Fastrac Energy Services review

Fastrac has helped tens of thousands of families reduce their power bills by providing them with cleaner, more cost-effective energy since 2019. The future of residential energy generation and storage lies in solar panels. You can count on our assistance.

Fastrac Energy Services overview

Fastrac has helped tens of thousands of families reduce their power bills by providing them with cleaner, more cost-effective energy since 2019. The future of residential energy generation and storage lies in solar panels. You can count on our assistance.

What Fastrac Energy Services has to say about itself

The state of Texas is covered by the services offered by Fastrac Energy Services, a full-service solar and energy storage firm. Our group has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of households in making the transition to solar electricity. We stand behind all of our products with a guarantee that is good for 25 years and a staff that is committed to providing excellent service.

Fastrac Energy Services Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasTX
Service TypesConsulting, project management, engineering design, field services, facilities management, asset management, maintenance and construction
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial
Backup BatteryTrojan, Rolls, Surrette and Fullriver
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC

Fastrac Energy Services website review

The website is nicely structured and has a current, polished appearance in terms of layout and design. The usage of pictures and symbols makes it easier to grasp information about the company's goods and services. The website's content includes comprehensive information on the business's solar energy goods and services. Following a brief introduction to the business and its advantages, the homepage includes sections on solar panels, battery storage, and installation services. Additionally, the website has a blog with educational posts on solar energy and related subjects. The website is user-friendly and adjusts to multiple devices in terms of functionality. The main menu is easy to understand and has a contact form and connections to social media sites. The website also has a calculator tool for calculating the savings and cost of solar panel installation.The website seems to be well-designed, educational, and user-friendly overall, demonstrating that the business values its customers' online experiences as much as its online presence.

Fastrac Energy Services price policy

PackagesFrom $15,000 - $30,000
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), cash, and check as payment options.
Payment discounts5% discount for prepayment and 10% discount for cash payment, financing options with no down payment and no interest for up to 5 years.

Fastrac Energy Services online reputation

Fastrac Energy Services' consumer response is mixed. Some consumers have installation, customer service, and communication issues, while others have no issues. One client complained about his solar system not operating correctly, installation delays, bad customer service, and having to pay for repairs before arranging installation. Another consumer said that Fastrac gave excuses and was unprofessional and unreliable. Some Fastrac clients have praised their simplicity, professionalism, and project execution. One customer had a smooth installation and no difficulties with the firm, while another said their account contact was fast and helpful. Fastrac Energy Services tends to vary in quality depending on the customer and team.
"They should be restoring my solar system. Late May/early June saw its installation and online. Benefits were minor, then none. The "manufacturer" of the device they "installed" would have to be contacted. February ended. They solved it in mid-March. The manufacturer would supply a new "inverter" to my residence. FasTrac advised me to call them immediately so they could arrange installation. Calling on March 31st. You must pay for "labor" before scheduling the installation. Another employee contacted me to receive my "payment" via credit card! Are you kidding? You want me to give you that information without telling me the cost. Set up a $250 payment through "Intuit" in another email. April 6 saw that payment. My power costs are killing me on April 18. I may have to sell my "wife" or declare bankruptcy. I'm still waiting to arrange installation. DO NOT USE FASTRAC FOR ANYTHING! After they left in 2022, I found several Corona beer bottles and caps. Maybe they connected it to their beer bottles instead of solar panels and confused the inverter on what to invert and how! Their "customer service" is laughable." - Sucker
"Solar panels are underperforming. Since June, my energy prices haven't decreased, and I'm paying for the panels. Customer support alerted me of an issue. They sent a component to my house. I ordered and arranged installation. After losing the component, the installer couldn't repair it. My fault. I located the component and want it installed, but you want $350 to return. The payment is ludicrous and allows you to avoid customer service. You're indifferent. Please install this item to save my family money. Mark Perrin would cease ignoring my calls. He was the salesman who lied to me." - Cedric Lewis
"Setting up an RR for solar panels took me a month. Even though I had already paid for the job, I continued receiving the runaround. The customer support personnel needs new training in customer service techniques since they are highly unprofessional and unreliable. Please avoid using this company's services if you must. To uphold the terms of your panels' warranty, you are required to utilize them. So kindly buy your panels from a different company. On a Thursday, the panels were scheduled to be removed, with a Tuesday reinstallation date. On Tuesday, no one came to reinstall. On Tuesday, I had to get in touch with them to find out why nobody came. Ashley said they couldn't come out to see me today since they were late on a job yesterday. You would have thought they would have phoned me on Monday to let me know that. They would not have contacted me if I hadn't phoned them. What you call that exemplary business conduct." - Sara Jackson
"My panel count was raised, but I was not consulted about where the additional panels should be installed. They did not tell me that I needed to contact my energy provider in order to be placed on a program that would purchase back my unused energy." - Rita
"Unorganized issues with personnel and supplies. Materials were accidentally dumped out in my driveway the Friday before, and I was unable to park both cars there. Then, on Monday before we left for work, the workers arrived and could have easily asked us to leave the gate open and show them the panel. They rang the doorbell and asked after we had already departed. AEP then got in touch with me and informed me that I was being double-billed because the installers had a breaker on that they weren't permitted to have!" - Jeremy
"I first learned about Fastrac in the middle of December 2022, and I just turned on the switch to begin my energy harvesting today, in the middle of January 2023. I haven't had any issues with Fastrac yet this month. Due of my night shift, I have been messaging them instead of phoning, and everything has gone well. Excellent all around, from sales through installation and being a part of the team supporting our power grid." - Marpa
"The installation procedure is simplified by Fastrac, and the company provides excellent support to its customers. The whole process, beginning with the personalized design and continuing with Fastrac taking care of all the details and organizing the installation, was simple and uncomplicated." - Jim S.
"I contrasted the system using 4 installers. In contrast to the other 3 salespeople, Mike did not use the "buy today only to save" strategy. Engineering set up my panels and obtained the licenses. There will likely be a 20–30 minute power outage during the installation. There was no loss of electricity. Fastrac will be in my next home." - SimonL
"I am quite happy with the whole procedure that was carried out via Frastrac to bring my solar panel project to fruition. I did nothing; instead, Yessenia, the account representative assigned to my case, always acted fast and efficiently. She took care to ensure that I understood the procedures, and Yessenia was always there to assist me with the solution when she had questions. I advise using Fastrac for tasks comparable to mine." - Jaime Guzman
"Fantastic firm staffed by experts in their field. They handled everything in a professional manner and kept me updated the entire time. Enjoyed the procedure and am thrilled to have SOLAR!" - Matt R

