Lumina Solar review

Lumina Solar, a supplier of solar energy, is committed to providing residential and commercial customers with green energy solutions. Along with unique solar energy solutions that may be customized to meet certain needs, the company also sells solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Real-time energy monitoring and straightforward, seamless customer service are other priorities for the company. The goal of Lumina Solar is to make clean, renewable energy more affordable via the use of cutting-edge technologies.
Lumina Solar review

Lumina Solar overview

Lumina Solar, a supplier of solar energy, is committed to providing residential and commercial customers with green energy solutions. Along with unique solar energy solutions that may be customized to meet certain needs, the company also sells solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Real-time energy monitoring and straightforward, seamless customer service are other priorities for the company. The goal of Lumina Solar is to make clean, renewable energy more affordable via the use of cutting-edge technologies.

What Lumina Solar has to say about itself

Residential solar energy products are offered by Lumina Solar. Founded by specialists with years of expertise in the solar sector, Lumina Solar offers high-caliber products, dependable support, and happy customers. Customers get dependable solar systems from a team of skilled engineers and enthusiastic installers who provide a consistent supply of sustainable energy for years to come. Homeowners can receive the most value for their money, lower their carbon footprint, and save money on their energy bills with Lumina Solar.

Lumina Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasDC, MD, PA, VA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, AGM, and sealed lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA, ISO, UL

Lumina Solar website review

The official Lumina Solar webpage is located at About the company's services and goods it offers thorough details. With simple-to-use tabs and sections, the website has a polished, professional appearance. Additionally, there are a lot of helpful materials available on the website, including case studies, magazine articles, customer reviews, and financing alternatives. The firm gains confidence as a result of all this information, which is a sign of credibility. In general, the website is trustworthy and expert. Furthermore, fresh information is often added to the website, and customer service agents are constantly available to assist. In general, it is safe to say that the official Lumina Solar website is dependable.

Lumina Solar price policy

PackagesHomeowner Package – Price: Starting at $9,999, Special Financing Package – Price: Starting at $10,999, Battery Storage Package – Price: Starting at $11,999, Commercial Package – Price: Starting at $12,999, Grid Tied Package – Price: Starting at $13,999, Maintenance Package – Price: Starting at $14,999
Payment optionsCash, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, checks, and money orders.
Payment discounts10% for Referred Customers, 10% for Military, First Responders, and Teachers, 10% for Early Loyalty Purchases (for customers who are switching from non-solar energy), 5% Multiple System Purchases, 5% for Solar Financing

