LA Solar Group review

LA Solar Group is a solar design and installation company located in Van Nuys, California that offers a variety of solar products and services to residential and commercial customers, like solar panel installation, solar battery storage systems, electric vehicle chargers, and energy-efficient home upgrades.

LA Solar Group overview

LA Solar Group is a solar design and installation company located in Van Nuys, California that offers a variety of solar products and services to residential and commercial customers, like solar panel installation, solar battery storage systems, electric vehicle chargers, and energy-efficient home upgrades.

What LA Solar Group has to say about itself

LA Solar Group is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the country. We take great satisfaction in the quality of our solar-related products, designs, installations, and services. We have highly skilled professionals on staff who specialize at every stage of solar design and installation. Our founder, an electrical engineer and builder, is one of our top engineers. We are not a sales organization but an award-winning engineering and consulting company.

LA Solar Group Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasCA, TX, NV
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Financing, Manufacturing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsPolycrystalline Silicon, Monocrystalline Silicon, Thin-Film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsCSLB C-10, C-39, C-46

LA Solar Group website review

The La Solar Group website may be rated as good overall. It comprises the information required to become acquainted with the company's service offerings and to request a price. Also, the website has a great blog with articles and FAQ sections that answer many questions about solar energy and the installation procedure, however it is no longer updated.

LA Solar Group price policy

PackagesThe size of your property, energy usage, and solar panel type might affect the cost of installing solar panels in Los Angeles. LA Solar Company provides affordable solar panels in LA, so you can join thousands of households who are benefiting from the government's 30% tax credit.
Payment optionsCash payments, visa, mastercard
Payment discountsLoans, leasing, private lending, refferal program, cashback

