Future Energy Savers review

Many businesses have come and gone over the past three decades, but Future Energy Saver has remained committed to meeting the energy efficiency requirements of Californians. This has been achieved via the provision of exceptional customer service and the maintenance of a business culture that places unwavering emphasis on the homeowner.
Future Energy Savers review

Future Energy Savers overview

Many businesses have come and gone over the past three decades, but Future Energy Saver has remained committed to meeting the energy efficiency requirements of Californians. This has been achieved via the provision of exceptional customer service and the maintenance of a business culture that places unwavering emphasis on the homeowner.

What Future Energy Savers has to say about itself

Because of their extensive selection of energy-saving goods and services, Future Energy Savers has quickly risen to the top in their field. The procedure has resulted in the organization receiving various accolades from government bodies and municipal service providers. Among them are honors bestowed by the California Energy Commission, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and the State of California. Future Energy Savers is this year's Gas Company "Contractor of the Year." Adkins participated in the Solar Roof Initiative under the leadership of ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. The SunPower Corporation, Vision Finance, Volt Viewtech, the League of California Homeowners, and the City of Anaheim have all given Future Energy Savers their highest commendation.

Future Energy Savers Solar Review

Year Started1978
Company Websitefutureenergysavers.com
Service AreasCA
Service Typesenergy audit, energy efficiency improvement, weather protection and solar energy installation, consulting services and energy education
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries and advanced lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Future Energy Savers website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout. The style is simple to use, the color palette is dependable and easy on the eyes. Additionally responsive, the website easily adjusts to various screen sizes. The website offers thorough details on Future Energy Savers, its goods and services, and how it may support clients in reducing their energy and financial outlays. The headers and subheadings are distinct and make it simple to navigate the information, which is well written and understandable. All of the site's major parts are accessible through the menu, which is at the top of the page. Overall, futureenergysavers.com seems to be a well-designed, educational, user-friendly, safe website.

Future Energy Savers price policy

Packages$10,000 to $20,000
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discounts5% off when paying with cash, 5% off when subscribing to their monthly payment plan, and 10% off for referrals