Lumina Solar online reputation

The experiences of people Lumina Solar serves might be either excellent or very bad. The professionalism of the sales staff, the quality of the installation, the timely service, and the dedication to customer happiness were all mentioned by those clients who were pleased with their services. Lack of communication, useless customer service, and subpar craftsmanship were among the issues brought forward by dissatisfied customers of Lumina Solar. However, Lumina Solar's persistent dedication to quality is evident in numerous customer encounters, suggesting they work hard to provide their clients with top-notch service.
"Although Lumina had an excellent sales and contracting procedure, they pushed for a speedy conclusion in order to avoid a price and interest rate hike. Regardless of the authenticity or marketing strategy, I continued. The sales procedure went forward smoothly and fast. The installation ran into problems. The two arrays and roof pitch make the task challenging. The 4-person team lacked sufficient numbers to complete and clean up in one day due to the limited late-fall daylight hours. The skilled electrician seemed to have little control over the mechanical specialists. One seemed to know what he was doing, another carried out directions, while the third did nothing. Unintentionally, the electrician made a hole in a wall inside. He told me, but he just made a half-hearted effort to clean up before returning to the installation. Accidents do happen... The second problem was the mess that was left behind after the installation. It is carelessness to leave wire, wire nuts, pieces of u-frame, knock-out plugs, and self-tapping screws for my tires, dogs, or mower to run into or over in the driveway, backyard, and patio. major problem? Depending on how they are located and the results, which would be undesirable and unexpected for a purchase that cost close to $50,000 and had to endure for at least 20 years. The electrician failed to record wall damage, therefore I had to get in touch with the business to set up a repair. After that, the repair firm planned it for around six weeks after the original damage, so I made the decision to do it myself in order to 1) finish it and 2) prevent an unreliable contractor from doing further harm. Setting up the SREC, hookup, and permits were simple. Overall, a satisfying installation if their A crew does it. If our team arrives, as said previously." - Rick P.
"Up until the panels were hung, everything seemed to be alright. Everything went wrong when the first issue arose. They don't know who to contact first of all. What are enphase, them, and omnidia? They claim to regularly inspect your system. DOESN'T. We discovered that data hasn't been uploaded for the last two days, therefore you must always keep a watch on your system. On the weekends, they don't respond to emails or phone calls. When you call, they provide you with conflicting responses. When you contact Omnidia, they allow you to schedule a call for troubleshooting. It has been five days since then. Then, 13 days later, Lumina emails you to schedule a site visit. No reaction, no accountability, no consideration for the client." - Wiley B.
"BEWARE. really poor communication. Since it was installed in 2022, my system is ready to be used. Six months have passed thus far. Due to their ability to communicate, my system is still off. I spent close to $50,000 with this company as I waited for permission to turn on my system, thousands more on electricity costs, and yet more on loan repayments. I wouldn't recommend this company to anybody." - Morris D.
"This business produces poor work. poor client service. Tom served as our sales representative, but he wasn't very helpful. Even more, he has questioned, "Can you tell us more about the noise or not?" This is due to the fact that lumina had to return to rectify panels that had been put incorrectly and were hazardous, loose, and swaying. I wouldn't advise anybody else to get a $50,000 solar system from an unreliable, unhelpful, and unpleasant business. They have me on the calendar till the panel has to be tightened in about a month and a half. As we wait, I pray nobody gets harmed at work." - Clark Z.
"Getting solar panels happened in April 2022. Monitoring the Internet never worked. Bills for electricity are still due. They changed the system to one that is worse and only produces half as much as it did before. The energy output has been continuously declining, as shown by Duke Energy, up to the last month, during which there has been no production and the equipment is dead. Before the NC Department of Justice got involved, the corporation didn't reply. Send no more emails. Reviews with negative feedback are rising." - Stuart T.
"Lumina had a great deal of wisdom, talent, kindness, decorum, and honesty. They had better loan interest rates and total charges than any other organization I spoke with. My consultant, Courtney, guided me through every step of the process, from building the site and doing research to installing the software and creating my online account. No high-pressure sales techniques were used, and when a family member contacted as well, I learned that she will let you know if your website isn't working. The installers performed a wonderful job and understood what they were doing, and there were no unexpected fees. You won't regret your decision to choose Lumina." - Victor H.
"Solar Lumnia did a great job and took great care with our 37-panel solar installation. Everyone we interacted with, including Courtney, our design consultant, the site inspectors, installers, the business office, and everyone else, showed consideration for us and our house. Each of them explained what they would do, inquired about our questions, and reviewed what they had previously done. Great and timely communication was provided. No delays were brought on by Lumina, and our solar system was completed earlier than anticipated. A wonderful option for a solar solution is Solar Lumina." - Jessie K.
"We recently put our ground-mounted solar array in place and turned it on. Solar was installed by Lumina Solar, Inc. Exceptional work. Particularly outstanding was Lumina's representative, Kurt Bradshaw. Kurt made the experience enjoyable. We selected Lumina Solar to set up a ground-mounted solar array on our property after speaking with a number of businesses. We are happy with our decision. Professional and customer-focused, Lumina Solar. After beginning the contract work, we came to understand that the solar project was a multi-step, complex process that involved a site survey, system design, multi-component permitting, building of a structural and electrical foundation, installation of solar devices, and final operation approval from our electrical supplier, which interfaces with our solar system. All along, Lumina Solar delivered first-rate service. Kurt's assistance was really helpful throughout the process. He was understanding, patient, and kind. On the weekends and on holidays, he accepted our calls, provided explanations, and answered our inquiries. Before and after our solar installation, Kurt provided us with support around-the-clock. His efforts added excitement and enjoyment to a difficult procedure. Because of Lumina Solar's customer care and communication, we enjoyed working with them. We were always greeted by a real person when we phoned Lumina. Another Lumina employee named Mark Walker monitored numerous solar installation procedures. Like Kurt, Mark was knowledgable and present a lot on the installation site. In comparison to rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted systems include additional stages. The employees and contractors of Lumina Solar did a good job on the project. The business is also aware of financial incentives and local, state, and federal rules. We were assisted in applying for the federal, state, and municipal green-energy credits and rebates that we qualified for by Lumina Solar! We advise Lumina Solar." - Neil N.
"Peter Hayes' pre-sales assistance and our desire to work with a more or less local business were the main reasons we selected Lumina Solar as our solar installation. Peter was more organized and kind with his time than other installers who phoned and spoke on the phone for a short while. He provided a customized Powerpoint presentation and went into great depth about practically everything. He was simple to deal with and really fast to reply to texts and emails throughout the contract signing process. Lumina informed us that we would need to wait a little bit for the installation when we initially spoke with them. On October 5, the installation was completed by a skilled workforce. The installation-related activities were completed on schedule, and PPL granted us license to operate on October 27, 2022. About 3 months have passed since we initially contacted Peter. We're delighted we chose what we did. I want to thank Peter and Lumina Solar." - Ted F.
"Our home had a visit from Lumina Solar last week to install a system. The day after it was placed in place, The Township examined it and granted it the Goldy Locks stamp of approval. After a week, the electricity provider approved, and our system became operational. I only have positive things to say about each and every member of the Lumina team. Everyone involved, from the sales team to those who handle the majority of the back office tasks to those who do the actual installation, arrived on time, got to work, and completed without any issues. We have a fantastic system, and I'm really glad Lumina installed it. Speak to Lumina if you're considering about purchasing a system. You won't regret it." - Nick M.

