Kosmos Solar review

Kosmos Solar review

We are a business situated in Central Texas that specializes in installing solar panels for both commercial and residential uses. We assist individuals daily in utilizing solar energy resources for a better, more environmentally friendly future. We offer individuals a way to use energy that is more environmentally friendly. For many different companies, Kosmos is an authorized installation of solar panels. Each brand is fine, but due to subtle variations, certain brands are more enticing to consumers than others. The decision between REC, LG, Panasonic, and more is entirely up to you because only you know what you require for your solar demands to be satisfied. You may discuss each choice with our professional installers and customer support agents to see which could be the best for you.

Fast Facts
Year Started 2016
Service Areas OK TX
Types Panels
Certifications NABCEP
Warranty Options Parts, Labor and Roof are under 12 years warranty.
Content Phone 8172006111
Main Office Address 1320 Post And Paddock Rd Ste 500, Grand Prairie TX, 75050
Website http://www.kosmossolar.com/


A few years ago, when Kevin Seok became aware of the demand for superior solar panel installations and customer support, he started the journey that would eventually become Kosmos Solar. Seok saw that Texans had few alternatives for solar panels, and he wanted to increase the chances for individuals to benefit from the clean energy that is now accessible. Seok wants to play a part in making green energy more accessible and cheap for Texans. He is contributing to the use of solar energy throughout Texas, North America, and the rest of the planet by taking this action. In order to improve the standard of living for coming generations, he hopes that more people will utilize solar energy in the future.

Hudson Greenaway
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    Nishat - McKinney, Texas April 4, 2022 at 2:21 am

    I had a wonderful experience with kosmos. As a newbee in solar had no idea how any of this works. I had a gentleman came in, named Perry , he was so wonderful, courteous, knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to explain all pros and cons, remain completely honest with explaining, giving estimate etc. Overall it is a reliable company with wonderful people. I absolutely recommend them to everyone looking to switch or even to get a quote with them.

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    Jim J - Denton, Texas January 14, 2023 at 2:38 am

    If you don’t want to read my novella, I’ll summarize. Call Kosmos. First off I don’t do review often so the fact I’m sitting here writing this novel says a lot. But do to my endless research not yielding a lot of satisfactory (comprehensive?) review for companies, I thought I’d help cut through the fog of it all. I’ll start by saying my wife is a Marketing Executive who deals a lot with social media and many review platforms. She was impressed that Kosmos had managed to maintain a high 4.x star review rating on Google, Facebook and a few others during our search for a solar company. That is hard for any company to do as all anyone really wants to do, is complain. Solar wasn’t an easy decision for me and my wife to make, for lots of reasons. There are so many things to consider. I am a data driven perfectionist with a bit of OCD to boot. For the average consumer solar can be a bit complex with a lot of variables. These guys know what they are doing, and will walk you through it. They will get as technical as you want or as simple as you need. (Thanks Charlie, who was patient enough to stay at our home answering questions till 8pm away from his family.) They will handle everything from the city, your HOA, inspection, installation, monitoring, and service. What about the quality of the workmanship for the installation? Come on man, their electrician is as OCD as I am, and his attention to detail is amazing. I watched this guy pull wire from the attic to the utility. The exterior conduit was tight to the house bends were perfect and the connections inside the inverter were perfectly tidy. Exactly the way I would have done it. (He was an extremely cool dude as well. The whole crew was friendly and approachable.) The guys on the roof doing the panels? Exactly the same. I went into the attic to see if any anchors missed the rafters…NONE. All the wiring is routed through the attic. You will not see any conduit on your roof looking all tacky running over the peaks and over your gutters. (I’ve seen homes like this, no bueno.) All the wiring was run through the attic, properly routed and shielded, and out through a soffit. I live in a two story making this necessary. You want integrity? Yup, they got that too. While doing the install over two days the guys on the roof had started to damage a few shingles in one spot. Totally understandable as the amount of work they were doing, It was unavoidable where they had to gain access to the roof, and I’m sure it’s not common. Kevin the owner, had stopped by to assess the install and brought it to my attention on day two of the install, and had already made arrangements to have it repaired. A crew came out within a few days and it was repaired with matching shingles. I would never been the wiser had they not told me about it. Service? Mike is all over everything in that office. They do not install your panels and disappear. Call them.

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    Alex - Fort Worth, Texas February 18, 2023 at 1:30 am

    Davis and Rolando of Kosmos Solar did a difficult job for me. I was very impressed with their competence, professionalism, and courtesy. But mostly, I was impressed how they took no shortcuts to make sure that it was not only done right, but that it looked good — even though doing so was alot harder. I would absolutely use this company again.

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