LA Solar Group online reputation

La Solar Group is a well-known and popular provider in California, with a large number of fulfilled orders. But, many consumers have reported issues with the installation timetable and communication with the provider. For example, the average rating on Google Reviews is 2.9 out of 5, which is a middle-of-the-road result when compared to other services.
"I regret deciding to have my solar installation done by this company. During the installation, LA Solar damaged my house roof, and the problem has not yet been resolved. They repeatedly scheduled the repairs but never showed up to finish the job. Beginning in the spring of 2022, this project is still unfinished as of 2023. The batteries and panels have not been turned on. They don't show up for their appointments and have missed all of their deadlines. LA Solar has sent numerous emails and SMS indicating when work will be finished on a particular day, but they never show up and leave no notification. Even though LA Solar repeatedly said that the request was planned or, at the very least, that they had contacted the local inspectors when it comes to checking whether they had done so, the local fire and city inspectors have no record of the request. Their customer support representatives are unable to provide any project details and can only read back previously delivered text messages or emails. When trying to solve these problems, LA Solar does not answer their phones or give specific updates on what is being done. Feedback is never clear. Surprisingly, the individuals who can respond to the queries are never present in the office or available to talk over the phone about the project. Do not use this company. They will not complete the work as scheduled, will not provide adequate project support, and will begin charging you for the solar installation before it is completed. This project hasn't been finished yet, yet it will soon be a year old. I wish I hadn't hired this business for my solar work." Trent Harris
"I would never recommend this company to anyone. I'm posting my review for the first time today. Just a word of caution: avoid using this company if you're planning a solar project. Find someone else. If I could give zero or negative stars, I would. In May of last year, I agreed to a contract with LA Solar Group. The solar panels and Tesla Powerwall are part of my contract. Similar to other complaints, the installation process was terrible, and there was almost no contact. Without receiving a response, I emailed the project manager and salesperson numerous times. They informed me one day that a staff member would be sent to install the solar panels. On the day of the appointment, nobody appears. Nobody explains what's happening to me. It did thus a few times. I lost all that paid time off. In October, the solar panels were finally erected. Then, the city inspection experienced the same thing. Nevertheless, it's worse. One day prior to the inspection, they simply gave me the schedule. I was compelled to be available. They built the battery storage in March of this year. Yet, after a power outage, I lose electricity in my garage, a portion of my kitchen, and several areas of my home. The installer informed me that following the city inspection, they would return to install a few breakers. Since that, no one come back to install those breakers. Instead, they continue to demand that I make the last payment. I promised to pay after the problem was rectified. But, they retorted that they won't send someone to fix the problem if I don't pay. That is really absurd. I have never dealt with a company like LA Solar Group. Don't even know why this firm is still operating. If there is a problem with the system, I will still have to deal with this firm for the next 20 years. I must now send my attorney all of my contracts with LA Solar Group, along with all of my text messages and emails, in order for them to handle this on my behalf. So, if you don't want to experience the same pain I have, DO NOT consider this firm." - Eric
"Ultimately, LA Solar Group is a terrible solar provider that should be completely avoided. Read the reviews and conduct research. These are possibly the worst-run company I have ever dealt with. At the best of times, they are disorganized, and at the worst of times they are untrustworthy. I finally became so frustrated with them after having trouble getting them to complete warranty repair work on an existing system (that had already been installed on a home I purchased) and entering into a new contract with them to install a battery backup that I finally canceled my installation contract and severed all ties with them. All of the negative comments you see here and on other websites accurately reflect my interactions with LA Solar. No response to calls. emails with no response. Employee churn is ongoing, so I have no point of contact. There are no more project updates. appointments for services were entirely skipped. I was misled by representatives when they said that crews had been on the scene three times (my property is gated, it is impossible for someone to access it without my knowledge). No compensation for underperforming power generation (as guaranteed in my contract) for the three months one of my inverters was down. Subcontractors who didn’t know what other subcontractors had done. Although my battery installation project was disregarded, they advertised Powerwalls as being "in stock, ready to ship, delivered in 30 days" on their Facebook page. That last problem pushed me to search out Ara Petrosyan's email address online (he is the CEO, and you'll notice that LA Solar does not disclose his contact information, just as you are never given any employee's last name when contacting) and ask for the project to be canceled. It was then that I finally got LA Solar’s attention. Their sales director, James MacDonald, communicated with me via email multiple times, assuring me that everything will be handled by him because "...working with me is different." Which is absurd, to be honest. In the same way that I don't want to work with a company that refuses to carry out my contracted services, I also don't want to work with one that only does so when instructed to do so by their sales director. To cancel the contract, I ultimately paid them $1000 in addition to my initial $1000 investment. Without a better word, the extra $1000 request was absolutely suspicious because it wasn't included in the contract and there was no invoice for the services that were given. Nevertheless, having my lawyer take over wouldn't have been cost-effective (believe me, I inquired), so I just paid up and moved on, the wiser and happy for it. Avoid making the same error that I — and the authors of all these 1-star reviews — did. Go somewhere else." - kevinzimmerman
"Terrible Communication and Terrible Service. Everything went downhill after the initial talk and contract signing. I have to phone them every week to keep things moving. My system is still not operational. I paid a BMW amount for the system, which has been lying on my roof for almost a month doing nothing. Problems with this company: 1. Poor logistical management. When the panels were not delivered on schedule, the crew wasted a day and had to postpone the installation. 2. Poor Communication: There has been no communication on the installation date. I am informed last min. 3. Unresponsive: Text reply are often weeks out. 4. Leg Puller: Always promising but never delivering. 5. The service is unprofessional. My panels have been installed, however they are filthy. I'll need to pay someone to climb on the roof and clean them off soon. (I understand they contract out, but they must hold those contractors accountable and provide outstanding service. They should have ordered the staff to clean the panels before or after installation at the very least.) Current status: My panels have been installed on my roof for over a month and are currently inoperable due to logistical issues with the battery installation and inspection. Every week I call in, I get a next week promise and nothing happens. I requested an inspection after the panel was installed, but they stated the battery would be installed next week and then we would inspect. It's over 4 months now and I forked up thousands and thousands for decorative $&^*& on my roof... Maybe this is not true for the company as a whole, as I understand their major activity is in Los Angeles. But Texas needs to stay away until the people running the show in Texas change." - P-P-S
"Terrible, Avoid doing business with this company. I would never refer anyone to this company. This is my first time posting a review. I just want to caution anyone considering a solar project to avoid working with this firm. Go find another person. I signed a contract with LA Solar Group In May last year. The solar panel and TESLA Powerwall are included in my contract. The installation process, like other reviews, was awful, with no communication whatsoever. I sent lots of emails to the salesperson and project manager with no response. One day, they told me they will send the crew to install the solar panels. On the specified date, no one shows up. No one informs me of what is going on. This occurred a few times. I squandered all of my PTO for nothing. Finally, in October, the solar panels were erected. Later the same thing happened during the city inspection. And it gets worse. They only notify me of the inspection schedule one day in advance. I had no choice but to make myself available. They built the battery storage in March of this year. During a power outage, however, my garage, a portion of my kitchen, and a portion of my house are without power. The installer informed me that they will return after the city inspection to install a few breakers. Since then, no one has returned to install those breakers. Instead, they constantly reminding me to make the final payment. I informed them I'd pay once the problem was rectified. But, they stated that if I do not pay, they will not come to resolve the issue. That is completely absurd. I've never worked with a firm like LA Solar Group before. I'm not sure why this company is still in business. And if something goes wrong with the system, I'll have to deal with this firm for the next 20 years. Now I have to send all of my contracts with LA Solar Group, as well as all of my text messages and emails, to my attorney, who will handle everything for me. So, if you don't want to suffer the same headache I do, don't even think about this firm." - jarhao
"Everyone I deal with, from the office staff to the installers, was highly professional. They kept their appointments and arrived on time. The panels were perfectly placed, and the installation was excellent. It wasn't easy because they had to rewire my panel. The inspection went well the first time, and everything works fine. Very recommended! Months following the first repair, I had some extra work done, especially the installation of an EV Charger. The technician arrived on time, was quite professional and informative, and completed excellent work. From beginning to end, everything was perfect." - Nicholas Rodriguez
"LA Solar is an excellent company. Their pricing are lower than the competition's. They performed an outstanding job installing my solar system and Tesla batteries. They also have excellent personnel. I've been pleased with the follow-up customer support whenever I've had a query." - Howard Cohen
"My solar panels were installed eight months ago, and they have resulted in a significant reduction in my electric bill. The house air conditioning system has been running nonstop during the 100+ degree temperatures this summer. My electric bill, on the other hand, has been minimal. I should have contacted L.A. Solar years ago to have my panels installed." - Bill Bustos
"LA Solar has always been a pleasure to work with, even after my system has been in operation for 5 yrs. Recently the inverter company discontinued their 3g wireless support, so LA Solar came out to my property and connected directly a CAT5 data connection to my home router to remedy this free of charge. " - Nicho O
" I contacted LA Solar for replacement service because one of my solar panel system's microinverters had failed. It took some time for the replacement part to arrive, and then the technician came to my house to replace the unit after about 6 days. The encounter was pleasant." - Yingrui Zhan

