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Greentech Renewables is a renewable energy firm that focuses on harnessing clean energy from renewable resources including the sun, the wind, and the earth's geothermal heat. The company's primary mission is to serve the energy needs of commercial, industrial, and governmental clients.

Greentech Renewables overview

Greentech Renewables is a renewable energy firm that focuses on harnessing clean energy from renewable resources including the sun, the wind, and the earth's geothermal heat. The company's primary mission is to serve the energy needs of commercial, industrial, and governmental clients.

What Greentech Renewables has to say about itself

Greentech Renewables wants to be the most trusted distributor in the renewables business, providing clients with the proper tools and informational resources to design, finance, market, and install PV and energy storage systems efficiently and cost-effectively. Our basic principles of "Service, Integrity, and Reliability" help form our culture as we aim to build true client connections.

Greentech Renewables Solar Review

Year Started1957
Service AreasAR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI
Service TypesDesign and installation, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency assessments and upgrades, energy/utility bill analysis, electrical engineering services, expert consultation services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryGel, lithium-ion, and lead acid batteries.

Greentech Renewables website review

The website contains a lot of data about Greentech Renewables and its offerings. The website is simple to use and filled with information about the business and its offerings. There is also a blog area, with plenty of great content on renewable energy and green living. Information on how to get in touch with customer service and other departments is included on the site. The website, in general, can be trusted and offers trustworthy data. It's a fantastic tool for anybody curious about the business and its products because fresh content is added often.

Greentech Renewables price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package: starts at $4,999, Business Solar Package: starts at $7,999, Battery Storage Package: starts at $2,999, Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): starts at $3,999, Solar-Plus-Storage Package: starts at $5,999, Solar-Plus-Storage PPA: starts at $4,999
Payment optionsCash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), electronic checks, PayPal, and personal checks.
Payment discounts10% discount for bulk orders, 5% discount for first-time customers, 2% discount for returning customers, 10% discount for referrals, 10% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for seniors, 5% discount for non-profit organizations

