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There is a whole energy revolution happening right now. With solar energy, consumers may finally cut the cord with the big utility companies that have historically controlled the energy market. Our goal is to dismantle these megacorporations and return economic and political control to the people. Solar energy is a great option if you're tired of seeing your utility's prices go up and your bill becoming more complicated every year.

Lux Energy overview

There is a whole energy revolution happening right now. With solar energy, consumers may finally cut the cord with the big utility companies that have historically controlled the energy market. Our goal is to dismantle these megacorporations and return economic and political control to the people. Solar energy is a great option if you're tired of seeing your utility's prices go up and your bill becoming more complicated every year.

What Lux Energy has to say about itself

At Lux Energy, we want to work with you to design a sustainable energy system that's perfect for your house. Professional guidance is provided throughout the whole procedure, from the first "Hello" to the final power on. Our professionals in this field are really interested in serving you and your loved ones. We are convinced that we can give you with a worthwhile experience thanks to our many available programs and financing choices. Using data gathered from your home's utility bills, our staff can create a tailor-made solution to reduce your energy use. After that, one of our knowledgeable experts will visit your house for free to discuss your energy needs and outline the many ways in which solar power might help you save money over time. We'll tailor a solution to your needs to see whether solar power is a suitable match for your house and family. When you switch to solar energy, we handle everything else so you can enjoy the benefits of saving money, helping the environment, and having more free time.

Lux Energy Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasUT, OK, NM, TX, SC, RI, CO
Service TypesEnergy audits, energy management systems, energy financing solutions, energy awareness services and energy education services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead acid batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Lux Energy website review

The website has a sleek, contemporary design, and the color palette is consistent with the brand of the business. High-quality pictures and animations are used on the website to keep visitors intrigued. The website looks to be functionally well-structured, with simple navigation that enables visitors to obtain the information they want fast. Users may easily contact the business via the website thanks to its live chat function and contact form. The website's material includes comprehensive details on the business's goods and services, as well as knowledge about solar technology, renewable energy sources, and how Lux Solar Energy operates.

Lux Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, check or money orders, financing, and cash.
Payment discountsVarious discounts for customers who pay by cash or check, including a 1% discount when paying within 15 days

