Insight Solar review

Insight Solar is an end-to-end solar energy provider that handles everything from first consultation to post-installation monitoring and repairs. They work with people in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to develop individualized energy strategies.

Insight Solar overview

Insight Solar is an end-to-end solar energy provider that handles everything from first consultation to post-installation monitoring and repairs. They work with people in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to develop individualized energy strategies.

What Insight Solar has to say about itself

Insight's executives have been in the industry for over 30 years and are committed to making a positive difference in the world without the usual hassles associated with switching to solar power. Our business model is based on the idea that we can best serve our customers by combining a global perspective with local expertise and going above and beyond to meet their needs. Not only will we help you save money, but we'll also increase your home's market worth.

Insight Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasCT, MA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, and their proprietary hybrid panel, which combines monocrystalline and thin-film technology.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow batteries.

Insight Solar website review

Insight Solar's official website includes detailed descriptions of the company's offerings, biographies of key employees, and testimonials from satisfied customers. also has a store where a variety of solar cells and accessories can be purchased. It is user-friendly, and the customer service staff is quick to answer questions and ready to help. The layout of the site is clean and the content is easy to understand. The site is safe and trustworthy because it is maintained by a reputable company. Personal information and financial data is protected while all transactions are processed. Anyone interested in solar energy and its many uses will greatly benefit from visiting this site.

Insight Solar price policy

PackagesGrid-Tie Systems: $3,000 - $20,000, Off-Grid Systems: $6,000 - $40,000, Solar Panels: $200 - $700 per panel, Solar Inverters: $500 - $2,000, Solar Batteries: $500 - $7,500, Solar Mounting Systems: $500 - $2,500, Solar Charge Controllers: $200 - $1,500
Payment optionsCash, check, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal.
Payment discounts5% discount for veterans, 5% discount for seniors, Referral rewards of up to 10% off for both the referrer and referred customer, 5% discount for multiple system purchases, 5% discount for online orders, 5% discount for auto-pay enrollment, 10% discount for active-duty military personnel

