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Freedom Solar Power is the finest option if you’re looking for a solar company that provides world-class customer service. Customer service is vital to this business, from prompt responses and professionalism to helpful techs and quick servicing.

The highly skilled technicians at Freedom Solar can assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your residential solar system. By utilizing federal tax credits, solar rebates, and other clean energy incentives, they may maximize your long-term savings on your electric bills. They will be happy to assist you through the installation process and every step of the way.

Although Freedom Solar Power comes at a very premium price, it does provide a respectable selection of products and strong guarantees. Also unavailable are leases and power purchase agreements. As a result, for certain Colorado residents, the above-average cost may be unaffordable.

Jed Hilton

Jed Hilton

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    The Nathans - Spring Branch, Texas April 9, 2022 at 7:24 am

    Our experience with Freedom Solar Power was outstanding. We were satisfied with all aspects of the process, from our initial meeting with Logan Dunne when he described each step in detail, to our final meeting when he gave us the “closeout” packet. It included the following: 1) technical information about our 12.75 kW system; 2) a 25 year warranty on the SunPower solar panels; 3) a Freedom Solar Power lifetime warranty on the their installation and the labor to remove and repair or replace any defective photovoltaic modules and inverters; and 4) information on how to file for a federal tax credit and a Texas property tax exemption. In every step of the way, the scheduling agents answered phone calls without delay and our emails within a day. They kept us informed about what day and time an agent or the workers would arrive at our house. All of the workers were polite, quiet and cleaned up around our house after the installation. During Logan’s first visit, he used our monthly electricity bill to determine how many solar panels we would need to match or exceed what was provided by the Pedernales Electric Company (PEC). A drone was used to measure the different sections of our roof and their north/south orientations. With that information, Cristian Alexander suggested where the solar panels should be placed and how the electricity would be routed from the roof to the solar system monitor and our home’s electrical panel; nevertheless, we had the final say. Because of the steep roof and our family arriving Christmas eve, the 39 solar panels and wiring were installed over a 3-day period. When the PEC solar inspector wanted a change in the wiring, Cristian convinced her that would not be necessary. Besides the final inspection, approvals of the solar system design by PEC and our HOA were facilitated by Freedom Solar Power.

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    Gary L - Lewisville, Texas August 12, 2022 at 12:05 am

    I have had two solar panel installs – first at the end of 2017, then second project at end of 2019. I expect to be ‘electric bill’ free now going into retirement. Both installs went without any issues. The installers were professional and listened to my concerns. Sales also answered all my questions and follow-ups to wrap up the project. I would recommend solar for anyone in a high sunshine state and Freedom Solar did a great job for me.

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    GH1 - Austin, Texas October 14, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    All the various members of the SunPower organization demonstrated good will and timely communications to complete the solar system installation on my home. From James Govea the sales guy to various on the roof team members to the electrical contractors and supervisiors all were pleasant, eager and responsive to questions. I did review various solar panels, system components, warranties, financial partners, etc. before going with Freedom. In the end the organization and experience will continue to pay off if the system needs repair in the future. I believe this kind of support both on the front end of a project and follow up to the long term pays off for their customer.

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    LouS - Irving, Texas February 10, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    I had to have two SunPower panels replaced because they were damaged by animals and thus not warrantied. Freedom Solar expertly and efficiently replaced them at a reasonable price and re-commissioned my system. Importantly, Freedom Solar responded to my request for service, while another company assigned by SunPower itself did not. The quality of the service I received from the Freedom Solar Austin and Irving technicians was outstanding. So there is no confusion, some of the questions I must answer to complete and publish this review relate to sales and post sales support by SunPower. My answers to those particular questions do not reflect Freedom’s performance – all Freedom support and service items are 5 stars.

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    Chris Lee - Frisco, Texas February 10, 2023 at 6:27 pm

    The financial conservative in me: $ electric bill has been cut in half. Matters big time with a pool. (There are a multitude of ways to address energy bill based on each person’s economic situation. No $ down is an option but there are a host of payment scenarios.) The environmentalist in me: solar power is a great impact to CO2 emissions savings. Just under 2 months and already 2 tons saved. We chose Freedom Solar Sun Power because of the technology. If anyone is interested in learning more – glad to share our experience and our contact Spencer Sobolik. [email protected] Great guy, great communicator, and NOT a car salesman.

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