecting them (very sleek all-black panels with individual inverters - so partial shade is not a problem, all backed by a 25-year warranty on both materials and labor). Many people have commented on how great the installation is. Everyone we interacted with made the process easy and pleasant. Everything seems to be functioning fine - we like our cheap monthly electric bills, but are especially delighted to be generating power from the sun! We looked at the investment as a pretty reasonably-priced home enhancement, and also something that would be desirable to a possible buyer if we decide to relocate. My recommendation is to get informed about your financing choices by asking questions and reading up on them. We only financed a fraction, but after we finally heard about the Sungage Loan it made things easier because we could finance the 35% amount we will be getting back as part of the federal tax credit at 0% interest." - Derek B.
"Everything about this firm and the panels is fantastic, other than the fact that the process takes a little longer than planned. There were a few hiccups along the way that were out of Earthlight Solar's control, but they kept me in the loop the whole time. The panels now cover 100% of our usage, reducing our once $400–$600 annual electric expenditure. It really is incredible. Overall, the organization was fantastic to collaborate with. As I mentioned, we ran into a few problems, but a lot of them stem from the fact that we're dealing with the typical slowness of a small town. The panel/wiring/draftsmanship everything's was excellent. They did a thorough job of cleaning, and I didn't find a single stray item. Excellent business, and equally excellent solar panels. Don't think twice, just follow them!" - Howard G.

Earthlight Technologies Social media
Visit Earthlight Technologies' Facebook page if you want solar or sustainable energy. The website looks professional, is easy to use, and provides plenty of helpful information. The webpage offers their products and services, solar installation and energy conservation information, customer testimonials, and team member stories. Positive customer feedback and exceptional ratings show community confidence in the company. The page is popular, with 1,400 followers and hundreds of shares and likes. In addition to educational content, the website has photographs, movies, and links that show how practical and economical solar energy may be. It's great for solar energy news and information.
Active on the popular social networking site LinkedIn is the solar energy company Earthlight Technologies. Prospective customers will be left with a lasting impression by the page's elegant design, highlighting the company's partnerships and achievements. On top of that, this website provides Earthlight Technologies with company news, client feedback, and updates on ongoing projects. With more than 800 followers and several shares, the company's page is largely considered reliable by both customers and industry insiders. It's worth checking out Earthlight Technologies's decent LinkedIn page.
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Earthlight Technologies average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1594.9


Earthlight Technologies Pros & Cons

  • Knowledgeable
  • Affordable
  • Responsible
  • Limited access to financing
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Limited geographic reach

Earthlight Technologies Final Conclusions

Regarding customer service, installation procedure, and reaction to service concerns, some people have unfavorable things to say about the organization, while others commend it for having competent employees, reasonable rates, and high-quality items. Positive comments on the company's user-friendly design and helpful content are posted on their social media and website. Notably, current clients have given the business an aggregate rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Earthlight Technologies locations

Main Address92 West Road Ellington, CT 06029
Phone Number8608719700

4 local offices

Connecticut – Ellington 128 West Road, Ellington CT, 06029
Connecticut – Ellington 128 West Rd, Ellington CT, 06029
Oregon – Silverton 812 McClaine St, Silverton OR, 97381
Massachusetts – Northampton 25 Main Street #338A, Northampton MA, 01060

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