Insight Solar online reputation

Whether you need solar panels for your home or business, Insight Solar can help. Most of the feedback is good, with consumers appreciating the team's responsiveness, speed, and overall helpfulness. They also say that clients may rest easy knowing that the organization has extensive expertise and experience in the solar sector. From initial estimates to completed installations, Insight Solar has built a solid reputation for its dedication to its customers.
"After my experience with Insight Solar, I can only offer them two out of five stars. We started working on this back in August, and it's still not done. The sales guy made several mistakes in the proposal and the bills, forcing me to make adjustments multiple times. Apparently for no reason at all, the office staff tried to charge me more. In case you decide to use them, please verify all numbers again. In addition, nobody on their team will apologize or admit fault. It doesn't seem to fit in with their usual strategy. If you make the final payment before all inspections are finished, you'll have to wait an extra six months to put your system to use. The only reason I gave three stars instead of two is that the staff was so great. They were efficient, kind, and very neat. We went with Insight Solar because of their fair price and unbeatable panel guarantee. We should have been more picky and gone with a company that has been around for longer." - Alan T.
"After using energy sage to discover insight, we proceeded through the full procedure, including getting the finance and all the necessary permissions, to have our solar panels installed. The deal was about to expire and we needed to refinance in order to continue with Solar, but interest rates had skyrocketed by the time I got the call. Was going to add over $150 to my monthly expenses. Unfortunately, despite having done nothing wrong, we were unable to get solar panels installed within 180 days of signing the contract. And now that interest rates are sky high, we'll never catch up." - David N.
"Worst customer service ever. I called for an estimate and made it clear that I was acting on behalf of a condo association. Peter cancels the conversation abruptly and without explanation 2 hours beforehand, stating that I must first get approval. This is for all of us, of whom I am a member of the Board. When I attempt to gain more information from him, he abruptly shuts me off, stating, "Get permission and then come back and talk with me." He then sends me many more disrespectful and blunt emails. I strongly advise you to STAY AWAY FROM them." - Sean F.
"I went with Insight since they are conveniently located near me, have excellent online ratings, and provide competitive prices. This has not been a five-star experience for me. On July 12 we got the proposal, and on July 22 we decided on the size and arrangement. After weeks of silence, on September 15 I was informed that an update to my electric panel would cost $1,700. After explaining that the whole house had just undergone a major renovation that included brand-new wiring, the electrician agreed to evaluate the situation with me before proceeding with the installation. That didn't occur, and instead, $1,700 was added to my purchase. In December, installation finally began. The installation itself seemed to have gone well, but ever since then, my system has failed to provide product information. I was never informed that this was a must for living in my neighborhood, which has terrible mobile phone service. The main problem I've had is with the installers not showing up for scheduled appointments or giving me little notice. Even though I was assured that fixing the communication problem would be a top priority, three months have passed and nothing has changed. After being assured that someone will be here at 8 a.m. today, and that person fails to appear, I decided to be completely forthright with Insight." - Alexander G.
"Insight Solar came out to do an EV charger installation quotation inspection. About two weeks have passed since then. They never provided us with an estimate, never picked up the phone, and never responded to our messages. Go elsewhere if timely responses and helpful staff are priorities." - Neil P.
"Don't be fooled—there's a LOT to consider before installing a residential solar energy system. However, Insight Solar's staff was there to guide us through every step of the process and answer any concerns we had. Even though the whole thing takes time and patience (that's just the way things are), they made it quite easy for us. Everything from the first consultation to the final installation was done expertly and with courtesy and precision. If you're in the market for a complete and high-quality solution, you should seriously consider Insight Solar." - Oliver A.
"Hi! I had a lot of questions before going solar, but they helped me feel at rest. Very convenient accessibility and constant communication throughout the process. My installation issues were resolved swiftly, usually in a matter of hours. Superb organization staffed by an exceptional team. Full marks!!" - Thomas L.
"Insight was the most cost-effective option while accommodating some of my pickier requirements for solar equipment. When complications emerged owing to supply-chain challenges throughout the sector, Insight assisted me in locating replacement panels that were superior to the first quoted panels while remaining under budget. Thanks to the expertise of their installers, we were up and running in no time. The roofing and electrical panel installers were extremely accommodating to my busy schedule. Connecting to the grid and signing up for the finest solar energy-credit scheme were both handled by Insight." - Robert K.
"We looked into solar installation services in the Pioneer Valley, Western Massachusetts, and the Albany region for months. I did, in fact, speak with a dozen different suppliers. Insight Solar was, without a question, the most reliable and flexible business we considered. What they did was outstanding. From first contact to installation, everything was handled expertly. Let me tell you, there will be occasions when it seems really convoluted. They helped me through it all without making me feel incompetent at any point. One of their finest qualities is that they never gave up on helping me fix the situation. After being compensated, they continued working until the issue was resolved." - Jason B.
"Using Insight was a breeze for me. Our sales guy was fantastic at answering all of our questions and explaining everything to us in words we could understand. The installation occurred as planned and at the predicted cost and time. They were also quite helpful in guiding us through every step of the financing procedure. Strongly recommended!" - Callum D.

Insight Solar Social media
The purpose of the Facebook page "Insight Solar" is to educate people about solar energy and related technologies. Over 5,200 people have followed the page, and it seems to be routinely updated with postings announcing new offerings. All the postings are beautifully and richly embellished with photographs and videos. In addition, there are several connections to other relevant resources provided. It has a polished, reliable appearance. If you're curious about solar power, the "Insight Solar" page seems like a great place to start.
The design of Insight Solar's LinkedIn profile is straightforward. The company's name and emblem are shown on a banner at the top of the page. There are additional resources for applying for jobs and contacting the main office. The page may be underpopulated, but the information it provides makes it seem like a reliable business. There is a modicum of interest among the company's target demographic, as seen by the professional tone of the messages and the tiny number of subscribers. However, it is evident that Insight Solar has not yet gained broad notice and popularity, given the low degree of participation and the little activity on the page. Due to infrequent profile changes, this page is unlikely to contain in-depth information about the firm.
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Insight Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews714.9


Insight Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Limited Availability
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Maintenance

Insight Solar Final Conclusions

Insight Solar is a solar energy provider that installs and maintains solar panels for homes and businesses. Solar panel installation, in addition to energy management and monitoring, is only one of many services they provide. Insight Solar has received an aggregate customer satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars due to the company's dependability, expertise, and helpful staff.

Insight Solar locations

Main Address59C North St., Hatfield MA, 01038
Phone Number4133387555

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