Fastrac Energy Services Social media
A diversified energy services provider with a base in Houston, Texas, Fastrac Energy Services offers integrated solutions for the power, utility, and oil & gas sectors. On the business' Facebook page, a number of client testimonials are shown along with information on the industrial services they provide. In order to establish trust with prospective clients, the website also contains news articles and information about new projects. Additionally, the website has articles on general energy sector developments, which enhances the credibility of Fastrac Energy Services as a subject matter expert. Customer testimonials and remarks regarding the quality of the company's services help to further boost its reputation. Links to the business' website are also included, which encourages visitors to learn more about the business and its offerings. Overall, Fastrac Energy Services has done a fantastic job of establishing itself as an expert in the energy services field, offering beneficial material for prospective clients, and offering a simple connection to the website.
In order to demonstrate the caliber of their services to prospective clients, associates, and partners, Fastrac Energy Services maintains a strong online presence on LinkedIn. There includes a substantial about section that describes the company's services and offers information about its personnel and corporate culture. To demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge, there is also a list of current projects and a variety of client recommendations. In order to further establish themselves as an expert and dependable source in the field, Fastrac Energy Services also highlights their participation in industry-related events. Additionally, the page includes numerous updates more regularly, which contributes to the confidence that users have in the services they provide. These articles include news about their services, job listings, and some chosen customer tales. In general, Fastrac Energy Services has a good LinkedIn profile that clearly highlights the staff, services, and expertise of the business.
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Fastrac Energy Services average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2324.2


Fastrac Energy Services Pros & Cons

  • High quality products and services
  • Comprehensive guarantees
  • Flexible financing options
  • High initial costs
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short warranty periods

Fastrac Energy Services Final Conclusions

Judging by the customer feedback provided, the performance of Fastrac Energy Services is mixed. Some customers have had positive experiences, praising the company for its streamlined installation process and excellent customer support. Others, however, have had negative experiences with issues ranging from unprofessional customer service to inefficient solar panels. It is important to note that there may be various factors that contribute to such a mixed experience, such as the complexity of the setup or specific issues with individual employees. However, negative feedback about customer service and communication is a concern as these aspects are critical to building trust and maintaining a positive relationship with customers. Overall, while Fastrac Energy Services has received positive reviews, the mixed reviews suggest that there may be areas for improvement in their services, especially in terms of customer service and communication. As with any service provider, it is important to carefully research and consider all available options before making a decision.

Fastrac Energy Services locations

Main Address10696 Haddington Dr. Ste 130 Houston TX 77043
Phone Number832-413-0707

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