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ILUM Solar is a comprehensive solar energy provider that serves both residential and commercial customers. Our mission is to set a new standard for excellence in engineering, building, and service to customers. Experts in solar power make up the bulk of our staff. We take pride in the honesty and professionalism we show each and every one of our clients, and we can't wait to put those qualities to work for you.

Ilum Solar overview

ILUM Solar is a comprehensive solar energy provider that serves both residential and commercial customers. Our mission is to set a new standard for excellence in engineering, building, and service to customers. Experts in solar power make up the bulk of our staff. We take pride in the honesty and professionalism we show each and every one of our clients, and we can't wait to put those qualities to work for you.

What Ilum Solar has to say about itself

Ben and Robert, the company's founders, both have backgrounds in electrical engineering and building. They are capable of designing and constructing robust, highly effective systems because of their extensive experience in the field. They are dedicated to providing excellent service and take pride in the results of their work. Our 45 years of experience in solar energy are a beacon to guide you to success.

Ilum Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA, NV
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels
Backup BatteryEnphase AC batteries, Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem RESU batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Ilum Solar website review

Ilum Solar Power is a solar energy provider that offers both residential and commercial solar solutions. The Ilum Solar Power website is the company's official website. It is simple to navigate and has a contemporary, clean style. Regarding the company's services, goods, and initiatives, it offers thorough information. A blog area is also available on the website, where numerous subjects connected to solar energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability are covered. Customers can obtain a free consultation and determine how much solar energy they require on the website. A page on the website also showcases a few of the business's earlier undertakings and offers details on the advantages of converting to solar power. The Ilum Solar Power website is, all things considered, a credible and instructive source for people and companies interested in solar energy solutions.

Ilum Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $45,000
Payment optionsCash, checks and credit cards. In addition, they may offer financing options such as loans, leasing, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), or financing programs
Payment discountsDiscounted rates for military veterans, first responders and the elderly, discounts on large multi-panel installations

Ilum Solar online reputation

Ilum Solar has been met with a variety of responses from customers' reviews and opinions. There have been clients who have had positive experiences with the company's installation as well as their customer service; nevertheless, there have also been consumers who have had terrible experiences. The company's poor communication, delayed response times, and failure to meet customers' expectations are the primary causes of the majority of the bad evaluations. Several consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of their solar panels, as well as poor craftsmanship and lengthy installation delays. Despite this, there are some clients who are pleased with the level of expertise displayed by the installers and the attentiveness of the business to their requirements. In general, there are some positive reviews for Ilum Solar, but there are also some negative reviews for the firm, and those negative evaluations show that the company has space for development in terms of communication, installation time, and customer care.
"Ilum had many issues, but their communication is terrible. John, the sales manager, induced me to buy Ilum by promising to beat any price (he wasn't the lowest) and that his company is the greatest. I chose Ilum despite numerous projections. After signing paperwork, there were issues almost immediately, from having someone show up to my house without an appointment and set up a ladder against my house (the only reason I knew someone was here was because my dog barked), to Ilum nearly installing the panels without a permit (only because I asked about the permit did the installers not do the work), to me having to call the city myself to find out the permit status and why it's taking so long and requeue Josh, the sales manager, was supposed to show me the app at my house, but instead of calling me to reschedule, he sent me an email that I didn't see until seven hours later. As I write this review, no communication from him. I discovered thereafter that this company had never worked with Atascadero before and didn't know the city's protocol. Ilum gets two stars since its installers were the best. They were in disbelief. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I'm furious and still don't know how to utilize the app. The panels' underperformance worries me too. Josh told me one panel wasn't functional, but the app didn't show that.The app should notify me. Avoid Ilum." - Ashley
"The installation turned out fantastically. A little over a year and a half after it was installed, the inverter that I had failed, and the repairs were started but were never finished. Since the beginning of this year, nothing has been produced by my solar panels at all. If you try to phone them, you will only reach an answering machine no matter how many times you try. Find a company to work with that would follow up with you after they have received payment for the product and installation. If I were in your position, I would do this as soon as possible." - Vicki
"Unfortunately, our interactions with Ilum Solar were negative. The crew was slow to respond and difficult to have meaningful conversations with. The time it took to complete the installation was far longer than what we were told it would be, and the quality of the work did not meet our expectations. We have not seen the savings on energy that we were promised, and as a result, we are thinking about switching to a different solar business." - Liam
"During the course of the installation, we experienced a number of complications with Ilum Solar. The crew lacked cohesion and appeared to have insufficient prior experience. The installation took significantly longer than we were led to believe it would, and we were required to check in with the team on a regular basis for progress reports. In addition, we have had persistent problems with our solar panels, and the team's response time to our requests for assistance has been quite poor." - Michael
"Ilum Solar installed solar panels for me not too long ago, and I'm really dissatisfied with their performance. Poor workmanship during installation has led to early panel failure. Furthermore, I didn't receive the kind of customer service I had hoped for from them. This is a business that I cannot endorse." - Ethan
"We already had a 4.8 kw system built on our roof by a different business 12 years ago, but I recently had Ilum Solar add 3.8 kW of solar panels to complete the installation. We also intended to install a home battery system. We decided on the Eco10 product despite Ilum's recommendation for the Sonnen battery. Overall, Ilum did a fantastic job. They completed the work fast and expertly. They kept in touch with us frequently before, during, and after the job was finished. Heavy rains a few days after installation caused a problem with the solar panels. The day after I phoned, Ilum sent someone to remedy the issue and assured us it wouldn't happen again. Ilum has been really helpful in helping us acquire the answers to our queries regarding how to best utilize the settings on our Sonnen battery. I heartily endorse this company." - Richard
"The previous year, we moved into a home with 24 outdated Sharp monocrystalline panels, which were still functional but didn't generate enough electricity to run our two electric automobiles and new, energy-efficient electric appliances. We contacted Ilum Solar after hearing a friend recommend them in order to add 7 Trina Solar panels, each of which is nearly twice as efficient as our previous Sharp panels. We are quite happy with the neat, efficient installation that Ilum's experts performed on our challenging roof. installation that is spotless, expert, and competitively priced! We would without a doubt suggest Ilum to anyone, but especially to anyone who wish to add-on but are unsure if doing so will be practical and affordable. You could be pleasantly surprised, I promise!" - Jeff
"My interactions with Ilum Solar have been productive and enjoyable overall. I am very content with the results of the labor that was put in, since it provided me with all that was promised to me. They provide excellent customer service and checked in on us a few months after the installation to ensure that everything was functioning well. I have no hesitation in recommending them!" - AV
"I have no reservations in recommending that others do business with Ilum Solar. Although there were numerous local installers from whom to chose, in the end we went with Ilum Solar out of Sacramento. This was due to the fact that this company demonstrated the capacity to meet a stringent deadline before the end of the year, and Robert's proposal was by far the most cost-effective option, using only components that were made in the United States. Robert is always available to respond by text, email, or phone, and he has gone the extra mile to ensure that any follow-up request has been addressed to the level of satisfaction that we require." - Chukknob
"After obtaining five different bids both directly from Ilum and through, we decided to hire him. Due to its metal shingles and contemporary roof's NE orientation, our roof proved a hurdle to the majority of installers. Ilum, on the other hand, had no issues and even came up with a highly inventive solution to divide the 21 panels into 5 different arrays facing various directions, which produced more energy than was previously anticipated. After the last city inspection, it only took a few weeks for the PG&E utility to approve the installation. Through the Enphase app, I constantly monitor the energy generation, and everything has been OK. A few weeks following the installation, Ilum promptly responded and repaired a small roof leak, even though the issue was probably not related to their installation. This installation comes highly recommended since they are competent, imaginative, and aware of what is needed to create lasting partnerships." - J.G

