Intermountain Wind and Solar review

Solar and wind energy systems are what Intermountain Wind and Solar focus on designing and installing. Energy audits, system design and installation, project management, maintenance and repair, and financial services are all part of what they provide. They provide solar and wind energy solutions for homes and businesses.
Intermountain Wind and Solar review

Intermountain Wind and Solar overview

Solar and wind energy systems are what Intermountain Wind and Solar focus on designing and installing. Energy audits, system design and installation, project management, maintenance and repair, and financial services are all part of what they provide. They provide solar and wind energy solutions for homes and businesses.

What Intermountain Wind and Solar has to say about itself

Intermountain Wind & Solar is the best residential and commercial solar company. We use our knowledge and work with the community to offer one of the best prices per watt. Our prices and federal and state clean energy rebates can save you a lot. We simplify solar power conversion. Our solar experts can help you get free energy anywhere. This includes designing, installing, monitoring, and fixing your panel system.

Intermountain Wind and Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUT
Service Typesinstallation, and maintenance of solar energy systems.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium ion and lead acid batteries, as well as complete off-grid and grid-tie systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEI, UL, IREC, NATE

Intermountain Wind and Solar website review

The official website of Intermtn Wind and Solar,, appears to be professional and up-to-date. It features a large range of products and services offered by the company, as well as information about its team and partners. The website also includes an interactive map that showcases the company’s installation sites throughout the United States. Additionally, there are a blog, contact form, and social media links which are all active and up-to-date. The website is professionally designed and highly informative, making it a useful source of information for those interested in the company’s services.

Intermountain Wind and Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package: Starting at $13,990, Commercial Solar Package: Starting at $28,990, Solar + Battery Storage Package: Starting at $20,490, Residential Wind Package: Starting at $15,990, Commercial Wind Package: Starting at $40,990, Wind + Battery Storage Package: Starting at $22,990
Payment optionscash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and personal checks
Payment discounts10% discount for customers who pay in full at the time of purchase, 0% financing for up to 36 months for customers who qualify, 5% discount for customers who use a debit or credit card for payment, 3% discount for customers who sign up for auto-pay, 1% discount for customers who purchase multiple systems, 5% discount for payments made within 10 days of the invoice date, 10% discount for payments made with cash or check, 2% discount for payments made with ACH/wire transfers.

