Ipsun Solar review

Every solar system is created with the same care as if it were our own. We educate and enlighten our customers before they go solar, so we are more than simply solar installers. We are also financial and technical advisers for sustainable energy. The best solar panels are those we use. Work and learn with the greatest local solar firm.

Ipsun Solar overview

Every solar system is created with the same care as if it were our own. We educate and enlighten our customers before they go solar, so we are more than simply solar installers. We are also financial and technical advisers for sustainable energy. The best solar panels are those we use. Work and learn with the greatest local solar firm.

What Ipsun Solar has to say about itself

Ipsun Solar is a comprehensive EPC provider. That includes solar engineering, solar procurement, and solar construction. Our primary service region is Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, where we execute residential, business, and utility-scale solar panel installations. It may be nerve-wracking to try to have repairs done on your property. Because of this, we take great satisfaction in our knowledge of the specific complications that are unique to the solar business and in our ability to develop solar PV systems that are tailor-made for each individual customer. An electro-mechanical engineer was one of our company's first founders. Over a decade ago, he collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to construct what is considered to be one of the earliest solar automobiles ever created. We don't have a solution that is universally applicable; rather, we use a flexible approach. Nobody should accept anything less than a tailored solar installation.

Ipsun Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteipsunsolar.com
Service AreasDC, MD, VA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid solar panel systems
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, BBB, SEIA

Ipsun Solar website review

The website for the solar energy business Ipsun Solar is ipsunsolar.com. Their services, which include solar installations, financing choices, and energy storage alternatives, are described on the website. The website also provides details on the advantages of solar energy, including lower energy costs, higher property values, and lower carbon emissions. In general, the website seems to be well-planned and educational in assisting users in switching to solar energy.

Ipsun Solar price policy

PackagesSmall: 3 kW, Project: $10,500, Cost after the Tax Credit: $7,350, Lifetime Savings: $12,960.00. Medium: 7 kW, Project: $20,000, Cost after the Tax Credit: $14,000, Lifetime Savings: $30,240.00. Large: 15 kW, Project, Cost: $38,000, Cost after the Tax Credit: $26,600, Lifetime Savings: $64,800.00
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Online Payment, Financing
Payment discountsUtility discounts, Payback guarantee

