Edge Energy review

Utility bill savings of 25% to 100% result from our sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, customers remark advantages in comfort, indoor air quality, and building security and toughness. EDGE was established as a "Home Performance" business, unlike the majority of our rivals. Since 2004, we have been obsessively focused on building scientific data and energy payback advice, while also adjusting to new knowledge and research that has increased our attention to healthy houses.
Edge Energy review

Edge Energy overview

Utility bill savings of 25% to 100% result from our sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, customers remark advantages in comfort, indoor air quality, and building security and toughness. EDGE was established as a "Home Performance" business, unlike the majority of our rivals. Since 2004, we have been obsessively focused on building scientific data and energy payback advice, while also adjusting to new knowledge and research that has increased our attention to healthy houses.

What Edge Energy has to say about itself

The newly established Healthy families for Healthy Kids assistance program, which offers rehabilitation services for families whose children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning, chose EDGE to be one of its contractors in 2019. The Maryland Energy Administration gave its approval to our efforts to develop community-based microgrids in 2018. A first of its sort in the country for homeowners with low or middle incomes. More recently, we joined up with Advocator to encourage young people in the DMV region to create chances for sustainable home remodeling.

Edge Energy Solar Review

Year Started2006
Company Websiteedge-gogreen.com
Service AreasVA, DC, MD
Service TypesEnergy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and BYD
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA

Edge Energy website review

The edge-gogreen.com website boasts a sleek, contemporary style. Visitors can easily discover the information they need on the website since it is simple to use and the content is structured clearly. The website's material includes details about the business's trash management, green product, and sustainable energy solutions services. Additionally, the website offers a blog area with writings on different environmental subjects. The website seems to be well developed, user-friendly, and educational overall.

Edge Energy price policy

Packagesfrom $2,500 to $15,000
Payment optionscredit card, check, and bank transfer
Payment discounts5% discount for cash payment and 10% discount for solar loan financing

