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Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) are the services that GreenLancer offers for solar power installations. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are used in homes, businesses, and utilities, and the firm assists with their design and construction.

GreenLancer overview

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) are the services that GreenLancer offers for solar power installations. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are used in homes, businesses, and utilities, and the firm assists with their design and construction.

What GreenLancer has to say about itself

GreenLancer we are a cutting-edge solar energy firm changing the way society views clean power. We are committed to giving our clients the greatest solar energy solutions possible by using only the most advanced solar panel technology. Our green products and services are designed to help you save costs and reduce your impact on the planet. We work hard to meet the diverse demands of our clientele by developing solar power systems that are both dependable and affordable.

GreenLancer Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasMI
Service TypesDesign and engineering, permitting and interconnection support, construction management, and system commissioning.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow batteries.

GreenLancer website review, the company's main website, is sleek and sophisticated. Their website includes thorough descriptions of the services and goods they provide in addition to contact details. Potential buyers might benefit from reading about the experiences of other customers on the website. The website is credible and trustworthy since it is easy to navigate and contains accurate and up-to-date information about the organization. The website offers a safe payment option and responsive customer service representatives for any questions or problems. As a result, clients may have faith in the services provided by and consider it a dependable and trustworthy website.

GreenLancer price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package: Starting at $5,499, Business Solar Package: Starting at $7,599, Commercial Solar Package: Starting at $17,999, Solar Battery Package: Starting at $13,999, Solar Hot Water Package: Starting at $5,299, Solar Pool Heating Package: Starting at $3,899
Payment optionsCash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% off for Military, Senior Citizens, and Public Service Employees, 5% off for customers who choose to finance their purchase, 5% off for customers who purchase multiple solar systems, 5% off for customers who refer a friend, 5% off for customers who purchase additional services, 2% off for customers who sign up for an annual service plan.

