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Today is the day when we can provide you a plan for your house.There are a lot of moving parts involved in making the switch to solar energy, such as panels, inverters, design, engineering, funding, permits, installation, inspection, tax benefits, and so on. It is a considerable amount. However, Ensolar facilitates our proficiency, so it is not hard. Every month, we assist thousands of Floridians in creating their own clean, affordable electricity.

Ensolar overview

Today is the day when we can provide you a plan for your house.There are a lot of moving parts involved in making the switch to solar energy, such as panels, inverters, design, engineering, funding, permits, installation, inspection, tax benefits, and so on. It is a considerable amount. However, Ensolar facilitates our proficiency, so it is not hard. Every month, we assist thousands of Floridians in creating their own clean, affordable electricity.

What Ensolar has to say about itself

At Ensolar, we share your commitment to a sustainable future. To make a difference, humanity need not resort to extreme tactics. All that is required of us is reliability and efficiency. Our goal at Ensolar is to be Florida's go-to provider of solar panels and other sustainable energy solutions. We take great delight in advocating for initiatives that are not just cutting-edge but also practical for the family home. Ensolar is committed to leading and educating our clients toward a cleaner future in order to improve their quality of life and the world around them. Ensolar has taken on the duty of protecting the environment and addressing the questions and concerns of its customers by providing them with the means to generate their own pure, clean energy on their own land.

Ensolar Solar Review

Year Started2015
Company Websiteensolarusa.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
Backup BatteryLFP (lithium iron phosphate), AGM or lead acid
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

Ensolar website review

Ensolar is a state-of-the-art online hub that provides a one-stop-shop for solar power systems throughout America. The website for Ensolar, found at https://ensolarusa.com/, has a clean, contemporary design that shows the company's dedication to the environment and cutting-edge technology. Beautiful images of solar panels, clean energy installations, and the good effects of renewable energy grab your attention right away on the site. Home, About, Services, Products, Projects, Blog, and Contact are some of the most prominent links in the main navigation. This user-friendly interface makes it simple to investigate everything that Ensolar has to offer. Explore Ensolar's purpose, goals, and guiding principles in more depth by visiting our About Us page. On the Services page, you may learn about all of the many solar energy solutions that Ensolar provides. Solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other solar energy hardware are all included in Ensolar's Product catalog. Ensolar's previous and present endeavors are highlighted on the Projects page. The interesting content on the Ensolar Blog reflects the company's dedication to spreading knowledge and promoting sustainability. Here, readers may keep up with the most recent developments in solar energy legislation, technology, and industry trends thanks to the extensive collection of articles, guides, and news items available on the site. The several contact options provided on the Contact page make it easy to get in touch with Ensolar for any kind of discussion or cooperation. Customers may easily reach assistance and submit questions using the provided contact form, phone numbers, and regional offices. If you are looking for solar energy solutions in the United States, go no further than Ensolar's website.

Ensolar price policy

Packages$3,000 and $15,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal, check, and cash
Payment discounts10% discount for loyal customers, as well as special discounts for veterans of the armed forces, first responders and members of certain professional organizations

