Forme Solar review

Finding reliable solar energy service providers might be challenging. Where should you start looking? Our company is unique since we focus on fixing solar panels. This has helped us to avoid the pitfalls that 'fly-by-night' solar installers encounter, allowing us to get the work done properly the first time around.

Forme Solar overview

Finding reliable solar energy service providers might be challenging. Where should you start looking? Our company is unique since we focus on fixing solar panels. This has helped us to avoid the pitfalls that 'fly-by-night' solar installers encounter, allowing us to get the work done properly the first time around.

What Forme Solar has to say about itself

We are Unique Because We Can Form a Team And A Goal! After spending years learning about the technology and hearing why so many customers continued to accept the ever-increasing expense of non-renewable energy to power their homes, it was evident that the customer experience for consumers wishing to go solar was in need of improvement. Because of these four pillars, Forme Solar was established. These standards are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain relevant. That is our sincere, fervent wish, and you may hold us to it.

Forme Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and flexible solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries LG, Tesla and BYD

Forme Solar website review

Forme Solar is an online resource that provides several options for using solar power. Sustainable and efficient solar solutions may be found and researched on the website situated at by people, corporations, and other organizations interested in solar energy. Installation of solar panels, design of solar energy systems, storage solutions, and maintenance services are just some of the solar-related offerings on this website. Information on the financial and environmental gains from switching to solar power, as well as how to get started doing so, can all be found on the site. Visitors may find out how the solar transition works and how it can improve sustainability while cutting energy bills. Solar panels, inverters, batteries, and more may all be found in Forme Solar's comprehensive online product catalog. Informational articles, how-to guides, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are just some of the tools that can be found on the site to help visitors get their questions about solar energy answered. The website may also have a blog where up-to-date articles and news are published on developments in the solar energy sector. Understanding the dynamic nature of the Sun is made easier with the information provided here. Forme Solar's website also makes it simple to talk to and work with their staff. Visitors may often find contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses, enabling them to ask questions and get tailored prices for their solar power installations. The Forme Solar website is an all-encompassing hub for learning about and implementing solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. Its goal is to make it easier for people to utilize solar energy while still being ecologically responsible.

Forme Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as cash, checks, and PayPal.
Payment discounts5% to 10% discounts and special offers

