Energy Service Partners review

Guaranteeing your company's continued success for years to come by exceeding your expectations in areas such as customer service, turnaround time, and quality of workmanship. We take care of every step, from conceptualization and engineering through municipal approvals and construction.We design a memorable journey that leaves clients eager to spread the word about your business. For set up in Nevada and California, please contact us.
Energy Service Partners review

Energy Service Partners overview

Guaranteeing your company's continued success for years to come by exceeding your expectations in areas such as customer service, turnaround time, and quality of workmanship. We take care of every step, from conceptualization and engineering through municipal approvals and construction.We design a memorable journey that leaves clients eager to spread the word about your business. For set up in Nevada and California, please contact us.

What Energy Service Partners has to say about itself

The ESP team has spent decades refining the method of solar panel installation. Instead of "trying to do it all," we've discovered that concentrating on the things we're good at and giving them our whole attention yields much better results. This is why we focus only on solar installation and not sales.Energy Service Partners does not hire solar salesmen since we are not a sales company. Our Authorized Dealer Network is made up of companies and independent sales agents that help us spread the word about our products. To ensure that we're dealing with trustworthy individuals, we do extensive screening and background checks. As usual, we advise homeowners to do their own research to verify that any solar company representatives they speak with are being honest about their business and the data they give.

Energy Service Partners Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsphotovoltaic (PV) panels, thin-film flexible panels and building-integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPV)
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Energy Service Partners website review

The website's style is straightforward and contemporary, and it uses a unified color palette and plain typography. The site of the organization efficiently highlights its goods and services by using high-quality visuals and photographs. Additionally flexible to mobile devices, the website may change its layout to fit various screen sizes and gadgets. Regarding content, the website offers in-depth details about the business, its goods and services. The website also has a blog area with information on the business's sector of the market as well as other valuable items. A variety of hot issues are covered in the well-written, instructive blog postings. The website is simple to use, with a menu that is straightforward to understand, and links that are simple to follow. The user experience is welcoming and responsive, and the site loads swiftly. Overall, the website looks to be professionally built, informational, and user-friendly, making it a useful platform for a business to advertise its goods and services.

Energy Service Partners price policy

Packagesfor residential applications ranges from $3,000 to $25,000, while larger commercial systems can cost up to $250,000
Payment optionscredit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and check
Payment discountsdiscounts on upfront payments, installation of multiple systems and referrals, discounts for military personnel, veterans and rescuers.

