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Lumio is the only company that offers sales, installation, and maintenance all in one. Our knowledgeable sales staff will work with you to determine your needs, and our expert installers will construct your system to your specifications. It all begins with your no-cost electricity strategy.

Lumio overview

Lumio is the only company that offers sales, installation, and maintenance all in one. Our knowledgeable sales staff will work with you to determine your needs, and our expert installers will construct your system to your specifications. It all begins with your no-cost electricity strategy.

What Lumio has to say about itself

Speed and quality are our bread and butter. You can count on having a Lumio Ace with you at all times. Now is as good a time as any to put solar panels on your roof and Friendzone your utility company. Just give us a call and we'll explain everything in detail.

Lumio Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUT
Service TypesSolar energy installation, solar panel maintenance, solar energy management and energy efficiency consulting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall and LG Chem batteries

Lumio website review

The site is aesthetically attractive and straightforward to browse because to its contemporary, minimalist design. A brief summary of Lumio's services and features is provided on the main page, and the rest of the website is organized into logical sections to make it simple for users to obtain the information they want. The website is also responsive, making it ideal for use on a range of platforms such computers, tablets, and smartphones. The website's material is extensive and includes details regarding Lumio services and products, such as software, costs, and client success stories. The website also offers a blog area with useful information and suggestions on a range of Lumio-related subjects.

Lumio price policy

PackagesFrom $4,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing
Payment discounts10% discount if you pay in cash, 5% discount if you pay by check and 0% if you pay for up to 7 years

Lumio online reputation

Customer feedback is varied on how well Lumio works. Customers have complained about troubles during installation, including lengthy wait times, inaccessibility of corporate help, and failed system checks. Several consumers have complained that they feel powerless and uneasy about their solar investment due to Lumio's lack of reaction and contact. However, Lumio has also received praise from satisfied clients who found the company's customer service to be first-rate and the installation procedure simple and quick. In addition to its solar panels, Lumio has been lauded for the honesty and professionalism of its employees. Despite the contradictory opinions, it's vital to remember that every solar system is different and your mileage may vary.
"Even though the system has been installed for 4 months, it has not yet passed inspection. I have tried to settle this issue with the sales service representative. They didn't follow up or finish what they started. Avoid doing business with them. I'm worried that I may have been the victim of a scam." - Mike
"After I had them confirm my lease finance with Sunnova, they fraudulently fabricated a signed lease and came to my home to deliver it. It's hard to get out of a lease, and the salesperson never comes back." - Michael
"Lumio... Similar to what has been said before. Since December 2022, when they began the installation, they have had until the end of April to complete it. I've left a few voicemails and phone calls but no one has returned them. It's a catch-22 dealing with this firm since they'd rather keep you in the dark. I'm considering filing a lawsuit against the business, and the prospect intrigues me. Your trash is just sitting on my roof, blocking the sun." - Adrian
"The activation of my solar power installation is still pending. The system has not been approved for use, yet payments have begun for me. I was promised a to cover my first three months of work, but have yet to receive any compensation. I was just informed that I needed to demonstrate my eligibility by sending a copy of my first bill, which I have done. I've tried calling many times to get an update on the progress of my system, but nobody has ever gotten back to me. Their lackluster support left me cold. I'm planning to get in touch with my attorney." - Karie
"This organization is horrible. Inconceivably terrible. They were supposed to have our solar panels put in October of 2022, but here we are in April of 2023 and they are still not functioning. We have paid PG&E and our solar energy provider but have not been reimbursed. Where can I find this service? Oh, right, Lumio has it covered. I certainly won't be recommending them to anybody." - Raquel
"Lumio is among the most trustworthy solar energy companies. The customer service is excellent, and their panels are the finest available. I enjoyed the honesty of the team, and they put my solar panels in under 40 days." - Jessica
"My solar-powered home passed its virtual inspection. These ladies were a blast to chat with and a wealth of useful information. They clarified everything for me, even concerns I didn't even realize I had. With them at my side, I can't wait to see what the future holds. They've told me they'll hold my hand through it all. Excellent work, Lumio. I can't wait to tell all my friends and family about this band." - Chrizma
"The whole crew, from the sales staff to the installers, was kind and competent, and the firm made it easy to choose the best solar system for your needs and schedule its installation." - Carlos
"There was a thorough breakdown of each stage, and all of my concerns were addressed. Every step, from setup to net metering's actual activation, was executed without a hitch. The installation crew was efficient and left little to no mess." - Stan
"The team at Lumio has been quite competent. The sales guy gave a rundown of the features that will be set up. The site surveyor was efficient, and he took the time to explain his methods. The personnel arrived on time and did a thorough, timely job of setting up the system. How lovely." - Craig

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The New York City-based software engineering firm Lumio specializes in creating unique software solutions for companies of all kinds. The firm, which offers solutions for a variety of sectors including banking, healthcare, legal, media, manufacturing, tech, and online services, was launched in 2011 and has expanded rapidly since then. A multitude of details about the company's services are available on their LinkedIn profile, including case studies, software development updates, and job openings. In order to provide clients a better understanding of the services and knowledge they may access, it also displays a list of the company's teams. Customer testimonials are shown on the website, along with current success stories that attest to Lumio's high standard of work. The "people" section, which includes biographies of current workers, shows off the breadth of experience and level of technical proficiency on the team. Visitors may get a thorough overview of Lumio and its services via the company's LinkedIn profile. It is well laid up and simple to use, and it has all the information a potential customer needs to make an educated choice.
YouTube channel not registered

Lumio average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2404.2


Lumio Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quality solar panels
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expensive down payment
  • Restricted Service Areas
  • Possible maintenance costs

Lumio Final Conclusions

Lumio seems to have had both excellent and bad experiences with its consumers, based on the contradictory user evaluations. Some clients have applauded the business for its top-notch client support, prompt installation, and skilled staff. Others, however, voiced their displeasure with the business, noting problems including sluggish installation, poor customer support, and worries about fraud. Overall, it seems that Lumio may gain by enhancing customer relations and swiftly addressing any concerns to guarantee a great shopping experience for everyone.

Lumio locations

Main Address1550 Digital Drive, Suite 500, Lehi, UT, 84043
Phone Number8885864649

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