Lonestar Solar Services review

The experts at Lonestar Solar Services can help you harness the sun's energy for zero upfront cost. To guarantee a smooth, trouble-free, and bright transfer, we match top-tier hardware with expert installation. Lonestar Solar has the greatest solar panels in Texas.

Lonestar Solar Services overview

The experts at Lonestar Solar Services can help you harness the sun's energy for zero upfront cost. To guarantee a smooth, trouble-free, and bright transfer, we match top-tier hardware with expert installation. Lonestar Solar has the greatest solar panels in Texas.

What Lonestar Solar Services has to say about itself

When it comes to facilitating the transition to renewable energy sources, Lonestar Solar Services LLC is the only name you need to know. Our services include conceptualization, engineering, solar panel installation, and expert advice. If you're in need of solar panel installation, maintenance, or replacement in Texas, look no further than Lonestar Solar.

Lonestar Solar Services Review

Year Started2020
Company Websitelonestarsolar.energy
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and system monitoring
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Lonestar Solar Services website review

Their website .lonestarsolar.energy looks well designed and easy to navigate, with clear information about their services, products and company values. The website has a professional look and feel, with high quality images and clear descriptions of their solar solutions.In terms of functionality, the website is mobile-friendly and has fast loading times. They also have a blog section where they share news and ideas related to solar energy. Overall, the Lone Star Solar Energy website seems to be well designed, informative, and user friendly.

Lonestar Solar Services price policy

PackagesA small home system can cost between $10,000 and $25,000, larger commercial systems can cost over $50,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, checks, and financing
Payment discountsDiscounts for veterans, first responders, educators, referral discounts and discounts for customers who pay in full

Lonestar Solar Services online reputation

The customer evaluations given raise some questions regarding Lonestar Solar Services. Many clients had negative encounters, including problems with installation, customer support, and follow-up. After investing $15,000 in solar panels, one client was unsatisfied with the amount of money they were able to save on energy costs, while other clients had issues with loan payments and unforeseen expenses. Additionally, some clients reported roof damage and trouble getting the business to respond to their complaints. There were, however, a few good testimonials from clients who were content with the service they got. In terms of client happiness and communication, it seems that Lonestar Solar Services might do better overall.
"I believed I was doing business with a reputable organization. I had to clear up all the rubbish that was left behind after they installed everything. An anti-mosquito cap was taken by one of their employees. They had to be summoned back out because they did not adhere to inspection criteria. I was told I wouldn't have to make any payments for six months, but in reality it was just two. I received a written incentive for a $6,000 rebate stating that I would get a $6,000 return after installation. I sent three complaints to customer support and two to supervisors, but none of them responded. I've complained to the Better Business Bureau, and I'll probably wind up suing the business. You shouldn't do business with a business like this." - Homer K.
"Although it pains me to write this review, I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.For years, I wished I had saved enough cash to put in solar panels and green-up my house. My Lone Star sales representative was very kind and had a terrific sales pitch. After speaking with a number of different businesses, I chose Lone Star. I'm sorry to tell that after owning the panels for about a year, I feel like I was completely duped. I spent $15,000 on solar panels, and my home has a flat roof that receives a lot of sunshine. Rhythm Energy gave me a $11 solar credit on my most recent power account, while Green Energy gave me a $15 credit the month before. In an attempt to get the finest solar buy-back agreement, I've had three different electric companies during the last year. I'm done; they're all terrible. When they installed the panels, Lone Star was a mess. The business seemed to be in disarray. Even my installation representative confirmed it to me. Nothing went as planned or easily, and nothing turned out the way they had predicted. This seems to be a general issue with the "system" as a whole, especially in Texas. It seems like I dumped $15,000 down the toilet after this incredibly unsatisfactory experience." - Salim N.
"Not suggested! They are committing fraud since they forwarded my application to dividend financing before telling me it hadn't been received. I'm getting charged by both lending firms 60 days later. They have also given me the runaround when I have phoned. There has been no resolution." - Liliana S
"Worst company to use for solar services; I've been using solar for almost a year and have not noticed any benefits; they damaged our roof and have not admitted responsibility for coming to fix it; water keeps leaking in; all they do is send someone to take pictures; i have to call them repeatedly to at least get a response; and now they refuse to come and fix our roof or even return our calls; I'm still paying both electriciry and the solar power." - mario h
"Corpus Christi: Despite being connected to the system since March, the panels are still not functioning properly. The breaker box needed to be fixed, which they just completed. Because some of the panels weren't reporting data, I had to pay two electric bills and two loan payments. I'm still waiting to get reimbursed for the loan payment value, though. Because they never call me back, I have to call once a week to check on the status. I wish I hadn't made this choice, and nobody should use this firm. The customer service I have had has honestly let me down." - Pat Z.
"After they came out to measure, the screens were installed four days later. Both appointments were kept on time, and they left the area tidy. They performed a fantastic job. We have already advocated for them, and I would utilize them again in the future." - Monica G.
"I contacted Lone Star Screens in the middle of March to get a price estimate for solar screens for the whole home. They arrived the next week after we made an appointment. A single guy arrived and provided me a written estimate of the price for all the solar screens I would need for my home. I also requested him to include the price of cleaning each window prior to screen installation. The estimate pleased me, but we had to wait for our HOA's approval." - Lynn E.
"It was a flawless day. Solar screens that are the whole window size are often provided by the firm. My current insect and bug screens, which only cover the bottom half of the window, needed to be replaced. Since I couldn't be at home, they consented to come out and leave a quote. The price for installing (12 windows) was $200. Lowe's gave me a quotation for bespoke screens that I would install myself. It was $350. That day, I gave the job my approval by phone. A week later, the screens were put in place. I'm glad they could do the work without my being there. I phoned them with my credit card information to pay after they left me an invoice. Nice and simple." - joan D.
"Making an appointment was incredibly simple. The five windows I wanted solar screens on were precisely measured by Terry when he arrived. He suggested the solar screen color that, in his opinion, was the finest in the neighborhood. Screens were ready in a flash. The installation was attended by Daniel and his team. They performed a fantastic job. Where the solar screens were installed in my home, I can already tell a difference. Everyone I encountered and interacted with was really pleasant and courteous. They'd be put to more use." - Dean B.
"I truly value the company's attempts to get in touch with me right away after I left a note on Angies List. On the day we had booked, their representatives arrived on time and provided us a free estimate. We ordered and installed more than 20 window screens since we had read so many positive reviews about the firm. For accurate measurement, they send their representatives once again. In order to make them more expensive, we planned to cover them with grids like some windowscreen. The order came in two weeks, and the screen was erected without our present. As we both work, it was very convenient. When we discovered that they had placed a screen on a window that wasn't part of the order, they promptly ordered the right one and didn't charge us. It is undoubtedly true that they only take payment when the service is finished and the client is happy. I heartily endorse them. dependable company We appreciate your assistance in making our house considerably more tolerant of the summer heat. The amount of heat within the home is significantly reduced." - gabby

