HelioPower review

In addition to installing solar panels, solar energy management systems, and home battery storage solutions, HelioPower is also an energy efficiency firm. Turnkey solar solutions are provided by HelioPower, which develops and engineers solar systems for both residential and commercial clients.
HelioPower review

HelioPower overview

In addition to installing solar panels, solar energy management systems, and home battery storage solutions, HelioPower is also an energy efficiency firm. Turnkey solar solutions are provided by HelioPower, which develops and engineers solar systems for both residential and commercial clients.

What HelioPower has to say about itself

HelioPower is an industry-leading energy solutions supplier that provides cutting-edge, budget-friendly options for lowering consumers' monthly power bills. With more than 20 years of expertise, HelioPower has established itself as a leading brand in the energy sector. HelioPower's mission is to assist clients of all sizes and types (from individual households to multinational corporations and government agencies) to save money while benefiting from clean, renewable energy solutions.

HelioPower Solar Review

Year Started2001
Company Websiteheliopower.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign, installation, and maintenance, energy efficiency assessments, energy storage solutions, and solar financing and leasing options.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

HelioPower website review

At the moment the official website of HelioPower has technical problems, but technicians will soon solve this problem.

HelioPower price policy

PackagesSolar PV System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $7,500, Solar + Battery Storage System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $15,000, Solar Heating System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $7,500, Solar Pool Heating System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $5,000, Solar Hot Water Heater Design & Installation Package - Starting at $3,500, Solar Lighting System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $2,500, Solar Carport Design & Installation Package - Starting at $10,000, Solar Canopy Design & Installation Package - Starting at $5,000, Solar Ground Mount Design & Installation Package - Starting at $5,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, cash, and checks as payment options.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 10%, Referral Discount: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Multi-System Discount: 5%, System Upgrade Discount: 5%, Early Payment Discount: 3%, Solar Pool Heating Discount: 10%, Home Energy Audit Discount: 5%

