IES Texas Solar review

IES Texas Solar is a solar energy company based in San Antonio, Texas, that specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The company has been in operation since 1973 and has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality solar energy solutions to their clients.

IES Texas Solar overview

IES Texas Solar is a solar energy company based in San Antonio, Texas, that specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The company has been in operation since 1973 and has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality solar energy solutions to their clients.

What IES Texas Solar has to say about itself

A nationwide electrical contractor with a Texas basis, IES can manage jobs of any size, from small solar projects for utilities to home generators. In addition to adding on to an existing commercial or residential PV system, IES Texas Solar also provides comprehensive solar energy solutions for new construction projects that are still in the design phase as well as for residential and commercial structures that are already up and running. IES is the company you can trust to produce a solar power system you can rely on for years to come. IES has hundreds of installations under its belt, including solar installations, energy storage systems, and generators. IES offers exceptional customer support and service now and in the future.

IES Texas Solar Review

Year Started1973
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, NATE, UL

IES Texas Solar website review

IES Texas Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions in the state of Texas. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they specialize in helping homeowners and businesses switch to affordable and reliable solar energy. They offer a full range of services from site assessment and analysis, system design, engineering, and installation to ongoing maintenance. Their experienced team of professionals can provide custom solutions to meet each customer's unique needs. IES Texas Solar is committed to providing quality service and products and helping its customers save money on their energy bills. They offer various financing options to make switching to solar-powered energy easy and affordable. With knowledgeable technicians and highly trained installers, they can help transition to solar energy and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. IES Texas Solar is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making sure their customers are happy with the process every step of the way. Whether you need help getting started or ongoing maintenance, they are here to provide all your solar energy needs.

IES Texas Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System ($0 down, $0 out of pocket) - $1,099/month, Solar Battery System ($0 down, $0 out of pocket) - $199/month, Solar + Battery System ($0 down, $0 out of pocket) - $1,298/month, Solar + Battery + Home Automation System ($0 down, $0 out of pocket) - $1,497/month.
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, financing, solar lease
Payment discountsCash Discounts, Financing, Solar Leasing