Lonestar Solar Services Social media

The Facebook page of Lonestar Solar Services is designed to advertise the company and interact with its clientele. The page has a total of 7,600 likes and includes images and videos of their work as well as descriptions of their services and client endorsements. They also utilize the website to answer client questions and publish details about forthcoming events and discounts. Additionally, they have a number of favorable client testimonials, which show their dedication to provide top-notch service. Their Facebook page is a fantastic resource for boosting brand awareness and interacting with consumers, all things considered.
A Linkedin page for Lonestar Solar Services features information on the company's profile, services, and projects. They have 150 followers in total, and the page includes a number of consumer endorsements and reviews. Pictures of their work and other details about their services are updated on the website on a regular basis. They also provide information about new job openings and promotions. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Lonestar Solar Services is a terrific way to network and build brand awareness since it provides a forum for consumer engagement.
YouTube Channel
8 Subscribers

Lonestar Solar Services average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews4234.7


Lonestar Solar Services Pros & Cons

  • Use of advanced equipment
  • Customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively high minimum cost of solar installations
  • Limited service area

Lonestar Solar Services Final Conclusions

Opinions of Lonestar Solar Services are divided, according to the reviews left by customers. While some clients have enjoyed the company's services, others have encountered serious problems such as subpar installation work, unresponsive client support, and deceptive or dishonest practices.It is important to note that some consumers have had great interactions with the business, citing aspects like quick and amiable service, superior installation, and efficient communication. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, seem to imply poor customer service, shoddy installation work, and unfulfilled promises, which partially outweigh this pleasant experience. In light of these contradictory assessments, it's difficult to draw a firm conclusion regarding Lonestar Solar Services. Although some customers have had positive experiences, the high number of negative reviews and complaints about the business's practices raises the possibility that there are significant problems with the business' operations, which might cause prospective customers to think twice. Clients should do due diligence and thoroughly vet prospective service providers before signing a contract, just as they would with any significant purchase or investment.

Lonestar Solar Services locations

Main Address7701 W Little York - Suite 600, Houston, TX 77040
Phone Number(346) 888-4458

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