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Top Solar Companies in Orlando

Orlando is leading the way in solar power, with an increase of 793% in solar energy capacity since 2010. This exponential growth can be attributed to the number of solar companies in Orlando that have opened their doors over the past decade or so. Currently, over 78 solar companies in Orlando offer various solar panels for residential and commercial properties.

These solar companies can provide Orlando residents with a variety of solar energy solutions, such as rooftop solar systems, off-grid solar power systems, and battery storage solutions, among others. These companies also offer professional installation services for their solar panels to ensure optimal performance of the system.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in the city as more and more residents and businesses choose to switch to solar power. This is primarily because of the financial benefits associated with solar energy, such as reduced electricity bills and a return on investment over time. Additionally, Orlando also offers rebates and incentives through local utility companies for those who install solar panels.

Overall, the state of solar power in Orlando is looking very promising, and it appears that the city will continue to see growth in this area for years to come. With more solar companies opening up and with local incentives encouraging people to switch to solar energy, it’s clear that the future of solar power in Orlando is bright.

If you’re interested in learning more about solar power in Orlando and the various options available, reach out to one of the many solar companies in Orlando. With their expertise, you can decide which solar panel solution is best for your needs.

Thanks to the numerous solar companies in Orlando, the city has seen a huge increase in solar energy capacity. And thanks to local incentives and financial benefits, more and more Orlando residents are switching to solar energy, making the future of solar power in Orlando look very bright.

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Solcium Solar

Central Florida’s Premier Solar Provider

Solcium Solar was founded in 2020 and has quickly become one of the top solar companies in Orlando due to its commitment to quality, customer service, and competitive prices.

Solcium Solar offers a variety of residential and commercial solar installation services to customers throughout the Orlando area. Their team of experienced solar technicians can design, install, and maintain tailored solar panels for any size of the property. Additionally, the company offers comprehensive warranties and maintenance plans to ensure customers are getting the highest quality solar panels and the best customer service available.

In addition to its installation services, Solcium Solar also provides a wide range of energy efficiency solutions, such as battery storage and LED lighting. These services help customers reduce their energy costs while also making their homes or business more eco-friendly.

Since its founding, Solcium Solar has completed more than 1,000 solar panel installations in the Orlando area. The company has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and its solar panels have a lifespan of up to 25 years. On average, customers have reported a 40% reduction in their monthly energy bills after installing Solcium Solar panels.

With their commitment to quality, customer service, and competitive prices, Solcium Solar is quickly becoming one of the top solar companies in Orlando. Their experienced team of technicians can help customers reduce their energy costs and make their homes and businesses more eco-friendly.

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Spectrum Solar Power

Go Solar With Spectrum Solar

Founded in 2020, Spectrum Solar Power provides solar panels, maintenance, and repair services to residential and commercial customers throughout Central Florida. With a wide array of products and services, Spectrum Solar Power has quickly become one of the area’s most trusted and reliable solar providers.

In 2020, Spectrum Solar Power installed over 1,000 solar panels for customers throughout Central Florida. Their powerful and efficient systems can produce up to 5 megawatts of peak power, helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs significantly. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on all installations, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Spectrum Solar Power has an experienced team of highly trained technicians in installing and maintaining solar energy systems. The company also offers a wide range of products to meet customers’ needs, including inverters, battery storage systems, and mounting systems. Their knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions and provide helpful advice when needed.

Spectrum Solar Power is dedicated to helping its customers achieve the highest level of efficiency while delivering exceptional customer service. With their commitment to quality and innovation, they are sure to remain one of the leading solar companies in Orlando for years to come.

With Spectrum Solar Power’s dedication to providing quality products and services at an affordable price, they have become one of the most trusted solar companies in Orlando. Their knowledgeable staff, reliable products, and commitment to customer service make them a top choice for those looking to switch to solar power.

  • Many financing options
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • Makes charitable contributions
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short workmanship warranty

Solaria Energy Solutions

Go Solar with SOLARIA

Solaria Energy Solutions specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems for residential and commercial customers. With over 10 years of experience, Solaria Energy Solutions has become a trusted name in the industry and one of the top solar companies in Orlando. And here is why:

Design. Solaria Energy Solutions offers custom designs tailored to each customer’s needs and goals. The company takes into account roof orientation, shading, budget, and energy goals to create a system that maximizes energy production and savings.

Installation. Solaria Energy Solutions has a team of certified installers with years of experience installing solar panels. The company can handle all aspects of the installation process, from calculating the size of the system to mounting the solar panels.

