Efficient Home Services review

EHS thinks the most crucial action in cutting energy use is finding efficient energy solutions. Through energy-saving products and services for their houses, we are committed to saving homeowners money while assisting them in building a more sustainable future.
Efficient Home Services review

Efficient Home Services overview

EHS thinks the most crucial action in cutting energy use is finding efficient energy solutions. Through energy-saving products and services for their houses, we are committed to saving homeowners money while assisting them in building a more sustainable future.

What Efficient Home Services has to say about itself

Every step of the way, Efficient Home Services aims to exceed client expectations. We build roofs of the highest caliber and convert homes to solar power. In a sector that is solar-powered, we are dedicated to excellence while treating our clients like members of our family. We have over ten years of expertise, so you can sit back and relax knowing that the best in the business is taking care of you.

Efficient Home Services Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitegoehs.com
Service AreasCO, FL, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNACEP, BBB, SEIA, American Solar Energy Society

Efficient Home Services website review

goehs.com is an Efficient Home Services site that offers a variety of solar energy solutions for both homeowners and commercial customers. The website contains useful information about the various solar solutions available, how they are useful and profitable in terms of financing. There is all the necessary contact information and links to the company's social networks.It is difficult to find certificates and awards on the site, which raises questions. There is no clear gradation of the cost of services for installing systems.

Efficient Home Services price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

Efficient Home Services online reputation

Homeowners note that they are concerned about the quality of the installation of panels on their residential buildings, which leads to roof damage and roof leaks. However, there are much more positive reviews, customers are satisfied with the speed of installation and the competence of the staff. The courtesy of managers is very pleasant to homeowners. They are happy to advise their relatives and neighbors to use the services of EHS.
"What a mistake it was for me to employ EHS to handle my solar installation. Due to the team's fear of ascending to the second storey, they were originally put entirely on the first floor. The greatest place to put them is on the second level because it is the only location that faces south. I had 10 panels originally planned for that location. I was able to win them back after many months of battle (and a hundred follow-up calls), and they installed 9 panels south. It's much better today, but the panels are now allowing water to overflow the gutter, which leads to serious flooding and will seriously harm the property during heavy storms. He agreed that I could recall to have them move up if necessary when the team returned to relocate them. I'm still battling with them right now to have those other people transferred. I anticipate calling my attorney very soon. Thus if possible, choose a different firm. Because of their poor service, they are inexpensive." - Skilled buyer
"Solar installation and roof replacement were contracted. Repairing the roof went smoothly. incorrectly put disconnect box (Square D). Pinellas County inspection was unsuccessful on the first try because the wrong disconnect box was utilized and was placed incorrectly (within 3 ft of air conditioner compressor). Marc, the supervisor, is completely unqualified. He attended the initial inspection and sent the same install crew out again while setting up a concurrent county inspection without resolving the shortcomings. System again failed the examination. When they eventually find the right disconnect box, they send a real electrician to replace it (the install crew are not electricians), but they never give him a "Fail List," so he is unaware that the box needs to be moved in addition to being replaced. The installation would have failed inspection a third time if I hadn't been home. While work is still being done today, inspection has not yet been performed. I've called Natasha, Marc's boss, a number of times, but she never picks up. All of this indicates that there are significant weaknesses in/and subpar leadership, accountability, and quality assurance." - SteveC
"With this firm, I could compile a book on the previous year. In essence, we've gone through three project managers, four failed inspections, I don't even know how many contractors, holes in our ceiling that took months to have fixed, and a year later—they still don't function well. Thirteen of our panels are broken. They have known about this for at least five months. They appear uninterested in resolving this problem. This project has been around for a year, yet it still isn't functioning. Currently, I am paying both a power bill and the payment for the panels. We even made an effort to delay signing the documents allowing the financing firm to pay them until the work was finished. Nope! Without our consent, they got the funds by avoiding us. We are now forced to use a broken system. DISCOURAGE them at all costs! Horrible nightmare of a company. I can't express how unhappy I am enough." - John
"I advise against purchasing solar panels. The quality of the company's service is subpar. The same electricity bill plus the cost of the solar panels will be paid in full. It can take more than two weeks and many calls to acquire service. Our house is far from their neighborhood, which is their justification for why we are still waiting. Nevertheless, when they sold the solar panels, it wasn't too far. A regrettable investment." - Iliana
"Three months after ehs visited to assess the damage and said they would fix it, they have now said they would not pay for anything. Ehs now claims they would send its own personnel to fix the roof after many companies arrived and provided figures, which they requested me to locate. I firmly refused. They won't be allowed back near my residence, ever. At that time, Natasha from ehs declared that they would not take further action and would not be held responsible for doing so. What kind of business are you working with? For three months, my son's room had four buckets filled with water that were being filled every day. A mattress was being used by an 11-year-old in the family room." - Andy
"The EHS staff has been meticulous and professional from quote through installation. Turnaround times between each step have been excellent. Working with Rafael and Brian was a pleasure." - Pradeep Nadella
"EHS was hired to upgrade my main panel, install solar, and work on my roof. They completed everything promptly; the only delay came from the county's inspection, which was minor and beyond their control. My system is operational and has already passed the examination. Without a doubt, I'd suggest them to my friends and family. Trusted by the BBB and supported by positive testimonials, and it shows. During the process, back office's communication skills were excellent!" - Experienced Buyer
"I want to start by saying that Efficient Home Services performed an amazing job for me and all of my neighbors. We all chose this firm since we were seeking for solar. The sales representative, the installers, and everyone in the office all did a fantastic job. Brian, I appreciate all of your assistance and wisdom." - Mike Phillips
"I discovered EHS after some time spent researching. They offered me the best pricing, therefore I chose to work with them. They constantly kept me informed of the status of the procedure and let me know when the next step would be. Due you EHS, I can now claim to be an energy producer." - Juanita Marrero
"I'm happy with the work that EHs done for me. The installers were excellent; they completed the work in a single day. My sales representative was at my side at every turn, precisely as he had promised at the moment the deal was signed." - Bill Hoefer

