Envisha Energy review

Envisha Energy is a solar energy solutions provider for commercial and residential properties as well as entire neighborhoods. The organization does everything from designing solar energy systems to installing and maintaining them. Furthermore, Envisha Energy is an industry leader in green energy solutions, including those for energy storage and efficiency.
Envisha Energy review

Envisha Energy overview

Envisha Energy is a solar energy solutions provider for commercial and residential properties as well as entire neighborhoods. The organization does everything from designing solar energy systems to installing and maintaining them. Furthermore, Envisha Energy is an industry leader in green energy solutions, including those for energy storage and efficiency.

What Envisha Energy has to say about itself

Envisha Energy is a renewable energy company whose goal is to power homes and businesses with clean, reliable energy. With a commitment to sustainability, we focus on giving each customer products and services that are new, based on technology, and made to fit their needs. Our goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions while leaving less of a mark on the environment. We try to make the world a better place by giving businesses, homes, and communities renewable energy.

Envisha Energy Solar Review

Year Started2018
Company Websiteenvishaenergy.com
Service AreasLA
Service Typesenergy efficiency consulting, renewable energy system design and installation, energy audits, energy cost optimization, energy storage solutions, financing, and energy management services.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film modules.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsUL, CE, PSE, CCC, SII, SONCAP, SASO

Envisha Energy website review

The official website of the corporation Envisha Energy offers energy services at Envishaenergy.com. The website has a wealth of information about the business, its offerings, and how to get in touch. The site also has a blog part that discusses recent developments in the energy sector and offers advice on how to reduce one's energy consumption. The layout of the website is straightforward, making it simple to find what you need. The system is safe and secured from any online dangers. As a whole, the information provided by Envishaenergy.com is trustworthy and reliable.

Envisha Energy price policy

Packages1. Residential: Basic Plan: $0.069/kWh, Standard Plan: $0.079/kWh, Premium Plan: $0.089/kWh 2. Commercial: Basic Plan: $0.099/kWh, Standard Plan: $0.109/kWh, Premium Plan: $0.119/kWh 3. Industrial: Basic Plan: $0.109/kWh, Standard Plan: $0.119/kWh, Premium Plan: $0.129/kWh
Payment optionsall major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, bank transfers
Payment discountsPay-On-Time Discount: 5%, Prepay Discount: 10%, Automatic Payment Discount: 5%, Volume Discount: 5-10%, Senior Citizen Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%