Forme Solar online reputation

Customers have a mixed assessment of Forme Solar, according to their reviews. Here is an overview based on reviews: Some clients were pleased with Forme Solar's early advice, design choices, and pricing. Had a good experience working with sales consultants like Bobby and Grace who were prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable. For several clients, the installation procedure went quickly and smoothly, and the personnel were courteous and competent. One client complained about poor communication, unfulfilled promises, and long wait times when contacting Forme Solar customer service.Another customer complained about the clearance procedure, a lack of follow-up, and what they regarded to be a lack of account management and post-sales support skills. There were issues with the firm's professionalism, attentiveness, and lack of pride in their job. Overall, the evaluations show a disparity in experiences, with some customers having favorable interactions with Forme Solar while others are dissatisfied with their follow-up and customer care. It is crucial to remember that every person's experiences are unique, and that only certain customers are represented by these comments.
"Forme Solar started well. I was guided through the process, given layout alternatives and pricing, and given acceptable answers. After taking my money, they disappeared. My system is still not completely operational after over a month. An app problem notice prompted me to call last Thursday. Candy told me I was blessed to have someone in my neighborhood the next day and that they would send someone out. Since the arrival window was during my workday, I requested a courtesy call with an ETA. I left a conference to answer the technician's door without a courtesy call. After 20 minutes, the guy informed me he had switched a forgotten switch and everything was great. I saw the technician park in the neighbor's driveway and stroll over as I led him out. Never before. In an emergency, that neighbor's small children could not escape. This is reckless and unprofessional. After the technician departed, I examined the app again and found a glitch and zero production. This worried me since downtime costs money. Forme is costing me money by seeming to care when my system should have been up and running five weeks previously. On Friday, Candy told me they would contact me later that day after connecting with a technician. No callback Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. On Monday, I call again. They say Thursday is their earliest arrival. After a week, I tell them that is unacceptable since they are costing me money while the system is not generating. Candy promised to send someone between 7a-730a Wednesday, so I took the day off to resolve this. The morning technician never arrived. Am I shocked? I am somehow. The gap in experience between myself and others on this and other sites is astounding. Their experience was considerably better than mine. This makes me doubt their evaluations and efforts. I am also shocked that a firm in this competitive field could survive with such bad customer service and lack of pride in their job. I should be caring for my infant instead of squandering days off work. As I contact with Forme Solar again, I wish I had paid more for a more competent firm. I believed I received the greatest deal among hundreds of solar suppliers. The equipment is fine, and I hope the work is good, but their customer service is terrible. I will leave the BBB's report on Forme Solar's other failures to respond." - Johnson
"I originally contacted them in September and signed the contract to put the panels on my house on October 7, 2021. I persuaded three more friends' houses since they are reliable. Since the contract signing, someone came to my house to access, and Forme Solar has not responded for over two months. My companion and I texted Leanne, CEO, regarding progress. (We were assured installation would be by Thanksgiving when we signed the deal.)Leanne answered that my house is ready to install with permits and is waiting for materials. ( After almost 70 days after the signing, I awaited her updates before texting her, but I was simply delighted the panels would soon be put. I contacted her again and got an email confirming my Jan 26, 2022 installation. (Jan 12, 2022 email) Two days later, Forme Solar called and openly asked whether I had requested the permission via my HOA's online portal. I had no notion the permission had not been obtained, much alone that they may not have submitted. Leanne the CEO said she simply wanted to fit me in for installation and did not realize the permit was not issued. I instructed her to settle the permit problem soon or I would terminate the deal. Who would terminate the contract after 90 days? That night, Terry, a CTO, said it was a mistake as if I thought the permission was accepted. I cancelled my contract because they made excuses. After canceling, my other buddy informed me he had got an email concerning neighbor signatures. Thus, Forme Solar asked him to collaborate for HOA approval 90 days after he signed the contract.Forme never acknowledged to not following up until 90 days later, so my four friends and I terminated our contracts.The new solar firm wanted me to collect two neighbor signatures and pay the HOA deposit. I have never been asked and I doubt Forme requested for a 90-day permission to my HOA. No offense. Leanne, the CEO, was kind but appeared uninvolved in everyday job. I anticipated her to acknowledge that her firm did not follow up on our permission procedures, but her argument that my "HOA has not approved the permit" was a stupid lie. I do not believe these people's positive ratings. (They may be genuine but so is my review...) I will supply emails and messages if Forme feels I lied. I do not think they have the people to manage many accounts and give A/S support for 25 years. After 90 days, my friends and I had to start again with a punctual firm." - Paul
"Finding a reliable solar energy provider took me approximately two months. With Forme Solar's assistance, we were able to confidently make a choice on a complex problem. The eight quotes I received made me very happy. There are five from small businesses and three from multinationals. There is a wide variety of solar power systems on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. Gained valuable knowledge on power offset, batteries, EVs, and other factors influencing production as a result of this approach. From signing the contract to receiving approval to switch on my solar from Edison, the whole process took around 4 months. Grace, my consultant, was incredibly helpful at every stage of the process, keeping me informed and answering all of my concerns. She was prompt with her responses and a true professional.In terms of installation, it was not terrible. Two days passed. Once the necessary permissions were granted, things moved rapidly. We passed SCE's inspection, and then all of a sudden we had permission.In conclusion, going solar is something you should look at. Forme did an excellent job; I can not speak to what it would have been like to deal with anybody else, but they were informative, easy to get along with, and offered reasonable rates on the tools I needed." - Armando
"Since I bought my EV six months ago, I have been considering installing solar panels, and I just spent a lot of time online researching solar installers in my area. After contacting around four other businesses, I reached out to Bobby at Forme Solar. The change was instantly apparent to me! He was always available, even on the weekend, to answer my queries, and I never felt rushed to make a purchase. Plus, he helped me make sense of the competing bids by being upfront and honest about the costs involved. I admired that he never once complained about the opposition. Although there was a somewhat cheaper option, I went with Bobby and the Forme Solar team because of their stellar reputation and the stress-free sales process they provided. I was able to talk with a handful of their repair clients, and the feedback I received was always excellent. For me, it was always a personal challenge to step in and get these systems back up and running when nobody else was ready to do so. The one dissatisfied client who took the time to write a review assured me that Forme Solar's crew persisted through every obstacle until the job was done. As a business owner, this is really important to me since blunders are inevitable and the way a firm handles its own errors can make or break its reputation. I felt confident in picking Forme Solar as my installation since I know they would be there if I ever had any problems. My system was completed in within 6 weeks, and the installers were kind and professional throughout the process. I am telling everyone I know about Forme Solar!" - Kim
"My wife's coworkers recommended that I check out Forme Solar. Overall, it was a good time for us. They kept me in the loop the whole time and were fast to answer any issues I had. I was able to adjust the pricing and the amount of panels to meet my requirements. They never missed a delivery date. There are no complaints." - Eric
"Hired Forme Solar for advice on switching to solar power. They gave me choices for reducing my monthly SCE bills, and it was simple to implement. Although I had conversations with other Orange County solar firms, Forme was the most informative. A plan was sent my way, and Marlon showed me how much money I could save on my power bill by installing solar panels and making other changes to my house. Their quote was comparable to that of the other solar installers I contacted. The set up was finished a few weeks ago and everything went well. A return visit from one of the installers was followed by a successful inspection. SCE did not turn on my solar panels for a full week after installation. They were really helpful in responding to my inquiries and keeping me up to date." - William
"About a year ago, I had Forme Solar install solar panels for me, and ever since then, they have gone out of their way to ensure my satisfaction. Thanks to Donnee and Terry, I have had excellent care. When it comes to roofing and installation, they have skilled experts. You can count on my endorsement!" - Pete