Edge Energy online reputation

Customers' opinions of Edge Energy are conflicting. While some customers have raved about the business, others have voiced their displeasure with their offerings. Many customers have given Edge Energy high marks for their project managers, office personnel, and communication abilities. They also expressed their gratitude to the salespeople for listening to their inquiries and opinions. The installation staff received praise for their consideration and civility throughout the procedure. However, there have been complaints made over the employees Edge Energy used to carry out the activities. Some clients claim that employees damaged their properties as a result of their negligence. They have to be sent back in certain circumstances for troubleshooting. In one instance, a customer was experiencing issues being paid for SRECs that it was due from Sol Systems, Edge Energy's solar panel brokerage partner. Full payment was ultimately paid with the engagement of a lawyer. Customers have mostly had pleasant experiences with Edge Energy despite the bad ones on occasion. Prospective customers are urged to do due diligence and ensure that their contracts are clear, comprehensive, and specify the project's start and end dates.
"The project managers, office personnel, and communication are all excellent, but the real workers they used could not have given a damn about finishing my home well. Edge brought workers back to correct the damage they caused and clean up the mess they made in the joist bays in my attic, but I'm not totally confident they performed a thorough job and I'm not in the mood to look into it any more. 5/5 for the management's integrity and diligence. 1/5 goes to whomever they hired to actually execute the task. I don't believe the latter will return to my home." - Kelsey S.
"For an energy audit, they arrived rather swiftly. I also intended to replace a couple big appliances. Although one of the men was a touch unpleasant and kept saying things like "I'm so nice to give you all this information for free," the audit looked to be properly done overall. It happened a month ago. Despite my several emails and phone calls, they haven't replied since." - Washington, DC
"In 2019, I bought a solar panel installation from Edge Energy. I was expected to get $21,070 right away from Edge's brokerage partner for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), Sol Systems, once I completed my last payment to Edge. Sol utilized my system's poor performance as an excuse to avoid paying me any of the $21,070 SREC sum owed to me, instead of doing so. I questioned Sol Systems about the necessity for legal representation after exchanging emails with them for several months without receiving money. Unpaid as of yet. I engaged a lawyer in November 2019, and in December, they sent me a demand letter threatening legal action. Within a few days, the whole sum was paid." - Jeff W.
"They helped me install solar panels. The Maryland Sun employed them as the contractor for our co-op, which has 30–40 members. I requested quotes from them for a new roof and a whole-house energy insulation program even though the co-op had negotiated reasonable prices for the solar purchase. Their prices for both were far lower than those of the businesses I ultimately chose for those two jobs.Regarding the solar installation, several members of the co-op complained that it took longer than expected to be on the timetable. I waited to be one of the last ones placed for that reason. I asked about dates in November, made a payment in December, and was informed that installation wouldn't happen until mid-March. I didn't start working until mid-June! After I objected since they were attempting to book me for July, that is what happened. How they can justify putting panels six months after the contract was signed is beyond me. They must be installing someone every day or every two days since the installation only took a day. This is a nice issue to have for them, but they need to recruit additional staff. A month or so after my installation ought to have been finished, the SREC market collapsed. These folks make so much money, clever. I advised Maryland Sun to steer clear of them for future projects. If you decide to use them, make sure your contract includes a start and end date that is unchangeable." - Chris H.
"Before the epidemic, we had our original solar system installed, and we were really happy with the whole process. The system worked well, the installation proceeded without a hitch, and the employees were wonderful to work with. We all enjoyed how kind and considerate the installation crew was while in our house. We called Edge to install more panels when we required more after the pandemic since we had such a positive initial experience. It wasn't an accident! We also had a wonderful second encounter with Tony, the salesperson, and his installation team. We can't speak highly enough about them. They complement our house well and are doing a great job of supplying electricity to us and back to the grid. Those energy bills of zero dollars are very satisfying!" - C Anderson
"With EDGE, we had a positive solar array installation experience. They gave us a variety of alternatives to choose from, patiently answered all of our detailed questions about each, and proceeded fast after we settled on a course of action. The crew addressed problems that arose effectively and responded quickly. A lot of credit goes to Mike, Casey, and Henri for making everything go well." - Nathan
"I just had SunPower solar panels and a SunVault backup battery installed at our house by EDGE Energy. They performed an excellent job. We now pay almost nothing for power! They have knowledgeable, polite employees. completed everything as promised at the fee suggested. Even gave us a referral to a broker that offers Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), which was an unexpected benefit. I heartily endorse them!" - DJ
"My experience with Edge Energy has been excellent so far. Roland, the salesman, was a pleasure to deal with and took the time to address all of my queries and worries. Our panels have already been put, and everything went well. It has been a joy working with the whole Edge team, both the installers and the Ops staff, since they are all truly great people. Can't wait for the final inspections and the go-ahead to turn on the light!" - Jared
"Overall, we are quite pleased with our Edge installation. We had quotes from a number of solar providers, but we eventually chose Edge mostly because of the guarantee. The setup procedure was simple. My primary gripe is that the installers don't fill up the holes they make while doing the installation. They had to fish wire through roughly 7 holes in our walls, each measuring an average of 8 inches on a side. Additionally, there were a few locations were they needed to break through an outside wall. Strangely, all of those exterior holes were sealed, but not the drywall holes. Therefore, we had to hire a contractor we located a few hundred dollars to fix the drywall. We agreed to the installers' offer to mend the holes, but nothing was done after that. In hindsight, I see that they could have been implying that it was an extra service we would pay them directly for. Any resulting damage should automatically be repaired by the installation. After installation, everything went well. There were a few small administrative and technological hiccups, but they were quickly resolved. Overall, Edge has our satisfaction." - T. Williams

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Edge Energy average reviews

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Edge Energy Pros & Cons

  • Installation costs can be high
  • Installation time can be long
  • Limited Warranty Options
  • Wide range of solar panels
  • Financing options available
  • Referral and loyalty discounts

Edge Energy Final Conclusions

Edge Energy is an experienced solar installation company that provides quality work and a wide range of services. They are NABCEP certified and offer a variety of payment options, discounts, and funding options. Based on customer reviews, Edge Energy has a mixed track record. While some customers have had positive experiences with the company's installation and maintenance, others have had issues with the quality of work and communication with the company. There were also complaints about the company's partners, such as Sol Systems, not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Overall, it seems that company management and communication are strengths, while job performance needs improvement.

Edge Energy locations

Main Address6854 Distribution Dr, Beltsville, Maryland, 20705
Phone Number(888)-586-3343

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