Goldin Solar review

Goldin Solar is an organization specializing in the design and installation of solar energy systems. They provide a range of solar goods and services, such as residential and commercial systems, battery storage, and energy efficiency solutions. They are devoted to offering consumers with solar solutions that match their demands and budgets.

Goldin Solar overview

Goldin Solar is an organization specializing in the design and installation of solar energy systems. They provide a range of solar goods and services, such as residential and commercial systems, battery storage, and energy efficiency solutions. They are devoted to offering consumers with solar solutions that match their demands and budgets.

What Goldin Solar has to say about itself

Our objective is to provide Florida with the finest solar experience possible so they can save money and protect the environment. Solar is the only home upgrade that will pay for itself via energy savings and boost the property's value. It also helps you offset your energy effect on the environment and contributes to the future of sustainable energy.

Goldin Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin panels.
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, UL, IREC, IP67, CEC

Goldin Solar website review

Goldin Solar is a solar energy firm specializing in home and commercial solar system installation. Its services include designing, installing, and upkeep of solar systems for residential and industrial purposes. In addition to offering complete client assistance, Goldin Solar provides continuous monitoring and troubleshooting services. The goods of Goldin Solar include solar panels, inverters, and other photovoltaic system installation necessities. Their interests are meant to be efficient, dependable, economical, and durable. Moreover, Goldin Solar offers a variety of financing alternatives to assist clients in paying for their systems over time. They provide free estimates and bids for turnkey projects, enabling clients to readily compare the cost of their solar installation to that of alternative energy sources. Goldin Solar provides a number of services to assist businesses in lowering their energy bills and carbon footprints. They conduct exhaustive evaluations of commercial properties to determine the optimal PV system designs that optimize savings possibilities. In addition, they offer consulting and education services to help customers build programs for energy reduction. Lastly, they provide systems for managing renewable resources that aid enterprises in reducing their carbon footprints.

Goldin Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Systems: Starting at $14,500, Commercial Solar Systems: Starting at $45,000, Solar Battery Storage Systems: Starting at $7,500, Solar Carport Structures: Starting at $10,000, Solar Water Heating Systems: Starting at $4,000, Solar Pool Heating Systems: Starting at $6,000
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, financing, and cash.
Payment discountsCash Discounts, Reduced Interest Rate Financing, Solar Lease Options, Solar Loan Options, Rebates and Other Incentives, Federal Tax Credits, State Incentives, Local Government Incentives, Utility Rebates and Incentives, Manufacturer Rebates and Incentives.