GreenLancer online reputation

GreenLancer is the industry standard when it comes to home and commercial solar energy systems. Online testimonials often highlight the store's competitive pricing, prompt service, and kind employees. Customers also appreciate how quickly and easily the company can adapt to their unique needs throughout the installation process. Customers also like that GreenLancer offers many different methods of payment and that the business consistently introduces innovative new products.
"Inquired about pricing. Several times they brought up the fact that we had gotten solar incentives for the installation at our previous home. No worries, we can obtain them again without a hitch. My wife and I have been requested to alter our rates notice to include a fictitious tenant's name so that I may qualify for a government subsidy. Ridiculous. Now we're being harassed by calls and texts despite my having explicitly requested that they cease such communication and honor our request to cancel and return our money." - Robert F.
"I've been trying to get in touch with someone named Luke from GreenLancer about fixing an inverter problem that has persisted since I first registered for a job with the company back in November. However, Luke has been avoiding my calls in favor of someone named Malcolm, who has been absolutely no help whatsoever. Malcolm also refused to put me in touch with a manager when I asked to speak to one." - Hunter F.
"Although the smart monitoring device is part of the quoted price, it was not installed when the solar panels were put up on December 8th. I informed the installers, and he called GreenLancer to check on it, but they assured me everything would be OK. When I contacted the sales department, I was informed that the smart device was meant to be installed but that no one had bothered to do it. They've followed up with the relevant division, but no action has been taken as of yet. Soon it will be time to shut down for the holidays, but I doubt the solar power system will be commissioned in time for us to use it before next Christmas." - Thomas J.
"The testimonials for this phony business are also phony, so you shouldn't waste your time with them. The salespeople are useless; they'll assure you that you have everything you need before explaining why they can't supply it when the time comes for installation. GreenLancer's reviews outnumber those written by actual consumers, but only somewhat...." - Adrian D.
"The system was purchased in October 2021. After waiting a while, I finally decided to phone them. They kept telling me "next week" when I called. After five months (through the whole summer), I gave them one month to choose an installation date. After waiting another 3 weeks, they indicated they were unable to install the system. I lost almost $1,250 in power savings over the course of six months since their pricing was just marginally better than the following offer. They never called me; I always had to initiate contact. It was common for them to ignore my emails. No installation date was ever provided. Avoid working with them at all costs!" - Wyatt B.
"Provided a quote promptly after receiving an email inquiry. The wide variety of solutions might be easily chosen thanks to the offered information. A replacement for the old system was provided immediately, and it was taken out. The installation team performed a fantastic job from start to finish, including cleanup, system handoff, and removal of the old equipment." - Julian R.
"We decided to go with GreenLancer to install our solar panels. The salesperson was very helpful in explaining the system's features to me. Took the plunge and bought a Fronius inverter and JA panels. The time for the installment has been scheduled. These GreenLancer folks were great. Despite the heat, they got a lot done that day. Work was completed successfully, and the system was operational by the end of the day. I applaud your efforts." - Luis D.
"When the inverter app on my phone stopped showing daily statistics, I contacted GreenLancer. A specialist was sent to my house promptly to check out the problem. Daily updates and proactive communication were supplied by the GreenLancer team. They made sure I was satisfied with the resolution by checking in thereafter. Superior dedication to the happiness of their clientele." - Henry P.
"My daughter's solar panel system was expertly installed by GreenLancer. The whole procedure, beginning with the first phone call, has been easy and speedy. The installers were kind and efficient, and they cleaned up after themselves well. The job was great, and the follow-up to make sure we were satisfied was excellent. For our second solar installation, we went with GreenLancer. Their quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism are all top-notch. Strongly suggest using GreenLancer." - Ian V.
"We needed to replace the outdated solar system that came with the home we bought. I have finished my investigation on solar inverters and panel installations. I was offered 6 bids and decided on GreenLancer. The panels and inverter were made by reputable companies. The cost was really reasonable. A representative checked the electrical box and responded to any inquiries after we accepted their pricing. The setup was a breeze. The scheduled installation time arrived on the appointed day. Without a hitch, he took out the old system and put in the new one. He took the time to explain everything to me and even assisted me in creating an account with Fronius so that I can keep tabs on the system. All documentation was done by the installer and by Cole. When I wrote with queries while waiting for installation, I always received a response the same day or the morning of the next day. As a suggestion, try out GreenLancer... Easy purchasing/installation procedure and helpful staff contributed to a positive experience." - Alex A.

GreenLancer Social media
The Facebook following of the solar energy startup GreenLancer is substantial and engaged. The company page has appealing graphics that grab attention and has a polished, professional appearance. Over 1,900 followers on the summary page show how well-liked and well-known the page is. The page's material, which includes press releases, articles, images, reviews, user comments, and more, is always current and educational. A wide range of useful materials are also accessible, including calculators and design resources. There are references to helpful websites that provide even more in-depth details. The website has both a direct message tool and customer care support, making it a simple and dependable method to get in touch and ask for assistance with any questions. For anyone curious about the business and solar energy, the GreenLancer Facebook page is well worth a visit.
A solar energy startup called Greenlancer is active on the social networking site LinkedIn. With images of happy customers and their solar panel equipment, the website has a clean and professional look. Additionally, there are news articles and links to blog postings so that readers may learn more about the most recent advancements in the energy sector. All of these characteristics give it a reliable vibe. Greenlancer is a go-to source for solar energy on LinkedIn thanks to its more than 2,000 followers. The page is often updated with fresh content, engaging in dialog with other companies, and informing its fans. The Greenlancer website is an excellent resource for both seasoned and inexperienced solar energy seekers looking for advice on leading a greener lifestyle or the most recent advancements in solar panel technology.
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GreenLancer average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews285


GreenLancer Pros & Cons

  • Flexible
  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • Limited Geographic Reach
  • Cost
  • Limited Scope of Services

GreenLancer Final Conclusions

GreenLancer is a solar energy company that provides installation and design services to homes and businesses. Solar panel installation, repair, and maintenance are just some of the solar services they provide. The organization consistently receives high marks from customers for the quality of its services, the friendliness of its staff, and the expertise of its specialists.

GreenLancer locations

Main Address500 Woodward Ave Suite 2125, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone Number8664361440

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