G3 Solar review

Solar panels installed on rooftops may help you become energy independent. G3 will handle all of the work, and you will keep the money you save.

G3 Solar overview

Solar panels installed on rooftops may help you become energy independent. G3 will handle all of the work, and you will keep the money you save.

What G3 Solar has to say about itself

In terms of home solar, G3 Solar is the best. Fast implementation timeframes and client connections are our areas of expertise. Eliminating the middlemen and hefty sales organizations may reduce the cost of your solar system by up to 37%. We are a relationship-based business that also sells solar energy, according to our motto. Our area of expertise is installing the greatest solar systems for the lowest cost while providing the best customer service.

G3 Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websiteg3solar.com
Service AreasAZ, CO, GA, ID, NV, NC, SC, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, Sungage Financial Certified Partner

G3 Solar website review

A distinctive feature of the site g3solar.com is a modern design and dynamism. The site provides the necessary information in the field of solar energy for both homeowners and commercial customers. Tempting loyalty and financial savings offers for homeowners. It is easy to find content information and links to the company's social networks. Unfortunately, the site does not provide awards and certificates from G3 Solar, and there is also no price list for the company's services.

G3 Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsSolar Panel Rentals, Tax Incentives, Utility Discounts, Payback Guarantee

G3 Solar online reputation

G3 Solar got generally favorable comments from its customers, many of whom stated their contentment with the company's attention to detail, quality of work, and customer service. In general, G3 Solar received excellent feedback from its consumers. Nonetheless, there were evaluations of consumers who were not pleased with the financial outcome after working with the organization. These customers felt that the company might have done more to help them.
"I hate to provide negative feedback, but it appears to be the only way we can get in touch with anybody. We have been attempting to reach Cayden and/or Bob his Manager, but for some reason, NO ONE has called back. I regret making this decision. I'm grateful." - Judy Hanson
"I never made a financial mistake worse than this one. I am not purchasing solar panels or saving any money at all. While it is really a huge SCAM, the government and these solar panels lied and made everything seem fantastic. I'm still paying thousands of dollars toward the cost of the panels each month in addition to my power bill. I never got a refund from the federal or state during tax season! Also, you are unable to sell your property unless the new owner agrees to purchase it from you." - JB
"I handed this firm a $73,000 payment and many months before the hot summer arrived to install. That was the whole purpose of purchasing PV. Due to the size of our home, cooling it from July through September is costly. We all know how hot last summer was, and they were delayed, often showed up with the wrong components, made excuses, and finally cost me an extra $2000 in electricity costs by failing to complete the project on time. They tried to make up for all of their mistakes and broken promises by giving me a pitiful $300. When a corporation charges $73000 to do a task and decides it is not worthwhile to reimburse the client for their mistakes, it is clear that they are not concerned with maintaining a happy clientele. They also looked at the roof and declared it to be in good condition. The installer then arrived and said that it most certainly wasn't. They are unable to even compromise among themselves. I don't in the least endorse this business. They are dishonest." - SJL
"After looking through my statement from the previous year, Chris, a guy I allowed into my house, assured me that my payment would be reduced to between $15 and $20. Then it was falsely stated that I had 18 months to pay my panels down by 30%. I only had a year. My monthly power bill has suddenly increased considerably more than it did before, surpassing the cost of my panel. Because of Chris and G3 Solar, I am now financially burdened for this inconvenience. Good work, gentlemen. You have me." - Mrmack336
"Apart for signing paperwork so they may be paid, this firm doesn't follow up on anything." - Hunting
"This is such a great price that I can hardly believe it. This organization made the process really easy and flawless and outperformed every other business that gave me a quotation. Even without counting tax write-offs, I am saving a significant amount of money. Now that everyone in my family and friends is using the G3, it's too late for some of them. Nonetheless, G3 was still able to add a few panels to my neighbor's home to help him out, and he regrets not using them for the whole project." - K K.
"During our session, I understood that G3 had a benefit over the other businesses from whom I have requested estimates. G3 can create the system that is really the greatest on the market since they have access to components from all the main manufacturers. I've been enjoying my experience a lot thus far." - Todd
"They were straightforward with their price and didn't revert with extra costs and further expenses, such as panel upgrades. They took care of all the little details, like trimming tree branches and matching paint, and they cleaned up after themselves." - Paul in Las Vegas
"We get a $9 monthly charge from RMP. Solar is fantastic! They installed it neatly and did an excellent job. We recommended our parents to them, and they installed solar panels on their roof as well." - Happy Solar Customer
"G3 performed an excellent job! While there are many other businesses who install solar panels, I'm delighted I came across these people. My power bill and the number of panels I required for my roof were thoroughly examined. and demonstrated to me the value of the initiative. Since the installation of my solar panels approximately nine months ago, I have not received an energy bill." - Jeff Mothersbaugh

G3 Solar Social media

G3 Solar's Facebook page is a model of how a business may use social media to attract attention, build relationships with potential clients, and advertise its wares. G3 Solar's major products and services are highlighted, along with posts about upcoming events, press releases, and other pertinent information. G3 Solar's goal in posting so frequently is to keep readers interested in and informed about the company. Users can engage in a discourse outside the confines of the page through the use of polls, giveaways, and call-to-action buttons. If you want to see how a firm can use social media to promote its brand, go no further than G3 Solar's Facebook page. The company consistently provides interesting, relevant content, and the page's engagement rates are high. The G3 Solar page can serve as an example for how a successful business page should be designed.
An excellent illustration of how to make the most of business networking is the G3 Solar LinkedIn page. The page gives a thorough overview of G3 Solar's services, including news about new projects and products, employee biographies, and support demonstrations. G3 Solar actively engages with their LinkedIn audience by constantly responding to questions and comments, posting news, and holding webinars. This updates and informs the page. G3 Solar is also taking part in significant industry discussions, which will help them grow their reach. Overall, G3 Solar's LinkedIn page is a fantastic illustration of how a business can leverage LinkedIn's networking capabilities to build their brand. The G3 Solar LinkedIn page can serve as a model for other businesses trying to build successful LinkedIn profiles.
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G3 Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1604.2


G3 Solar Pros & Cons

  • Extensive service area
  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Attentive managers
  • Non-compliance with the contract
  • Insufficient energy performance
  • Support issues after installation

G3 Solar Final Conclusions

In the solar sector, G3 Solar is engaged. The business has been able to distinguish out in the industry because to its emphasis on giving clients affordable, ecologically friendly solutions. A seasoned group of specialists that are knowledgeable about current technology and industry norms work for the organization. Many projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors have been successfully finished by them. G3 Solar looks to be a trustworthy business that is dedicated to offering its clients high-quality solar energy solutions.

G3 Solar locations

Main Address272 West 200 Northб Lindon, UT 84042
Phone Number(801) 754-6400

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