Energy Service Partners online reputation

Energy Service Partners (ESP) has gotten mixed responses from its clients, according to comments. Significant delays, poor communication, and subpar cleaning following installation were all issues that several consumers encountered. Others, however, commended the sales and installation procedure as well as the quality of the job.Poor communication from ESP project managers is one of the issues that various customers have brought up again and time again. Some clients complained about miscommunications and a lack of information, while others had trouble reaching the business via phone or email. Long testing and system-online delays, which cause some customers to go without solar electricity for many months following installation, are another typical complaint. However, there are also good comments regarding the ESP's work, particularly in regards to the quality of the installation and the firm's oversight of the whole procedure. The professionalism of the installers and sales staff was highly praised by customers, who also commented on how well-designed and functional the panels are. Client experiences with ESP seem to be very variable overall, with some reporting substantial delays and poor communication while others are pleased with the business.
"I wish we had gone with a different solar company. It took ESP 9 MONTHS from the day we placed our deposit down to complete the installation and turn on the electricity. Poor project managers provide you with zero updates. Due to ESP's error, there was a significant delay in ESP providing the proper layout drawings to the city for review. After we eventually fixed that problem, ESP then paid the city the wrong amount for the permit costs, which resulted in yet another delay and a brand-new inspection. Our roof was left filthy by the installers, with cables, debris, etc. We also had the pleasure of seeing our neighbors install and begin using solar power during this period, showing us that not all solar firms are as awful as ESP. I'll say it again: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY." - Wish I chose another company
"It took a long time to acquire the inspection, and there were a lot of holdups in connecting the system to the grid." - Tim Long
"I would use Simple Solar again for sales. Energy Service Partners installed. This is a summary of my Google review. Project coordinator miscommunication. The installers did not have the critter guard or conduit for the attic run on their work order, but they were able to accommodate the attic run. Fast and tidy. They left rubbish behind. The critter guard is put after final permit approval and only with the panels. Who to trust? However, the critter guard is still being installed. ESP again? No. Use Simple Solar again? If they install without ESP, maybe." - MAC
"Great sales and installation. My roof has had the panels for three months. Poor communication. Emailing them hasn't worked. Someone was coming to check my inverter at 10am last Thursday. Same-day notice? Should I wait for you? I returned home to get my missed coffee and saw their tech parked out front. Did I live here? I agreed. His vehicle was unmarked, like a gardener's. No nametag, signs, or uniform. Edgar also said that my inverter may have been connected wrongly. I'm in touch with the salesperson but haven't heard when they'll return. I've paid Edison and my solar loan twice!" - 3 months latter
"I was promised that I had solar electricity for four months, but I didn't really have it since the wiring for the panels wasn't correctly connected!! I have no way of knowing that I am unable to check my own system." - J L
"For me, Ester performed a fantastic job. She went above and above the call of duty.was really kind and helpful. For such a useful, kind, and knowledgeable employee as her, I would aggressively advocate for a raise. These days, finding a good employee is hard to come by. retired civil engineer Salvatore J. Principato from the Department of Transportation." - Salvatore
"My solar procedure was handled by ESP, who made it simple and painless for me. They oversaw the whole process, gave me updates along the way, validated everything, and addressed any issues I had at any moment. They have my recommendation!" - Melanie T
"The installers arrived on time and were courteous. The panels look great. Adding two backup batteries will ensure you have enough of power all day, all night, and particularly during blackouts! The cost of Edison has skyrocketed. As of July, it has almost quadrupled, and it will continue to decline. I've received thorough information at every turn. Adam, our representative, has been fantastic. He nearly always responds to my queries right away and does all he promises he would. They have my full recommendation to everyone of my relatives and friends. Given that the city requires inspections and permissions, the procedure is lengthy. There was never any pressure applied. We are delighted that we chose to go solar. Knowing precisely how much I must pay for power makes it simpler to handle our expenses. And the cost of electricity won't ever increase. Getting a quotation never hurts. Nothing obliges. Complete satisfaction." - T & P Dellosa
"I was taken aback by how well-informed they kept me throughout the whole procedure. Both my salesman, Erick, and Esther from the ESP have given me a ton of texts and emails.Never ascend. Getting a quotation never hurts. Nothing obliges. Complete satisfaction." - Martha
"As planned, three guys arrived around 8:00 AM, and I went through the arrangement of everything with them. I said that I wanted the conduit to go under the eaves and the j-box to be hidden beneath the solar panels. After giving the request some thought, he replied that he could accomplish it. Conduit was run and the solar panels were put in a very organized manner. The installation and their handiwork are excellent." - Bruce

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Energy Service Partners Pros & Cons

  • can be costly and their services may not always be cost-effective
  • may be unfamiliar with the local energy market or regulations
  • services may be limited
  • individual energy efficiency solutions
  • access to financial incentives, discounts and tax credits
  • reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

Energy Service Partners Final Conclusions

According to the client testimonials, Energy Service Partners seems to have a mixed track record for their solar installation services. While some customers were happy with their overall experience, others complained about inadequate communication, protracted delays, and installation concerns. The fact that some consumers also gave compliments to specific individuals is noteworthy and suggests that the business may have some skilled and devoted employees. In order to continuously provide their customers a good experience, it seems that Energy Service Partners may need to make some improvements in the areas of project management and customer service.The setup was finished. However, there are also compliments regarding the ESP's work, particularly in regards to the quality of the installation and the level of management exercised by the business throughout the whole process. Customers expressed their appreciation for the expertise of the installers and salespeople as well as the excellent appearance and functionality of the panels. Overall, ESP customers' experiences seem to be quite variable, with some reporting large delays and poor communication while others are happy with the business.

Energy Service Partners locations

Main Address970 W 190th St #302, Torrance, CA 90502-1071
Phone Number(866) 865-4559

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