Lumina Solar Social media
Lumina Solar has a large presence on social media, namely Facebook. The page has 21,000 followers and more than 21,000 likes. The profile is professionally designed and has a lot of useful information about the company as well as general concepts of solar energy. The page has all contact information and links to other social networks and the official website. The posts are updated every day; in turn, the posts carry a lot of information, as well as supported by photos, videos, links, and hashtags. In the feedback section, clients have already left more than 70 reviews and evaluations of the work done, and the total score is 4.8 out of 5 points. It is safe to recommend this page to other clients for its informative nature.With more than 2,200 followers, Lumina Solar has a significant presence on the LinkedIn network. The page offers complete contact details as well as an explanation of the business's operations. It is important to note that clients who follow the company's most recent news will find the page's ongoing upkeep in the form of postings quite helpful. The wording in the camps is readily readable for everyone, there is plenty of important information about the firm on the chairs, and there are pictures and videos to go along with everything. It is fair to assume that the page is reliable, and individuals who wish to stay current on business news should subscribe to it.
YouTube Channel 35 Subscribers

Lumina Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3615
AVG 4.95


Lumina Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Experienced Team
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Limited Geographic Reach
  • High Cost of Installation
  • Reliance on Government Subsidies

Lumina Solar Final Conclusions

Lumina Solar is a well-known business that provides excellent service and a variety of energy options. Customers are complimentary of their services and comment on the promptness and professionalism of the staff. Some disgruntled clients, however, lament the breakdown in communication. Customers and the firm itself both gain a lot from having a stronger social media presence. Numerous former clients have complimented Lumina Solar's commitment to high-quality service and customer satisfaction by awarding the business a 4.9 out of 5 rating.

Lumina Solar locations

Main Address3600 Commerce Drive Suite 601 Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone Number8009716118

5 local offices

Maryland – Baltimore 3600 Commerce Drive Suite 601, Baltimore MD, 21227
Maryland – Halethorpe 3600 Commerce Dr, Halethorpe MD, 21227
Pennsylvania – 1004 Gravel Pike, PA, 18070
Virginia – Fairfax 8280 Willow Oaks Corporate Dr, Fairfax VA, 22031
Virginia – Fairfax 8280 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive Suite 600, Fairfax VA, 22031

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