Ensolar online reputation

Customer feedback suggests a range of reactions to Ensolar. Some consumers have complained that they had to wait a long time for the solar panels to be installed, while others have complained that they never received the batteries that were advertised as part of the deal. Customers have complained about the company's slow response times to their enquiries and complaints, as well as the poor quality of service they get as a result. One customer complained that Ensolar's acquisition of another firm had a negative effect on their experience due to the issues they were having and the increased expenditures they were incurring. Customers have experienced problems with the installation and operation of solar panels, leading to increased energy costs and irritation. Some consumers have commended Ensolar's expertise, efficiency, and excellent quality of installation, and this has led to a positive review. Staff members are well-informed and kind. Customers that had a positive experience praised the company's open lines of contact, thorough explanations, and kind staff. Customers who installed solar panels at their homes reported saving money on their electric bills and having a favorable overall experience. One client praised Ensolar's adaptability and readiness to remove and reinstall panels during a roof replacement, which allowed the work to be completed quickly. The reviews for Ensolar show that users have had a wide range of reactions. Some clients have been pleased with the company's professionalism and energy savings, while others have complained about problems including delays, poor communication, and unfulfilled promises. Before deciding to install solar panels, prospective customers should carefully evaluate these considerations and do extensive study.
"I opted to go solar, so a salesman came to my home and went through the costs involved, including the battery that would be included in the package. I am cool with this. After waiting almost a year, solar panels were finally installed. My power bill has gone up and I still have not gotten the battery. After speaking with two different representatives, I contacted many times to be assured that my batteries would be installed and that more solar panels would be installed. Sam just called to inform me that I need to pay for extra panel since the firm I originally dealt with has been purchased. I warned him that acquiring a business meant taking on all of that business's troubles. As the guy who came to my house after I signed up for the service said, "When they bought the company, they also bought their workers."The service included the installer returning to my home to complete the job.The client was really unhappy." - Charmaine
"If a corporation brings you flowers after you sign a contract but then treats you like a fool, I feel betrayed and abandoned. There has been no progress on the contract I signed on April 29, 2022. There was a promise of everything I required at the time of the transaction, but there was none when I really needed assistance. Due to the irresponsibility of this energy provider, I have already paid for five months of financing and am still making payments on my energy bill. After waiting for the energy provider to replace the meter for almost three months, I do not know what to do. After calling LCEC today, I learned that the business who installed my solar panels failed to provide the necessary details. Again, as a paying client, let me say what a terrible, reckless, very chaotic business you run." - Jandir
"I am not usually one to write reviews, but I feel compelled to provide a public warning. This firm was suggested to me by my mum, who had solar panels put by them. We put them in our house, and then our friends and in-laws ended up putting them in theirs as well. None of the four homes' solar panels ever functioned correctly. They have "assessed" them many times, with one visit including the installation of more sensors because "we needed more" for the system to function properly. We have reached out to TECO as well. After having the panels installed for two years, the lowest power bill has been $150. The panels cost an additional $250 each year on top of the lower of the two rates, which is often approximately $300. According to the firm, our excessive domestic energy use may be easily remedied by installing more solar panels. Extremely disheartened" - Jennifer
"While the company claims to provide me with "99 percent independence" from my power company, I have never before experienced such a level of autonomy. When I contact the company for help, I am always met with the same response: "they have to review my system to see if that is something wrong." Since I am paying the same amount for electricity with solar panels as I would have without them, there is no point in getting them." - Eliany
"They have been going door to door in my area, cold calling. Even though I have put up signs and notified them many times that this is a no-solicitation zone, the solicitors still knocking on my door. How can I have faith in their expertise if they do not even follow basic procedures? Do not send any more salesmen to Twelve Oaks." - Kinsley
"This is the opinion of someone who has worked in the solar sector for three years, and I trust it. As an outside consultant, I have worked with a broad variety of installers around the country. I have dealt with four local installers throughout my time here in Tampa, Florida. But I had not found someone who would spend the money on the greatest solar mount on the market, one that would be almost harmless to my roof, and who would also deliver a top-notch installation and excellent service to me. The fact that they have a Tampa office staffed by a competent crew of specialists and pros put my mind at ease. It was a good decision to go with Ensolar." - Alex
"Fantastic group of people! They were the most trustworthy firm we looked at, and they were quick, thorough, and clean during the whole solar installation procedure. All the data we need was provided by them in a professional manner. All queries were answered, and contact was maintained, throughout the whole procedure. Everyone from the sales crew to the customer support representatives was really helpful and patient with us. If you are looking for solar energy, Ensolar is who you should go with." - Thomas
"There were no delays or issues with our installation. It also looks wonderful atop my house. The only thing left to do is wait for Teco to arrive and do their thing. If you are in the market for solar panels, this is the firm to go with. If you call, be sure to ask for Ryan; he is an excellent salesperson who will take care of you. Use the "Terrell sent me" line." - Ernest
"My solar panel system was installed by Ensolar in October of 2021. A pleasant business that keeps you in the loop from the time you contact them until long after the installation is complete. The solar panels I have installed on my roof are completely invisible to passers-by. Efficient…At the close of 2022, my TECO balance was significantly positive. The panels were securely fastened and suffered no damage during Hurricane Ian. Having solar panels has nothing to do with the fact that I had to replace my roofs this year. In order to accommodate the roofing replacement and county inspection schedule, Ensolar came out to remove and reinstall the panels." - Roberto
"We deliberated going solar for a long time before deciding to make the switch. We are extremely pleased that we chose Ensolar! Our system was installed in only 2 days because to their efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness. Every day, the installation team arrived clean and ready to work. Fantastic responsiveness and openness to communicate." - Renee

Ensolar Social media

The Facebook page for Ensolar provides users with an in-depth summary of the goods and services offered by the firm. It includes images of solar installations, recent news updates, testimonials from satisfied customers, and information on financing options and tax benefits that are available. In addition to that, they have a lively Q&A area where customers can post queries and get prompt responses from the staff. The website currently has subscriptions from over 300 different individuals. Additionally, there are promotional offers and connections on this website that make it simple to get in touch with the organization in order to get further details or ask inquiries. In general, the Facebook page offers prospective clients a plethora of information that enables them to make an educated choice about selecting Ensolar as their solar energy provider.
There is a wealth of information on Ensolar and its operations that can be found on the company's LinkedIn profile. This website has in-depth postings on current installations, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as news on financing and tax incentives. It seems that the page was only recently established since there are not yet very many trackings on the website. In addition, there is an active network of industry specialists who are available to answer any questions or provide information on the goods and services that are being provided on this website. On this page, prospective clients may be certain that they are making an educated choice when they choose Ensolar as their solar panel provider.
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Ensolar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1324.5


Ensolar Pros & Cons

  • High-quality solar panels with a long warranty;
  • Flexible financing options;
  • Various tax breaks and other incentives;
  • Relatively expensive depending on system size
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Long term commitment

Ensolar Final Conclusions

Ensolar's overall performance and reputation are mixed, according to the consumer feedback that has been given. There are both good and bad experiences, with the former stressing their professionalism, high-quality installation, and energy savings. The delays and unfulfilled promises that some consumers have experienced are one cause for worry. Customer discontent and trust issues might result from prolonged installation wait times and failed battery deliveries. Additionally, concerns regarding the effectiveness and performance of the solar panels supplied by Ensolar are raised by difficulties with rising power costs and functioning problems that have been noted by a number of consumers. Other aspects that might want improved are customer service and communication. Ensolar should improve customer service and provide efficient contact channels, according to complaints regarding unresponsive employees, issues acquiring required information, and a lack of prompt answers. On the plus side, a few clients expressed their appreciation for the expertise and professionalism of the Ensolar staff. Ensolar has successfully given some of its clients a favorable experience, as seen by compliments on their efficiency, cleanliness during installation, and prompt response. The usually conflicting opinions show that Ensolar has space to enhance its processes and solve concerns brought up by disgruntled clients. Customers will have a more consistent and satisfying experience with them if they enhance their communication, meet deadlines, deliver on items, and give better customer service.

Ensolar locations

Main Address8186 Woodland Center Blvd, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone Number8337866749

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