LightWave Solar review

LightWave Solar designs manufacture and sells solar products. Residential, commercial, and portable solar generators are their products. They offer energy tracking, free energy consultations, and extended warranties. They also install, maintain, and promote clean energy. Solar energy should be affordable, reliable, and accessible. Their goal is to make solar energy accessible to all homeowners and businesses.
LightWave Solar review

LightWave Solar overview

LightWave Solar designs manufacture and sells solar products. Residential, commercial, and portable solar generators are their products. They offer energy tracking, free energy consultations, and extended warranties. They also install, maintain, and promote clean energy. Solar energy should be affordable, reliable, and accessible. Their goal is to make solar energy accessible to all homeowners and businesses.

What LightWave Solar has to say about itself

LightWave Solar's 75 MW portfolio includes over 250,000 solar panels. Since their founding, we have worked with the Amicus Solar and O&M Co-ops. This shows our commitment to high-quality solar systems. More here. Installing solar parking garages is one of our specialties. We have eight NABCEP-certified solar experts. No local company can match that!

LightWave Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasAL, KY, TN
Service TypesManufacturing, installation, solar energy storage, solar energy financing, and energy efficiency upgrades.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, UL, CSA, SEPA, CEC

LightWave Solar website review

Lightwave Solar's official website is It provides detailed information about the company and its offerings. You can quickly and easily find any information you need thanks to the site's user-friendliness and simple layout. There is detailed information about the company's products, customer service, financing options, and more. The site has customer testimonials, which serve as an additional confirmation of reliability. The overall look of the site and ease of use are reassuring signs of reliability.

LightWave Solar price policy

PackagesStarter Package: $2,499, Essential Package: $3,999, Premium Package: $6,499, Elite Package: $9,999, Installation Package: $1,999, Battery Package: $4,499
Payment optionscash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), personal checks, money orders, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for upfront payments, 5% discount for automated monthly payments, 2.9% discount for payments made with a qualified credit card, and 0.75% discount for payments made with a qualified debit card.

