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Solar energy installation and maintenance are the specialties of Florida Solar One. They work to educate residents and businesses across the state on the benefits of switching to solar power.

Florida Solar One overview

The renewable energy company Florida Solar One focuses on solar energy solutions. Along with installing solar panels on homes and commercial structures, they offer customers solar financing options. The company is dedicated to using solar power to advance sustainable energy and reduce carbon emissions. They furthermore provide upkeep and repairs for solar systems that have previously been installed.

What Florida Solar One has to say about itself

Florida Solar One leads the solar sector. The firm currently offers energy bill reduction and green energy solutions to individuals, companies, and government organizations across the state. The company's skilled staff crafts solar energy solutions to fit the demands and budget of each customer. Customers may rest easy knowing their solar energy system is functioning properly because of Florida Solar One's inexpensive, dependable, and exceptional customer care.

Florida Solar One Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitefloridasolarone.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesEnergy Auditing, Construction, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Florida Solar One website review

One gets the feeling that the website is well-made and simple to use after browsing it. Thanks to its clean, straightforward design, users will find it simple and quick to explore the site and get the information they want. The company's certifications and affiliations are detailed on the website, along with information about the company's goods and services. There is a box to contact the firm immediately; all contact details are readily available. To improve the company's openness and reputation for reliability, the website now includes customer reviews and a blog that discusses solar energy and its advantages. The website is useful and well-maintained.

Florida Solar One price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System - Starting at $10,000, Solar Pool Heating - Starting at $3,000, Solar Water Heater - Starting at $3,000, Solar Attic Fan - Starting at $500, Solar Battery Storage - Starting at $5,000, Solar Thermal Systems - Starting at $10,000, Solar Car Charging Stations - Starting at $500, Solar LED Lights - Starting at $50, Solar Roof Shingles - Starting at $10,000
Payment optionsCash, checks, and major credit cards
Payment discountsFull-pay discount of 5%, funding discount of 2%, discount with a doctor's referral of $500, active duty military and veterans receive a 5% discount on the total cost.

