Ecology Solar review

A company called Ecology Solar focuses on offering solar energy solutions to both residential and commercial customers. The business creates, erects, and maintains solar power systems that produce clean energy. Moreover, Ecological Solar offers energy-saving services like insulation, airtightness, and energy audits. The business is committed to assisting customers in lowering their energy expenditures and environmental impact.

Ecology Solar overview

Ecology Solar is a business that specializes in providing solar energy solutions to household and business clients. Energy-producing solar power systems are designed, built, and maintained by the company. Insulation, airtightness, and energy audits are among the energy-saving services provided by Ecological Solar. Assisting clients in reducing their energy costs and environmental footprint is the businesses mission.

What Ecology Solar has to say about itself

Their name and business are centered on ecology. Solar energy holds great significance for their solar specialists and the communities of Colorado. To minimize carbon emissions and expenses, they have adopted a decentralized workforce across Denver and along the Front Range of Colorado. This approach not only boosts morale but also promotes a healthy work-life balance. They are constantly working towards improving their company's sustainability efforts and strive to do better each day. This is because they strongly believe that renewable energy companies must prioritize sustainability to thrive.

Ecology Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels
Backup BatteryIncluding lithium-ion, lead-acid, and lead-carbon batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, UL, CEC

Ecology Solar website review

The primary website of the firm,, has an elegant appearance and offers comprehensive details on Ecology Solar's products. The website has a clean layout, is simple to use, and is loaded with multimedia content, including images and videos. Contact information and a FAQ section are also available on the website. This substantial body of proof shows the business is dependable and honest. The website also includes endorsements from happy clients to increase the company's legitimacy. All things considered, is reliable.

Ecology Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Saver: Starting at $3,500, Solar System Starter: Starting at $5,500, Solar System Instigator: Starting at $7,500, Solar System Innovator: Starting at $9,500, Solar System Maximizer: Starting at $11,500, Solar System Accelerator: Starting at $13,500, Solar System Supercharger: Starting at $15,500
Payment optionsCash, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and PayPal.
Payment discounts0% financing for solar panel installations, 5% cash discount for system purchases, 0.99% interest rate for a 12-month loan, 2.99% interest rate for a 24-month loan, 5% discount for additional solar panel purchases, and 10% discount for referrals.