Ipsun Solar online reputation

According to consumer testimonials, Ipsun Solar has a good standing with its clients. Numerous clients give the business high marks for its knowledgeable and seasoned employees, quick installations, and first-rate customer support. Customers also mentioned how happy they were with the solar panel systems that Ipsun Solar installed. There were, however, some unfavorable comments as well, with some customers lamenting installation delays and difficulties with invoicing and payment. The great majority of consumers are happy with their interactions with Ipsun Solar notwithstanding these unfavorable evaluations.
"Ipsun Solar is NOT a utility, thus any repairs or maintenance must be covered by the customer's own funds. Ipsun Solar seems to love jerking its current clients around, which is unfortunate. My Ipsun solar panels have been in place for approximately two years. After exchanging emails, Ipsun Solar came out and fixed a wiring problem that occurred in the first year. Some of the panels are not functioning this year, and Ipsun Solar won't visit the system to inspect it. Additionally, if Ipsun Solar has to visit your property to inspect your system, there is a $250 charge; repair expenses are not included in this price. The only Ipsun Solar personnel that are trustworthy are the real mechanics, and there seems to be a revolving door surrounding the rest of the crew. The office personnel is stupid (they often misdial phone numbers, don't return calls, etc.). What a shame that Ipsun Solar, which is supported by both federal and state funding, continues to treat Virginia taxpayers in this manner. In order to avoid any backlash from Ipsun, which also deletes comments on Instagram and Facebook, I'm publishing this review anonymously." - Sparklaya H.
"Distinguished guests - It took weeks to obtain a response from Ipsun about concerns with our project. But when you put these concerns into the open, people will react much more quickly. Shameful. (Though not as embarrassing as having the owner's wife post a 5* rating, as occurred below...or having workers, family, and "social media contractors" write similarly inflated evaluations on other platforms in flagrant violation of their regulations. Certainly explains the mismatch in reviews vs. reality described earlier!) . Ipsun had over a year to put things right, but Herve (CEO), Joe (VP), Chris (COO), and essentially the whole company punted at every chance despite being completely aware of our issue. If your leadership can't fix this, who can? Why should I need "Hanna W." (who is not the company owner, by the way) to fight for us when the real business owner himself never had the decency to so much as react to a single email or call from a customer? We have very different ideas of what it means for a company to be "running smoothly" if it means sending workers to our home to install Powerwalls in an unsuccessful effort to fix our problems. Since the project is under my husband's name and I don't want to divulge personal information in front of the public, as you are well know from another forum, I'm not in your database. You've very much proven the entire lack of organization at Ipsun - not to be trusted with such a significant investment if you can't identify whose account this is based on the information supplied (location, goods, timeline, litany of concerns)." - Jenny C.
"Did not hire this firm in the end. The sales representative was helpful, but when the owner of the business was questioned, he was inattentive, which did not reflect well." - BJ V.
"We had a poor experience with Ipsun installing our solar panels due to four problems with their work: 1) They overpromise and underdeliver - Initially, they gave us a quotation for 20 panels, which was more than other providers had offered. They may not be skilled at making early estimations, or they may have been too generous to put us on the hook. The size of our final system, which was less than any initial bids we got, was just 13 panels. 2) They move very slowly. I signed a contract with Ipsun seven months ago, and even though my solar panels have been installed for more than two months, I still cannot switch them on. They attributed the delays on the city and the power company, but my neighbor selected a different solar provider (after we registered with Ipsun!) and didn't have any of the same problems. The solar panels on my neighbor's property were installed only 4 weeks after they signed their contract and have already been up for 5 months. 3. Poor communication - We sometimes spent 4-6 weeks without hearing from Ipsun, and it seemed like we were pulling teeth to get someone there to answer to our emails. I had to repeatedly request that they include both my husband and I in emails sent to us. We were taken aback when someone marked electricity lines on our property one day since our project manager had neglected to inform us when things were occurring, such as when he had filed a Dig Safe request. 4. Poor quality - On the day of installation, they contacted to inform us that we had lost another panel and that the new roof (installed by the contractor they suggested!) had larger vents. We had inquired as to whether a second site study was required after the new roof was installed, but were assured that this was not necessary, which would have prevented the surprise with the vents. Our system then failed the city's inspection since it wasn't properly grounded. We are now awaiting a THIRD inspection on the electric, which was meant to have passed the second inspection, but there was some type of permission problem. We decided to have Ipsun install our solar panels since they had previously installed my friend's system, and he had been really pleased with their work. My hypothesis is that Ipsun expanded too rapidly in the year between my friend's installation and ours, making it difficult for them to meet demand, or that they did not properly onboard new employees or provide existing ones with the tools they need to do their duties. In any case, I advise choosing a another solar contractor until they work things out." - Natalie Y
"Ipsun has been a pleasure to deal with, and I simply wanted to say so in a little review. They spoke with me right away and guided me through each stage. Despite the fact that COVID made things a little slower and more challenging, I essentially had to do nothing except sit back and watch them handle everything, which they did. When it was time to install, the staff performed an excellent job and did it quickly, professionally, and neatly. Ipsun has my unqualified endorsement, and I am eager to start pumping out the kilowatts." - TK
"Ipsun performed a fantastic job of leading us through every step of our solar installation. They efficiently handled every process, including design, permits, installation, activation, and I'm sure an infinite number of others. They supported our financing plans, kept us updated throughout the way, and offered first-rate service at a great price. We are thrilled with the outcome!" - Benjamin Daniels
"My local electricity supplier and Ipsun Solar installed two 8 kilowatt solar arrays, and the system became operational in September 2019. It is connected to net metering. In general, my costs have been reduced by two-thirds, and during the last 1.5 years, I've had wonderful connections. Excellent team members who respond to problems quickly." - Sandy White
"Because I intended to replace an old system while utilizing certain components, my circumstance was peculiar. I then fought back by registering a complaint when the utility set a limit on the size of the planned system I had developed. This prolonged the project by more than six months, yet Ipsun persisted in working with me. I did enough study on my circumstance that sometimes I had advice for Ipsun. But they never spoke down to me; they always listened. When it was time to install, they did it promptly and as promised." - droodman
"Above and beyond: Ipsun may have been the inspiration for the phrase's creation. Working through my solar installation gave me the impression that a close friend—or a group of them—had taken me by the hand and was gently guiding me. Each component was fully discussed and detailed. The level of information offered allowed me to make judgments with confidence, never with the usual undertones of superiority or annoyance. Everyone at Ipsun appears unbelievably eager to explain the complete solar cycle. The lightning-quick email responses astounded me. Every query I had was politely addressed throughout the process. When the power company objected to the quantity of panels that needed to be put, they handled it immediately and provided an explanation of why it was necessary (relatives moving in). Even though I took care of it myself, they began to assist me in finding finance as part of their services. Installation took about two days and was done expertly. Additionally, I never had to clean up after employees before! I am very happy to have a magnificent solar array supplying my energy. I consider it a blessing that I was able to work with Ipsun Solar." - PVanHouten

Ipsun Solar Social media

A prominent Facebook user is the renewable energy company Ipsun Solar. Their website offers a variety of information, from articles explaining solar energy and energy conservation to user reviews. Through motivational updates on its initiatives, the page also shows Ipsun Solar's dedication to sustainability and environmental care. Compared to other renewable energy providers, Ipsun Solar uses more visual content. The majority of their posts contain pictures, infographics, and videos to promote interaction with their followers. Additionally, they publish specials and exclusive deals, as well as the most recent news and updates. Ipsun Solar is active on Facebook and responds to remarks and inquiries quickly. The page is competent, instructive, visually appealing, and relevant overall, making it a useful tool for connecting with your target market.
The renewable energy company Ipsun Solar has a significant LinkedIn following. Their website gives a thorough summary of their offerings and demonstrates their dedication to ecologically friendly and sustainable solutions. In order to pique the attention and involvement of potential clients, they also highlight some of their most important projects and clientele. Ipsun Solar is active on LinkedIn and responds to inquiries and comments promptly. The page also maintains a blog with articles regarding their services, energy efficiency, and the environment in general. Overall, it has a useful and interesting social media presence that effectively promotes the business's offerings.
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50 Subscribers

Ipsun Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews435


Ipsun Solar Pros & Cons

  • High quality solar panel systems
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Installation can take longer than expected
  • Costs associated with installation and maintenance can be expensive
  • Not available in all states

Ipsun Solar Final Conclusions

Ipsun Solar is a respected solar energy business committed to offering top-notch solar panel installation services to household and business clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington. They deliver on their promises based on their track record of successful installations and favorable client feedback. Ipsun Solar is committed to enabling its clients to make knowledgeable choices about their energy use and the advantages of solar electricity. Ipsun Solar looks to be a dependable and trustworthy partner for anybody looking to harness the power of the sun, all things considered.

Ipsun Solar locations

Main Address1201 Connecticut Ave NW 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036
Phone Number(866) 484-7786

3 local offices

Virginia – Fairfax 9504 Poplar Leaf Ct, Fairfax VA, 22031
Virginia – Fairfax 2817 Dorr Avenue Suite D, Fairfax VA, 22031
District of Columbia – Washington 1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC, 20036

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