Lux Energy online reputation

Lux Energy has received a range of evaluations from customers, according to those reviews. While some customers have had nice interactions with the business, others have had unpleasant encounters with aggressive salesmen who wouldn't leave their property. Additionally, several clients said that salesmen made demeaning comments about them or left them out of talks, which left them feeling disrespected or humiliated. Customers who had favorable experiences, on the other hand, applauded Lux Energy for its superior service, competent employees, and capacity to assist them in saving money on their energy costs. Customers also praised the business for its rapid responses to their queries and its readiness to go above and beyond to help them out and provide them the information they need. Overall, even if Lux Energy has a few happy customers, it could be worthwhile to take a closer look at their door-to-door sales strategy and how they engage with prospective clients to guarantee a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
"Despite a no solicitation notice, a door-to-door salesperson nonetheless knocked. CPS's smart meter rollout was mentioned. I inquired as to whether he worked for or represented CPS. He rejected the offer and kept on talking. When I questioned whether he was peddling anything, he emphatically denied it. They kept on telling me that CPS had a huge debt. I informed him he had lost me when I showed him the "No Soliciting" sign on my door. The equivalent of online pop-up advertisements is the door-to-door salesperson. If you insist on employing them, at least advise them to ignore the instructions to not knock on doors. You will achieve nothing except to enrage them." - Brian
"Service with an insane amount of rudeness. I regret not asking the door-to-door salesperson for his name. His hair was purple, and he sported a beard. In any case, my wife had a brief conversation with him through our ring camera, and he indicated he wanted to talk about a problem with our meter. As I go outside to double-check, he begins to unload. I appreciate his sharing his knowledge, but we have no need for it. Right away, he keeps going on about all the great possibilities we'd be passing on (don't worry; that's his job). But when I told him for the third time that we weren't interested, he became angry and said, "Well have fun with your debt!" Remember, we haven't racked up so much as a single dollar in debt, but hey, that's his pitch, I suppose. In any case, it's quite impolite and disrespectful. Prefer to work for a competitor rather than here." - Jay Ro
"Please don't try to make us buy anything by posing as "information from the government regarding CPS energy," as many have already warned you not to do. Leave my property alone; if your product was so great, you wouldn't have to stoop to such underhanded methods. Don't come near my house. Your responses to other reviewers further highlight the company's disrespect for its customers. My advice is to cease making trouble, respect authority, and act lawfully at all times." - Michael
"A salesman just visited my home and spoke condescendingly to my wife and I the whole time. I am an electrical engineer who focuses on alternative energy sources and conventional power plants. It's ludicrous that someone would insult my knowledge of solar power like that. After being flatly rejected, he attempted convincing my wife that his time is valuable. Right from the off, he was addressing me as "boss" and excluding my wife from the dialogue." - Jerry
"Extremely persistent door-to-door "not selling something" salespeople despite the presence of a "no soliciting" sign and the need of a municipal permission. The salesman's unprofessional demeanor and insistence on a sale after repeated rejections were off-putting. Before venturing into cities and residential areas, Lux Energy should learn about and abide by all applicable local regulations." - Jeremy
"Both Liza and Robert were wonderful people. Everything about this endeavor went swimmingly, and for that I am grateful. Permits and paperwork were taken care of as promised. The installation crew was prompt in responding to my inquiries and friendly throughout the process. Those panels are stunning—very modern and chic. I really appreciate the excellent service you provided. We're ready to put Texas to work, so get ready!" - Furby
"They are incredibly considerate, and they helped me out not only with my roof after the hail destroyed my home, but also with my energy bill, which would occasionally spike for no reason other than the fact that my kids would leave various appliances running while they were at school or at work. They were well-informed on every topic I brought up, and most importantly, they made it clear that they were looking out for my best interests as much as I was.In a word: adored them! Looking forward to the panels!" - Rossi
"Lux Energy is the best site to get a solar energy system if you're interested in exploring renewable energy options. Alex, one of their employees, piqued my curiosity to the point that I requested a meeting with Taheem Perez. Thanks to his insight, we are now using solar power. We are overjoyed and ecstatic! For all their efforts, these people should get a raise. My loved ones and I are so pleased with Lux Energy that we want to tell everyone we know about them. " - J.R
"After Lux energy visited my house, I scheduled a meeting. I put it up in a hurry to learn more. Listening didn't harm, but I wasn't buying. Since I work long hours as an electrical engineer, they were able to schedule a weekday meeting at 8pm since I didn't want to meet on the weekend. I was approached by area manager Taheem Solar. To his credit, my initial queries were about the equipment—how it operated, how it was connected, the Nema rating of the inverter enclosure, etc. Taheem may have known all the answers, but he contacted the owner and other executives to ask them. He went the extra mile to address my inquiries. He was kind and not aggressive about selling me solar. I researched and bought solar panels for our house. We're eager to begin. Taheem saw me at various times of the week to set up my loan documents, answer questions as I signed paperwork, submit the warranty with the installer, and file the paperwork with my HOA. Few firms would do this for a customer. It's going well. The surveyor visited my house within a week after signing. We propose Lux Energy for solar purchases." - Lorena
"Wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Taheem and the rest of the Lux Energy team! When I had a problem with the loan business a year after getting my solar panels, Taheem took care of it in less than a day. Getting my solar panels was a breeze. Incredible service to the client! If you are looking into purchasing solar panels, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you get in touch with Lux Energy!" - David

Lux Energy Social media
The official Facebook page of a business that offers solar energy solutions is Lux Energy. The title of the page has a blue checkmark next to it, signifying that Facebook has confirmed its legitimacy. With more than 6,000 likes and followers, the page has a respectable fan base. Information regarding solar energy, updates about the company's goods and services, and sometimes postings about news and events in the sector are all covered on the website. Additionally, there are various endorsements and consumer testimonials that claim that the business has a good reputation with its clients. In general, the information on their Facebook page regarding their goods and services is reliable.
The page has a blue verification badge indicating that LinkedIn has verified it as a genuine page for Lux Energy. The page currently has 85 followers. Content posted on the page includes updates on the company's products and services, information about the solar energy industry, and occasional job postings. There are also several posts on the company's achievements and recognition in the industry, as well as some articles and resources related to solar energy. In general, the LinkedIn page is a good source of information about Lux Energy and the solar energy industry and can be useful for professionals and job seekers in the industry.
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Lux Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews704.2


Lux Energy Pros & Cons

  • Flexible financing options
  • Comprehensive guarantees
  • Specialized Renewable Energy Subscription Services
  • High initial costs
  • Limited service area
  • Long installation times

Lux Energy Final Conclusions

Judging by customer reviews, the work of Lux Energy looks ambiguous. While some customers report great service and knowledgeable and helpful employees, others describe rude and pushy salespeople who go door to door, ignoring "do not harass" signs and local rules. Several reviewers questioned the company's sales tactics and lack of respect for customers, while others praised the installation crew, the quality of the panels, and the willingness to help specific employees. In general, the effectiveness of Lux Energy depends on the individual experience of each client. It may be worth researching and reading customer reviews carefully before deciding to work with Lux Energy or any other solar energy provider.

Lux Energy locations

Main Address3201 Cherry Ridge Ste C307 San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone Number8303087475

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