Ecology Solar online reputation

With a focus on reducing energy costs and environmental effects, Ecology Solar is a well-known supplier of solar energy solutions. Web evaluations commend the business for its creativity and sustainability. Customer satisfaction is high for the company's offerings. Plus, they commend the business for its reasonable rates and dedication to energy and cost savings for customers. Generally speaking, customers recommend and prefer ecological solar.
"Their service request follow-up is horrible. After not hearing back from them, I occasionally sent an email to double-check that they were still operational. I had to put in WAY too much effort to find out if they got my request and when they could have it done. It was quite tiring. I regret that I must say I do not endorse them." - Luke T.
"Neither the quality of Solar Ecology's installation nor the effects of their work on the environment can be evaluated by me. I am really dissatisfied that the quoted price was $3,400 lower than the price I actually spent. The estimated cost was $11,200, but I ended up paying closer to $14,600. I was unaware of the following $-related concerns, but they seem quite minor in comparison: It's embarrassing to confess, but I thought my Xcel payment only covered electricity until I learned that it also covers gas. I don't know if going solar was the best choice for me, but I definitely wouldn't suggest Ecological Solar. The refund on my taxes will never come. Does not everyone get a tax rebate? I had no idea." - Steven T.
"Several emails, web forms, phone calls, and voicemails have been left for Ecology employees, all of which have gone unanswered for several days at a time. Due to my commitment to ecological principles, I must make a full payment in advance. I was required to make a payment in advance of scheduling the inspection. After leaving a note saying that I had completed my payment, I discovered that I had been largely forgotten. I have no doubt that the mistake was made in good faith, but yet. They should remember to do the work if they want my money before I've seen it. My solar array stopped working shortly after receiving maintenance and repairs that were supposed to restore full functionality. That occurs, and I expect a simple solution. I am currently without solar power during the peak usage season, and the repair costs are expected to exceed $1,000. Finally, Ecological Solar's number responds with an error message saying it cannot be reached. Many things can cause this, but being blocked is the most common. Ecology, you need to step up your communication skills. I hope this doesn't spell the end of our friendship." - Terry D.
"When this solar firm called to discuss their services, they were extremely hazy on the specifics. In a perfect world, I'd use solar energy. The salesman, came to my house after I consented to a home visit. He was also generally evasive when I asked him questions, preferring instead that he give his presentation and show me charts instead. Okay, but I'm familiar with solar power. I wasn't aware of the financial implications or potential cost savings. At long last, he gave me a quote I know I can't afford. $18K. Really? When I informed him I couldn't pay, he started insulting me by saying he had to drive 80 miles to see me, that the meeting had cost him a lot of money, and that he had instructed me on what to say in the event of a follow-up call from the company. Even if they paid me, I wouldn't work for this company." - Glenn C.
"It is not recommended to conduct business with Ecology Solar. They treat customer support as an afterthought, making it difficult to reach representatives and often lying to those who do. Our system wasn't installed until the week before Christmas, despite the fact that we were supposed to get it in October. They kept promising us dates, but those dates came and went without the promised installation of the equipment. The manager, known only as "Brain," doesn't give a hoot about happy customers so long as he is paid. I now deeply regret not going somewhere else, as the other assessment was spot-on. Sara was supposed to be in charge of everything, but she never got back to me unless I called. Now that they've cost us, we can't generate enough electricity to pay the bill until March of next year. If it had been set up back in October, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Never put any stock in what they say; it's all a sham." - Harrison A.
"Ecology Solar helped us come up with a layout for our solar array that would minimize its visual impact while yet achieving peak performance. As a result, we ended up with a novel configuration that included both ground-based arrays and panels that hung from a vertical wall. On a 2-acre lot, the system supplies energy to three buildings (one residential and two commercial). In addition to receiving a monthly credit from Xcel, our utility expenses have been lowered by 85%. The personnel from Ecological Solar were punctual, friendly, and efficient. We were updated on when to expect them, and once they arrived, they took the time to explain their work and its significance. I have and will continue to give Ecological Solar my highest recommendation." - Ali F.
"The entire process of installing solar panels for our home has gone well. Timeliness was not an issue because of Ecological Solar's diligent communication on their end. The installation was a little more complicated than usual due to the shape and slope of our roof. We liked that safety was a key factor throughout the procedure. Everyone we interacted with at the company was pleasant and accommodating. Any family wishing to have solar panels installed on their home may count on us to recommend Ecological Solar." - Kurt P.
"Ecology Solar was chosen because they offered the longest warranty for the lowest price. We have experience with solar installations thanks to the two we performed at different homes. Ecological Solar conducted a comprehensive site study after discussing our choices with us. Their squad captains really stood out to us. We appreciated that they took care to conceal the wiring and installed netting to prevent nesting birds from getting in. They showed us how to check in on production whenever we wanted to during the commissioning process. You won't be let down with the installation with this great crew." - Mark N.
"I chose Ecological Solar for many reasons, but one of the biggest was because of Neil. He was the most effective salesperson I've ever managed. With no doubt. First, he spent extra time differentiating my EnergySage proposal from the rest of the pack. His dedication to his profession was very noticeable. The initial proposal was reasonably priced, though not the cheapest I received; then as I worked with him one-on-one, the cost of developing a system specifically for my needs gradually increased. He was really patient with me while I constantly put the project on hold to work out the financial details and develop a solar energy strategy. Once we got the ball rolling, progress was rapid. I was overjoyed when they once tried to advance my reservation to the head of the queue due to a cancellation. My HOA prevented it from happening, so we moved forward with the original plan. I was impressed by how hard the folks who installed the system worked despite the inclement weather. What a fantastic group of people! It's the electricians. Unfortunately, this is when the problems begin. The initial worker evidently miswired some components failed to name them, failed to complete the tasks he had committed to, etc. The second man had to complete the work begun by the first and make some necessary adjustments. He was a joy to chat with and very approachable. Several trips were required for repairs and preparation for the power company. Nonetheless, I need to know my alternatives regarding the lack of a consumption meter in my system, and we parted ways on that note. After being promised a response multiple times in the conclusion, I was finally told that it will arrive within a week of it being finished. However, we're getting up to a month later and still haven't heard back from them. I once emailed the person in charge of planning the project and never heard back from them. So… Just wanted to give my honest opinion on the matter. Would I hire them again? Definitely. Yes. Do you think they're just a typical, busy business that occasionally messes up? Yes." - Phillip W.
"Ecology Solar was the clear winner after I did extensive research on solar panel companies to see which one would work best for my home. Ecological Solar exceeded my expectations, and the manager was always available to discuss the smallest technical details with me and answer my many questions. I wanted a system made in the USA from American parts, and they helped me design the best system I could get. The installation was completed on time, the staff was kind and helpful, and there was no residue after the job was done. Ecology Solar has great panels and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about going solar. Working with a regional company that was involved in building a system made in the USA was a pleasure, plus they offered the best price out of the ten or so firms I interviewed." - Robin M.

Ecology Solar Social media
The website is constantly updated with new articles and product reviews. We regret to inform you that the page has less than 500 subscribers. Still, new content is added to the website on a regular basis, such as images, videos, blogs, and external links. In this manner, consumers may become aware of the most recent developments in the market far in advance of their release. It's a reliable source of information on the company and the solar energy industry overall.
A solar energy company named Ecology Solar is featured on LinkedIn. This company is small, with less than a thousand active users. Recent updates to the profile have kept it professional and well-maintained. This page hasn't been updated in a while since no images accompany the narration. The page may not be as trustworthy or active as comparable LinkedIn profiles for other companies. Despite this, the company can be reliable and provide good energy. If you are considering doing business with a firm, always check their history, reviews, and ratings.
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Ecology Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews254.6


Ecology Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited Availability
  • Environmental Impact

Ecology Solar Final Conclusions

Reviews suggest that Ecology Solar is a trustworthy and dependable company, and the majority of its clients are happy with its offerings. It receives recognition for its dedication to sustainability and reasonably priced solar solutions. Nonetheless, a few unfavorable reviews bring out problems with customer service and communication. The business does a great job of using social media to showcase its offerings. Although Ecology Solar might need some development in certain areas, overall, it seems to be a trustworthy and eco-friendly business.

Ecology Solar locations

Main Address4512 Vallejo Street Denver, CO 80211
Phone Number7205450829

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