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Our mission is to inform and satisfy. The more you know, the more comfortable you'll feel making decisions; and after you've decided to go solar with KOTA, we'll take care of everything so you don't have to.

KOTA Energy Group overview

Our mission is to inform and satisfy. The more you know, the more comfortable you'll feel making decisions; and after you've decided to go solar with KOTA, we'll take care of everything so you don't have to.

What KOTA Energy Group has to say about itself

Fixing up your house should never be a scrimping priority. Compared to standard solar panels, our American-made panels generate 20% more power per square meter. As an added bonus, they manage to accomplish it while looking fabulous.

KOTA Energy Group Review

Year Started2018
Company Websitekotaenergygroup.com
Service AreasAZ, CA, CO, FL, TX, UT
Service TypesSolar Energy Systems, Wind Energy Systems and Energy Storage Solutions, Energy Monitoring Systems and Energy Efficient Home Appliances, Energy Consulting Services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, BBB

KOTA Energy Group website review

The Kota Energy Group website (https://kotaenergygroup.com/#home) is an extensive online resource that displays the products and experiences the company offers. Users are welcomed with a visually attractive layout when they access the site, which mixes colorful pictures, engrossing animations, and a well arranged navigation bar. The Kota Energy Group logo and a succinct motto at the top of the webpage demonstrate the company's dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Visitors may simply browse the many areas of the website thanks to the readily available navigation menu. A list of the services that Kota Energy Group offers is also available on the website. In-depth details of their services, such as consulting services, project development, engineering solutions, and energy management, are provided in this section. Each service is supported by eye-catching graphics and succinct descriptions highlighting the expertise and skills of the business. The website has a contact page with a user-friendly form and pertinent contact information to promote interaction and cooperation. Kota Energy Group welcomes inquiries from potential clients, collaborators, or interested parties for services, quotations, or further information. In general, the Kota Energy Group website works well as a digital platform to advertise its competence in the energy sector. It highlights the company's dedication to sustainability and renewable energy by fusing captivating imagery with educational material and simple navigation to create a fun user experience

KOTA Energy Group price policy

PackagesInstallation costs range from $15,000 to $50,000 for residential projects and up to $500,000 for commercial projects
Payment optionsCredit card, bank transfer, or online payment systems
Payment discountsCash discounts, financing options and discounts