LightWave Solar online reputation

LightWave Solar is the industry standard when it comes to solar power systems. Reviews found online attest to the company's high-quality offerings and dedicated customer service. Customers are impressed with the company's expert staff, straightforward procedure for installation, and reasonable pricing. LightWave Solar customers have reported reduced energy costs and improved home efficiency after purchasing and installing the company's products, and they are generally pleased with the results.
"We were told it would take no longer than 10 business days to turn on the solar panels, but that turned out to be a lie after we waited 4 months for their installation. We still haven't scheduled our appointment with the inspector, and after that, we need to schedule another appointment with the power company before we can turn on the panels. In early June, we made our first payment. We have paid $28,000 as of this September, but we still do not have solar power." - Robert K.
"Crooks. After being duped by their deceptive advertising, I have two banks that will verify their fraud. Felonies were committed as a result of the company's deceptive advertising practices. For your own safety and privacy, I suggest looking elsewhere for a contractor." - Jose A.
"No one ever talked to each other. I was given a system that was completely unrelated to my original request. Requested a grid-tied system with battery backup but received the opposite. took a total of 6 months to finish. Because of this, my current 12-kilowatt array was inoperable for over a month, resulting in a loss of between $150 and $250. Overall, it was a very frustrating time." - Austin J.
"They are the worst solar energy provider. I've asked for a follow-up for what seems like months now. As an example, they are unreachable via phone, fail to return calls, ignore emails, fail to show up for scheduled appointments, etc." - Connor B.
"Read before choosing this dealership! On May 25, 2019, I called the owner and agreed to meet two days later. I contacted many solar companies before choosing this dealer. You know everyone asks other companies to compare prices and picks the best offer. They always mentioned LightWave Solar's bad reputation when I told them I got a good price. Other dealers also complained about LightWave Solar. I didn't cancel my meeting with LightWave Solar's owner, but he didn't show up and sent his co-workers away without telling me. He agreed to everything, including where I wanted the meter system outside and the solar control panel's design and size. The LightWave Solar salesman told me that everything could be warranted for 20 years, like the Panasonic panels, so I signed the contract in two days. Two weeks later, unqualified technicians installed the solar panels. They installed the system like unprofessional outsiders. We discussed where I wanted the main unit, control panel, and pipe with LightWave Solar, and they agreed. He promised to leave a note for the technicians. They did something ugly and wrong. I discovered two days later that the technicians had broken my outside faucet. How did they break it? They left without a word. Leaking caused water on my house wall. I requested a handyman the following day, and he brought a used faucet. He cut and left the wall. He returned with tools and hung the used crane. I called again when the faucet leaked. The same licensed man brought a new faucet. He replaced the faucet but threw the old one in my yard. What would they do on the roof if they could put the faucet on hold? I regret picking them. I told them to check my house and talk to me, but no one came. Which company makes customers miserable?" - Dominic G.
"LightWave Solar's employees rock. They were accommodating and quick to respond to my many inquiries before we finalized the contract. They kept me apprised of developments after I signed the contract and led me through the steps of the permitting process that necessitated my participation. They filled me in on the current process and what was coming up next, so I was prepared. The crew who did the installation was professional, helpful, and friendly; they went above and beyond to ensure that the work was done to my satisfaction. The accounting staff was also friendly and helpful. The excellent staff at LightWave ensured that my solar panel purchase went off without a hitch at every stage: from the initial sales to the business office to the installation crews." - Ian F.
"LightWave Solar was a wonderful company to work with. They were prompt, efficient, and pleasant to work with from the start. It was a bit of a process to get solar panels installed on my house due to the necessity of obtaining necessary agreements and permits with utilities, etc., but they took care of everything from sales to installation. The technology they use to predict how much sun each area of the roof will get over the course of a year is impressive. They offer a variety of investment opportunities and advice on how to maximize your returns. And the current tax incentives are substantial. Knowing that the energy I use at home (and to charge my electric car) comes from the sun is reassuring and satisfying in equal measure. It's incredible that I now receive a utility bill, and depending on the month, it's either a negligible amount or they pay me. With LightWave's assistance, switching to solar has been a breeze." - Everett W.
"LightWave Solar is a very busy company, so it took a while to get started on the project. Workers started on time, worked diligently, made minimal noise, and even provided amusement for curious homeowners. After tracking our energy consumption for over two months, I can say that it has been a thrilling experience. One month on either side of the Winter Solstice is the longest period of uninterrupted darkness. After going live, we were able to reduce our off-grid consumption by as much as two-thirds compared to the highest monthly total from the previous winter. This is because of the frequent cloudy, rainy, and even snowy days that have been interspersed with a few exceptionally beautiful, albeit brief, sunny days. The power went out for 5 hours, but we made it through. If my mother-in-law hadn't called to tell me the power was out at her house, I never would have known. While the heater kept us cozy, we made dinner and watched television. We would have invited the neighbors over if it weren't for COVID. In my opinion, summer is the best time for production. I don't think I'll get rich selling energy to TVA at their low prices. Since our energy bills were relatively low before the installation, it will take us 78 years to break even. However, I yearned for access to solar energy. Fun fact: I own two Teslas (batteries). Choosing solar energy seemed like a natural and sensible choice for the future of the planet." - Hunter A.
"Although we spoke with several installers, LightWave Solar stood out as the most competent. The proprietor flew a drone over my property to determine the optimal spot. As a group, they handled every challenge with professionalism and grace. We put in 3 Tesla power walls, each with 12 KW. The system worked flawlessly during our first neighborhood blackout; while everyone else in the area was without power, we were not affected. I love the storm watch function; when activated, the batteries draw power from the grid and store it until the power is needed. I think the Tesla app is fantastic." - Parker T.
"Lightwave Solar put in a 12-kilowatt system at my building. Very competently, the installation crew finished the job in a single morning. All paperwork and communication with TVA/MTEMC were handled by Lightwave. Since having solar panels installed, I've downloaded an app to my phone that displays the amount of energy they have generated." - Jordan R.

LightWave Solar Social media
The Facebook page for LightWave Solar is reliable. A large number of people have liked the page, suggesting its popularity and professionalism. It provides lots of information on the company's services. Photos and videos abound, with subject matter ranging from solar industry developments to individual success stories. The website also has connections to the corporate blog and other useful information for customers. The website, as a whole, offers a plethora of information that seems both current and reliable.You can find out a lot about LightWave Solar and the services they provide by visiting their LinkedIn profile. It's being updated often, looks professional, and has over 1500 followers right now. Profiles of employees, current company developments, industry news, career opportunities, and job listings are all available here. You may learn a lot about the business and its offerings on this page. The page serves to demonstrate the company's work via the few photographs and videos provided. The page has gained some notoriety and credibility as a reliable source of information regarding LightWave and solar power.
YouTube Channel 54 Subscribers

LightWave Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews574.8


LightWave Solar Pros & Cons

  • High Initial Cost
  • Limited Geographic Coverage
  • Limited Customer Service
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Experienced

LightWave Solar Final Conclusions

LightWave Solar is headquartered in Tennessee and produces solar panels there. It facilitates the transition away from the use of fossil fuels in the energy sector by individuals, organizations, and businesses. The company has a knowledgeable and helpful staff, according to their clients. As a whole, LightWave Solar has received 4.5 stars out of 5 from reviewers.

LightWave Solar locations

Main Address3026 Owen Dr, Ste 104 Antioch, TN 37013
Phone Number6156414050

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