Future Energy Savers online reputation

Future Energy Savers has received mixed feedback from clients. There are various benefits, such as the superior personnel expertise and superior solar systems, which have led to a large decrease in consumers' power expenses. Additionally, as mentioned in some of the reviews, the installation of solar panels and backup power systems was successful. There are, however, a number of unfavorable reviews that draw attention to problems including installation delays, poor customer service, a failure to respond to queries from clients, and extra expenses that are not disclosed in estimates or contracts. Customers have reportedly experienced delays and higher energy costs as a consequence of the company's failure to submit its Net Energy application to SCE on time. Overall, it seems that Future Energy Savers' clients have experienced both good and bad things. While some clients have reported sizeable savings and successful installations, others have complained of delays, subpar client support, and extra fees not covered by the promotional offer. Before choosing to work with Future Energy Savers, prospective clients are urged to conduct in-depth research and read client testimonials.
"Dale Groat, visit my house. Today, I let Dale pitch. Despite my little consumption, I tried solar. As I understood, the new solar system will cost about the same as PGE monthly. Future Solar employees were knowledgable, competent, and kind. Paperwork, installation, municipal inspections, and PGE hookup took 4 weeks. My first full month PGE statement showed a $140.00 decrease from last year. However, this month's Net Energy Meting (NEM) charges accrued to $80.32. Thus, I expect the "true-up" bill in July 2020 to reveal the true cost savings. I'm excited to see my PGE true-up bill in July 2020." - Drake
"The item from Future Energy Savers is excellent. there took us 7 1/2 weeks to obtain the PTO from SCE since FES dropped the ball on submitting the Net Energy App. to SCE, now I'm with a high Light Bill and there's no fault but mine. I just got it waiting for my first formal bill from SCE on Solar. Oh, I did pay for their system, so why should they care about me? Product is good, but FES processors must be taken into account. Perhaps as a result of my Texas residence and Rialto, California, property.What does it matter to them, then?" - K.A
"Had system installed 4 years ago and was told that with this system I would be in a tier 2, but so far in those 4 years I have only been able to get into a tier 3 for maybe 3 months of the year. I have contacted company numerous times with questions on the system's ability only to be told that the system is performing correctly and that I am just using too much electricity. I thought the idea of solar was to be able to use electricity during the day when the sun was charging the system, and boy." - r.sharma
"Future Energy Savers' 25-year guarantee on all components and high-quality solar systems sold well. After the initial investment was recouped by lower energy bills, it was sold as a worry-free installation that would continue to provide electricity. After six years, an inverter failed. When I contacted for warranty servicing, they demanded $325. The initial sales presentation, corporate documents, and my signed contract do not mention a warranty service cost. "Solar Parts and Labor Warranty!" reads the sales pitch. Now they're saying that phrase only applied to the first installation! They won't give warranty service without this money, even though they know it's false and immoral. 17 panels and 17 inverters make up my 34 guaranteed components. The first failed after six years, so if this continues, I'll have to spend another $11,050 in repair expenses beyond the warranty." - Denis F
"In Southern California, I've been attempting to get in touch with these individuals for the last four months. I keep calling and calling and leaving messages, but no one ever answers. They are currently not accepting any new messages! They don't reply within 48 hours! I'm frustrated and angry by Future Energy. So that I can have the roof fixed, all I need is for someone to give me an estimate for removing and taking down (and then replacing) my solar panels." - Michelle C.
"We found Future Energy Savers to be a bit slower than we had anticipated. Within a week or two of us signing the paperwork, the installation was completed. However, it took more than a month to connect us to PG&E after that. Not sure whether Future Energy Savers or PG&E should take the blame? Once we received our inspection, it took another two months before we could start using our phone app to monitor the system online. If I'm being really honest, I have no clue what I'm looking at. Installation was completed on November 10, 2022, and the final inspection was performed on December 5, 2022. When we tried to use the internet at that time, Generac informed us we weren't registered. After calling Future Savers on the phone multiple times, I finally went online at the end of February. Overall, Future Energy Savers' service has been satisfactory. Despite the slow service, we have still recommended them to others." - Craig G Cassell
"We are pleased with the solar energy and storage system from Future Energy Savers we bought for our house. Our consultant was Mr. Mike Wright. His experience and understanding were a great assistance to us when we selected a system for our house. The battery backup system was successfully installed. The system runs well. The battery solution performed perfectly during previous power outages in our neighborhood, and the essential circuits we chose performed as intended. Late September 2022 saw the installation of our system. Next summer, when there is more daylight, we are eager to see what the savings will be." - Michael Frerichs
"Many of the hundreds of companies we considered were unsatisfactory. Friends referred Future Energy. A person swiftly arrived for an estimate and spent many hours addressing our inquiries. Why we picked this company: 1) Excellent client care High-quality goods Family-owned company 4) Home respect 5) Careful and knowledgable They don't subcontract. 8) Ambassador Agreement. You get what you paid for. Extra bonuses: They also roof. They may fix your roof during installation. Our tiles were not drilled or conduits installed. Gridless black solar panels. The solar is modern-looking. *PG&E costs us $.48 per kilowatt but pays us $.09. Since we installed solar in late fall, our savings are hard to calculate. PG&E also raised our gas 40% since last year." - Nire
"Regarding our energy requirements, the in-home expert was quite competent. We spoke about our alternatives and decided on the battery backup system. She assisted with the application process and helped us find a lender. Every stage of installation, system configuration, and PG&E permits was described and overseen. The team completed the system installation in a single day and painted any exposed wire conduits using the paint I supplied. At final approval, a Future Energy Savers representative met with the city inspector in case the inspector had any questions. Our PG&E bill for the month after the last inspection was $9." - May family
"Various companies have tried to sell their products to us over the years, but we simply couldn't justify the price. When your company came to sell your product, your sales representative Kate persuaded us that it would be the best thing for us. Our most recent expenses had been above $500 per month, so the timing was ideal. We were overjoyed to get our last Pge bill! The statement on our bill said NO PAYMENT DUE. So it goes without saying that we were thrilled!" - Marti Cruz

Future Energy Savers Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
According to the material on the website, Future Energy Savers is a group of individuals dedicated to encouraging the use of renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydropower in order to promote a cleaner and more sustainable future. On energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions, they exchange articles, news, and advice. The page also seems to be quite active, with frequent updates and interaction with followers. They inspire individuals to take action in favor of a more sustainable future since they also look appealing and upbeat.The page has a company overview that provides a brief overview of the services and solutions that Future Energy Savers offers, as well as information about their mission and values. The page also has job postings that indicate that the company is actively recruiting for various positions. In addition, the page appears to be quite active, with regular updates and engagement with followers. They share articles, news and ideas related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the LinkedIn page has testimonials from clients and partners, as well as information about the company's awards and certifications. This goes to show that Future Energy Savers is a legitimate and respected company in the renewable energy industry.
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Future Energy Savers average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1494.3


Future Energy Savers Pros & Cons

  • higher costs compared to other providers
  • limited availability of their services
  • may require frequent maintenance and monitoring
  • experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • variety of payment options
  • discounts and promotions

Future Energy Savers Final Conclusions

According on user reviews, Future Energy Savers' work seems to be inconsistent. Customers who have worked with the business have reported benefits including effective installs, cost reductions, and knowledgeable and accommodating employees. However, there were also reviews that were unfavorable and complained about the slow service, defective parts, and unhelpful support. It is evident that Future Energy Savers can make improvements in a number of areas, including consumer relations and assuring the quality and dependability of its goods and services. As with any business, it's crucial to conduct extensive research and take into account customer reviews before making a choice.

Future Energy Savers locations

Main Address9721 Kent Street, Elk Grove, CA 95624
Phone Number9166863008

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