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There have been many companies in the energy efficiency industry over the last three decades, but Future Energy Saver has been serving Californians reliably ever since 1978.

Future Energy Savers overview

There have been many companies in the energy efficiency industry over the last three decades, but Future Energy Saver has been serving Californians reliably ever since 1978.

What Future Energy Savers has to say about itself

Future Energy Savers is a frontrunner in the field because of the breadth of their energy-saving solutions. As a result of their efforts, the firm has been recognized by several government bodies and municipal power companies. These include honors bestowed by the California Energy Commission, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and the State of California. Gas Company has named Future Energy Savers its "Contractor of the Year." Adkins also participated in the Solar Roof Initiative founded by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Future Energy Saver has a "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau and provides service across the whole state of California. Angie's List gives the business an A grade, while Guild Quality rates it at 98% for customer satisfaction. All administrative, sales, stockroom, and display areas for prospective clients are housed at each location.SunPower, Vision Finance, Volt Viewtech, the League of California Homeowners, and the City of Anaheim are just few of the organizations that have publicly recognized Future Energy Savers for their outstanding work.

Future Energy Savers Solar Review

Year Started1978
Company Websitefutureenergysavers.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesEnergy audit, energy efficiency upgrades, solar panel installation and maintenance, LED lighting upgrades, HVAC upgrades and energy management systems upgrades
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Future Energy Savers website review

Future Energy Savers, according to their website, offers a variety of solar-related services, such as solar panel installation, solar backup systems, and solar pool heating. The website also provides details on how solar energy may lower energy prices, raise housing costs, and support a cleaner environment. The website has clear information about the company's services, goods, and pricing and is well-organized and simple to use. Additionally, there are client endorsements and a blog area with educational articles on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The website also features various accreditations and certificates that are prominently displayed, clear contact information, an extensive FAQ area, and a professional and trustworthy design. This demonstrates that Future Energy Savers is a trustworthy and respectable business in the renewable energy sector.

Future Energy Savers price policy

PackagesFrom $11,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers
Payment discountsDiscounts for military personnel, veterans, teachers, first responders, etc. There are also discounts for full payment or long-term contract.