HelioPower online reputation

Those who have worked with HelioPower generally speak highly of the company's services. Customers are impressed with HelioPower's prompt replies, extensive product knowledge, and general excellence in customer service. Positive feedback on cost savings is also common among consumers who have made the switch to renewable power sources. However, some clients have complained about delays and issues throughout the installation procedure. Despite these worries, customers have been overwhelmingly positive with HelioPower's performance and the energy savings they've realized.
"NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS! Since they performed such a poor job of installing our panels, our brand new roof has begun to leak. They avoided answering our questions and were generally unhelpful. When someone was eventually sent to investigate, he placed the blame on a vent that had been built by the roofer (a firm with an impeccable reputation in the area). The solar installers didn't properly flash the bases of the panels, and the roofer showed me how they caulked around them. Our roof began leaking as soon as the caulk failed, as it always does after a year or two. I very never leave reviews, but I wanted to make sure no one else had to go through the same terrible experience I had with this business. My recommendation is to stay far away from these people." - Steven N.
"Solar panels were put in. Last Wednesday, everything was checked off and paid for. The power went off for a brief while on Thursday afternoon. On Thursday night, it suddenly stopped functioning. On a Friday morning, I called but got their voicemail. Sunday call: closed; Saturday call: closed. They phoned on a Monday and promised to call back at 8:00 that evening. We were unable to reach anybody. They finally claimed they would "Stop By" after four calls. I spent a cool $30,000 on this. A lawyer has been called for. This is not how to handle paying customers; I had the impression that my money was stolen." - Riley K.
"Their sales rep was enthusiastic all the way through the deal signing. He subsequently vanished. It took much too long to have the system up and operating and approved by the City of San Diego Building Department, despite the fact that the installation personnel was excellent. There was a mechanics lien placed on my property because they hadn't paid their subcontractor. Until they were paid in full by me, they would not pay their roofing subcontractor. I was holding funds anticipating the system's final approval and launch. The firm has provided zero feedback. Furthermore, the fire department's safety notice mislabeled the position of the gear. It took us four months to fix it. It was a terrible ordeal to go through." - Kaleb C.
"You may save yourself a lot of trouble by avoiding these individuals. Very poor service and interaction with clients. They refused to complete the work and now won't answer their phone. They don't know what to do with themselves often. They are incapable of managing a company or keeping their word. A basic explanation is lost on them. Experts, on the other hand, build relationships with their clients, stick to their word, and take pride in the quality of their work. You'll be far better off avoiding these jerks. Solar installation companies are many. Gather as many estimates as you can, and best of luck with the setup!" - Brady L.
"I contacted to obtain a quote for switching to solar and was ready to make a decision, but it has been a joke trying to get a response to my counteroffer. Two separate phone calls informed me that a counteroffer will be arriving before the end of business today (5/13/2020). They obviously don't want or need my money. Let me mention that your sales presentation and public speaking abilities are both strong, but your follow-up is lacking. I guess I'll just have to follow up and tell you what I decide to do. After requesting a bid and just receiving paperwork to sign, I'm ready to call it quits. I don't believe we can make this work." - Bryce M.
"A little over 3 years have passed since we set up our solar panels with Helio Power. After getting quotes from four different providers, I found that Helio Power was not only the most affordable, but also included handy "extras" like a Sunnyboy Web Box at no extra cost. I preferred a ground-based installation, but I was unwilling to fork out the additional cash required. They were the only ones who would let me save money by installing a ground mount system myself by doing the trenching and footings. I tend to look at the world through a pessimistic lens and find fault with just about everything I pay for, but Helio hasn't let me down once." - Colin F.
"The idea to go solar came from a reliable neighbor. They installed a system using Heliopower, and it's been running for almost a year now. They spent two hours with my wife and I answering our many questions after they came to my house for the initial measurements. We considered several other firms, but ultimately chose Helio because word of mouth neighbors told us they were the best in the business, had a great reputation and had been in business for quite some time. I should add, the sales rep we worked with was fantastic and really influenced our final choice. Once we made the decision to work together, everything went well. Within a week of our collaboration, they sent someone to our home for a more detailed inspection. We accepted a few rough designs, and 40 days later they came to install everything. Overall, working with HelioPower was easy, and our solar system has been working great since it was installed in December." - Richard H.
"HelioPower installed our solar panel system not too long ago, and we couldn't be happier with it. I phoned HelioPower because I was given a price from a different firm that left a bad taste in my mouth. Our roof has a unique form, and there are a lot of trees around, so he utilized a Solmetrics camera to survey the area before making a suggestion. Due to shading concerns, they advised using micro inverters. There are a total of 38 panels, each with an Enphase 215W inverter and a 240W output from Canadian Solar. Excellent work by the installation guys. They updated us on the situation and addressed our concerns. All of the work was of the highest quality. We are very pleased with the results and would gladly suggest HelioPower to anybody thinking about installing a solar energy system." - Ashton D.
"I had a fantastic time working with Helio. From our study, Helio stood out as the most reliable and friendly service. Micah laid out every possibility, filled us in on all the details, and responded quickly and thoroughly to each of our many inquiries. Even though we deliberated for a while, Micah was always one step ahead of the situation. Because of the unique nature of our property, we had some reservations about the end product. But the outcomes have blown our minds! They made an extra effort to help." - Preston J.
"At my house, Helio Power installed a 5 kW system. It has eighteen 240-watt Canadian solar panels. The installation itself took two days and was done by skilled workers. The installation started quickly and was completed as promised. There were no delays or mishaps. We registered around March 2 and I activated the system on May 30. Given that you need a Homeowners Association (HOA), City (City) and SDGE (SD Gas and Electric), that timeline seems about right. The system generates about 27 kWh of AC power daily, which is about average for this season. Both these installers and the company come highly recommended by me." - Nolan P.

HelioPower Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
Anyone interested in solar power should check out the HelioPower Facebook page. The page is chock-full of resources and information that are useful. The website has many useful graphics, including videos and photographs, and it is polished and well-put together. With over 4,000 likes, many comments, and positive customer evaluations, it is also quite well-liked. Given that so many individuals have validated the page, it is now simpler to believe it. Additionally, the page has connections to their social media profiles and website. They also provide informative news and articles on solar energy. All in all, anybody interested in learning more about solar energy can visit the HelioPower Facebook page.Leading solar energy provider HelioPower has a reputable LinkedIn profile. The page, which has more than 3,000 followers, is a reliable source for green energy alternatives. The page has a clean, contemporary appearance and is well-designed. It is a pleasant surfing experience because of the engaging graphics and educational information. Followers may remain up to speed on the most recent business news and customer success stories thanks to the page's interactive features, which include frequent postings and updates. The competent staff of HelioPower is also highlighted, adding an extra layer of sincerity and reliability. HelioPower is a dependable source of cutting-edge and dependable solar energy solutions because of the company's dedication to a greener future and its vision for moving towards it.
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HelioPower average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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HelioPower Pros & Cons

  • Expensive services
  • Limited geographic availability
  • Difficult to Cancel Services
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Presence

HelioPower Final Conclusions

HelioPower offers solar energy systems for homes and businesses. Everything from the installation of solar panels to batteries is part of their solar energy solutions. Customers who have dealt with them have had a great experience, praise the company's knowledgeable employees and attentive service, and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

HelioPower locations

Main Address43397 Business Park Dr Temecula, California, 92590
Phone Number8779598816

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