KOTA Energy Group online reputation

According to consumer testimonials, Kota Energy Group has both negative and positive feedback from its clients. While some customers have enjoyed working with the business, others have voiced their displeasure with different elements of their offerings. Buyers' positive remarks include: Professional and knowledgeable representatives: Numerous customers spoke highly about certain Kota Energy Group staff. These employees have received recognition for their expertise, professionalism, and capacity to address client problems and challenges. Smooth installation procedure: When the business handles all the required papers and permissions, several customers have experienced a quick and easy installation process. They appreciated the comfort and assistance offered at this point. Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency: After installing Kota solar panels, some customers reported lower energy bills and total savings. They acknowledged their happiness with the financial gains and the reduction in energy use. Buyers' critiques on the product: Poor customer service: Many consumers have accused Kota Energy Group for not giving adequate thought to their demands. They cited issues with prompt replies, a lack of follow-up, and unfulfilled promises. Even when they did get a response, some consumers had to make multiple efforts to acquire what they needed. Installation issues, including schedule conflicts and lengthy delays, were brought up by a number of clients. According to some, Kota Energy Group has delayed or canceled meetings without providing enough warning, which is inconvenient and wasteful. Additionally, there were cases when clients had to double-check after claimed installation timeframes were not reached. Door-to-Door Sales Method: A few clients complained about the company's door-to-door sales methods. They disliked the aggressive, demanding, and rude behavior of sales representatives and desired a more cordial strategy that would let them consider offers whenever it suited them. Customers' opinions of Kota Energy Group are mostly divided. While some customers have reported satisfaction with skilled staff, trouble-free installations, and cost savings, others have voiced displeasure with poor customer service, lengthy installation times, problematic designs, and pushy sales techniques. In the future, customer happiness may be increased by enhancing the client experience, swiftly addressing installation concerns, and offering additional customization possibilities.
"Poor attention to customers. Since signing the contract, this whole thing has been like pulling teeth. It took a long time to secure the necessary permissions from the city (to the point where I had already paid my first finance payment before any power was generated; happily, I was reimbursed for this amount). They neglected to include a consumption meter in the right setup during installation. The agent I spoke with over the phone assured me that while it wasn't part of my purchase agreement, I could have it added for $500 if I so desired. Thankfully, my project manager contacted me, assuring me that the installation will take place within a couple of weeks. After waiting for an installation date for five weeks, I finally had to start badgering them. They set up a date with me, but never show up. They keep canceling on me after giving me a new date. Once again, they fabricate an explanation for this one (something along the lines of "it must have been installed incorrectly, so we'll send someone out") that is not true. After my third contact, someone was finally sent to my location to complete the installation. I've called them 15 times, and each time they've said someone will get back to me later that day or the next. No one ever made contact in any of those situations. I've been forced to make contact and badger them for a response.Last but not least, the system's design leaves me wanting. They report it as a 3.2 MW system (8 panels at 400w each), however the microinverters they installed limit the actual power output to about 260w per panel. I asked them for an explanation, and I got the same business-as-usual line about how "most of their customers are large businesses and this is the most cost effective for them..." Why not give your consumers a say in the design they receive?" - Alex
"Two of our panels are underperforming since Kota positioned them adjacent to an old hot water heater vent. Kota first ignored the situation, blaming the pipe for everything that went wrong. Yes, that is precisely what I mean. They know better than to suggest positioning the panels that near to the vent. They eventually set up a time to come out and look at the problem after being asked repeatedly. They contacted me an hour beforehand to cancel and reschedule the appointment at another time. They failed to comply with the request. Another call and I was put on wait again. Kota suggested I pay them to take down the panels, then pay someone else to take down the vent, and then pay them again to put the panels back up. After they received payment for the panels and installation, communicating with this firm has been a nightmare. I anticipate them to own up to the mistake and rectify the situation so that we may receive full utilization of our panels. When deciding on the amount of panels to install, we carefully considered our anticipated electricity demands in the future. We are really dissatisfied and hope that this may be resolved quickly. Finally, after hundreds of tries, the firm called me back to discuss the problem. My online review was the only catalyst for that call; I had not previously contacted them by phone or email. According to Miguel's voicemail I got on 1-17, Kota was going to have a roofer come out and take out the old vent and fix the resulting hole. In addition, he promises to get in touch with me again in the future, per the voicemail. However, I have not heard anything more. To take the money and flee would be an extreme example." - Cole
"Solicitors often knock on my door. It's a real, ongoing phenomenon. If someone were to knock on my door, I wouldn't mind answering it. The problem arises when they interact with me. Trevor came to my door and sold me on Kota. I said that the house's owner, my mother, is away in the Philippines at the moment. The phrase "you can translate for your mom" kept coming out of his mouth after that. He even went so far as to say, "we can have this conversation without her, you seem smart." Those little slights really add up and get under your skin. He spoke to me for a long without introducing himself or asking my name and he didn't even glance at me once while chewing gum. I am successful at making sales. Even while it may not always be pleasant, try to remember that you are at a stranger's house and act accordingly." - Franceska
"I would never consider working with such a dubious firm if I were in the market for solar panels. We've asked them many times to leave, yet they keep coming back. That same old line about how they've been saving your neighbors money and are now here to assist you out is always how it begins. They haven't been able to identify even a single neighbor who joined up with them, and I know all of them since we have block parties often. None of my neighbors are easy marks. Quit fabricating falsehoods. To your "well, have you seen a proposal?" response, they respond, "well, we're not interested." No, I haven't, and it's because I just don't care. Leave us alone; we have a right to our own space." - Jasmin
"Twice today, they visited my home. Interrupted my meetings by repeatedly ringing the doorbell and knocking. Put a stop to the door-to-door sales! This is so stupid and infuriating! Just leave a proposal on my desk, and I'll give it some serious consideration. Interrupting my workplace will simply make me angry and discourage future business." - Roger
"For a long time, I had considered going solar, but I couldn't get my head around all of the many providers and PPA/Lease options. Prior to KOTA, all other businesses were dubious and avoided discussing any kind of buying choices. The representative from Kota paid me a visit at that time. He acted in a businesslike manner, provided relevant information, and showed genuine interest in my goals. That piqued my interest in a retake, so I coordinated a thorough review with them. Daniel was efficient, well-informed, kind, and expertly professional. He presented a compelling case based on my electricity use and asked for my input. The whole thing went swimmingly well. Daniel followed through on his promises. I made the choice to buy and pay over time. Kota handled everything, from applying for local permissions to setting up the NEM with SCE. I was blown away. I was treated like a celebrity and delighted by the experience. If you've ever been curious in solar energy but have been unimpressed by other solar firms or just confused, Kota and its representative, Daniel, may be the perfect fit for you. I've been happy for approximately 5 months now. That's exactly what I've been telling all of my neighbors. We appreciate Daniel and his hardworking crew very much." - Kimber
"Kota's Solar has been wonderful for me. Both Daniel and Eric, who helped me get started with the process of purchasing Solar, and the installation staff did a fantastic job. They are highly qualified experts that do an excellent job for Kota. Yessi, my project manager, has done a fantastic job of keeping me apprised of developments. Kota offers the finest Solar warranty and installation method. I can't believe I ignored Solar when it was readily available. I appreciate all Kota and the rest of the team did for me." - Dan
"Regarding the installation of our solar panels, our experience with Jake and Koda was fantastic. About 5 years ago, we replaced our roof, but we've been putting off getting insulation or solar panels since we didn't want to ruin the aesthetic we'd worked so hard to accomplish. Jake knocked on our door while working on an installation a little distance away to introduce himself and his team. Although this was our first encounter with Jake personally, we had previously been approached by solar panel sales representatives. But after hearing Jake out and seeing that he was familiar with the product, we let him continue. Jake does a fantastic job at representing his firm. He patiently addressed our worries and inquiries. We felt it was a fantastic fit once he showed us the design and clarified some doubts we had about the installation. We made the decision to buy and install the product after carefully considering it and determining that it would meet our requirements. From then on out, everything was top rate. The insulation date was scheduled after Jake and his crew established all the necessary connections. Throughout it all, they were punctual, helpful, and informed. The panel type and method of installation that we discussed were both excellent choices. More than half of our regular PG&E payment was eliminated in the first month we were able to earn credit for the solar. This occurred just before the onset of winter. Still, we've cut our regular cost by nearly 30 percent. The solar panel not only saved money but also turned out beautifully. Jake and the rest of the coda crew have exceeded all of our expectations. Both the service and the item I purchased were superb." - Danny
"Kota Solar provided excellent service for me. My sales and client liaison was Sameer. He wasn't trying to hard to close the deal, but he was a wealth of knowledge and insight. Kota's flexible payment plans and low financing rates helped me immensely while deciding how to pay for the system. Sameer was flexible in helping me determine how many solar panels would be best for my budget. Excellent work was done by the installation crew. They did a wonderful job making the complete setup seem professional. The one area where I see room for improvement is in the flow of information between the customer service rep and the techs that handle setup and maintenance. The majority of the job was completed in a shorter amount of time than I've heard of others taking. Permission to operate was granted in November 2022, after first contact in September 2022. It wasn't activated until December, though. Kota performed an excellent job in all respects." - Carlos
"Working with Sean Silvestri and the rest of the Kota team is a pleasure. Sean's insight on solar energy and the many systems available for our house and way of life was invaluable. While other solar firms we contacted with were just interested in getting us to sign a contract, Sean took the time to go through all of our choices with us and give suggestions based on our specific requirements. Superb quality of service provided to customers. We can't wait to get our solar panels installed and stop paying SDG&E's exorbitant rates for electricity." - Fahim