Intermountain Wind and Solar online reputation

Intermountain Wind and Solar offer high-quality renewable energy products and services to residential and commercial customers. They offer affordable, reliable energy solutions with over a decade of experience. Customers consistently praise their customer service and competitive prices. In online reviews, they praise their friendly and knowledgeable staff and their commitment to quality products and services.
First of all, I support solar energy, but not if it means having to pay for the panels' financing in addition to my electric bill, as Idaho Power has the option to do if you generate electricity from your own solar panels. Unfortunately, you won't know if your home meets the power requirements for your panels to be connected to the grid until after you've signed all of the contracts and Idaho power has been notified. The next time you receive an electric bill from Idaho Power, it will include a YouTube or Powerpoint presentation explaining why your solar power production may be compensated at a lower rate than you expected. You might have second thoughts about signing the contract had you seen that presentation first. Without a doubt, the sales staff will assure you that you pose no threat. Another solar panel installation firm recently contacted me. As I explained, I am not interested unless they can assure me that the electricity rates in Idaho will not increase. They made it clear they couldn't make any promises in that regard. I suggest calling Idaho Power to get their input before making any final decisions about purchasing solar panels. This is all relevant because I reneged on my contract after learning that Idaho Power could alter the rates I was to be charged, and as a result, I owe IWS some money for their lack of candor. If you want assurance that Idaho Power won't raise your rates, you should ask them straight out. - Lucas W.
The initial setup and service were excellent. Yet, after a year, the system keeps tripping, and we no longer have solar production. The system may be triggered multiple times daily, and customer service claims they have no idea when the problem will be resolved because the company has no plans to visit our city. It's been over two months since mid-February that this has been happening. However, we are still making loan payments on the solar system and experiencing disappointingly low levels of solar output. Support says it's probably not the circuit breaker, but they won't send someone out to fix it anyway. - Henry E.
I started looking into solar power not too long ago, and the first company I contacted was very aggressive. Sales tactics that put undue pressure on me to make a quick decision, etc. Therefore, I decided to make contact with IM. When I asked them to stop calling and emailing me so much, they eventually stopped. I went ahead and requested a quote, only to have the salesman inform me that he couldn't provide one electronically. I explained to him that my wife has a disability and that we couldn't have any more salespeople visiting our house at the moment. He told me they were unable to proceed in that fashion, and he would not be taking my company. So, guess what? I consider it discrimination if a company refuses to do business with someone because of their disability. Furthermore, they are not exactly accommodating, are they? And I really hope nobody else decides to work with them. - Theodore K.
I was trying to get a quote for a future office space for my company. I immediately called their office and told them about my project. The vice president of project development was kind enough to email an estimate for my work after our conversation. I emailed him again to get an official estimate, but got no response; I also called and left a message and talked to a man named Jackson; Jackson said he would email me an estimate within a week, but when that time passed and there was no response, I contacted him again. This time Jackson said he did not work with commercial projects. The delay in completing my project would be four weeks. If the project costs less than $30,000, these big companies probably won't bother with it. As with URAC, another large corporation, I waited a week for an answer before I got the call that I was being transferred to a smaller subcontractor. - Mateo C.
In September of 2015, we had solar panels installed by Intermountain Wind and Solar. In total, we had to shell out $25,000. A total of $15,300 was paid after deductions and credits. We could save $1,200 annually, or $100 every month, according to Intermountain Solar's bid. My records show that I have been saving an average of $74 per month, or $888 per year, for the past 25 months. This is 75% of the amount they estimated I would save with their bid. The rate in Bountiful, where I currently reside, is.085/kwh, which is significantly less than the rate charged by Rocky Mountain Power. For a $15,300 investment to return to its initial value would take 17 years at the current rate. Because of this, solar energy isn't something I'd suggest. - Daniel R.
This firm was chosen as my top option after considering its history and reputation. They lived up to my expectations. The business will not disappear overnight. They managed the entire process, from warranty instructions and paperwork to permits and rebate applications. The installers did a great job, were very professional, and kept me updated on the progress and any issues that arose. We've only had our Panasonic panels for a couple of months, but so far, so good. They're sleek and unobtrusive, and you hardly even notice them on our high roof. Furthermore, they ensured that the installation on the accessory dwelling unit, which is easily viewed from the street, appears neat and tidy. Thankfully, I've never had to contact their warranty department, so I can't speak to how helpful they might be, but I have no doubt that this is the case. - Samuel P.
When considering solar panels, I look around at what my neighbors have installed on their houses. It appears that most people are making use of either 265- or 280-watt solar panels. I did a lot of research on them beforehand. It was a good decision to install Sunpower 340-watt panels. My home's electric bill is $9 per month. Investment returns don't materialize for a while, usually a few years. Buying a spare battery would be the only thing I would do differently. You can charge your Tesla batteries there. It might be a good idea to have the electrician bring the box containing the backup power source inside the house. IMWS did a great job installing everything. You should be grateful for the outstanding results they achieved. - Jacob A.
Intermountain Wind and Solar were the tops in every way for us. Our salesman was excellent; he was polished and knew his stuff. Excellent and cordial workers, the installers arrived promptly and left no debris behind. A man from their end came to be present during the city's inspection; we only installed the net meter three days later. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. We are happy to endorse them to anyone. - John T.
To give an accurate review, we waited a full year after the system's installation in December 2017 to begin using it extensively in our daily operations. Instead of a roof-mounted system, we opted for a ground array (due to the age of the roof and not wanting to reroof at that time). The initial installation crew (the dirty work) was punctual, efficient, and skilled. The crew that finished the installation was also very skilled and serious about their work. Everything went smoothly and was completed in the time frame we were given, from running the wires to installing the actual panels. Everything is great, and the only cost is the monthly fee for being tied into the grid. The output has been on par with my sister's brother's setup (installed several years prior to ours). The two of us are overjoyed. Personally, I think IWS is excellent. - Joseph O.
We just relocated to Salt Lake City and have been investigating solar options. Four different local businesses provided us with estimates. Intermountain did an excellent job, and I have no reservations about giving them my enthusiastic recommendation. Wyatt, who represented us in sales, was a joy to work with. On time, he greeted us and then climbed up onto our roof to take a look around (he had previously viewed the Google Earth images). Only one of the other three potential vendors relied exclusively on satellite imagery, and two of them sent people onto the roof, but not initially. Wyatt discussed the possibilities candidly (how many watts per panel, the pricing, and return-on-investment tradeoffs). He made a definite offer before he left. For the same payback time, we opted for slightly more expensive panels that generated more power. Intermountain kept us in the loop after we signed the contract and finished the job ahead of schedule (permitting, design approval, installation, connection with Rocky Mountain Power, etc.) My wife and I were very impressed by the competence and kindness of the five-person Intermountain crew that installed our system. They were clearly highly skilled artisans who cared about satisfying the client. Since we activated the system on October 12, everything has been fantastic. As for me, I couldn't be happier with Intermountain. - David P.

Intermountain Wind and Solar Social media
Utah-based solar energy firm Intermountain Wind and Solar. They have managed to keep a polished, current, and professional appearance on Facebook. They constantly provide insightful, timely articles concerning the renewable energy sector. They also provide a lot of informative articles and stuff. Over 5,000 people have liked the page, and followers and other solar energy businesses often share it. It seems like a good place to learn about solar power. Images and movies abound, and there are also connections to related resources. When it comes to learning about solar energy in general, Intermountain Wind and Solar's Facebook page is an excellent place to start.
The LinkedIn presence of solar energy expert Intermountain Wind & Solar is substantial. There are over 900 people that follow the page, making it an established and reliable source of information on the firm. The page presents itself professionally with several stock photographs and well-written entries that explain the company's mission and principles and provide specifics about its product line. The company's involvement in the solar business and its subsequent accomplishments and trends are shown in the postings. Numerous likes and shares show that the Intermountain Wind & Solar team's regular updates are appreciated by their audience. Intermountain Wind & Solar's position on the site has made it a go-to resource for information on renewable power.
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Intermountain Wind and Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3374.6


Intermountain Wind and Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Dedicated
  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Maintenance

Intermountain Wind and Solar Final Conclusions

Installing and maintaining solar and wind power systems is the forte of Intermountain Wind and Solar. They're well-versed in serving both commercial and individual clients. Customers have given Intermountain Wind and Solar a 4.5-star rating, praising the company for its high-quality and dependable offerings.

Intermountain Wind and Solar locations

Main Address1953 West 2425 South Woods Cross, UT 84087
Phone Number8012985255

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