Greentech Renewables online reputation

Greentech Renewables is a renewable energy service provider that serves both business and residential clients. People who have dealt with this organization online have nothing but praise for their competent personnel, affordable rates, and speedy and courteous service. Many customers have expressed appreciation for the company's dedication to environmental responsibility by praising the efficiency of their solar panel installations and the convenience of switching to green energy.
"The company is willing to talk to you and call you before installation, but after that, the service is just AWFUL. I am paying the company for a non functioning solar system that they installed. They only care about making money and they don't care that I am disabled and have a low income. DO NOT USE THIS TWO BUSINESSES I think you will regret this decision as much as I do." - Elijah K.
"If there was a way to provide a negative rating, I would. I would say right from the bat that they are lying. They show you a stunning image till they hurry to install the panels. After then, we were unable to get in touch with anybody or the sales representative, who introduces himself as the manager. The panels are up but they didn't pass inspection, so now we're waiting for who knows what; the worst part is the financing department's ridiculous practice of charging a customer for panels that haven't passed inspection and service isn't even operational. We were promised three months of service when we began paying in January, but we have no clue when the panels will begin functioning." - Tyler W.
"After we were given false information about a local ordinance requiring a cidblock foundation to be installed before work could begin, the delivery of the panels is delayed by five weeks. The contractor arrives and then leaves immediately (permits can be obtained from the municipality). Many attempts were made to contact the manager over the course of seven days. I keep track of every interaction and you should do the same. (Sounds questionable). It sounds like they may sue if you terminate the deal. This makes it clear that they have previous court experience. My assessment is based on my own experience, however, it appears that I am not alone in my disapproval." - Dylan T.
"Greentech Renewables sent us a certified letter less than a week after finishing our solar installation, warning us that they would file a lien on our home if they were not paid in full. They didn't even wait for the dust to settle from the renovations before mailing the notification. To anybody thinking of working with Greentech Renewables, I hope you read this before. No one likes it when their property rights are threatened. If I were advising Greentech Renewables, I'd tell them to take it easy on the legal action. This is NOT a reflection on the integrity of any contractor or subcontractor is written at the top of their notice, which is hilarious." - Caleb F.
"I made a purchase order to Greentech Renewables in August of 2022 for components to install a solar array on the roof of my house. I later realized that I had been overcharged $400 because they had calculated the cost of the rack based on a 10 degree tilt rather than the 5 degree tilt that I had requested. After our conversation, they assured me of a $400 return. After waiting a few days, I saw that my whole purchase had been voided. I thought this was simply how they handled refunds, by canceling the incorrect purchase and placing a new one. However, after a week or two passed with no charge showing up on my credit card, I phoned them and they informed me that the panels I had planned to purchase from them had been sold to someone else and they would not be receiving any more of that sort. Why did you sell the panels I agreed to purchase and had paid for to someone else? Simply said, my purchase was canceled." - Gavin C.
"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Matthew and his group. Extremely competent and pleasant to work with. Regularly updated us and responded quickly to our inquiries. Even though there were holdups due to supply problems, I'm satisfied with the overall schedule. This is why, despite the delays, I rated "On schedule" as 5 stars overall. No other provider came close to matching our prices. Not only that, but I never felt more certain that the task will be done properly by any other provider. Excellent quality was achieved throughout the task. The system's long-term viability, in addition to its cost, was taken into account. In my opinion, it says a lot." - David M.
"Greentech Renewables put in our whole solar system, including 26 solar panels with a combined output of 10 kW and 3 Li-Ion batteries with a combined capacity of 38 kWh, last year. Even though the price of electricity is likely to be over the roof right now, our most recent bill was just $48. Andrew and his team were a pleasure to deal with, and he went above and beyond to get materials despite difficulties sourcing them due to production constraints on a worldwide scale. Because with Greentech Renewables, we are able to be somewhat self-sufficient in our energy needs, which is very valuable in these times of economic uncertainty." - Joseph L.
"My new solar system (10 kW with a 9.2 kWh battery) made me very happy. It was a pleasure to work with right from the start. The proposal was detailed and contained all the information I needed to move the project forward with confidence. The inspectors praised the neatness and efficiency of the installation, as well as the high quality of the components and work. After completing the installation, I had a few questions and needed assistance and the company was quick to respond. I recommend Greentech Renewables without reservation." - Logan M.
"When I first started looking for a firm to install solar panels on my home, experience and knowledge was high on my list of priorities. While there are many similar firms out there, no one in the area can compare to Greentech Renewables. Representatives from the company went to great lengths to develop a plan and answer my many questions. Watching them install the system, I got the impression that they were well versed in all aspects of it. We are thrilled with our new system as our monthly energy costs have dropped to zero. We save our electricity supplier credits for the winter months when there is less sunshine and use them during the summer. I highly recommend contacting Greentech Renewables." - James N.
"It was a large system (30 kW) that was connected to the grid, but did not use batteries. There were almost 100 panels installed between the main structure and the garage. (connected). David was very communicative and kept me informed of his availability and arrival time for work. Everything went according to plan and when the job was done, the system was ready to go and tested brilliantly. I found Greentech Renewables to be reliable and honest." - Benjamin G.

Greentech Renewables Social media
If you're interested in solar energy and want to stay abreast of the newest advances in the field, the Greentech Renewables Facebook page is the place to go. The website looks very polished and is constantly updated with new content (both text and media). Over 5,500 people have liked it, and there have been hundreds of comments and hundreds more shares. In addition to engaging postings, the website also has relevant images, videos, and articles on the topic of renewable energy. Greentech Renewables's Facebook page seems to be an excellent resource for anybody interested in keeping up with developments in the solar energy industry.
Greentech Renewables, a solar energy company, has an honest profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It gives the impression of being professional and well-maintained, and the fresh content includes both corporate news and job openings. With more than 11,000 people following its page, Greentech Renewables certainly seems like a reliable company. The page is a great resource for information about the company, and the Careers tab is a great place to find a job. To further engage a global audience, the site also provides information about the benefits of renewable energy. Overall, Greentech Renewables' LinkedIn profile is a great resource.
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Greentech Renewables average reviews

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Google reviews44.8


Greentech Renewables Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • High initial costs
  • Long payback period
  • Weather Dependent

Greentech Renewables Final Conclusions

Greentech Renewables is a renewable energy firm that specializes in solar energy systems. The company's priority is to advise and assist customers in taking environmentally responsible measures. Consumers give Greentech Renewables excellent marks for its dedication to customers, the quality of its products, and its environmental friendliness.

Greentech Renewables locations

Main Address400 Sharkey Drive Suite 3 Maumelle, AR 72113
Phone Number5014590255

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