KOTA Energy Group Social media

The Facebook page for Kota Energy Group is informative and well-structured. The website has a huge image of the banner, which conveys some information about the company's goals and ethos. Links to related sites, a contact form, and a synopsis of the business' offerings may all be found here. The page's testimonials area is packed with glowing reviews from happy clients. A star rating and a full explanation of the customer's experience are included in each review. The reviews are generally good, which is indicative of the company's dedication to satisfying its customers. Many entries on the website report on recent events within the firm. Information on new items, as well as news and client feedback, are all part of these exchanges. The articles are engaging and informative, providing a fascinating glimpse into the workings of the firm. Potential clients might learn a lot from the Kota Energy Group's Facebook page. It includes a detailed description of the business and its offerings as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. The page's entries are well-written and intriguing, making it a valuable resource for anybody curious about the business.
A California-based provider of solar energy is Kota Energy Group. The business specializes in comprehensive solar energy solutions, including design, installation, and maintenance. They provide both residential and business clients specialized solar energy solutions that are catered to their unique requirements and financial constraints. The team of skilled experts at Kota Energy Group has a long history of offering its clients high-quality, economical solutions. They provide a broad variety of services, including the installation and maintenance of solar panels as well as energy storage options. Additionally, they have a wide range of solar energy projects throughout the US in their portfolio.
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KOTA Energy Group average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1044.3


KOTA Energy Group Pros & Cons

  • Experienced Specialists
  • Custom Solar Energy Solutions
  • Wide range of services
  • Cost may be prohibitive for some
  • The installation process can be time consuming and complicated
  • Additional permits and checks may be required

KOTA Energy Group Final Conclusions

Kota Energy Group has above-average overall performance and a solid reputation. Kota Energy Group has constantly shown its dedication to excellence in the energy sector throughout its history. With its cutting-edge solutions, effective management, and dedication to sustainable development principles, the firm effectively establishes itself as a leader in its industry. The dedication to sustainable energy by Kota Energy Group is one of the main elements in its favorable reputation. The business has made significant investments in renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydropower as a result of realizing the significance of the switch to clean energy. In addition to reducing its environmental impact, Kota Energy Group has been known as a forward-thinking company in the front of the green energy revolution by implementing sustainable practices. The organization has also performed well in terms of operational dependability and efficiency. In order to guarantee a steady and continuous power supply, Kota Energy Group continually offers its clients top-notch energy services. Kota Energy Group has, nevertheless, seen its fair share of issues and failures like any other company. The firm has encountered challenges as a result of the fast shifting energy landscape, shifting regulatory landscape, and market swings. As a result of its effectiveness and dedication to sustainability in the energy sector, Kota Energy Group has built a solid reputation.

KOTA Energy Group locations

Main Address5205 Avenida Encinas Ste D Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone Number8558005682

5 local offices

California – Camarillo 1227 Flynn Road Suite 307, Camarillo CA, 93012
California – Quartz Hill 42335 50th Street West Ste 208, Quartz Hill CA, 93536
California – Carlsbad 5205 Avenida Encinas Suite D, Carlsbad CA, 92008
California – Thousand Oaks 1200 Lawrence Dr, Thousand Oaks CA, 91320
Nevada – North Las Vegas 5185 Camino Al Norte, North Las Vegas NV, 89031

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