Intermountain Wind and Solar review

Intermountain Wind and Solar review
Intermountain Wind and Solar(IWS) provides the power of bulk purchasing to home and business owners through the Intermountain Community Solar Initiative. This initiative allows IWS to purchase solar components in bulk and get discounted rates from our distributors. This savings is then passed on to our clients. Combining the experience with competitive pricing, IWS offers the highest value to our customers.
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Main Office Address 1953 West 2425 South, Woods Cross UT, 84087


Hudson Greenaway
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    NivenDad - Bountiful, Utah January 20, 2022 at 7:52 pm

    These guys know their stuff! They did an excellent job installing my system, and had a very professional and courteous work crew. Top notch quality, and the system has been performing flawlessly since it was installed. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to install a system.

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    G. McFarland - Layton, Utah January 26, 2022 at 2:16 am

    We went with Intermountain Wind and Solar in Woods Cross, Utah. Justin Munk (the salesman) was very informative and he explaining a lot options to us. Instillation was done only 1 day. There were some minor issues which were corrected quickly by Chris Streeter (project manger) and we were up and running. The SunPower System is functioning very well so far and overall we are happy with it. Anyone we had contact with at Intermountain Wind and Solar treated us very well which included their installers. We highly recommend Intermountain Wind and Solar.

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    Maintenance Service Poor - Logan, Utah July 24, 2022 at 4:48 pm

    I typically don’t leave a review as I know how hard businesses have to work to meet customer’s needs. However this is an exception. The initial install was great with no complaints, however now that I have had the system for a few years, as expected things begin wear or break down. I have two mircoinverters which no longer function. I have called the service department no less than 10 times with either no return call, or say they will check it out and assist in replacing the faulty parts. To no avail after 6 months. If you expect service to your system through the years don’t use IWS. They are not organized to provide that service. Just hope that the delays will not impact the warranty I hope the parts are under.

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    EdwardM - Redmond, Oregon December 5, 2022 at 4:43 am

    Decided in about Sep of 2019 to finally order a solar PV intertied system. Incredibly, they were able to complete the proposal, design and engineering work, permits and install before the end of the year, all in about 3 months time. If you’ve ever done re-modeling work with permits, you can appreciate that this is a very timely install! This involves multiple parties, city permit department (about a month just for the city), and the power utility company. From their sales rep, to the project manager, to the install crew – IWS was easy to reach throughout the process, to answer any questions. The install crew and electrician were great too. We had to wait until the first week of January to turn on the system but that was because the local power company had to update the software in our power meter and they had a delay due to the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Once that was done, we just flipped a switch and the solar PV was in operation. Our system is producing almost exactly the amount of power it was designed to do, and what we expected. Because we are very economical with our power usage, we are net positive to the power company for now. But that means we have the right amount to also recharge a future EV car. Our home is in Redmond, Oregon – and was installed by the crew out of Boise.

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