Kosmos Solar review

Kosmos Solar is a renewable energy business that develops, deploys, and maintains solar power generation infrastructure. Across the country, the company has sold solar panels, energy storage systems, and solar energy monitoring systems to both commercial and residential clients. Kosmos Solar also provides energy efficiency audits, solar panel financing, and electrical consumption analyses.
Kosmos Solar review

Kosmos Solar overview

Kosmos Solar is a renewable energy business that develops, deploys, and maintains solar power generation infrastructure. Across the country, the company has sold solar panels, energy storage systems, and solar energy monitoring systems to both commercial and residential clients. Kosmos Solar also provides energy efficiency audits, solar panel financing, and electrical consumption analyses.

What Kosmos Solar has to say about itself

Kosmos Solar makes solar panels for our neighbors to meet their needs and save them money. Solar panels can combat rising energy costs. We offer long-term energy solutions. Solar panels avoid rising energy prices. Solar panels save money and prevent power outages. Extreme weather in Texas can cut off power at the most inopportune time. We can prevent this with our backup power options. We offer Texas homeowners renewable energy to save money.

Kosmos Solar Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitekosmossolar.com
Service AreasOK, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead acid batteries, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IREC, NCEER

Kosmos Solar website review

Kosmos Solar's official website can be found at kosmossolar.com. Kosmos Solar is a leading solar energy provider. This website provides a variety of services, including solar panel installation and maintenance, product details, and helpful hints for homeowners. The website is highly informative, easy to navigate, and designed professionally. The customer service phone number is listed in case any questions arise. Customers can rest assured that their data will remain secure while using the website due to its high level of encryption. In addition, new content is regularly added to the website to keep customers abreast of developments in the solar energy industry. Generally speaking, kosmossolar.com is a dependable and trustworthy website.

Kosmos Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Package: $2.95 per watt, Premium Package: $3.45 per watt, Deluxe Package: $3.95 per watt, Ultimate Package: $4.45 per watt
Payment optionsbank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and cash.
Payment discounts5% discount on all payments made within 10 days of the invoice date, 2% discount on payments made with a credit card, 1% discount on payments made by wire transfer, and 5% discount on payments made by check.