Future Energy Savers online reputation

Future Energy Savers has received mixed reviews from clients. While some customers had a bad experience with the business, others had a good one. Numerous consumers said that salespeople harassed them into buying anything despite "do not harass" signs being disregarded, which is not a positive representation of the business's sales methods. Additionally, several clients have said that they have had trouble getting the business to return their calls and emails, particularly when they want to schedule service visits or request estimates. On the plus side, several clients have installed solar panels and storage systems successfully, claiming quick installation and good client assistance. Customers praised the company's personnel for their proficiency in assisting them in selecting and installing the right system for their requirements. Some clients even claim to have saved money on their energy costs as a result of installing solar panels. When selecting whether to work with this organization, it could be worthwhile to take the individual experiences of consumers into account.
"Salesman who knocked on door disregarded OBVIOUS no solicitation sign. After insisting she "wasn't there to sell me anything" and became snippy with me when I respectfully requested her to leave my property, I politely informed her many times that I am not interested. If I ever decide to install solar panels, it won't be with a firm that fosters such rude, dishonest, and ignorant workers. All of the low-rated reviews experienced the same experience I had just now, so I can understand why there are so many phony sponsored reviews." - Nootch
"I have spent the better part of four months attempting to get in touch with these individuals down in Southern California. I have called and called and left messages but no one has ever returned my calls. They are no longer accepting messages at this time!!! After 48 hours, they still haven't replied! I feel frustrated and let down by Future Energy. So that I can get a new roof, I just need an estimate to have someone come and remove and take down (and then replace) my solar panels. Guys, listen up" - Michelle
"There is a problem with the inverter, and it will need to be replaced. The news bits were disseminated quite promptly by Enphase. Since last week, I have been contacting Future via phone and email in order to schedule a service visit to have the components installed. They say that they would contact you within the next 48 hours, but there has been no answer at all; there has been quiet." - Chris
"Still not content with life. I'm unhappy whenever I receive my reup charge. I attempted to communicate with the proprietor many years ago and even walked into the office; but, this was never successful. I will keep giving poor ratings until something positive occurs to change my mind. Don't trust your salesperson" -Torres
"Even though there was a sign that said "No Soliciting" posted just over my doorbell, the sales representative nevertheless opted to ring the bell. As a result, my children were roused from their slumber. It's a well-known truth that legitimate companies don't need to resort to door-to-door sales practices, and they certainly shouldn't disturb those whose homes are marked with "No S" signs." - Joey
"We found Future Energy Savers to be a bit slower than we had anticipated. Within a week or two of our signing the papers, the installation was completed. However, it took more than a month to connect us to PG&E after that. Not sure whether Future Energy Savers or PG&E should take the blame? Once we received our inspection, it took another two months before we could start using our phone app to monitor the system online. If I'm being really honest, I have no clue what I'm looking at. Installation was completed on November 10, 2022, and the final inspection was performed on December 5, 2022. When we tried to use the internet at that time, Generac informed us we weren't registered. After calling Future Savers on the phone multiple times, I finally went online at the end of February. Overall, Future Energy Savers' service has been satisfactory. Despite the delayed service, we have nevertheless referred them to others." - Craig
"We are pleased with the Future Energy Savers solar energy and storage system we bought for our house. Our advisor was Mr. Mike Wright. His skill and understanding guided us in selecting a system for our house. The system with battery backup was successfully installed. The system is efficient. The battery solution performed perfectly and the essential circuits we chose performed as intended during previous power outages in our neighborhood. In late September 2022, our system was implemented. When there is more daylight throughout the afternoon next summer, we are eager to see what the savings will be." - Michael
"The contractor girl that came to our home was really effective in explaining how solar panels operated and breaking down the prices and incentives since we were undecided about getting solar panels. Given how much pg@e was costing, we made the decision to just go for it. We initially had some issues with the system since we lacked the proper breakers to activate in the event of a power outage. The system was finally fixed, and the issue was remedied. Overall, it was a passable experience. And among the best solar brand names is Generac. We are eager to review our bill and contrast it with last year's. Although we had assumed that our tax refund would be deducted from our 2022 taxes, the government insisted that we carry it over to the next year. Therefore, we must now wait for our refund." - s p
"Regarding our energy requirements, the in-home expert was quite competent. We spoke about our alternatives and decided on the battery backup system. She assisted with the application process and helped us find a lender. Every stage of installation, system configuration, and PG&E permits was described and overseen. The team completed the system installation in a single day and painted any exposed wire conduits using the paint I supplied. At final approval, a Future Energy Savers representative met with the city inspector in case the inspector had any questions. Our PG&E bill for the month after the last inspection was $9." - May
"From the very beginning to the very end, the procedure exceeded our expectations in every way. Once the permit was received, the installation of our solar panels was completed in a timely and effective manner. It is incredible that we have a credit with our electricity provider rather than a massive payment. We are really satisfied with everything that Future Energy has to offer, and we are happy to recommend it." - J&K

Future Energy Savers Social media

According to the material on the website, Future Energy Savers is a group of individuals dedicated to encouraging the use of renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydropower in order to promote a cleaner and more sustainable future. On energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions, they exchange articles, news, and advice. The page also seems to be quite active, with frequent updates and interaction with followers. They inspire individuals to take action in favor of a more sustainable future since they also look appealing and upbeat.
The page has a company overview that provides a brief overview of the services and solutions that Future Energy Savers offers, as well as information about their mission and values. The page also has job postings that indicate that the company is actively recruiting for various positions. In addition, the page appears to be quite active, with regular updates and engagement with followers. They share articles, news and ideas related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the LinkedIn page has testimonials from clients and partners, as well as information about the company's awards and certifications. This goes to show that Future Energy Savers is a legitimate and respected company in the renewable energy industry.
YouTube Channel
25 Subscribers

Future Energy Savers average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1494.3


Future Energy Savers Pros & Cons

  • Quality goods and services
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Higher upfront cost than other options
  • Certain discounts require long-term contracts
  • Restricted access to certain areas of the country

Future Energy Savers Final Conclusions

Future Energy Savers seems to have conflicting evaluations and experiences, according to consumer feedback. The effectiveness of their installations, the courtesy of their employees, and the performance of their solar energy systems have all pleased several consumers. Negative comments about aggressive and rude salesmen, inadequate customer service and communication, and delayed installation were also mentioned. Although Future Energy Savers seems to have space to enhance both customer service and communication, evaluations of their solar energy installations are generally favorable. Before choosing to deal with any organization, it is crucial to thoroughly consider their services and customer reviews.

Future Energy Savers locations

Main Address9721 Kent Street Elk Grove CA, 95624
Phone Number9166863008

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