Forme Solar Social media
The Forme Solar Facebook page is a fantastic illustration of how businesses can use the well-known social media network to market their brands and cultivate connections with their clients. Along with giving clients comprehensive information about their solar panels and solar systems, they also invite customers to participate in their activities. They are hosting a virtual webinar about solar energy systems soon, and the users may find out all the specifics on the event's website. To provide their consumers a better understanding of their goods and services, they also employ images, videos, and other visual resources. Customers may thus assess Forme Solar's services with more knowledge and confidence. Additionally, by connecting with people on the platform, a business may forge bonds with its clients, which can aid in the development of a devoted clientele.
Users may get a fantastic understanding of Forme Solar via their LinkedIn profile. It outlines the business's goal, vision, and values while emphasizing its dedication to sustainability and its pledge to provide products that enable customers to save money and energy. The website also gives a quick synopsis of the management group and their background. This instills trust in prospective clients that the business is run by capable professionals who have a wealth of experience and expertise in their industry. Furthermore, information on the business's operations, new products, and events are provided via postings and other activities on Forme Solar's LinkedIn profile. This enhances the user experience and encourages more individuals to interact and learn more about the business.
YouTube Channel
29 Subscribers

Forme Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews824.9


Forme Solar Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of panels and systems
  • Commitment to sustainable development
  • Trouble-free installation and reliable operation
  • High prices compared to other solar companies
  • Limited warranty on their products
  • Company services are not available in all states

Forme Solar Final Conclusions

Customer reviews reveal a mixed record of Forme Solar's overall performance and reputation. While some clients have praised the management, costs, and installation procedure, others have had unpleasant experiences with the business, noting problems with follow-up, communication, and customer support. Positive comments emphasize elements like friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives, straightforward installation, and affordable rates. This encounter demonstrates Forme Solar's capacity to provide good services and live up to client expectations. But the unfavorable review raises questions regarding Forme Solar's customer support, particularly in terms of communication, responsiveness, and follow-up. Customers complained about unfulfilled promises, delays in issue solving, and a lack of account management and post-sale support competence. A notion of unprofessionalism and pride in their work resulted from these reasons. It is crucial to keep in mind that internet evaluations represent a small sample of people, and that particular experiences might differ. However, while assessing a company's general performance and reputation, it is crucial to take into account the existence of unfavorable evaluations about customer service and communication.

Forme Solar locations

Main Address1211 E. La Habra Blvd, Ste A, La Habra, CA 90631
Phone Number9513823884

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