Efficient Home Services Social media

Through this Facebook profile for Efficient Home Services, prospective clients have an effective way to get in touch with the business. With more than 7,000 followers, the page offers a variety of user-friendly material, including product features and business news. The website uses the platform's interactive features effectively, with messaging that invite readers to get in touch with the business directly through posts, comments, shares, likes, or other interactions. Additionally, the page frequently posts updates on Efficient Home Services' most recent projects as well as certification data, proving the company's experience and authority in this field. The page also successfully uses visuals to engage viewers and draw their attention by offering eye-catching images of solar projects and products. Overall, this Facebook page is well-designed and makes effective use of a user-friendly digital medium to engage potential clients.
The LinkedIn page for Efficient Home Services is a fantastic platform for connecting with both current and new clients. With more than 500 followers, the page offers a current rundown of the business's activity, including job ads and company news. The page does a great job of displaying the business' accomplishments, such as the several accolades they have received, and offers a variety of links to point users to resources and contact details. Additionally, the page successfully draws in new followers by consistently posting educational articles on the business and the solar energy sector as a whole, showcasing its expertise in this field. The page successfully establishes its brand by offering interesting profile and cover photographs that are consistent and uphold the page's professional appeal. Overall, Efficient Home Services may interact with the public on this LinkedIn page in a professional manner thanks to its effectiveness and engagement.
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Efficient Home Services average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews6274.7


Efficient Home Services Pros & Cons

  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Extensive service area
  • Limited Warranty
  • Installation quality
  • Payment structure

Efficient Home Services Final Conclusions

It appears that Efficient Home Services is a highly respectable solar installation company based on the favorable client feedback. Consumers have complimented the business for its expertise, professionalism, and superior customer service.Solar panel installation by Efficient Home Services has received praise for being completed fast and effectively with no interference to the client's daily schedule. Consumers have appreciated the business's competent and welcoming employees for being able to address any queries or worries they may have.To guarantee that their solar panels continue to operate at their peak efficiency, Efficient Home Services furthermore offers continuous maintenance and support in addition to installation services. Their customers strongly respect this degree of dedication to their needs.Overall, based on these favorable client testimonials, it looks that Efficient Home Services is a reputable and trustworthy business that is dedicated to offering premium solar installations and top-notch client care.

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