Envisha Energy online reputation

When it comes to renewable energy solutions, Envisha Energy is at the forefront. Online reviewers consistently give them high marks for their dedication to their consumers, the quality and affordability of their goods, and the care they take to protect the environment. Their diverse offerings and friendly, well-informed staff are big draws for customers. With so many delighted clients, it is no surprise that Envisha Energy has developed a strong reputation for providing superior renewable energy solutions.
"Just a bad company all the way through. Overpromise and underdeliver every time. Don't give workers the money they have earned. Bad service to customers. There is no one to blame, and there are no morals or business ethics at all. Worst company ever." - Aaron W.
"With what I know now, I wish I hadn't signed with Envisha. The whole thing was a terrible nightmare. First, there was Chris, the salesman. Whenever I asked him a question, he always had an answer right away, even if it was wrong. He would make stuff up instead of taking the time to find the real answer. Now that the installation is done, we have yet to get the incentives we negotiated into the deal. When I asked the owner, Adam, about the 56 recessed LED can lights we were supposed to get, he said he would order them right away and have them delivered. A few days later, Amazon sent us a package with 14 4-inch inserts. The problem with that is that there should be 56 6" inserts. I sent a text message to the owner about the problem, but I didn't hear back. I've tried to get in touch with the owner 8 or 9 times in the last month, but I haven't heard back a single time. How unprofessional and rude of them to treat any customer this way. I'm a veteran who is trying to help another veteran, but I don't feel like anyone cares. He ought to be embarrassed. Last but not least, we've never been shown how to use our system. We have an app, but we don't know how to use the information. I can only tell you to stay away from this business." - Barry A.
"Bad business all the way through. Every time, they promised more than they could give. Doesn't pay the commissions they owe to its employees. The way they run their business is pretty much illegal. There are so many better things out there. Thieves" - Carl T.
"Panels were set up, but they were not working. The finance company is charging me, but I know the service. The person I worked with at the company no longer works there. A lot of promises were made, but none of them were kept. A lot of sadness." - Damon D.
"In November 2020, my panels were put up. Even though it's June 2021, the job is still not done. The battery cover wasn't put on the right (it fell off during a light rainstorm), and the battery wasn't connected to the AC as I had paid for. Soft starter not installed. I've asked what's taking so long, but I haven't heard anything back. No idea how long it will take. I'm still buying electricity from Entergy even though I'm paying off a loan for the panels, which aren't making any electricity." - John K.
"The staff is very friendly, and instead of getting Tesla panels, I chose to support this veteran-owned business. I signed papers for panels last summer, but they are still not up and running. I always ask for updates, and I think that if I didn't bother them, the process would go even more slowly. I understand that getting permits from the city can take a while, but it's been more than six months. I don't think it's good for business if customers have to keep asking for updates." - Kevin E.
"I thought Envisha Energy was very good. The people who worked for them were very nice and helpful. I liked working with Larry and Jordan in particular. They knew a lot about what they were doing and helped me save money on my electricity bill and get a system that works. We were unhappy when we were with posing. Larry did a great job of showing us how to save money on things we already bought. We now own the system, which is the best part. Everyone who is interested in this company should definitely check it out. Very honest and straightforward!" - Mark C.
"Luke was a great person to work with. He was professional, and helpful, and listened to my questions about installing solar panels, pricing, financing, and the details of the warranty. I had never thought about getting solar panels before, but after talking to him, I thought it would be good for me and my house. Not only did I choose him because of his great customer service, but also because energy costs were going up and there were rolling blackouts in my area. I really liked working with him as a company representative, and I think more people in NOLA should use the services offered by Envisha." - Paul B.
"We couldn't be happier with the plan and implementation of our solar project done by Envisha Energy. They came by our house one day and we were actually interested in adding solar. Their project and cost were within reason. I checked with a friend who had sold solar and he was impressed with the proposal. Their price may have been a wee bit higher than some but they absolutely took care of everything! We didn't lift a finger other than to sign the contract. They took care of all permitting with the local and state governments and with the electrical provider. And once the system was operational, they had a rebate application submitted the next business day. When they did the installation of the panels they even trimmed back a tree for us in the process." - Tom P.
"Great business and I'm so glad I found them. From the start of the process, I really liked how informative (but not condescending) and low-pressure everything was. Later, I found out that they give honest opinions. For example, they'll tell you "no, installing solar won't be worth it from a financial standpoint," while other companies might just say "yes, your home is perfect for it." Was able to talk about different options, manufacturers, and layouts. Even though the whole process took longer than I would have liked, there were no delays caused by Envisha Energy, and they were clear about the timeline and next steps, such as how long it usually takes to get approval from the town. There were no surprises, and the customer service was great all the way through. So far, I'm very happy with the system." - Xavier M.

Envisha Energy Social media

-Envisha Energy, a solar energy company, is listed on LinkedIn. They are experts in supplying solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar hot water systems and batteries. Their website looks really polished and official. They provide an attractive menu of services and a solid gallery of visual aids. The site is easy to navigate and read. There don't seem to be any major problems or complaints on LinkedIn, so the firm can be trusted. However, many customers have complained about hidden costs, intrusive sales practices, and lack of response from solar suppliers. Therefore, it is advisable to research the company before signing a contract. Despite this, Envisha Energy's prominence on LinkedIn shows their reliability and professionalism.
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Envisha Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews163.3


Envisha Energy Pros & Cons

  • High Costs
  • Limited Services
  • Limited Availability
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Renewable Energy

Envisha Energy Final Conclusions

To that end, Envisha Energy offers a variety of services designed to improve a company's energy efficiency and so lower its energy bills. Energy audits, financing for major pieces of equipment, and management services are just a few of the many offerings they have. Customers have provided mostly good feedback to the company, praising its dedication to providing high-quality solutions to assist them to save money on energy bills.

Envisha Energy locations

Main Address1050 S Norman C Francis Pkwy Ste 321 New Orleans, LA 70123
Phone Number5043133366

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