Maintenance. Solaria Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure the solar energy system is always running at peak performance. The company offers regular maintenance checks, electrical inspections, and emergency repairs.

Customer support. Solaria Energy Solutions provides customers with 24/7 support. The company has a team of solar energy experts who are available to answer questions, provide technical support, and troubleshoot any issues related to the solar system.

Warranty. Solaria Energy Solutions offers a 25-year warranty on solar panels and a 10-year warranty on the system. The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the system.

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • NABCEP-certified technicians
  • Relatively young company
  • Slightly limited service area

Clever Energy

Where There Is a House with Solar Panels, a Family Made a Clever Decision

Clever Energy is a leading company in the renewable energy sector that specializes in installing solar panels. The company operates in the city of Orlando, Florida, where it has gained a reputation for providing quality services in the field of solar energy.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in solar energy as a clean, renewable, and cost-effective source of energy. As a result, the demand for solar panels has been on the rise, and Clever Energy has been at the forefront of meeting this demand in Orlando.

One of the key strengths of Clever Energy is its team of experienced and qualified professionals who deeply understand the latest technologies and best practices in the solar industry. The company uses high-quality solar panels and components that are designed to provide maximum efficiency and durability. This has enabled Clever Energy to build a solid reputation in the market for delivering reliable and long-lasting solar panel installations.

According to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in terms of solar energy adoption. In 2020, Florida was ranked second in the country for new solar installations, with a total of 1.8 GW of solar capacity installed, enough to power over 300,000 homes.

In this growing market, Clever Energy has emerged as a leader among solar companies in Orlando. The company has installed more than 5,000 solar panels in the city, with a total installed capacity of over 1.5 MW. This has helped homeowners and businesses in Orlando to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills.

  • Affordable solar solutions
  • Long company history
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Installs many top-tier brands
  • Full-service company
  • No leases or PPAs accepted
  • Large company size sometimes leads to below-average customer service

ProSolar Orlando

Re-Think Your Bill

Clever Energy is a well-known solar panel installation company in Orlando, Florida that offers numerous advantages to its customers. These advantages range from reducing energy bills and carbon footprint to increasing the value of properties.

  • One of the main advantages of Clever Energy is the quality of the solar panels it installs. The company uses high-quality solar panels that are designed to last for decades and produce maximum efficiency. Clever Energy sources its solar panels from reputable manufacturers that use the latest technology to produce top-of-the-line products. This has resulted in an excellent track record of reliability and durability for the solar panel installations of Clever Energy.
  • Another advantage of Clever Energy is the cost savings that come with installing solar panels. By reducing energy bills, customers can save money over the long term. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the average annual electricity bill for an American household is around $1,500. By switching to solar energy, customers can reduce their electricity bills by up to 100%, depending on their solar panel system size. This means that the installation of solar panels by Clever Energy can lead to significant cost savings for customers.
  • In addition to saving money on energy bills, installing solar panels can also increase the value of a property. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Energy, properties with solar panels installed sell at a premium compared to similar properties without solar panels. This means that installing solar panels by Clever Energy can add value to a property in addition to providing long-term cost savings.
  • Clever Energy also offers a variety of financing options for its customers. These options include solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). These financing options make it easier for customers to afford the upfront cost of solar panel installations, which can be significant. With Clever Energy’s financing options, customers can start saving money on energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint without incurring large upfront costs.
  • Finally, one of the most significant advantages of working with Clever Energy is the company’s commitment to sustainability. By installing solar panels, customers can reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change. The installation of solar panels by Clever Energy has resulted in significant carbon savings, as the use of solar energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels. The company’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions and demonstrates Clever Energy’s leadership in the solar industry.
  • Great customer service
  • Certified SunPower dealer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Many years of experience
  • Only one equipment brand offered
  • Relatively small service area

What Solar Rebates and Incentives are Available in Orlando?

Residents of Orlando have access to several solar rebates and incentives that make installing solar panels a cost-effective option. Solar companies in Orlando offer residential customers a rebate from the local utility company of up to $4,800 for systems under 10 kW and $9,600 for systems over 10 kW. Additionally, Florida’s Renewable Energy Technologies Tax Credit provides for 30% of the system costs up to $5,000. The Federal Investment Tax Credit also allows residents to receive a 26 percent credit on solar panel installation costs. Finally, homeowners can take advantage of net metering programs that grant credits on their electric bills based on the amount of electricity produced by their solar panels. With all these incentives, solar panels can be a great way to reduce energy costs and help support a cleaner environment in Orlando.

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