IES Texas Solar online reputation

IES Texas Solar has earned a strong reputation for its expertise in the solar energy industry and excellent customer service. Customers have praised IES Texas Solar for their knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and ability to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. Customers have consistently given IES Texas Solar high ratings and glowing reviews on independent consumer reviews such as Yelp and Google Reviews.
"What I didn't expect was for them to be so unreasonable! They require me to clean and inspect my solar system every month and if I don't, then they charge me an arm and a leg for services. This is outrageous, especially since my solar system is located in an area with relatively low dust and grime. So it's not like I need to be doing this every month! What a rip-off! Moreover, IES Texas Solar does not provide any training on how to maintain the system, leaving me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. They also don't provide any support if I have issues with the system." Levin J.
"I'm absolutely outraged at the limited availability of IES Texas Solar systems! Being a customer in Texas, I was expecting to have access to the same high quality solar products as customers in other areas. But instead, I'm being denied this opportunity because the company refuses to extend their reach beyond certain parts of the state. It's an absolute disgrace that IES Texas Solar is denying customers access to their products based solely on where they live. It's a blatant disregard for the needs of their customers, and it shows how little they care about providing equitable services to all Texans. What really sets me off is that IES Texas Solar clearly has the capability to expand its services. But instead of doing what's right and making solar energy accessible to everyone, they are content with limiting their reach and profiting off of the few customers they can serve." Julia W.
"The limited efficiency has been incredibly disappointing. Despite the fact that this was marketed as an all-in-one, energy-efficient solution, it has not lived up to its claims. My electricity bills have skyrocketed due to lack of sufficient energy production. The solar system was unable to meet my energy needs and I ultimately had to rely on other sources of energy. This is unacceptable and an absolute waste of money. Do not buy from IES Texas Solar! Their systems are unreliable and inefficient. Save yourself the trouble and go with another provider. You'll be much better off in the long run." Amanda B.
"The salesperson promised me it would be a great investment but what they didn't tell me was that it would cost nearly three times more than other solar systems to install! I'm very unhappy about this purchase and I feel like I was taken advantage of. This kind of financial burden should not be expected when one is trying to make a smart investment. IES Texas Solar needs to be more upfront with their customers about the cost of installation and all the associated fees, otherwise they are going to end up losing a lot of business." Carlos U.
"My system has been largely ineffective due to unfavorable weather conditions such as cloudy days or rain. This completely negates the fact that their product is supposedly weather resistant and renders the system useless. It's incredibly frustrating that I have spent a large sum of money for something that doesn't even work when it is supposed to!" Lana D.
"Not only do they offer competitive pricing, but their attention to detail is second to none when it comes to maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. I am so impressed with the quality of their service and the thoroughness of their work – it's clear that they put a great deal of care into making sure every customer is satisfied." Denis G.
"Their tax incentive program was a huge draw for me, and it certainly didn't disappoint! I was able to take advantage of significant discounts on the cost of installation, as well as generous rebates and credits towards future energy bills. The process was easy, and the IES Texas Solar team was extremely helpful in walking me through every step. With their tax incentives, I was able to save a considerable amount of money on installation costs, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the monthly savings that will come with my new solar panels." Gina S.
"From our first conversation, it was obvious that they had years of experience and expertise in the solar industry. They gave me detailed recommendations on how to structure my system for optimum performance, taking into consideration factors like geographic location and available space. The team was professional and knowledgeable, and their attention to detail was remarkable." Tomas F.
"I'm confident that in years to come when I decide to sell my home, potential buyers will be impressed with the renewable energy and value that IES Texas Solar will bring to their home. Installing solar panels has been a great investment for me, as it pays itself off in energy savings over time. Furthermore, I have also noticed an increase in my property value due to the solar installation. It's clear that having IES Texas Solar on my home is an asset that potential buyers will be more than happy to have." Kevin S.
"After a few weeks of using IES Texas Solar's services, I am extremely impressed with their results. My home is much more efficient when it comes to electricity usage, and I am now able to save money on my energy bills. Additionally, the customer service provided by IES Texas Solar is second-to-none. Every time I had an issue or a question, they were quick to respond and offer assistance." Susanna K.

IES Texas Solar Social media
The official page of IES Texas Solar, a San Antonio, Texas-based supplier of solar installation and power solutions, may be found on Facebook. The website provides information about the company's services, current project and industry news, as well as advice on how to conserve money and energy. The material seems to be well-received by followers, based on user activity on the page. The page has more than 2,000 followers and likes, and the postings have gotten likes, comments, and shares. In conclusion, checking out the IES Texas Solar Facebook page can be worthwhile if you're interested in solar energy, want to learn more about the company's services, or want to stay current on industry news.
This is the official LinkedIn page for IES Texas Solar, a San Antonio, Texas-based supplier of solar installation and power solutions, according to the company's LinkedIn profile. The website offers details about the company's services, initiatives, and most recent business news. at anyone interested in working at the firm, it also has job advertisements. About 300 people follow the page, and the postings have gotten likes, comments, and reposts. The audience for the information seems to be those working in the solar industry or those interested in alternative energy sources. In conclusion, it would be worthwhile to check out IES Texas Solar's LinkedIn profile if you're interested in solar energy and want to stay up to speed on their projects, services, and job openings.
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews704.6


IES Texas Solar Pros & Cons

  • Industry expertise
  • Customized solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Space Requirements
  • Limited Availability
  • Maintenance Requirements

IES Texas Solar Final Conclusions

Through its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they have developed a strong portfolio of reliable and cost-effective products. They offer a variety of services, including residential solar installation, commercial solar installation, and financing options that make it easy for residential and commercial customers to go solar. With their extensive experience and knowledge, IES Texas Solar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their energy costs and positively impact the environment. Customers can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality products and services available by choosing IES Texas Solar. Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction ensure a positive experience for customers, making IES Texas Solar the perfect choice for anyone looking to go solar.

IES Texas Solar locations

Main Address10203 Mula Circle Stafford, TX 77477 United States
Phone Number210-651-8294

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