Goldin Solar online reputation

Goldin Solar has a mostly positive online reputation. The majority of customer reviews are positive, praising the quality of the products and customer service. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and overall their customer satisfaction ratings are high.
The quality is outstanding and the customer service was superb. They were able to answer all of my questions and provide a smooth installation process. I highly recommend Goldin Solar for anyone looking for quality solar panels and excellent customer service. Jimmy T.
I was quite pleased with the quality of the solar panels I purchased from Goldin Solar. Even on foggy days, the panels produce a high energy production and are quite robust. The installation procedure went without a hitch, and their customer care personnel was helpful throughout. Moreover, their pricing were fairly affordable given the quality and performance they provide. I would strongly suggest Goldin Solar to anybody searching for solar panels of superior quality. These are certainly an outstanding option, and I could not be happier with my acquisition! Tommy H.
I decided to switch over to Goldin Solar because I wanted to save money on my electricity bills. I'm so glad I did! My monthly electric bill used to be really expensive, but now it's a fraction of the cost thanks to Goldin Solar. They made the process easy and their customer service was great throughout the whole process. Now I'm saving a lot of money and I'm really pleased with the results. Highly recommend Goldin Solar! Thank you for helping me save so much money on electricity bills. A+ service! 🙂 Mary G.
I recently got my solar panels installed by Goldin Solar and I couldn't be happier! Not only are their installation services top notch, but the discounts provided to me were truly amazing. They gave me a discounted rate for energy-efficient appliances that will help reduce my monthly energy bills even more. On top of that, they also offered exclusive discounts on their solar panel installation packages. I highly recommend Goldin Solar to anyone looking for quality solar energy solutions at an affordable price! They are definitely the best in the business! Lola T.
The staff at Goldin Solar were anything but helpful. They did not provide clear instructions on how to install the solar panels, and when we asked questions, they were condescending and dismissive. They seemed more interested in selling us additional products than helping us with the ones we had already purchased. We were left feeling frustrated and taken advantage of. Anna T.
I recently purchased solar panels from Goldin Solar, and I must say I was really dissatisfied with the excessive pricing they charged. The costs were far higher than those of competing solar providers, and I could not justify paying such a premium. Despite the company's claims of exceptional quality and service, the exorbitant charges were not justified. As a consumer, I felt that Goldin Solar was using their market position to demand outrageous fees. In general, I would not suggest Goldin Solar to anyone searching for a cost-effective solar option. Matt K.
The salespeople at Goldin Solar were incredibly rude and dismissive. They had no interest in listening to my questions or addressing my concerns. After I asked a question, they would just talk over me and not answer my question. It was clear they were only interested in making a sale and not helping me find the right product. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. Franky R.
I recently had Goldin Solar's installation team come out to do my solar panel setup. I was expecting a great experience from such a well known company, but it was anything but--the team seemed completely unprepared for the job, and the time it took them drastically exceeded expectations. The workers were not knowledgeable about the system or its components, and they caused a lot of damage to my property while installing the system, which has cost me extra money to repair. Overall, I'm disappointed in their service and would not recommend them to anyone. Avoid Goldin Solar's installation team at all costs! Aaron I.
Goldin Solar is outrageously expensive. The costs are exorbitant and not worth the money. I received a quote for a solar installation, which was several times more than what other companies were offering. The quality of the products seemed good, but it doesn't justify the high price tag. Goldin Solar's energy savings estimates also don't add up to the high prices they're charging. I would not recommend using them due to their high costs. Overall, there are much better options out there if you're looking to save money on a solar installation. Goldin Solar is simply too expensive. Jessica F.
Goldin Solar provides quality solar products, but their prices are incredibly deceptive. They advertise low prices, but after factoring in installation, taxes, and additional fees, the cost is much higher than expected. It's almost as if they are lying about the cost to get customers to sign up for their services. I would not recommend this company because of their dishonesty. Jil K.

Goldin Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Goldin Solar is pretty amazing, unquestionably reliable, and very well-liked. The page has a slick, expert, and contemporary appearance. It offers a wealth of knowledge and is often updated with fresh, cutting-edge concepts and goods. With over 2,500 likes and follows as of right now, the business has a broad spectrum of market exposure. The remarkable goods and services that the business provides are highlighted in a large number of images, videos, and links on the website. With a few mouse clicks, customers can quickly purchase or request more information about the goods and services provided, making it the ideal platform for showcasing the company's portfolio. The business also publishes some interesting and instructive blog entries that provide helpful data on the sustainable energy sector.
The company's solar energy services and products are briefly described on the Goldin Solar profile on LinkedIn. There are no pictures or graphics on the website, and there aren't many facts about the company's history or services. There are few subscribers and no reviews or ratings due to the page's minimalism. The business page is not particularly well-liked or active, and there is little proof that its services are reliable. The LinkedIn profile for the solar energy firm should thus be approached with some caution. Despite this, the page itself has a pleasing aesthetic design and expertly provides its content.
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Goldin Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1424.6


Goldin Solar Pros & Cons

  • Financing options
  • Professional customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Limited reputation
  • Limited service area
  • Limited warranty

Goldin Solar Final Conclusions

Goldin Solar is a sustainable energy company that offers solar power solutions to towns and cities. By providing solar products that are both inexpensive and reliable, Goldin Solar has become a pioneer in the sustainability movement.  The team of professionals at Goldin Solar has worked tirelessly to develop solar panels that fulfill the demands of both residential and business clients. Their products are produced using components of the highest quality, assuring their long-term durability and energy production capabilities. These solar panels are simple to install and maintain, allowing homeowners to immediately benefit from sustainable energy without facing costly installation procedures.  Goldin Solar has partnered with several local governments and organizations to provide clients with valuable incentives. These incentives allow household and business clients to reduce their energy costs and support environment.  Moreover, Goldin Solar offers a variety of financing alternatives that make investing in solar energy solutions easier for households and businesses. Goldin Solar has created a reliable and inexpensive renewable energy solution.

Goldin Solar locations

Main Address1382 NW 78th Ave, Doral, FL 33122
Phone Number3054699790

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