Kosmos Solar online reputation

Sustainable Kosmos Solar installs and maintains solar energy systems. Their customers praise their dedication to quality services and products and their employees' dependability and expertise. Most reviews praise their low prices and friendly service. Solar panels are reliable, easy to install, and cut energy costs, according to many customers.
As much as I appreciated finally having the roof panels put in place, the experience was one of the most frustrating I've ever had dealing with a contractor. My panels were installed at the end of last year, and it was a major hassle from start to finish. In all my years of doing business, I have never encountered a company with such ineffective methods of interaction. Neither I nor they were able to establish any sort of two-way communication with them. The salesperson didn't know the first thing about solar energy, so she couldn't answer most of my questions. Their sales manager was supposed to get in touch with me, but he never did. While I am pleased with my solar switch, I do wish it had been handled by a more competent firm. - Michael B.
We spent a lot of time on this evaluation. It was early December 2019 when I put it in my system. In the middle to later part of January 2020, I will have my first inspection for the actual hookup. Not having the disconnects in the correct locations is why my system failed inspection. Unfortunately, my system still failed the inspection in early March due to the same issue that was not properly addressed the first time around. Several checks of my system in the middle to the late month of March failed, but it was eventually given the green light. Despite my best efforts, I ended up recommending that my friend have the system installed. Like many others, he had a lot of issues with Kosmos Solar. Neither did I receive the bonus for making a referral. It has been four or five months since he first started using his system. To add insult to injury, I thought they were keeping an eye on my system and was surprised to find that one of my panels had been offline for more than a month after I logged in. They said it must have fallen through the cracks when I told them about it. They finally sent someone to my house, but it took them a full two weeks. Now I'm down to a single panel, and I really wish I hadn't gone with Kosmos Solar in the first place. - Mason W.
I try to refrain from writing reviews because I appreciate the effort that goes into satisfying customers. It's an unusual case, though. The initial setup went smoothly without a hitch, but after a few years of use, it is beginning to wear out and break down as expected. Two of my microinverters have stopped working. I have tried to get in touch with the service department at least ten times, and each time they either don't get back to me or say they'll look into it and help me replace the broken components. Despite 6 months of trying, we've seen no results. Avoid Kosmos Solar Solar if maintenance of your system is important to you. They lack the infrastructure to offer that kind of support. I just pray the delays won't invalidate the warranty on the components. - Sebastian F.
If you think Kosmos Solar is legit, think again. They have great salespeople, but the worst customer service and installation in the industry. We had to beg for an installation date and then constantly check in by phone to make sure everything was going as planned. If you want to do yourself a favor, find another provider. - Logan S.
Kosmos Solar did not have the lowest bid for the project, but they did have the most advanced technology. Coordination and communication were severely lacking throughout this endeavor. It was a pleasant experience overall, with everyone being friendly and helpful. Our roof design is sound, but snow constantly slides down and collects on the lower panels, making them inaccessible. As a result, they are not producing electricity. Don't forget to factor this into your preparations. In general, I was satisfied with their work, but I would advise hiring them only if you plan to personally oversee the entire project and be present during the actual installation. If you're in a position where you can do the bulk of the work for less money, you should take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, they botched the majority of ours anyway. - Owen H.
Switching to solar power is something I've been thinking about for a long time, but I had a lot of doubts. Thanks to Kosmos' ingenuous approach, switching to solar energy was an unexpected decision for me. The company representative I dealt with was very helpful in explaining to me all the benefits of going solar. Kevin, the CEO, even called me to personally congratulate and reassure me. I am very pleased with Kosmos and would recommend them to anyone thinking about installing solar panels. Stop wasting your time! - James M.
Even though the installers did a great job overall, they scratched my car and lied about it. The business owner, Kevin, sided with the staff and ended up calling me a liar. If you choose to travel with KOSMOS, remember to hide all of your vehicles. - William E.
Took delivery of an 8KWH power supply. Benjamin is very competent and takes the time to explain everything in detail. He provides a variety of panel and inverter combinations to choose from, taking into account the client's financial constraints. The entire installation was completed in a single day. Nice work, man. Since the initial install, they have returned and, for a reasonable fee, completed additional electrical rewiring throughout the home. - Lucas C.
If you don't want to read my novella, I'll summarize. Call Kosmos. First off I don't do reviews often so the fact I'm sitting here writing this novel says a lot. But due to my endless research not yielding a lot of satisfactory (comprehensive?) reviews for companies, I thought I'd help cut through the fog of it all. I'll start by saying my wife is a Marketing Executive who deals a lot with social media and many review platforms. She was impressed that Kosmos had managed to maintain a high 4.x star review rating on Google, Facebook, and a few others during our search for a solar company. That is hard for any company to do as all anyone really wants to do, is complain. Solar wasn't an easy decision for me and my wife to make, for lots of reasons. There are so many things to consider. I am a data-driven perfectionist with a bit of OCD to boot. For the average consumer, solar can be a bit complex with a lot of variables. These guys know what they are doing, and will walk you through it. They will get as technical as you want or as simple as you need. (Thanks Charlie, who was patient enough to stay at our home answering questions till 8 pm away from his family.) They will handle everything from the city, to your HOA, inspection, installation, monitoring, and service. What about the quality of the workmanship for the installation? Come on man, their electrician is as OCD as I am, and his attention to detail is amazing. I watched this guy pull a wire from the attic to the utility. The exterior conduit was tight to the house bends was perfect and the connections inside the inverter were perfectly tidy. Exactly the way I would have done it. (He was an extremely cool dude as well. The whole crew was friendly and approachable.) Are the guys on the roof doing the panels? Exactly the same. I went into the attic to see if any anchors missed the rafters...NONE. All the wiring is routed through the attic. You will not see any conduit on your roof looking all tacky running over the peaks and over your gutters. (I've seen homes like this, no bueno.) All the wiring was run through the attic, properly routed and shielded, and out through a soffit. I live in a two-story making this necessary. Do you want integrity? Yup, they got that too. While doing the installation over two days the guys on the roof had started to damage a few shingles in one spot. Totally understandable as to the amount of work they were doing, It was unavoidable that they had to gain access to the roof, and I'm sure it's not common. Kevin the owner, had stopped by to assess the installation and brought it to my attention on day two of the installation, and had already made arrangements to have it repaired. A crew came out within a few days and it was repaired with matching shingles. I would never be the wiser had they not told me about it. - Henry S.
For a while now, I've been thinking about installing solar panels on our roof as a hedge against the rising cost of electricity, which is a direct result of the increasing population in north Texas. The development of more efficient and less expensive solar panels makes now the ideal time to make the switch to solar power and take advantage of the federal tax credits and local rebates that are currently being offered. Theodore at Kosmos Solar was very helpful in addressing all of our concerns and developing a system that met our needs in terms of electrical consumption as well as our financial constraints. He is professional, pleasant, and well-versed in every facet of solar energy generation and the tools necessary for it. Being able to work with a North Texas-based, reputable, and certified business like Kosmos was a huge relief. They have a team of solar experts who will take care of everything from getting HOA approval and city permits to designing, installing, and monitoring your system after the sale. In regards to going solar, there is no better local business than ours. Get in touch with them right away, because state and federal rebates and tax credits will soon be going away. - Jack U.

Kosmos Solar Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
Kosmos Solar is a dependable solar power organization with a lively and instructive presence on social media. Over 3,200 people are following it, and the "Facebook Verified" badge attests to its legitimacy. An intuitive design allows visitors to quickly discover the information they need, whether that's helpful photographs and videos depicting completed projects, helpful Solar Tips for do-it-yourselfers, or reassuring customer comments. Visitors have access to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and contact details for solar solution providers, as well as links to the latest news, updates, and advice regarding solar energy. Overall, the team at Kosmos Solar has gone to great lengths to provide a reliable and detailed webpage, loaded with information to assist clients make a well-informed choice about whether or not to invest in solar energy.Kosmos Solar is an honest solar business serving customers. In just a few seconds, you can see that the organization has over 650 followers on LinkedIn, a testament to its professionalism and reliability. The content, which includes detailed information about the company, its products, customer reviews, and current news, is well-presented and easy to find. Kosmos Solar is a recognized leader in the renewable energy industry and a vital part of the local economy. The page is truthful, as all posts and comments have been liked and responded to promptly by satisfied consumers. Overall, it is a powerful website that conveys important information about the company's position in the marketplace and its dedication to its customers.
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Kosmos Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1134.9


Kosmos Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Experienced
  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Pricing Variability

Kosmos Solar Final Conclusions

Kosmos Solar is a solar energy provider that serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Panel installation and maintenance, as well as system design and financing, are just some of the services they offer. Reviews from satisfied customers attest to Kosmos Solar's professionalism and dependability in the solar energy market.

Kosmos Solar locations

Main Address1223 Corporate Dr E, Ste F Arlington, TX 76006
Phone Number8885224418

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