Ilum Solar Social media
Ilum Solar Power is a solar energy provider with offices in California that offers both residential and commercial solar solutions. The Ilum Solar Power Facebook Page is the company's official Facebook page. There are articles on the page, which has more than 800 followers, regarding the advantages of solar energy as well as details about the company's services and goods and the most recent advancements in solar energy. Customers who have used Ilum Solar Power's services have left testimonials on the page as well. In general, customers looking for information about Ilum Solar Power's products and services as well as those interested in solar power solutions will benefit from visiting the company's Facebook page.
Ilum Solar Power, a solar energy provider with offices in California that offers both residential and commercial solar solutions, has an official LinkedIn page called Ilum Solar. The page has more than 200 members and provides news about the most recent advancements in the solar business as well as details about the company's services, goods, and initiatives. It also has articles produced by Ilum Solar Power employees on subjects like renewable energy and energy efficiency. The webpage also offers job openings for anyone interested in working at Ilum Solar Power as well as endorsements and references from clients who have used the company's services. In general, it appears like Ilum Solar's LinkedIn page is a helpful resource for people looking for jobs in the solar field as well as people and companies interested in solar energy solutions.
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Ilum Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews374.8


Ilum Solar Pros & Cons

  • An experienced team of professionals
  • Competitive prices and
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • High initial installation cost
  • Limited battery storage
  • The need for an experienced installer

Ilum Solar Final Conclusions

The customer testimonials indicate that Ilum Solar has a mixed reputation and track record. Although Ilum Solar has received excellent reviews from some customers, there have also been complaints from others about subpar labor, lengthy response times, and poor communication. According to reviews, Ilum Solar's sales team can be extremely aggressive when attempting to win over clients by making guarantees that might not be met, such undercutting any price. Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with Ilum Solar's ignorance of regional laws and customs. However, other customers have praised the Ilum Solar installation team for their expertise, helpfulness, and kindness. Some clients claimed that Ilum Solar contacted them following installation to ensure everything was functioning well, and other clients expressed satisfaction with Ilum Solar's customer care and communication. While Ilum Solar has received some positive reviews overall, the evaluations that are less favorable indicate that the business may need to concentrate on enhancing its workmanship, customer service, and communication in order to ensure a better reputation.

Ilum Solar locations

Main Address4135 Northgate Blvd Ste 9, Sacramento, CA 95834-1226
Phone Number8886964586

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