LA Solar Group Social media
The LA Solar Group's Facebook page has 4,035 likes and a 3.5/5 rating, suggesting widespread approval among its audience. The website often updates with entries regarding solar energy, informing readers about its advantages and the many systems it can power. The website also features consumer feedback and news about forthcoming corporate activities. The website also invites visitors to get in touch with the group for a no-obligation estimate. In general, the posts on LA Solar Group's Facebook page are informative and useful, and they encourage readers to get in touch with the company.
With 2,161 followers, LA Solar Group's Linkedin profile clearly has a sizable presence in its intended market. The website updates often with topics regarding solar energy, including useful resources like case studies and infographics. Events, job opportunities, and feedback from satisfied customers are also announced there. In addition, there is a link on the page that takes readers directly to the company's website, where they may learn further more about the offerings. In general, the LA Solar Group's Linkedin profile offers its followers useful and interesting material while also pointing them in the direction of further resources.
YouTube Channel
232 Subscribers
byu/intentionalwander from discussion

LA Solar Group average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1083.2


LA Solar Group Pros & Cons

  • Over 25,000 installations
  • Low pricing
  • Full service after installation
  • Poor communication
  • The installers' schedule may be unconvincing
  • Long-term processes

LA Solar Group Final Conclusions

La Solar Group, a well-known provider of solar batteries in California, has lately launched locations in Texas and Nevada. The company has been in operation since 2012 and has installed more than 25,000 solar panels on individual residences and commercial companies. The organization possesses the essential certifications for conducting business and provides high-quality equipment with a warranty. In addition, installation costs are competitive and there is a solid referral program, but you must pay close attention to the staff that will manage your project. There are several concerns regarding the new Nevada and Texas offices. Before contacting this service provider, you we recommend do research and consider all relevant variables.

LA Solar Group locations

Main Address560 Library Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
Phone Number4802573283

5 local offices

California – San Fernando 520 Library St., San Fernando CA, 91340
California – Fremont 48531 Warm Springs Blvd Suite 410, Fremont CA, 94539
California – Bakersfield 4600 Ashe Road Suite 309, Bakersfield CA, 93309
California – San DIego
California – San Fernando 520 Library St, San Fernando CA, 91340

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