Florida Solar One online reputation

Customers consistently give Florida Solar One high marks online for its professionalism and quality products. Similarly, customers rate the customer service department, noting their responsiveness and willingness to help. Lower monthly energy bills are just one of the many benefits reported by satisfied customers who have switched to solar power. Florida Solar One is a reliable solar panel installation company and deserves the highest marks.
"Based on my current experience, I am decreasing my rating by one star. Three of my solar panels are only producing 25% as much as other solar panels in the same area, so I called customer service to complain. After being on hold for an hour, I was finally assured that the solar system is functional (and is meeting the necessary daily average). This is utter hogwash. They don't put in the effort and clearly don't value their customers. I rate this as an O. Do not do business with this firm." - Christopher R.
"On the weekends, the app becomes extremely unstable. It constantly freezes up, so you have no idea how much energy your solar panels are actually producing. My time-of-day use plan from SCE is from 4-9 pm, but the cost-saving mode only works from 5-8 pm (and not on weekends). My Tesla-riding friends haven't encountered any of these problems. My mistake was choosing a more expensive solar energy provider. Oh, and one more thing: weekends are now off-limits for calling customer service. Even if you call during business hours, expect to wait several days for a response." - Charles G.
"Rent, don't lease! Investing in solar panels could be a good idea if you intend to keep your home for at least twenty more years. Problems can arise if the seller doesn't allow the buyer to take over the lease when the property is sold. A "don't say no" salesman took advantage of my wife. Better solar panel installation businesses are readily available. Install solar panels, but DO NOT LOAN!!!!!!!" - Daniel F.
"There were too many problems with Florida Solar One to list. My system only generated 1200 kW even though installation only required 6 months. I had a drawn-out argument with the company. I spent $10,000 on a system that offered false promises of cost reductions and higher energy output. My monthly outlay has risen to $550. They changed the output projections three times, and each time they were much lower. They made a number of errors and greatly overstated the product details, which cost me thousands of dollars. Maintain a safe distance from them." - Matthew E.
"Maybe all solar companies do the same things, but I only know what Florida Solar One does. 1. Be wary of so-called guarantees when you buy a system. You will get a performance sheet with information about your annual output. This is called a guaranteed production. It's nothing like that. Instead, it is an ESTIMATE of how much can be made under the best possible conditions, which probably will never be met. When your system doesn't work as well as the specs say it should, you'll be told it was because of the weather. Yeah. It does get cloudy, so why give you a performance sheet that is so upbeat and doesn't explain or qualify the numbers? Misleading in every way. Don't be tricked. If you buy the system, there is no monitoring of any kind. (I don't know about other purchases). There is software that will show how much is being made, but no one at SunPower checks the software to see if it is working. You have to keep an eye on yourself and call Florida Solar One if you notice something wrong. Here, not just deceptive, but also wrong. Their system is like a home alarm that no one at the central company checks. Monitoring is when your local alarm goes off and you have to call the company. That is the Florida Solar One system, and it has nothing to do with monitoring. 3. The service is awful. Worse is the follow-up. If you don't expect much, you'll get what you want." - Anthony B.
"These pioneers of the industry in Key West have been creating cutting-edge systems for as long as anyone else has been doing so, if not longer. Our infrastructure and vehicles are 100% TESLA. Solar 1 set up photovoltaic panels, power walls, and electric vehicle charging stations. It's completely off the grid, and the house is completely self-sufficient. I have not paid them for their services yet. Expect nothing less than the best from these professionals if solar is what you're after." - David V.
"This is my account. I devoted over a year to learning about the solar industry and its offerings. Since I am a former military pilot, I am very straightforward and unafraid to say what I think. Before asking any questions, I did my best to educate myself on the merchandise. It's like trying to learn a completely new language, so it was challenging. Because of what I have learned, I am now a threat. I felt like I had a lot of questions, and only a small percentage of businesses could provide satisfactory answers (mainly because I was speaking to salesmen). Only one company out of seven in my area really stood out to me and provided satisfactory answers to all of my questions, as well as some that I hadn't even thought of. The staff at Florida Solar One was knowledgeable and efficient. Even when he was speaking well above my head, he was always able to explain things simply when necessary. He didn't waste words or time with b.s. When it came time to begin the project, his team showed up on time, treated us with respect, and worked with the county permitting department more efficiently and effectively than any other company in the Keys. Many of my neighbors who began their solar projects before me have yet to pass muster with the county. Mission Solar Panels, Enphase IQ7a microinverters, and Tesla power walls were the products I used for my project. Each of these is hurricane-proof and suitable for hurricane zones. My project took about three months to complete, from beginning to end, including one month for permit approval, one week for installation, and one and a half months for county and electric company inspections. I would highly recommend Florida Solar One because of their expertise, professionalism, fair pricing, and ability to collaborate with local authorities to speed up the installation process." - William D.
"Our 27-panel solar system, including two Tesla Powerwalls, was expertly designed and installed by the Florida Solar One crew. The group possesses an impressive breadth and depth of expertise. He quickly diagnosed our problem after inspecting the AC and the rest of the house. Although the price of solar panels increased after he gave his estimate, he was able to keep the project within budget. Fast results were achieved. Without us present, his crew completed the installation, and they left the house in pristine condition. They gave careful consideration to the locations of the devices and the methods of wiring them together. I think it's a must-have, particularly if you're going to be buying batteries." - Richard V.
"Not only are they the most knowledgeable, professional, and thorough contractors in the Keys, but he also keeps an eye on my system to make sure it stays at its best. The manager was very patient with me as I was new to solar energy and had a lot of questions. Our team came to our home in Old Town Key West and put in 41 solar panels and 3 Tesla Powerwalls. They made sure to get all the necessary permits, including one from the Historic Architectural Review Commission. I couldn't have asked for a project to go any smoother, and I highly recommend Florida Solar One!" - Joseph K.
"A job well done by Florida Solar One. Their costs were significantly less than those of rival businesses, and the quality of their work was higher. My solar panels, inverters, and other components were easily installed. About three months in, the system has been running smoothly with minimal maintenance. The guys are pros who did exactly what we discussed and agreed would benefit my home. If you're thinking about installing solar panels on your property, you should definitely do it." - Thomas B.

Florida Solar One Social media

For reliable and detailed information about solar energy, visit Florida Solar One's Facebook page. The company page has great images and videos demonstrating their work. Many articles, movies, and other useful materials about solar energy are on the page. With over 1,900 likes, the page is very popular, and its creators are passionate about spreading factual and understandable information about solar energy. All of the text written in the profile is easy to understand. Along with publications advertising their services, they provide links to other information and websites dedicated to the sector. Anyone looking for news on solar energy should check out this great page.
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Florida Solar One average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews204.4


Florida Solar One Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Cost
  • Installation
  • Limited Services

Florida Solar One Final Conclusions

One of Florida's top solar energy businesses is called Florida Solar One. Florida Solar One is renowned for its superior solar energy systems, experienced and welcoming personnel, and first-rate customer service. They are interested in consumer happiness. Florida Solar One is praised for its variety of services, the excellence of its installations, and its reasonable prices. Customers particularly like the company's prompt replies to inquiries and problems and its green energy solutions.

Florida Solar One locations

Main Address4703 Park St N St. Petersburg, FL 33709
Phone Number3055175876

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